Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans Reviews

Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Whatever you're training for, wherever you're training — Volt makes it easy to
get a world-class workout, with AI-powered programs that evolve weekly and never
get stale. Why Volt Works: It's all about the plan. Unlike other fitness apps
that randomly generate unconnected workouts, Volt...

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Exactly What I Hoped For

I have lifted a good amount for about 10 years. Sometimes with set programs in high school, and on my own since. It is great having a program again and not having to carry around paper and pencil is nice. Super easy to use too. Full disclosure, I hadn’t lifted for about a year when I started this app and lost some strength. I wanted to make sure my form was right and didn’t want to over-exert/injure myself right away so I started really low with every weight. It automatically has gotten me back to the point I was at in high school in less than 2 months, without feeling like “too much”. For me, the best features are: mobile, automatic difficulty adjustments, video and written instructions for each exercise, and the ability to replace lifts (in case you don’t have the equipment or are rehabbing). I also just found out they have a yearly plan that is cheaper. Would recommend to anyone looking for inspiration or who is plateauing.


Not For Home Workout

If you have access to a gym with multiple weight options - dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, all different weights - then Volt is probably pretty good. But if you have limited equipment at home, then you are severely limited. Also, it seems strangely calibrated. I’m a female, and while I can do a few pushups, the expectation of Volt is that I’m a marine. But, ask me to do 5 whole squats? Ok... I can do 50. There’s no customization on skill or strength level. I did this for 6 weeks and thought maybe it would get better, but nope. Also, I got Volt to improve my running. I know I didn’t give it a ton of time, but there’s no explanation of what these exercises do to help you. Finally, the workouts take a lot of time. It’s probably 40-60 minutes, if you skip the breaks, like I would. After running an hour, I’d skip the warmup, but it’s still a big time commitment to fit this in on top of a run. Without an explanation of the program, the intention or impact, I don’t know the point. I feel like I can do specific targeted exercises in far less time and achieve the same or better results.


It’s nearly perfect

I really enjoy using Volt and with Cortex which takes into consideration how you are doing during the workout (some days you’re on your game, others not so much) it really sets itself above everything out there. I have been using this for over a year and can definitely see improvement and my son is really enjoying the workouts as well. I used to be an ambassador for Adidas micoach and they had a very similar program and others that were sport specific but they didn’t market it well and eventually left the market. I was not sure what to try and then I found this app. They have improved it a couple times over the past year and each improvement makes sense! From my standpoint adding Apple Watch features, some HIIT cardio or HIIT runs that guides you like the regular programs (and specific to your sport goals) for off days vs. just telling you what you can do on your own would probably be as close to hiring a personal trainer. They have written and video instruction for every exercise so you can make sure you’re doing it right, timers and they automatically track and progress you so you don’t have to figure it out. Add Cortex which tracks how you are performing during the workout and you really can’t go wrong. They even emailed me to tell me I was paying too much and guided me to the yearly payment option. That’s pretty cool! Andrew


Almost perfect

I love lifting and strength workouts. I dislike running, but it’s an effective workout required by my work. I’ve always struggled to find a balance between lifting and running. Too much off either detracts from the other and I like to lift heavy. I’ve been stubborn for years, but I’m ready to meet in the middle. Volt gives me the middle ground I’m looking for where I can get challenging strength workouts I enjoy with monthly varying goals that complement running. Room for improvement: - I prefer to use my home gym which is mostly barbell based. A setting where you could pick your equipment and Volt would default to the appropriate equipment would be awesome. I know you can switch workouts and make them permanent for a block or indefinitely. But with so many workouts I feel like every week I’m having to manually switch out. — Something simple like checkboxes for body weight, bands, barbells, dumbbells, cables weights, weight machines. - The reps/weight seems weird. Sometimes I manually add a weight in and it doesn’t carry over. Was I supposed to use just the bar weight? Also, when this happens sometimes I don’t notice and I finish the workout with a lower volume. Which leads me to my point. - There doesn’t seem to be a way to fix your workout history reps or weight after you go forward far enough or finalize a session. - Sometimes I travel for work so a mode that defaults to all body weight workouts would be awesome.


