Photofox - Photo Editor Reviews

Photofox - Photo Editor Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

- Photofox, by Lightricks, empowers you to express yourself effortlessly with
cutting-edge technology that helps create the effects and art filters you see
all over the internet. Best of all, there’s no experience necessary! - With
the Photofox photo art maker, you’ll soon have a masterp...

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Photofox - Photo Editor Reviews

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    Absolute trash

    When you use Enlight for 4 years and are now forced into using Photofox, the UI makes no sense and does not transition easily.i don’t have time in my busy 65+ hour/week schedule to learn a whole new layout (an inferior one at that); the interface and ease of use was remarkably and significantly more intuitive in Enlight. You couldn’t have just improved Enlight by adding a few upgrades/features? How about just making “pro tools” available with subscription? Now, you’re abandoning an editing app that was a masterpiece in its category and are replacing it with something that has about half the features of the Enlight iteration of this new app for a free version? No thanks. Pure greed, getting users comfortable with all your tools and features for several years and then telling them if they want to continue using them, it now requires payment. What are you people, drug dealers? So incredibly unfair to get people hooked on a set of features only to strip half of them away and hold them hostage for $7 a month. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m not upset about you charging money... I’m upset paying money gains access to many features that were free before. By all means, charge a few dollars, but do it for newer, better, ADDED features. Also where’s the collage tools? Now that that’s missing I won’t even consider giving you my money. I’m utterly disgusted by this experience and want to vomit in your faces. You should be reported for acting so unethically.

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    Ok so I got this app because I liked the idea of changing pictures. I also got it for a PhotoJournalism class. Any way, when I first opened this app I thought “Here we go... another app that downloads free but is subscription based and if you don’t pay the subscription then you only get the lame features..” but then I actually started messing around with it and found that you can still do a WHOLE LOT on it even without the pro. Now I’m not saying you don’t need the pro because there are a lot of really cool features there too but, I can still do what I need to do without having to pay a lot of money. This app is really great. Sometimes it makes me a little mad because if I want to change or move something after it’s done I can’t. This drives me nuts because I want to see what it looks like without the focusing circle I can’t until after it’s set in stone. Anyway sorry about the super long review but if you made it this far that means you’re interested and if you’re interested I can honestly say as someone who does not like to pay for apps that you should GET THIS APP!!!!

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    I’m sorry, it’s too good

    Last year, or little bit longer, I edited my review from positive to negative because the update changed a lot of feature I got very comfortable with. Realistically, I was getting upset about something I could’ve gotten used to…and I have. Not to mention during the time I was undergoing a lot of stress, but thankfully it was short lived. This app is the absolute best for creating and editing photos, no other app does it better. It helped me make some REALLY impressive pictures I never would’ve thought I could make without this app. Sometimes I just make a picture for no real purpose other than to see if I can actually make it. I feel like with this app I’ve peaked at my editing skills; I started with a simple eraser app to this absolutely brilliant piece of art making genius. This review may sound a bit pretentious or exaggerated, but that’s how I feel about this app. People can definitely make pictures they couldn’t have been able to before and now I’m grateful that it exists.

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    THE photo editor for iPhone

    I've owned several dozen apps for photography, but this is the one I always, *ALWAYS*, come back to. I wish I could put examples up on here of before and after images, but suffice it to say it can transform even the blandest image I've taken by mistake with the camera app open into an image worthy of wall space. I rarely review apps and even rarer still recommend apps, so I hope it speaks loudly enough to it's abilities when I say that I've got a bachelor of fine art with a concentration in photography, and I've had work displayed in two Smithsonian Museums as well as the SF Museum of Modern Art...and this is the app I'd give up all other 3rd party photo apps to keep. It really is nothing short of brilliant, and while most apps are limited by a users' imagination, I've found that this gem is powerful enough to greatly expand even that.

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    Cash grab that isn’t even compatible with the previous version

    It’s clear that the Enlight team puts a lot of work into making some of the best editing software for phones, but I feel like they did not do a lot of market research into how most users are using their software. The original app was one of the best and most robust apps for quick editing and retouching, as well as making simple macros — which is how I’ve mainly used it. Just downloaded photofox and it’s clear there’s a lot more power here but the UI is grating and not intuitive. For example — I’m trying to zoom on a single layer to use a brush. It keeps RESIZING THE WHOLE LAYER. I can’t lock it, so I can’t get precise detail working on the image. I’m not spending 15 more minutes figuring it out because that’s not what I used enlight for. It’s not photoshop — I don’t want to take a tutorial, I want to quickly edit something. Needs a lot of work especially since they’re asking for a sizable subscription. I have no confidence buying it outright since I know they’ll just drop support for a prior app that users paid for once they’re done with it and want to get some more cash flowing.

