Lime - #RideGreen Reviews

Lime - #RideGreen Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-19

About: You have places to be and people to see. Get there easily and on time with an
emissions-free Lime e-bike or e-scooter! START YOUR RIDE IN 3 STEPS Step
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About Lime

What is Lime? The Lime app allows users to easily rent and ride Lime e-bikes and e-scooters to get to their destinations quickly and without emissions. The app provides a simple three-step process to start a ride, and emphasizes the importance of riding responsibly and following the rules of the road.



- Download the app and create an account to start using Lime

- Find nearby Lime e-bikes and e-scooters on the map

- Unlock your vehicle by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or tapping a button on the app

- Ride responsibly by following the rules of the road, wearing a helmet, and parking clear of walkways and access ramps

- Learn more about Lime's safety guidelines and mission to build a shared, affordable, and carbon-free transportation future

- Read Lime's terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information on pricing and data usage.

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Key Benefits of Lime

- Fast (17mph)

- Easy to use map

- User friendly

- Can ping scooter

- Save money on parking

20 Lime Reviews

4.9 out of 5



I have no idea how this app got 4.9 stars on App Store given so many negative reviews and my personal horrible experience!!
1. You are required to do 4 trainings before the first moped ride which is fine for me, BUT chapter 3 of the lesson could not even load properly!! We spent 30mins in front of the moped trying to complete the trainings and both mine and my husband’s phone was stucked at chapter 3. My phone had good internet access so it’s not the network issue. What a waste of time!! Please hire some reliable engineers!!
2. When we tried again couple hours later, we finally completed the training and was able to ride on the moped. For a 3 mile 35 min ride we were charged almost $20, which is even a bit more than Uber. Why would I ride a moped for most money and time?? Maybe just for the one time experience but certainly not us a frequent option.
3. Finally and the worst part of the experience and parking and ending the trip. Be aware, you could only park in some designated and limited spaces. The closest spot we count was 0.3miles away from our hotel in a parking a lot. I had to walk back to the hotel. AND!! After we parked at the parking space and on our way walking back to the hotel, the parking lot supervisor chased after us telling us to move the moped out of the garage!! So we had to go back again and drag the moped out of the garage.
Overall extremely terrible experience and delete Lime right away! Garbage!


Terrible application, Terrible customer support

Please be advised that this application has terrible connectivity, terrible user interfacing, and terrible customer support. In my experience it’s been nothing short of frustrating, excessively overpriced, and not dependable in any way. I have had multiple issues with the login and account access, I’ve had multiple issues with the actual vehicles, And most recently I have been blocked entirely from the service because apparently I’ve used too many payment methods, which by the way all are in my name and are legitimate accounts, and that has triggered their system to permanently blocked me for suspicious activity. Upon speaking to customer support not only was the representative apathetic but merely offered me the solution that if I’d like to continue using the service I would need to create a new account use a new card number that’s never been used with any of their services before and reapply for line access services as well. Oh, we have a detailed email to Lem access letting them know the reason that I’m trying to apply for another account under the same name as this might trigger the system to permanently block me from use again. Overall for the cost that it will incur you you might better purchase your own vehicle out right. With a handful of trips online scooter you will have easily paid off your investment believe me.


Horrible!!! Walk instead

Lime is difficult to use. The scooters are untrustworthy. The company is criminal. Let me illustrate...
I decided to try aLime scooter out as I needed to get somewhere faster than I could walk there. So after going through the rigamarole of signing up and unlocking a scooter, it kinda went and kinda didn't, so I decided I'd end the ride after only a few hundred feet. But when I went to do so, this app threatened to fine me!! So, feeling obligated, I continued, only to have the piece-of-crap scooter die on me (it said it still had 2.4 miles of charge left) in the middle of a huge "no parking zone" --which I didn't know I was in because of the crappy app displaying so many stupid confusing windows it was almost impossible to see anything useful like the map on my phone screen. So when I tried to end the ride after it died, this app wouldn't let me end the ride, again threatening a fine!! So I had to WALK the PIECE-OF-CRAP scooter out of the no parking zone I had unknowingly entered WHILE I WAS STILL BEING CHARGED FOR ITS USE!! And because dealing with the crappy scooter took so much time I missed my appointment!! What a crock. What a terrible "service"--it's more like an extortion scheme with all the threats and poor app function. I will most definitely NOT use this app ever again, and I suggest you not even try it. Unless you like being scammed out of your money.