Amazing workout application

Volt is amazing. Since I’ve been training for college football I’ve been struggling to find the most optimal workout program for myself. I’ve been constantly changing my programs weekly and it was leading me nowhere. Upon discovering Volt, I feel that I have finally found the perfect weight training program. I’ve listed some pros and cons of Volt. Pros: *Up to one full year of specialized training program *From track athletes to football players to tennis Volt offers programs for any type of athlete *offers mobility, stretching, warmup, injury prevention, and routines involved outside of just lifting weights such as speed training, agility/ladder work and plyometrics. *videos of every exercise to show you how to perform said exercise correctly. *adapts to your training style by modifying your routine every time you work out. *low price compared to having an actual trainer which could cost $50+ per session Cons: *the primers,finishers,warmups,ect exercises do not include videos of how to execute them and some may be difficult to interpret. *no notification sound for when rest time is up. Since some people like myself could get distracted in the gym. I feel the option of having this would be nice. *thats pretty much it. Great app! Highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in training like an athlete. The right way!


Great App! But slow to improve

I love Volt and I’m definitely seeing the benefits of using consistently and sticking to the program it offers. But there are some very easy improvements that would make it even better and I’ve been using for over a year and have yet to see implemented. The “extras” like the conditioning and mass builders etc. should just be added to the program or should at least be able to be tracked on Volt . At the moment they are just added as PDFs and it’s not a good user journey. Nothing extra that I do factors into the tools ability to learn about where I’m improving. I gave this feedback directly to a developer who reached out a year ago and nothing has been added yet. I know quite a few people who have said the same that would be a massive improvement to have this capability.


Great app, except...

I used Volt last week M/W/F and it worked well, smooth for the most part the occasional slow glitch. Today was my fourth workout and it was glitchy, freezing, and was so slow. Wouldn’t let me replace my workouts where I would click replace this movement and then it would highlight but wouldn’t do anything. Then, I went through the rest of the workout and clicked finish. It didn’t display my workout highlights. Also, didn’t ask pre workout questions. Only reason I didn’t uninstall Volt is I went through the trouble to subscribe for Volt . Frustrating when your trying to workout and stay on a flow and you have to be an IT expert to fix it simultaneously. I’m going to keep trying it. Maybe it was due to having a 46% battery making my phone run slow. But, not sure. Even still a couple hours later, my workout still hasn’t saved it resets to about halfway through. Please fix cause I love the concept and the way it tells you what to do. Thanks!!


Recommendation was exactly what I was promised

This took me a quick moment to get used to, but only because I was being recommended so many exercises for workouts I had never done before! Such a unique list! Even if your sport is not listed, I feel Volt holds a certain consistency with your exercises that it makes it a worthy investment! Honestly the best part is knowing that if something is too strange to physically perform, complicated because it is unknown, or limited to you (machines or gear available at your gym/home), you can change specific exercises around to fit your style! In my opinion if you’re willing to invest in an app at all, I highly recommend this one, since it feels like having a personal trainer in your pocket. There’s always options for anyone willing to put the time and effort, because payoff is absolute ;)


Very helpful

I really like Volt. I am a young professional in my sport and work 14 hour days regularly so it is hard to find the time to do extra workouts, but I can do it anytime with Volt. I love how Volt allows you to input your strength level, but I wish it would allow you to choose what you have available for that session. If I’m in a hotel room, I’m limited to only body weight exercises and it would be nice if you could have a “no equipment” option. Also, I feel like it would be very helpful to have a rehab section for regular sports injuries. I tore my ACL last year, and if programs could be built around rehabbing common sports injuries, that would make Volt even more amazing. I am recommending Volt to all my friends because it allows you an extreme flexibility with a great program👍


Great app & great customer service

I've been using this app for about a year with my athletes and have received tremendous feedback on the ease of use and access to their strength and conditioning programs. I love the use of GIFs as it eliminates any confusion on how a specific exercise should be performed, especially helpful for remote programming! Inevitably, there have been a few minor glitches, which I expect with any app/technology. However, the customer service from the this app team has been first class! They've helped to correct any glitches along the way, even being proactive to the point that they've notified me of potential issues before myself or my athletes recognized them! If you're looking for a sound strength and conditioning program, with ease mobile access, and great customer support, look no further!