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    I loved the first Enlight app so I downloaded this as soon as I saw it on the App Store. I’m sad to see that photo editing apps have followed gaming apps down the path of the “freemium” model. I would definitely recommend this app as it is for the layers and filters but the price of the pro version seems crazy. I’d pay that for a computer photo editing program for professional high res photos from my camera but not for an app on my phone where I just “play” with personal photos. Also, this is a minor thing but to see the generic photos that come on the app you have to search a keyword and hope that something comes up. It seems bizarre to me that you can’t just scroll through all of the pictures and see what’s there without making a specific keyword search. It makes it hard to use this app unless you have a specific goal for the photos you want to blend in mind. Overall, for free this is a good app but it seems a bit limited compared to Enlight so I know I’ll use the first app more than I use this one.

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    Aggravated that I’m being forced to switch from Enlight OG

    I’m sure Enlight Photofox is great and all, but I enjoyed the original Enlight and back then I could just use it after paying $4.99 and that was that. Now they will be dropping support and removing it from the appstore so if i have to reset my phone I lose an app I paid $4.99 for and now like most developers in this age of micro transactions its subscription only so how is that a fair trade? If I’m being strongarmed to eventually upgrade then as a previously paid customer either the pro features should be free or at the bare minimum the subscription HEAVILY reduced. I love Lighttricks apps, don’t get me wrong, but I’m feeling a bit screwed over and gonna get ripped off for $4.99 in the end. If this is the common business practice these days there’s always more reasonable apps to switch to with a one time paid price. I get the whole “subscriptions incentivize new features” thing but what was included with enlight version 1 should be made available to users like me and any extra features I could buy in app as a add on...

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    Was great until asked to buy again

    Loved the app. I’ve used it for a couple of years. People like me who bought it when it was getting on its feet are the backbone of the app. Now I’m being asked to subscribe in order to use new updates and some features that I have always used aren’t available unless I subscribe or pay a one time fee. I feel I was duped and tricked. How can you sell someone an app , the paid full version, and turn around a couple years later and ask them to pay more money (actually an absurd amount for what other apps are now offering for free). This is the first review I’ve ever wrote because I generally don’t rock the boat, but this is completely unfair. Shame on you for taking my money so the app could grow and then take away what I paid for to start with and ask for more money for the initial features and future features. I’m sure I’ll get a response of “we’re sorry you feel this way.” When the response should be “Thank you for buying our app and your account is now open for you to enjoy all our features because if it weren’t for people like you who backed us when we were small , we would have never gotten off the ground.”

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    App Update Problems

    So I use this app a lot with my Page I manage and it helps out a lot! It is one of my favorite apps out of all of them! But since the new update I am unable to Text and press the done buttons! When I go in to edit, it lets me type but it will not let me push the done button and go back to the picture to finish the project! I am extremely disappointed because this is the only editing app I use and I feel I am going to have to download a new one to use! I’m not a fan of the other ones because this one has more I can do with it and I also know this app better than the rest, which makes it easier and quicker for me to finish my project! Please help me figure out this problem and get it resolved so I don’t have to download and learn a whole new app! Other than that this app has been great and easy to use! If I could just figure out what is going on I will continue to use this one!

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    Upset about the Update, can’t start from blank canvas

    I use Photofox for more than just photo editing and I personally believe it is the best app on the market for editing. I don’t like the fact that in the update I can’t start a new project with a blank canvas instead I have to start with a picture and then go Darkroom settings and alter the Offset setting just to make a white or black canvas. That’s very annoying. It seems like you reverted that part to the basic Enlight app settings and I don’t appreciate it. I feel like your trying too hard be a photo editing app when you can just be an overall editing and graphic design app. Don’t try and please people by taking away parts of the app that make it unique. Please add back the feature where I could start a project with a blank canvas and choose the size of that canvas. SMH.