Yes and no but over all it’s a no.

I really love this idea of this product, but it is so insanely over priced, from personal experience you can ride for under 2 miles and pay more than you would to Uber 15 miles... so unless you are using this app for the experience then cost effectively there are cheaper ways to travel home without a dui or safely and efficiently without a car. (Also I would like to say on multiple occasions Lime has given the impression that scooters were over half way charged, then once activated they wouldn’t work and I have yet to be refunded the amount regardless of me filing a complaint both times and them stating they would reimburse me the money the for the second time, either way I’m still waiting for my reimbursement from one occasion let alone the second that they stated they would. Lime also states in Lime Store that it costs $1 to activate a scooter which is a blatant lie because it was $1:50 when I first downloaded Lime and has raised once again) over all I would say this is a money hungry business looking to take as much money from customers as possible until they are irrelevant and no one uses said product anymore, which is sad because it seems like such a great idea if this app could only manage to care about it customers as much as the money it makes. This company makes me wish there was a 0 stars review. :/


Bogus $25 parking fine = deleting app

I wish I could rate this 0 stars. What a let down after my initial joy riding LimeScooter for the first time in Austin this past week. I picked up my scooter in front of the JW Marriott and rode it half a mile to Moonshine Grill. There was a problem with the gas lever: I had to turn it like a dial instead of pressing down the lever for speed so that made for a tricky and somewhat dangerous ride. I only discovered this after I started my ride, but I got the hang of the broken lever.
My real disappointment happened when I found another scooter (this scooter had a working gas lever) and returned to my hotel. When I initially tried to park and lock the scooter, I received a notification that I was in an illegal parking spot and I could receive a fine, so I moved to an area with other this app scooters. I tried to park and lock again and got no notification when I proceeded to end the ride so I snapped my picture to complete the process. As soon as I completed the process, I was notified that I was charged a $25 fine! I have tried to reach this app via Lime support process, via their internet page, their phone number and text, but they have yet to respond.
If I don’t get my $25 refund from this app, I’ll consider it the cost for a lesson learned. I should have stayed with Bird Scooters. Their scooters were more likely to be in service than the this app scooters... and NO BOGUS FINE!


No refunds for error in what the policy says the scooter will do

I am very disappointed with my first experience using the this app app and Scooter . How can there be an app that runs the scooter software but doesn’t have a backup to turn it off ? Online yes it says it will turn off after so many mins , I waited over 30 mins bc my phone died on the way home with the scooter, being a first time user I will never make this mistake again, if I ride with this app again . It continued to run up my debit card the entire time . My husbands ride cost him $9 , mine cost $19 for the same fairly short distance . I called the customer service to see how to turn it off , auto response was not help . I went online followed the directions, had the bike in park , never turned off . I had to literally sit outside next to the bike while my husband went to get my charger , charge phone in the car next to scooter , then take the stupid picture to turn the scooter off . I got billed for time I wasn’t riding it off of what I see as a flaw in the software . Any given time something could happen to a phone, what if the person drops it and it breaks ? Would the scooter just continue to run up the card . I tried turning it off with my husbands phone and app , nothing , no back up plan . Disappointed in my fix experience.


Test your software before dumping scooters in cities. Work with local communities to make it happen

This is an untested, unthought through app. There is no way for one user to activate another’s scooter. What if I kids or I want to pay for someone else’s ride? This problem is identified on the FAQ but WHY WASNT THIS THOUGHT THROUGH INITIALLY????? When the product was RELEASE?! The scooters have been here for months. why hasn’t it been solved? what happens when someone’s phone dies? why would you keep charging someone or worse, risk a scooter being stolen by another person because YOU DIDNT THINK THROUGH THAT SCENARIO. Also, why weren’t city and local governments included in your decision to litter our city with scooters?! Very unfortunate and frustrating experience. Also, my scooter clocked 20 mph. Not the 15 that was promisedr. I really hope there is more thought put into something that effects so many people. It’s frustrating that factors like other pedestrians, motorists, stoplights, the inability to monitor and regulate drivers as they barrel down sidewalks and risk the lives of others, drunk or incompetent drivers, etc, are not consider. This puts people at risk and you’re really just asking for a law suit. All things that weren’t thought through and if they were, weren't given the proper attention they deserve. I hope more consideration is given the future.


