Pluckers Club Reviews

Pluckers Club Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-09

Join the over 150,000 Pluckers fans who have already joined the Pluckers Club.
Since its inception the Pluckers Club has only been available with a membership
card but that has now changed. It is no longer necessary to carry your Pluckers
Club membership card in your wallet. You can earn...

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Pluckers Club Reviews

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    Two major issues

    So, it’s hard to believe this was developed without feedback from actual PC members. There are two major issues here: 1- receipts can’t be scanned until the check is fully closed out by the server. This means it could be immediately or 45 minutes from “now”, depending solely on your waiter/waitress. As a member, I have done my part by paying my $20 and coming to spend my money. Now I also have to try to scan this receipt God knows how many times, hoping my server has closed the ticket. Very annoying if I have a busy evening or plans afterwards and forget to scan it, since there is a time limit. Seems inconsiderate on Pluckers’ part to place so much responsibility on the member to be accurately credited points. 2- when ordering in the app, there is no option to mix flavors beyond the designated sauce allowance for each quantity. For example, if ordering 5 wings and I want them tossed in Baker’s gold and spicy ranch (mixed), I have to CALL to place the order. The app allows one sauce for 5 wings, which is irritating to say the lease. Aa members and obviously frequent patrons, we all know there’s an up charge to mix so why isn’t it configured into the app??? Sooo frustrating and completely circumvents any “convenience” of mobile ordering.

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    Good but needs work

    First let me say I have been a pluckers club member for probably 10 years now. I like the idea of the app as opposed to the card however it needs some work. First, there needs to be an option to stay signed in or at least use Face ID/ fingerprint to log in quicker. Having to login multiple times during a meal is annoying. Second the number of times I have to take out my phone and deal with the app to use the membership is ridiculous. Once when I check in, again to redeem the pluckers club special, again to use points then finally I have to scan it to get the points, but not until I leave the restaurant when my check has been closed out leaving it very likely to be forgotten. The app is also not very intuitive (and I’m a 20 something). It’s not clear what can be clicked on. Oh and it’s a huge paper waste in the number of things that get printed. Great concept and a good first version but the app and process definitely need refinement.

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    Work In Progress

    The app is decently well designed and with a little help from servers it works well, but there are still some kinks to work through. Redeeming works well, though redeeming points alone is not intuitive. Can live with that compared to these two issues: The biggest issue is we had a table of 10 today with 5 PC members and all of us cashed in free app special. They were all added to one bill and then tax was applied BEFORE the discounts so my friend with 12 dollar meal had 4 dollars of tax on his bill!! Not good! Unfortunately he noticed after we left. But it shouldn't happen to begin with and that needs to be resolved within the restaurants. The other major point is that the scanning of receipts system was met with overall negative feelings by the whole party. The club cards were so easy to use by comparison and while we acknowledge that the app will be easy to use for redeeming apps etc. with a little experience, we are not happy with the added work of each member needing to scan receipts to distribute points earned among us properly. It is unfair that now suddenly customers need to take such a step just to get proper point credit for their own purchase. Hopefully with a few minor improvements I can rate this 5 stars in the future, still love Pluckers!

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    iPhone X

    Double click the SIDE power button when attempting download, its not a double tap on the screen as I had been trying to do. Thanks Team Pluckers for clearing things up, all appears to be hood now. Just need to go out it through some test-runs now!

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    User experience pro needed

    The app isn’t catered to the primary usages of the app nor is the language. What they call things in the app aren’t very intuitive. They would benefit from having a UX pro to redesign this app. Also, I don’t see the benefit of checking in if the wait staff doesn’t apply points to your visit for you. You actually have to scan the receipts yourself now which I didn’t know was happening. I’ve certainly lost out on several points on visits not captured through the app. The Pluckers folks would also benefit from teaching every wait staff best practices so everyone’s doing this the same. I’ve been getting an inconsistent experience.

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    Losing points

    I’m missing out on a lot of points because they take forever to close your tab and you can’t scan your receipt until they do. Even after leaving the restaurant, the bar especially, takes their time in closing out tabs so they can put their credit card tips in. Since the receipt is only good until 4am, (this is where pluckers F’s you) you can no longer receive your points the next day. How about extending that to at least 24-48 hours since you are making the customers do this manually now? The card was much easier, and they were required to print out your balance every visit. SMH

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    Sending ‘test’ push notifications at 2 AM

    It’s bad enough that they hired some amateur to design their app who thinks that sending test notifications out is professional, they also sent them out at 1:45, then 2:00, them 2:15 in the morning. Thanks! Your brand is really working for me now! Also: in order to get any value out of their club, you have to PAY THEM! That’s right, you have to pay them 20 bucks for the privilege of letting them track your purchases and push ads at you. I don’t think they get how this works. Anyway, app deleted. There are plenty of wing bars in town!

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    The card was so easy and the app is not. It would be easier if you could just checkin or attach your membership at the beginning (like we did with the card) and never have to pull out your phone again. Want appetizer special? Get your phone out. Want to use points? Get your phone out. Want to obtain your points? Get your phone out after you leave because you can’t scan it until they close out your check. Who thought this process was better?

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    This App Is Legit!

    This App has saved me so much money & has such great rewards, If you like going to Pluckers this App is a no brainer! Just remember every time you come to get your free appetizer and that will automatically check you in and get you all your point!

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    No Rewards

    I went to pluckers twice and got an error saying my bill needed to be paid in order to redeem the rewards. The error was given to me after I had paid my bill on both occasions. I got screwed over with my points when I found out the next day I had to have redeemed my points by 4AM of the next day!!!! SERIOUSLY?!!! Ive been a loyal customer for 5 years in the Houston area. You guys have the best wings, but...FIX THIS ASAP!! I DON'T WANT TO MISS ANYMORE POINTS!!

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    No loyalty to the faithful

    I lost interest in going to pluckers after this app. First, they are growing to much which naturally causes operational and consistency issues. Second, it’s really discouraging that there are all the challenges that I already done, just not in the app. Third, it seems all my previous accomplishments aren’t considered with the app vs the card. Forth, the card was just way better. Easy. Non-complex. Straight forward. I was once someone at pluckers. Now I’m a nobody. Nice loyalty program, Pluckers.

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    Wish you could check-in on this app

    Love this app - super well developed! Just wish we could check-in and “wait” in line here too. Kind of annoying how we have to go to Yelp for that.....

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    Service was lacking

    Wait staff said to hold a couple of times while at our table because he had another table to tend too... he ignored request of having table re-cleaned because it was not clean completely upon being seated initially.. service was poor.

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    Charged for what should’ve been free appetizer

    I got charge for my appetizer when it should’ve been free for a Pluckers members card I would’ve possible like that charge put back onto my card seeing how I shouldn’t have gotten charge for in the first place the fried cheese logs were free I and I got charged.

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    Team pluck!!!

    I have been a pluckers club member for 6 years now! And I have same so much money at times. and their free appetizers always come in clutch!!! I LOVE PLUCK! Seriously! I wouldn’t mind having it everyday. Ok let me stop I’m starting to crave it

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Is Pluckers Club Safe?

No. Pluckers Club does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,111 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pluckers Club Is 14.3/100.

Is Pluckers Club Legit?

No. Pluckers Club does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,111 Pluckers Club User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pluckers Club Is 14.3/100.

Is Pluckers Club not working?

Pluckers Club works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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