Snackpass Reviews

Snackpass Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-26

Get discounts and never wait in line again.

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Snackpass Reviews

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    New App that Needs Some Help

    This is a great app in theory and I won’t deny that free or discounted food is definitely a plus; the problem is getting that free or discounted food with an app that only partially works. Some minuses: - I’ll get a notification for a discount or deal but when I go to the app it’s not there (may appear days later) - The location of the store is not in the order when you are confirming and placing it— I ordered from the wrong location and had to call and cancel my order. Then I had to contact customer service to get my money back. - It will advertise discounts like 40% off your order but only apply the discount to PART of your order (& partial application was not part of the advertised deal) - If I add the deal to my cart, decide not to use the deal but go back minutes later it won’t apply the deal to my order (even though I never used the deal/discount and it didn’t expire) - I’ve chatted with customer service (which takes about 1/2 hour to and hour to respond) about all of the above issues with no resolution. They are friendly and try to be helpful but they point to solutions that don’t work... they really just need to fix the app.

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    Rewards change without notice

    Once I gathered enough points for a free slice of pizza I waited for a good opportunity to go with friends. I promoted this app to everyone I know and we usually use it around Cal. When the time came to redeem my free pizza, the points changed without notice. It went from 5 points a slice to 10. No way can I manage to get 10 points. Edit— that above was my 2 star review. I am upping it to 4 stars because they changed the reward around which balances out my frustration. I am pleased they didn’t make it impossible to get free rewards.

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    Good start

    But 1. Wish you can view menu after the restaurant closing. 2 not every items eligible for rewards. 3 wish they had more places in my college area to participate, but I will contact them on matter if I can promote they app to restaurants. I might update ratings after using it if I won’t have any issues. The thing I wish the most they would put into app that if restaurant wants they could sell unused or food to be thrown away at the end of the day that other customers did not picked up for discount like Food for All app does it. Therefore helping reduce food waste and save money.

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    The initial registration process and overall menu navigation were very smooth, but as soon as we went to checkout for a bubble tea place the entire thing fell apart - buttons wouldn’t respond, entering verification codes would at first receive no response from the prompt, then suddenly pass moments later, cancelling a card entry would cause the entire menu to become unresponsive. Tried to order more than a half dozen times across two phones, every attempt failed at a different step. I have no ill will against the app and I earnestly wanted to use it, but it just wasn’t functional.

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    Ok ap but needs upgrades

    Ok around town, but here are two serious limitations: 1. At a busy restaurant, you are not told how long the wait is until AFTER you commit to the order. I’ve had some waits of 40 minutes, when all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. 2. If you are outside a certain distance from a restaurant, you can’t order. I work 20 miles from home, but I can’t order from a restaurant near my house just before I leave the office. So much for picking up dinner in the way home. But I’ve learned that a phone call still works!

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    If you don’t have Snackpass I don’t get why

    After downloading Snackpass and trying it for 2 weeks I deleted all my other food apps. Here’s why: 1. Has the restaurants I actually like to eat at 2. Talked to owner of one of my favorite spots - they don’t take crazy commission and actually help small businesses, unlike some of those other food apps 3. I can send my friends food as a birthday present or a just because present directly on the app - no more venmoing people $ 4. They have exclusive discounts 5. The cute little chicks you hatch with your friends & I like to see who my friends are sending points to 6. Good loyalty programs and student discounts

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    Won’t let me verify my number

    I got a new number a few months ago, and it turns out someone (who used to have my number) used snackpass. The app won’t let me verify my own number. I’ve contacted their customer support but they keep repeating that they can’t make changes to this other persons account (although I have never specifically asked them to do anything to that persons account; I just asked to let me enter in my own number). Great way to systematically lose potential customers over lazy existing customers who couldn’t bother to update their account info.

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    Must-Have For College Students

    This app makes ordering food so convenient. If you’ve only got a 5 minute window to grab a bite between classes, you can order the food and it’ll be ready when you get there! Simplified my life so much. No more waiting, no more paying at the store, easy!!

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    I love this!

    I love the points and sending gifts to friends. I especially love the return of the happy hour list with the recent update. The only thing I would change is to have more delivery options. There are a lot of options available for take out, but not many for delivery.

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    Seamless way to get food FAST, and at a discount!

    Snackpass has taken over my college campus as a way for students to order ahead and get their meals quickly, at a discount! Skipping the line is invaluable when trying to juggle schoolwork, extracurricular, and social commitments. If you don’t have the app, get it!

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    Great with a few requests

    Would love the option to put in an order for a specific time or to write up an order and it not get sent until 20min before I want to pick up. Would also love to keep looking at the menu even when stores are closed. Overall though, great!

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    Easy, efficient, and amazing deals!

    As a college student I haven’t been able to stray away from the amazing deals and punchcard system offered through Snackpass. It’s already saved me a ton of money and certainly made my first few days of school a lot less stressful!

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    Good start... Could use some improvement

    OK app. Needs several areas of improvement 1. Show restaurants wether open or not. We could be looking for later, tomorrow, etc. 2. Don't require app to need location or notifications. Instead allow me to set my location - i live in the same location day to day 2. Would be nice to"favorite" restaurants so we don't have to search and can instead just go to a favorite

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    This incredibly convenient food app has revolutionized the food ordering game - I have not once waited in line anywhere since using this app! Snackpass is a complete game changer in every sense - Skip the line, send friends free gifts, rack up points for free meals, foster chickens, you name it. This app’s got it all!

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    Great Way to Order Food

    This app makes ordering food a breeze. I use it every weekend after work, order the food as soon as I’m done and pick it up on the way home. It’s improved my life in a way that I’m not sure my college education can live up to. I love food.

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Is Snackpass Safe?

No. Snackpass does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,845 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Snackpass Is 19.4/100.

Is Snackpass Legit?

No. Snackpass does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,845 Snackpass User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Snackpass Is 19.4/100.

Is Snackpass not working?

Snackpass works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By collegestudent
Feb 01 2021

Poor customer service and unapologetic staff. I’ve had so many issues with Snackpass/how when I order off of Snackpass vs. place an order in store, the Snackpass order is incorrect and missing ingredients. This could be the stores fault or Snackpass, but I’ve seen this trend too many times. Additionally, many of the wait times are inaccurate (pickup in 15 minutes, turned out to be 50 so waiting in the cold for 30+ minutes) and their double charging issue is completely unacceptable. I had placed a large order on snackpass and the app started not responding, so naturally after waiting 5 minutes I restarted it. However, unbeknowst to me snackpass charged me twice, didn’t send a notification, and doubled my order to the store (totalling around $50). When I arrived, they told me I had two orders of the same items and to take it, and I sent Snackpass a message about their bug. In turn, they said it was my fault for having bad internet connection (GREAT customer service) and they would give me $5 credit. Wow! How generous. When people working for a growing app such as Snackpass respond to ur concerns about their bugs by insulting your financial position/wifi connectivity, huge huge red flag. Needs work on decent, polite customer service and fixing bugs. 👍🏻

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