Charlotte Nc. Horrible experience after horrible experience

Hello all I’ve been a juicer with this company for a few months now and it’s been an absolutely nightmare to say the least. As a juicer (Charger) you go out every night to pickup this app scooters and charge them by or before seven in the morning the next day. Well the games this company play is for instance they drop the pay rates right as you pickup these scooters, customer service is pretty terrible they read off a list so every problem is treated the same weather or not it actually is. Hubs which are drop off location disappeared to the point that no hubs are available any longer leaving you to manually drop each scooter which causes the pay cycle to get completely screwed up and it leaves room for them not to pay you. They will also leave you waiting hours and or days on end for responses to problems that should be fixed immediately. They also send out their operation team to shut down and pick up scooters while the juicers are out, so while looking at the map to harvest ,all you see is big white van and large numbers of available scooters depleting due to operation removing available scooters to harvest. App glitching constantly causing wasted time and wasted money wear and tear on your vehicle. All around a really lousy company to work for.



I tried to use this app for the first time on a trip with some friends in San Diego first off Lime is trash I had good reception but Lime wouldn’t allow me to register a scooter for the longest time. I decided to get the $20 option and Once I finally got one I rode it for about 20min, about 8 miles of riding then got off at bar parked and snapped a pic. As i returned for some reason I couldn’t use the same scooter when there was plenty of battery left so I tried to use another one and it didn’t work so I used bird which is way BETTER THAN this app. After a very pleasant experience with bird I notice I had a notification that said this app had take $40 dollars from my account plus another small $5 fee I check Lime and there is no remaining funds in my wallet. The ride I originally took with them was no more that $8 dollars SO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE REST OF MY MONEY ? Customer service is trash after emailing them and waiting for about two weeks they didn’t answer any of my questions and just told me I would be refunded $1.40. I didn’t understand why that amount
Would be refunded and they never said anything about why there was no remaining balance in my wallet for Lime . So to conclude THIS SERVICE IS PATHETIC AND I WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF I COULD PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS USE THE BIRD SERVICE INSTEAD IT IS WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fantastic fruit

Literally the best thing since sliced bread! These scooters are fast, (17mph) furious, and amazing! Easy to use map helps you locate your ride. And once you’ve happened upon it’s pinpoint location, if you still can’t find it, you can ping it. Very user friendly and a blast to ride around downtown anywhere available. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and so wish they were available there. Any time I’m in an area that they’re located you can bet I’ll be on one. Once activated, they disappear from the gps map so that others can’t find and take them. You can pause your ride if say you and a few buddies are riding around downtown bar hopping and simply resume as soon as you get back outside. And let’s say God forbid that someone does jack your ride, you can deactivate the scooter or once it gets so far from your phone it will completely stop. They are the literal best and you absolutely have to try them out if you haven’t. Add it to the bucket list!


Does not deserve 4.9

Lime and service is absolute garbage. I will be calling their customer service first thing tomorrow morning for a refund. I downloaded Lime on a walk when my partner needed to use the restroom and could not wait the length it would take to walk to the nearest public bathroom. So I DL Lime and check the map and we head to the nearest two bikes. First problem, you can’t actually rent two bikes from one account! What kind of business only sells one item per customer?! That is ridiculous. Ok so I figure I’ll just get the one so she can get going but no, the E-bike was unavailable. Quick check of the map says there’s another one .5 miles away in the wrong direction bit we decide to make the quick walk and try again. We get there and guess what, this bike is unavailable too. 2 strikes and wasted time all the while my poor partner is on the verge of ruining their pants. We decide screw this company I guess we’re walking. Then on the walk we came across one more bike not even a E-bike and gave it a try. To no surprise it was unavailable as well. Three times I tried to use their products and three times they wasted my time. If a bike is unavailable it shouldn’t be on the map. How is that something you didn’t think of? I will never forget this.


