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1. How does it work?
2. What is Publix Pharmacy?

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1. Find a Publix Pharmacy, transfer prescriptions, and refill quickly without an account.

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Product Details and Description of Publix Pharmacy

The new Publix Pharmacy app makes it even easier to manage prescriptions. Time-saving new features are just what the doctor ordered.

*Quick refills

*Easy account setup

*Multiple prescriptions/patient management

*Prescription status, history & details

Scan to refill.

Use your camera to scan the bottle. Request a refill in a snap.

Be our guest.

Find a Publix Pharmacy, transfer prescriptions, and refill quickly without an account.

Switch it up.

Getting started with us is easy. Transfer all of your existing prescriptions to a nearby Publix.

One-time easy account setup.

Just scan a recently filled Publix Rx bottle or enter the number from the label. We'll fill in your account details.

Log in to access more features.

When the doctor calls in your next prescription, it will automatically appear in your app. Just log in to your account to see important details, get helpful notifications, and set reminders.

Just a tap away.

Tap to view which prescriptions are ready for refill, in progress, or ready for pickup.

Care for the whole family.

Add minors under 13 and pets to your profile. Members can also share profiles with others to allow access to prescription details and history.

The perks are endless.

All patients’ prescription cards are neatly organized in one spot.

Your feedback matters to us. Please contact the Publix Customer Care team with questions, suggestions or concerns.



Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm (EST)

Saturday 9am - noon (EST)


Top Publix Pharmacy Reviews

  • By Brovins

    Love it!

    Why all the haters?! Sure the app is simple but in this case less is more It is very easy to view and order refills on your script and it works this deserves 5 stars. If you expect an all-encompassing wellness app then will be disappointed but this app never claims to be that. Only suggestions, allow pickup before 3pm for next day orders. Next, create a notes, questions, comments option that may me for pharmacist.

  • By breezy0204

    It’s helpful but not as much as it could be

    I like the app. I like being able to see my prescriptions and refill them with just a click. One of my problems is that here lately when a script is being refilled it says no refills available. It later corrects itself but it’s confusing in the mean time. My other issue, and my biggest, is that there is no communication from the pharmacy. It would be nice if there were generic messages that let you know why the script has be “in process” for 5 days. Messages like “not in stock, arriving tomorrow”, “too soon for refill”, “provider denial”, “contact us”, etc. would be so helpful. It takes time away from the pharmacy when I have to call and inquire about it when there could just be a notification through the app.

  • By ZEF81

    Not recognizing my account info

    I have checked with my local Publix pharmacy as well as called customer service. Verified all the information is correct but yet on the website and the app I receive an error about my information not matching patient's pharmacy record. The odd part is I was previously recognized and would receive notifications about my medication being ready to pick up. I do not receive them or SMS notifications anymore. I've decided to delete the app because useless and thinking of moving my prescription to my employer's preferred pharmacy - Walgreens

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