myArmsCache Reviews

myArmsCache Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-07

Whether you're a serious collector, a novice, or somewhere in between,
myArmsCache has everything you need to keep track of your firearms, ammo,
accessories and time at the range (and much more). With myArmsCache you
can: ▪ Keep a detailed inventory of your Guns, Ammo & Accessories ▪...

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myArmsCache Reviews

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    Best app to keep track of my collection & stats

    I have used this app for past year or so. I am able to track all purchases with serial numbers and prices in one place. Photo capability for items and for range documentation is very useful. For legal reasons I like to keep track of all my training and education both in words and photos. I have over 20,000 rounds documented in the app. Also, instructions were very clear on how to back up files to computer via ITunes file sharing. This makes me feel more secure in case Iphone is lost or damaged. I have almost 2GB of Dara backed up. Further, support is unbelievably good. I had a few device issues and developer has responded always in a timely fashion and fixed some minor display issues. I highly recommend signing up for premium plan for 99cents/month. Very reasonable and the documentation saved could well provide the difference in defending use of force case. As a physician, retired x 2 years, I truly understand the importance of documentation in providing proof of training and education and practice. Old phrase: if it isn’t documented, then it has not been done!! Great app, very worth the price. I am a very detail oriented person and very persnickety. Get this app and you will not regret it. Be safe.

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    Paid full price; now I have to pay more

    I recently purchased this app to keep track of my firearms. The app showed potential and I was exited to have an app that would enable me to manage my collection. Unfortunately, the developer has chosen to go to a subscription model. While I was grandfathered to the pre-update app, I won’t have access to any new feature unless I pay for the monthly subscription. I don’t think it’s right to limit new functionality to those who supported the app prior to the new subscription model. A better grandfathering or transitioning period should’ve been provided. It’s not a bad app, but I give it two stars based on how the developer is treating existing customers. UDPATE: I understand the need for the developer to make money. After all, no one should have to work for free. My issue is that those who are new to the app and its subscription model will get all existing and new features. While those of us who just purchased the app at full price will need to pay even more money to get new features. Other one-time purchase paid apps make new features available to those who purchased the app. If I knew the developer was going to charge for a monthly subscription, I would’ve waited instead of paying full price. The developer should provide one-year of free updates for those of us who recently purchased this app at full price. Just my two cents.

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    Amazing App, Looking Forward to Continued Development

    At the time I found this app, I had only one rifle, had sold a rifle previously, and had two handguns on order. I so glad I found it before getting the handguns. It was a long process, but I was able to get ALL of the relevant data fields entered, so the app currently contains my entire gun record, aside from previous range visits. Going forward, I know I’m gonna love tracking ammo through each gun and range results. The accessories function is great, but it’d be nice if the accessories were listed vertically instead of in one paragraph separated by commas. Additionally, I have one recommendation for document uploading, so that I can attach PDFs of my purchase records and receipts for each gun and accessory. At present, I’m using one of the 5 available image slots for each gun to store a photo of the purchase record from the dealer. It works, but it takes up a slot I’d like to reserve for the gun (1 angled photo, 2 flat profile photos, 1 photo disassembled, and 1 photo looking down the sights). Also, the images are cropped in a square. It would really be awesome if you could upload an actual PDF of these documents, maybe like 5 documents per gun.

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    Almost there

    I bought this primarily to keep track of the rounds I put through my weapons. This in turn to help me measure reliability, ammunition performance and timing for parts wear and tear/replacement. The overall structure of the app is fine and useful in all regards except for the ammunition tracking function I desired. I was able to log, photograph and store my weapons and ammunition. I added pictures and details of purchase date etc., however, the "Range Report" tab does NOT include a space to add type of ammunition fired on a particular day or how many rounds were fired from which weapon. The best I could do was add a number (e.g 100) in the Notes section. I imagine this shortfall is easily remedied and will keep the faith for the next upgrade (developers listening, I hope). Otherwise, a nice app for the OCD crowd that like lists and records of their fund and ammo. PS/ I set a password for the app, which works, although it prompts for my finger print, gives a warning that I haven't set up the fingerprint function and then opens it anyway...

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    Greed eventually get to everyone!!!

    I purchased this app a few years ago and it was perfect for keeping inventory of what I have. Ever since the update, the plan changed to subscription model and all my data has been wiped clean. Basically 2 years of work went down the drain like that. People who paid before hand should have been grandfathered in. But unfortunately this is not the case. I’ve read that people who bought before can still use it but not get new feature but it’s pointless when I can’t even get my data back. The restore button says it is unavailable. I can’t imagine how many hours I have put in to this app and just to have it disappear makes me so angry. So my recommendation is why even buy or use this app when the data can be wiped cleaned at anytime. I don’t want to hear that I should of backed it up. I didn’t think I would have to. What shouldn’t have happen was to wipe people data and cancel their membership without warning. I have tried to restore it and it says “Unable to Restore Purchase. Either your subscription has expired or you don’t have a current subscription”. Which basically is saying I can’t log back in and have all my info without subscribing. **** Stay Away****

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    Great app, but ....