Scooters behind locked fences :(

I’m sure this will get lost amongst all the other reviews but here goes- this is a really wonderful app with one flaw; on multiple occasions, i’ve walked to a scooter and found that someone has parked it behind a locked fence, in a parking garage, or somewhere that is otherwise blocked off. I can hear it ringing, I can see it, but I can’t get to it. it’s quite frustrating to say the least. I wish there was a way to indicate that someone has parked the scooter in an inaccessible location- maybe there already is a way to report “improper” parking, since you’re supposed to take a picture after parking, but if there is i haven’t found it. it might make sense to impose a minor penalty/ fee on the person who parked the scooter inaccessibly, so long as the person who finds it can provide photo/ video evidence that the scooter is blocked up somewhere it can’t be retrieved from. maybe prompting people to explain why they’re cancelling a reservation would be a good time to check that the scooter was correctly parked?



Lime is terrible. Not user friendly. I had a credit of $25 for about a year because it charged me several times so I just decided to finally use it. First it’s not easy to find how much credit you have, you have to search for it. Ok so I go to use it and decide to do a group ride. When I ended the other rider I didn’t realize my own scooter didn’t end til I saw it was still on. Lime doesn’t show the rides that are currently running and it’s not easy to find. I had to search around to find mine and finally end it.
The credit I had ended without warning and it just kept charging me. It would be nice to get a warning. It’s not like I can keep track because it doesn’t show history on what I’m being charged for the other rider on my group ride (something I figured out later). I thought I still had more of my $25 credit because my history showed only my ride which I had to figure out on my own. I thought it showed history of the “group ride” together but it doesn’t. So by the end of the night I figured out my credit ended and I continued to be charged. Not good business and I won’t be using this app anymore and neither will my husband and friends. Disappointing.


Charges for faulty equipment. Charges for scans for faulty equipment.

I was charged for the minutes it took trying to figure out why I was getting the ⚠️ on the actual scooter when I tried to excel.
Finally walked to find another one and dispute the fail on their end.
Got to my destination finally. Had some drinks. Scanned the nearest scooter. Got charged. Scooter and app didn’t process but my payment did. Transferred more into my account. Got charged to scan again, closes Lime , Lime didn’t refresh to show the ride was initiated.
Repeat previous paragraph it worked, yet I was not refunded for the previous unsuccessful attempt stated above.
Jesus take the wheel, I’ll just take an Uber unless y’all own Uber then i’m using my escaLEGS or lamboFEETies and lose some weight. This is too much scams y’all it’s hard times and I risk my life riding y’all’s MF scooters at my account, and y’all just wanna be greedy like Violet Beauregard, y’all should be naked Coconut cuz y’all coo coo for coconuts trying to come at me at 15 mph on some drunken Karen I can drive an suv but not a razor type of ish. I’m madder than a hatter y’all got me twisted like an umbilical chord. Y’all got my heart racing like a presidential election. I’m hurt like a Sarah McLaughlin commercial.


Customer service worse than Comcast

I say this without exaggerating: this app’s customer service is one of the top 3 worst customer services I’ve ever seen, worse even than Comcast. Lime hasn’t been working for me for over a month (keeps logging me out as soon as I open it or log back in). It’s a wonder this app is making any money with customer service like this because until they fix this I have no way to use this app.

When I contact customer service they say they’ll escalate it after asking me a few questions. They then ask me the iPhone equivalent of have you turned it off and back on again (iOS updated? App updated? Cleared cache?). These are clearly scripted questions that come with the scripted emails. Whatever. It’s tier 1 support. I’ll just respond saying those didn’t work and they’ll escalate, right? NOPE. When you respond they assign you to a new customer support employee, who then asks you the same questions. I’m up to five on my current email chain with them. The worst thing is it’s the same ticket number so these customer service employees can pull up my past emails and see we’ve been through all this. But they never bother. Even when I ask them to.