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    Almost Pro

    It's a great app, I use it all the time for serious graphic design work on the go. But it's missing a few key features I'd really love to see. Guys, can you please give us the ability to turn snapping on and off?!? Can't tell you how much time I've spent wrestling against the snapping feature try to place a layer where I want it to go. Seems ridiculous it's still not an option. Have you tried your own app? Because I can't imagine using the app even once without experiencing the frustration I'm referring to. Also, it's missing some important blend modes like linear burn, add (although plus lighten comes close, misses sometimes), linear light, difference and exclusion. And although the heal tool works great most of the time, it won't work on any surface that's pure black. This aspect of the tool is more limiting than enabling, though I get why they did it this way. Maybe an additional stamp/clone tool to compensate would be in order? Also, the "urban" art feature is cool, except all the background images are in lo-res. C'mon guys, really ?? Very least it should be possible to import your own hi-res images to be used as the background. Lastly, you should be able to use a layer as a mask, or even import a photo that's converted to b&w and used as mask, the way "Union" by Pixite does it. Add these features and it's the perfect platform worthy of any price!!

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    Exactly what I was looking for

    All the other phone photo editors I could find before were very limited in what they could do. Just preset filters with stickers and minimal effects. When I found this app, I was skeptical to be sure, but hopeful. To my upmost delight, it has layers...and masks, even without paying a cent! There’s a decent amount of things you can do, but like all good programs, it’s better if you pay, and I definitely appreciate that there’s different plans to fit different budgets. However, there’s probably no need to pay if you’ll only be using it casually. There’s still plenty to do without it. I’ve only started to dabble in the possibilities, and I’m excited for what I can make. It’s no desktop photoshop, but it’s the best program I’ve been able to find for iPhone, and I plan on using it for years to come.

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    Brilliant and yes, the Heal Tool works brilliantly as well!

    I am a medical doctor and have no relationship with and have never met anyone associated with PhotoFox. PhotoFox is about as significant as Photoshop and easier to use. If new user follows the tutorials, they will become proficient in the use of PhotoFox very quickly! As a graphic hobbyist, I am as enthusiastic about PhotoFox as I was when I first learned to use it. I highly recommend PhotoFox Pro as it uses layers to alter photos and drawing to create beautiful photo projects. It is these layers that make PhotoFox-Pro an extremely powerful in the world of photo manipulation. I say this as an owner of every other photo manipulation software out there (Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Polarr, Pixelmator, DTF... you name it I have it.) Enlight PhotoFox and PhotoFox Pro are the ones that I use 98% of the time. You are missing out out if you haven’t used PhotoFox. I love it!

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    Love it but one problem

    I love this app, it’s the best, best photo app I have ever used and have had but I want to use a lot of the stuff you can use but u have to get the pro or whatever it’s called to have all the editing buttons, so I was like ok I’m going to upgrade my app to have all the stuff and then I saw how much money it is!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵🤯🤯 for a photo editing app!!!!! I get it this app is so great but if u changed it to where u can get it all for 5 bucks, more people and I would definitely would upgrade this app, but if all u want is money 🤑 that much money then no thanks I will just keep my little bit of editing buttons but over all it’s great but I would definitely change the fact of how much money🤑🤑 u want from us to upgrade this app, that’s the only reason I gave it a 4 but if u change that one thing about money, it would definitely be a 5 or even higher

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    Takes up a lot of memory if not Careful

    Love this app! I use it just as a simple photo editor. I haven’t got into much of the combing photos together features, etc so this is really just for editing basics. I did notice my phone memory was very low and couldn’t figure out why. Comes to find out each project you open in Photofox is Saved in the app. I had 670 projects saved in the app- after I also saved each individual photo on my phone. Photofox doesn’t have a way to multi select projects and delete in bulk so I had to individually delete each of the 670 projects one at a time. It would be great if you could add a feature to multi select those projects and delete. After deleting each project I added 50% of memory back to my phone. So it does take up a ton of space if you don’t remember to delete the projects when you’re done. Other than that, I love it 😊

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Is Photofox - Photo Editor Safe?

Yes. Photofox - Photo Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 47,926 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Photofox - Photo Editor Is 61.4/100.

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Yes. Photofox - Photo Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,926 Photofox - Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Photofox - Photo Editor Is 61.4/100.

Is Photofox - Photo Editor not working?

Photofox - Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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