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Published by on 2023-12-11

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Reported Issues: 72 Comments

By Kitty   1 day ago

I have not received notification regarding my debit card purchase

By Pheobe Burkett   1 month ago

I can't snap my receipt

By Debi Felton   2 months ago

The app is having problems downloading e receipts from Amazon orders it is just spiraling for hours I can not get it to stop.

By Ty   4 months ago

The link to add other retailers for e-receipts is not showing. I can only connect Amazon, Walmart and gmail.

By Jackie   4 months ago

Says I need to update but then it won’t connect to App Store.

By Betty   5 months ago

update required to access app but msg says can’t contact app stir

By William   5 months ago

Sam's Club eReceipts stopped working weeks ago and support has no clue - clear your cache, delete the app, re-install the app, disconnect everything but email and try ... disconnect everything and just add email back ... nothing works. If I want points I am to send screenshots of my orders and also flag all the bonuses myself to make sure I get all the points. No thanks ... I don't work for you and your app is awful.

By Kathy Shelton   6 months ago

Fetch app not taking pictures of receipts….what’s wrong?

By bev white   6 months ago

My Sams club will not link to my fetch app. It's the same gmail and there are other stores that aren't linking as well. I'm losing a lot of points due to this issue.

By Kaleen Crawford   6 months ago

I snap a receipt, and there is no way on my screen to submit it.

By Lory McCune   6 months ago

When I take a bonus spin screen freezes up.

By Debbie watson   6 months ago

My receipt scanner only scans one receipt then I get a message saying receipt scanner is not working now try again later This has been going on for days now

By K   6 months ago

Keeps telling me scanning not available try again later.

By Christopher Johnson   6 months ago

I keep getting no internet connection can’t scan my receipts

By Jamie guardiola   7 months ago

I've been up loading my receipts and it's not giving me any points

By Donna   7 months ago

Why won't my camera connect to fetch? It was working fine before

By Scott Norris   7 months ago

App. Says receipt scanning not available at this time, try later. Still doesn’t work.

By BERNADETTE TILFORD   7 months ago

Amazon is no longer a rewards option?

By Mary   7 months ago

When trying to do the e receipts it just spins and spins used to work fine

By Frankie Coldiron   8 months ago

Fetch will not let me update on my iPhone.

By Terri   8 months ago

My fetch app says require update and it won’t update ! I deleted the app then opened it back and still didn’t work. I have points I want to cash in for GC

By Mary   8 months ago

I tried to reinstall app but now it's saying the app is not compatible with my Android 6.0. I've been using the app on it for years, why can't I install it?

By connie privette   8 months ago

i'm no longer can scan receipts. indicates that i need new version, I have a S6 and your site indicates 4.4 or better

By Ginny   10 months ago

Camera is not connecting to Fetch app

By Debra Walraven   11 months ago

Won’t pick up my sams club email receipts

By Marjorie French   11 months ago

Fetch will not EVER connect to my Amazon account!

By Dawn Ruvolo   11 months ago

The app is telling me after scanning only 1 receipt today(and did this to me 2 days ago as well) that I’ve reached my maximum for scanning 35 receipts and telling me that I can’t scan anymore receipts until tomorrow.

By lee ann rhaly   1 year ago

Received a new phone as my last iphone stopped working. I had approx 25,000 points. How do I get these back? Thank you, Lee Ann Rhaly

By Gladys david   1 year ago

I sent out for a 10.00 25.00 and 5.00 fetch rewards cards can you tell me when will I receive it and what address they are sending to please please help me want to make sure is. My right address

By Gladys david   1 year ago

I sent out for a 10.00 25.00 and 5.00 fetch rewards cards can you tell me when will I receive it and what address they are sending to please please help me want to make sure is. My right address

By Virginia Toebbe   1 year ago

A notice says I need an update. I tried to get off the page and it will not go to any other page. Now I have a stack of receipts and can't load them . So when it is fixed I will probably say they are too old. I have to close the page to get off fetch.

By Brenda   1 year ago

I am frantic where are my 25,00 plus points I better not loose them it's taken so long to get to that many

By Lisa Piscitello   1 year ago

Hi I am having problems connecting my yahoo account to fetch to get points from online order’s

By Heather Bailey   1 year ago

receipt information is not scanning

By Cecelia Swanson   1 year ago

It will not let me reinstall. Tried to delete to reboot

By Ilana   1 year ago

Cannot enter email in the yahoo connection. Been trying all day.