Parking nightmare solved!

Heading to the MN State Fair, a friend suggested we use the this app app and save ourselves $40 in parking by parking our car about a mile away and finding some this app bikes to ride to the entrance to the fair. We were a little skeptical, but downloaded Lime anyway. Parking at the fair is usually stressful and costly, and our day today included neither of those words. Lime was easy to install and set up a profile/payment option, and the bikes worked great! The best part was we didnt have to find a docking station, we just dropped them right next to the sidewalk and walked across the street to the entrance.(I think everyone else was jealous). Upon leaving the fair, we found a bike and a scooter to ride back to our car a mile away. The scooter was really fun! We will definitely be recommending Lime to friends looking to save money on parking and to those just looking to have a fun activity to do!


Absolutely horrible product and service.

this app just hit Nashville and as excited as I was to try it my first experience has been terrible. First it took me walking blocks and blocks trying to track down one. (I was walking for more than 30 min) None were where Lime said they were and I reported 4-5 missing before even finding one. It’s battery was almost dead but it got me across the pedestrian bridge where I found another that said it had 15.8 miles. When I got on it my app now said 13.4 miles range. I was going 2.7 miles. About half way through the trip I hit a hill and the thing started struggling (btw I weight 135lbs) and the range now said 7.1. Got to my house and the range said 0. So I put it by the bus stop on my road and took a picture for Lime to know it was there. Couple days later I get an email not asking me but actually accusing me of taking the scooter. And demanding that I immediately return it to the public. First of all, an accusation like that better have some strong evidence since I know for a fact I don’t have the scooter. Second the tracking tech has to be able to locate it. Or this entire business model is doomed. Will never use this service again nor can I recommend it in good conscience.



First ride in Dallas. Our bikes worked, the map worked, my bell worked, there’s a nice place to store your phone... And the sounds are cool. No complaints! There are plenty along Katy trail. I did however accidentally push the green button on the card payment twice on accident and it charged me $20 onto my “wallet” so now i feel like i HAVE to use it, and didn’t get my “first ride free”.

It will automatically charge you $10 to put in your “bank” on Lime . (Sneaky) ....There wasn’t a way to undo my double tap. (I was new and barely learning Lime , so I was a little annoyed there wasn’t a warning.)

And another downfall is that I’m from Fort Worth. It would be cool if if they had these on Trinity trail! We have bikes along it, but the red ones that get locked up and need to be paid for at the certain locations & returned. (I have my own bike as well but it’s nice to drop them off wherever without the hassle of loading) . Additionally , I see the company carries scooters, having more scooters around would be fun. I don’t see any near DFW


Won’t refund your money, won’t unlock, brakes don’t work on some

The first time I used Limebike, I requested to add $10 to my account and next thing I know there’s $40 on there. I went ahead and attempted to unlock a bike and figured I would handle the $40 later. Well, the bike I attempted to unlock wouldn’t do so, even though Lime said it was unlocked. So I left that bike and went to use another. But couldn’t unlock another because it said I was already on a ride. 4 hours later I went back home and passed the original bike on the way, still not unlocked, but I was still charged $9 for the ride I never took.
So once I got home I called Limebike and talked to a representative who “refunded my $40”. That would be all fine and dandy if I actually got my money back.
Unfortunately, it’s 5 phone calls and 4 weeks later and I still don’t have my money back.
On a side note, these bikes are cluttered around the city and most of them have crappy brakes or rusted bike frames. Slightly dangerous if you ask me. Check your bike before you unlock it!! it will charge you for the 2 minutes it takes to realize the brakes don’t work.


Some problems

Lime has a great idea and actually works pretty well... for the most part i still have troubles with some of the vehicles being kinda broken or havin lower battery than anticipated, but thats not the main problem, and is going to happen regardless anyway. The problem i am experiencing is Lime . Sometimes itll error on me three or four times in a row before i can end my ride making me pay for unused minutes. There are also times where Lime shows a vehicle having a full battery when it actually doesnt(idk if thats the system or the vehicle itself tho). What does make me kinda mad tho is i noticed theres no way to end ride using Lime for the this app bike, and the this app bike will purposly take until the next minute EXACTLY to end the ride causing you to pay for unused minutes. Its some nitpicks i have, but its those kind of nitpicks that make people think Lime is so bad. Its really not. It works for the most part but could definitely use some tweaking and revision.