    I do love this app. You can record everything you own in here, keep track of what you have, what you want, what you’ve sold, shot, whatever. I wish I’d found this years ago! The only reason it doesn’t get a higher score is that it won’t share data between iPad and iPhone. Or iCloud or Dropbox. It took me nearly a full day to get everything onto the app on my tablet and I’m not up to another day redoing everything I have on the phone. Even though I’d very much like to have it there. Plus I’m not certain but it seems I’d have to buy the full version all over again for the phone. That’s a two star negative for me.

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    Like many others, wanted and inventory / tracking app. Found this and so far really, really like it. Initially I thought ability to save only three was far too less, and the price to purchase was too high. However, after a few hours of playing with it and really seeing how all the categories cross into other categories for statistics and traceability, I am very impressed. I think the price is fair. The picture option, and adding the pictures across several categories is awesome. Like the shopping list and the options to lay categories out by your choosing. It is important to note, on the ammo tabs, it will only show a remaining value if there actually is a remaining quantity. Initially I was irritated about this, but then after playing with it and adding on hand quantity, it worked itself out. I would highly recommend this.

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    Easy to use, robust app

    Very easy to use and manage large inventories and accessories. There really isn't any need for another Armory application. Absolutely worth the $4 to get the full version. Highly recommend! My only changes I'd make are to the range reports and ammo tracking section. I'd like to see a feature where I can do a range report based on my range checklist that would include a round count tied to the ammo inventory. Currently you have to manually change your roundcount in your inventory after you shoot

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    Excellent App with one major concern

    This app has been thoughtfully and elegantly developed. Highly intuitive as well!! Huge kudos on that! Unfortunately, there are virtually no reporting capabilities. What’s built in does give some “statistics” but not terribly useful. There is an option for exporting raw text data (no images, no formatting - just basic raw data). However, there are zero reporting capabilities that incorporates the very well laid out records in the app for any item (firearms, Ammo, accys....). No .pdf reports. No printing. No reporting at all. I did contact the developer about this. He was polite and fast to respond. He said virtually nobody has indicated any interest in the ability to create database reports....that part I’m not so sure about. I suspect anyone with enough OCD (haha) to use an app like this would almost certainly desire the ability to creat some reports on all that data they’ve spent hours inputting! If reporting and printing were added, this would be a 5 star app, hands down!

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    All the important info available in one location

    Purchased the app several months ago and just now starting to use it (everything was on paper). This app “thinks” of everything. I should have started using it months ago. I would like to see a tab, for “S/N” on the accessories field for some NFA items I have. Same for the tax stamps for above mentioned items. Other than my little thoughts, I’ve recommended this app to fellow coworkers and friends.

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    Outstanding database app!

    Bought this app to have a simple database application to keep detailed records of my collection. Have been very pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive nature of this app - it provides a wealth of information linking guns, ammo, and accessories in an easy to use interface. The option to choose backup methods allows for user-selected levels of privacy - something often overlooked in the name of convenience. Overall, a very useful app, with a responsive developer. Well done!

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    Great app!

    I originally got this just as an easy way to keep track of my growing collection and it’s perfect for that! Apparently you can also track ammo and accessories as well which was a nice surprise. The only thing I wish it had was a separate section for NFA stuff like suppressors, SBRs, and the such to easy keep track of the tax stamps as well so that they can be easy brought up. But still for the purpose in which I bought this it’s totally worth the money!!

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    Indispensable for keeping track of your firearms, pellet guns, and BB guns

    Indispensable for owners. A lot of effort and thought went into this handy App. If you are unable to use this app, READ THE DIRECTIONs?! Yes, it will cost you another $10 if you have more than 3 firearms, but the convenience and versatility are worth more. Purchase the App, install it, read the directions, and enjoy using the convenience and versatile sections.

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    Easy learning curve, easy to use

    I’ve tried other apps, and this one is better than them. Would like to see some changes in how accessories are handled. Purchased two magazines at different times for one of my handguns and had to enter a second accessory for it. Could this be handled like the purchase of ammo? I’d like to see some reporting showing the accessories for each gun.

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    Highly impressed!

    I am enjoying the user interface! I’m personally very detail oriented so this app gets the job done. A couple things: 1. I’d like to be able to add more than one record of ammo in the shooting record. Often times I’ll bring two or three boxes of different brand/weight ammo purchased on different dates and go thru all boxes in the one outing. 2. It’s a bit cumbersome to create a range report and then subsequently navigate to the shooting record menu to create a shooting record. A streamline of this would make for a slicker range report overall. For example, creating the range report could initially include first gun/accessory/ammo combo and upon completion of those details, ask if another gun/accessory/ammo combo was used during this range visit/report. 👍👌

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Is myArmsCache Safe?

Yes. myArmsCache is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,519 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for myArmsCache Is 30.7/100.

Is myArmsCache Legit?

Yes. myArmsCache is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,519 myArmsCache User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for myArmsCache Is 30.7/100.

Is myArmsCache not working?

myArmsCache works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a myArmsCache customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using myArmsCache.

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