Ferocious Beast of the Wild

I'm an "all-around athlete" with no sport. I'm committed to my fitness goals, but sometimes my workouts suffer from randomness, and I spend too much energy deciding what to do in the gym rather than concentrating on my lifts. this app solved that problem permanently. I love the data-centric approach. The exercises and explanations are well-organized and the progression between them is clear. The rest-countdown timer feature holds you accountable to the pace of the workout. My favorite thing is the ability to swap out exercises. I am trying to transition from a normal gym to a smaller home gym; being able to swap a barbell exercise for a dumbbell exercise can make all the difference. Overall, just a fantastic fitness experience and app that obviously has a ton of science and design expertise behind it. Thank you for this tool--so worth it!!


When’s the Apple Watch app coming?

All in all, great app that lets you focus on doing the actual workout instead of wondering about the amount of weight, reps, sets and rest time. Volt also boasts a great collection of warmups, primers, and finishers, which is great to pair with your workout. However, I’d be highly disappointed if there wasn’t any plan to develop the corresponding Apple Watch app. The only thing you’re doing on the phone app during a workout is reviewing the current exercise, and the associated weight/reps, and then hitting Done. The Apple Watch could pair beautifully with these steps! The only time you’d need to use the phone app is to review how to perform a certain exercise or how to complete a circuit. I think a Watch app would increase productivity and make the experience more enjoyable.


Best Workout App There Is

I'm a baseball player, and if you play the sport, you know that strength is absolutely essential to the game. I searched for a year or more for workouts that could keep me motivated and in the gym. Since I've been using this app, I'm addicted to lifting, and I look and feel 5x better. It's the most detailed app ever, complete with great primers for things like exercise form and shoulder health, as well as finishers for additional size gains and other great stuff. The also gives great advice for nutrition and hydration to help you be the best athlete you can be. this app has been a complete life changer, and now I'm actually excited to go get stronger. And for only 10 bucks a month, I get all my workouts and nutrition and primers and everything in between. I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone.



Workouts are significantly better with a plan. While I used to enjoy developing my own routine and tracking it at the gym, there were a few flaws: 1) I don’t have a background in movement science (one of life’s regrets) 2) tracking on paper, while sweaty is a mess 3) calibrating lift increases and rests is a science, not guess work (I guess this is point one)... this app’s responsive and well designed workouts and app make these problems of the past. It’s absolutely a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ product, but there is still room to grow... I would love to see a place to add notes as there is sometime need to modify an exercise or I reach 10 reps on one side and 9 on the other. And, I would love to be able to see a simple graph showing my gains for each lift when I click on the breakdown.


In Volt I Trust!!!

UPDATE: I've used this app for about 3 years now. I went from 3.5 to 4.0 in women's tennis, and I can use heavier weights. Plus after an injury, I used their Priemer Shoulder Health to get better faster. this app impressed me by emailing me personally asking about what I specifically liked about this app for Teams (VFT) compared to Volt when I said i preferred the previous app, and made some adjustments based on my reply. Now I use this one. this app Athletics really is serious about their customer's experience and athletic training, and that's why you should consider this app. I love this app and highly suggest that any athlete that wants to improve their performance in their sport and prevent injury to try Volt. Out of all the apps I've tried, this is the only one I could find with sport-specific workouts personalized to sport, my season calendar, gender, and fitness ability. Think of Volt as an investment in yourself and your sport. It's similar to having a personal trainer, except more affordable. Before this app, I use to do random things at the gym and "working out". But now with this app, I'm truly doing the right strength and conditioning for me. In this app I Trust!!!