Additions needed

If a juicer has “x” amount of limes to serve out, let’s say x=8, we should be able to reserve more than 1 location. For example. If X=24then Y= 3
Y= # of serving locations that can be reserved for the 30 minute Slot. When serving scooters in the 20s or 30s, its time consuming sometimes. Also, juicers with good history/pattern of serving 40+ limes on time, and charged correctly should be able to reserve for longer durations. Would also be good to force high volume juicers to recruit. Let’s say for every juicer a fellow juicer brings on, it that juicer performs well for 30 days, then the juicer who originally brought them on could get a small percentage of what the new juicer makes for the next few months. This gives us incentives to bring on more juicers, instead of trying to be selfish. Another idea is to notify juicers when a this app is tipped over or improper leans against walls. For every 10 limes a juicer fixes, a small payout is rewarded. This would only apply to limes that are fresh from a ride of someone who is not also a juicer...Preventing juicers from going around and knocking limes over...



While visiting Seattle, my friend and I wanted to use the this app pods instead of renting a car for the weekend. After applying to use the pod, reading the requirements, I agreed to use the 15 dollar deposit fee knowing that I had nothing to worry about. After agreeing, my drivers license was declined and I was told I would receive an email explaining why. Never got an email... so then I called the next day complaining because I had been declined and told no reason why and was told the problem was because my issue date of my current license was less than a year (even though I’ve legally been driving more than a decade and that was not explained in the requirements) and that the only way to be cleared was to scan my old license that says VOID on it. I don’t know why anyone would carry an old, unusable license around. Upset with this issue and explaining I wanted to speak to a manager about this problem since this was a glitch in their system I was instead hung up on and they have successfully taken 15 dollars from me that I can’t even use in the state I live in. TERRIBLE company, don’t support them, you’ll just be disappointed.


Not quite the adventure I was looking for

I was enjoying the beautiful weather in Dallas with my daughter today on a lovely this app scooter. As I was nearing a turn, I noticed the steering wheel seemed a little tight. I turned it a little and it seemed to loosen up. I then jetted of again. The feeling of the wind in my face and the my hair blowing in the breeze made me feel like a teenager again. Then, all of the sudden, baaammm. The entire top end of the scooter falls completely off sending me on a 14 mph dive onto the concrete. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing these aren’t serviced often. After my daughter determined I was in fact alive and there were no holes in my head, I stood up and hobbled about 1/2 mile to my destination. I then decided to give this app a little call and tell them about my “travels.” Customer service was kind (she seriously was very nice) and sent me a multiple page incident report that must be completed in order to be considered for a refund. Should you feel adventurous, especially if you are over 40, might I suggest 5mph and bubble wrap. I, however, will be avoiding green scooters like the plague for likely the remainder of my years.


Love the idea, but a few flaws...

I’m brand new to bike sharing. My husband and I used them while in St. Louis this weekend. For the most part- it was FUN! Here’s my feedback that could make it better for those like us. We do not live in a city, so this is only something we will use on vacations, for that you should be able to pay as you go and not be required to put $10 credit first. Second, we should be able to scan two bikes with the same app to allow family members without a phone (our son, for instance) to ride also. Finally, I wish we could have reserved our bikes while we were at the zoo. I would have gladly continued to pay, but they needed to be locked, so it ended our session. When we returned an hour later, they were gone, and we had to find alternate transportation. This could’ve been an issue if there was not other forms! All of this may be a part of the service already, but it want clear if so from the initial use of Lime .

Is Lime Safe?

Yes. Lime - #RideGreen is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,920,384 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lime Is 54.4/100.

Is Lime Legit?

Yes. Lime - #RideGreen is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,920,384 Lime - #RideGreen User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lime Is 100/100..

Is Lime - #RideGreen not working?

Lime - #RideGreen works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $7.78
Monthly Subscription $10.88

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