By Lynne   1 year ago

I can’t get Fetch Rewards from the App Store

By Juanita Hunt   1 year ago

I am not able to connect my Yahoo Mail to my Fetch account.

By Eloy   1 year ago

App won’t let me connect to yahoo.com for e receipts

By Maya   1 year ago

So I downloaded fetch reward and when I went onto the app I could not find a amazon gift card or a place to search for it.Please fix this!

By Cyn Bower   1 year ago

I scan my reciete, but won’t go to the submit page.

By Kimberly schultz   1 year ago

My app is frozen on my extra points I get off the spin.

By Ali   1 year ago

App won’t let me connect to yahoo.com for ereceipt. Receive the following message, "Yahoo eReceipt connection is unavailable." Have been trying for over a week. Please advise.

By Terri   1 year ago

App won’t let me connect to yahoo.com for e receipts

By Robert Welt   1 year ago

Seems like points are stuck can't get them out

By Jackie   1 year ago

I get a message saying yahoo e receipt connection is unavailable I have tried numerous days and still get the same message

By Sherry Hope Horne   1 year ago

want let me get a gift card with my points and my points are not updating or scanning e receipts from my amazon account

By Deborah   1 year ago

I get a message saying yahoo e receipt connection is unavailable I have tried numerous days and still get the same message

By Joseph Patawaran   1 year ago

Kept crashing . lost all my points. This app full of bullshit

By Patricia lopez   1 year ago

Hi I am having problems reconnecting my yahoo account to fetch to get points from online order’s??

By Patty Self   1 year ago

Snap to take picture of receipt only total shows. Does not show store name, or date

By Janice Bishop   1 year ago

I have been having problems for the last 2 days with scanning my receipts. I cleared the data under my settings option for the app, but when I scan my receipt it pops up to manually enter the info on the receipt I just scanned. I can't get one to work. I haven't had any problems before and have been very happy so far with Fetch. Thank you.

By Bonnie   1 year ago

How to use front camera with the app. Have asked this question for a couple of weeks ago.

By Dawn B   1 year ago

My app signed out on me about a week ago. I can't remember my password but when I have them send a link to reset my password through the app, i don't get an email form them. went to website and it says my email isn't recognized. Yet I have the welcome email still, that was sent to my email, that Im using to try to sign in.

By Donna Barnes   1 year ago

Haven't been able to sign in to my account for a couple days. When I access the app, I get the sign-in screen, but it will not let me do so. Thanks for any help. Donna

By Janine Reynolds   1 year ago

When I bring up the litter orange camera push it to snap picture it keeps going round and round

By Trudy Kamber   1 year ago

Almost daily the scanning is unavailable what’s going on

By Coleeta   1 year ago

It's Not Loading e Receipts

By Marleen Diebold   1 year ago

It's not updating or taking my amazon purchases and I've reinstalled the amazon account and email address.

By Ruby Struck   1 year ago

Will not open up

By bonnie m murray   1 year ago

old 6 iphone 12,5 won't update to 14. so I cannot scan receipts. Is there any fix until I get newer phone?

By Tana L Hentrich   1 year ago

Will not let me update on andriod.

By Star   1 year ago

I want erase my name from fetch rewardscomplaint

By Stephanie Stowell   1 year ago

I had the fetch app on my phone, it said it needed an update but wouldn't allow me to do this, so I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it but it wouldn't allow me to do that either, please help :)

By Barbara Thompson   1 year ago

App won’t load I’m going to lose my points

By Maria elias   1 year ago

What do I do I rub into error on my fetch rewards a everytime I make a receipt it say inactive I need help processing my receipts and the points on fetch rewards app

By Bernadette   1 year ago

Snapping had been doen for 4 days...keep getting a message to try Shaun in a fee seconds...cannot get anywhere Circle just keros spinning

By Maegan W   1 year ago

The app keeps stopping. I won't even have it open and the notification pops up.

By Barbara Widgren   1 year ago

Please help my name is Barbara I had this problem before and you fixed it. It tells me to log in then if I do it opens a new account. I DO NOT want to do that I want my account I have 12,000 points please help I believe when I opened my account my email was widgrenbarbara@redacted my phone number is 978-6974802. Help

By J. D. Eads   1 year ago

When welcome J. D. Comes up and I select login the working signal never stops turning.

By Patricia   1 year ago

Crashes trying to take photos

By Allison   1 year ago

Keeps crashes when I try to take pictures of reciepts.

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