Good but missing a couple crucial features

UPDATE: Adding another star!! Great work this app getting the beeps added to the timer as a way to hear when the timer is complete. This helps tremendously when working out and not having to keep checking the phone screen to know when that set is complete. I’m looking forward to adding the last star when this app writes to my health app for health metric tracking. —————————- The this app app has certainly delivered on its promise to bust up those plateaus and train you to get fit or get to that next level. BUT... it’s missing 2 key features that, together could get Volt to a 5 star rating no problem. This has been fixed > 1. There’s no sound when using the timer. The lack of a ding makes working out and constantly watching the time very difficult. 2. There’s no Watch app. This means let its not prompting me on the time (see above) or that its not logging my exercise time so I can close my rings. BONUS POINTS: allow Volt to read and write to the Apple Health app so when I lose/gain weight the AI can adjust its calculations. It can also log heart rate and recovery rate throughout the workout. This too could inform the AI on just how hard I’m working during a particular set.


Updated review

It turns out this app is much better than I realized. Originally I picked an “at home” workout track and was disappointed it was missing tons of common exercises like simple bench presses even though I told it in the equipment settings page that I have access to a bench and dumbbells. Support told me to switch to an “at gym” program and just remove most of the equipment I don’t have. Now it has all the exercises I’d expect and also is doing the “calibration” sets to learn my weight max’s. Id recommend this app tell people about all the limits for the “in home” programs before they pick one and have a comparison chart!!! Simple solution to make people less confused and frustrated.


You can't get your own program and coach out there better than this!

I've been using Volt for myself and for some teams I train. I love the workouts and the variability of the exercises. I love how I can also swap out exercises in exchange for other ones and they give me suggestions that fall within the same category. My teams also love it and I love being able to trust that they are doing technique correctly. With the amazing cues and visual aids I think it's safe to say there is nothing out there better than this and it definitely worth the price. Plus the employees at this app are incredibly accommodating and work with you if you have any questions at all. I would write their customer service with five stars as well!


A replacement for a personal trainer

I never realized how much of a barrier the PLANNING of a workout was for me. Having everything planned out and adapting to my strength has been a game changer. There’s no effort required except the physical effort. My brain can work on the other stuff it needs to while my body works on the lifting. this app is awesome. Also, I am recovering from a should injury and, as long as I’m honest about how tough an exercise is when rating effort, it continues to take it easy on me when I need it to, which is impressive. I’m still extra careful on my shoulder, but it seems to be going great! I wish I could let the guys at this app know this so they can categorize my workouts differently for their learning algorithms.


Good app but....

I've tried Volt for 2 weeks already and Volt has been put together very well. However, for me it takes over an hour to finish the suggested work out of the day. And that's including that I don't make use of the suggested rest periods, meaning I rarely rest. Using Volt at the gym can also be a little tricky. It suggests any given exercise, but keeps changing the weight depending on how you respond to the previous set. That means you find yourself switching weights a lot, and that makes you loose time, assuming someone else is not using the suggested weight. Another thing is that in any given exercise, if Volt increases the weight for the next set it does so in 5 lbs increments total. Example: Exercise X with dumbells, total weight for set 1 is 50 lbs, next set would be 55 lbs. I have yet to find a dumbbell weighing 27.5 lbs.


This app replaces a personal trainer. Trainers beware!

I have tried many apps, and none comes close to this one when developing a workout plan. I love how your workout plan is focused on your sport of preference, although there is a all-around option, and how your routine changes every three weeks. Although Volt only develops three weekly workouts, there are plenty of extra workouts to extend your weekly workouts. The routines are well developed, and Volt will adjust weight and/or reps depending on your difficulty feedback. It really feels like having a personal trainer! I have been a gym enthusiast for over 10 years and it feels great not having to worry anymore about creating monthly routines and running out of ideas/exercises. This is the best training app and it is worth every penny!

Is Volt Safe?

Yes. Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,711 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans Is 39.0/100.

Is Volt Legit?

Yes. Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,711 Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans Is 39.0/100.

Is Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans not working?

Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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