ESPN Fantasy Sports & More Reviews

ESPN Fantasy Sports & More Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-16

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About ESPN Fantasy Sports More

What is ESPN Fantasy Sports More? The ESPN Fantasy Sports app is a free app that allows users to play fantasy football, basketball, baseball, and hockey with friends or join an existing league to compete against other fans. The app also offers prediction games for most major sporting events, including Streak, where users can predict the winners for the biggest matchups in sports each day for a chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights. The app provides player rankings, projections, and analysis from the most trusted names in fantasy sports, including Matthew Berry. Users can customize their teams with hundreds of exclusive, free team logos and subscribe to alerts to get the latest videos and news for the players on their roster, right as news breaks. The app also offers live streaming of select live programs from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network, which are all available to stream live in the ESPN Fantasy App.



- Play fantasy football, basketball, baseball, or hockey with friends or join an existing league to compete against other fans

- Customize the rules of the game to your liking

- Sign up, draft your fantasy team, edit your lineup, add players, and make trades

- Get player rankings, projections, and analysis from the most trusted names in fantasy sports, including Matthew Berry

- Follow your players all season long with live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring

- Predict the winners for biggest matchups in sports each day in Streak for a chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights

- Customize your teams with hundreds of exclusive, free team logos

- Subscribe to alerts and get the latest videos and news for the players on your roster, right as news breaks

- Live streaming of select live programs from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network

- Access to live video is determined by your TV provider and package and, in some instances, your Internet service provider

- Nielsen's proprietary measurement software allows users to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings

- Before downloading the app, users should consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to their interests. Users may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using their mobile device settings.

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Key Benefits of ESPN Fantasy Sports More

- Accessible my team and matchup options in the main menus

- Ability to access other leagues

- Ability to edit team names and other settings and options

- Fun to use

21 ESPN Fantasy Sports More Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Was amazing! Small changes have made it worse

I really hope someone that works on ESPNFantasySportsMore actually sees this and takes it to heart because I use ESPNFantasySportsMore every single day. My 2 biggest issues stem from changes that were made to ESPNFantasySportsMore in the prior months and the first of the 2 is the inability to uphold trades as an LM from ESPNFantasySportsMore . This used to be possible from the activity screen but it is no longer an option and forces LM’s to have to go on the website and uphold trades from there. The second issue is the “Interested In” section of all free agent waiver pools in each fantasy sport shows everyone how many people are interested in a player. I used this feature to track players that I was in fact, interested in, but I can no longer do that and have to keep a notes section open in my phone just so that other members of my league don’t see that someone else is interested in said waiver player. This was never an issue before but an update changed this so all I ask is for this to be changed back! Other than these 2 things ESPNFantasySportsMore is amazing and it is so easy to manage all fantasy sports in one place, please make these 2 changes it would mean a lot! Thank you!


Ads are ruining the experience.

This is my second year playing fantasy. I actually don’t mind most of the interface, although some changes could obviously improve it. Notifications would be nice. When trades are offered, I have no way of knowing they’re there unless I tap on “Roster” and see a badge icon waiting for me.

My biggest complaint is that the ads are too much. When there is an update on a player, I can opt to watch a brief segment on said player. Every video I try to watch, I’m met with the same exact irrelevant 30 second ad. I don’t mind watching the ads once or twice, since it’s a “free” platform and they need to make their money somewhere. The problem for me is when I want to watch 10+ player videos, and I’m met with the same, unskippable 30 second ad. After watching the ad, it should give you an option to skip the ad after 10 seconds. Even better, if you watch the ad once, maybe skip over the remaining ads for a certain amount of time? I know I’m asking Disney to give up their greed, in a time where they’re taking huge financial hits on multiple fronts, but there is no reason ESPNFantasySportsMore could not be the one fantasy app to rule them all. I firmly believe that with just a few changes to ESPNFantasySportsMore , they could really own the market with fantasy.


Slow & buggy

I can’t believe I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning, but ESPNFantasySportsMore is even slow & bombing out now... and it’s so much worse when it matters most, on Sundays. Lineup changes & research in the last hour before games is terrible, especially after NFL teams post final injury status... and all through the games. This has been happening for years, and my league only remains here because of inertia. We know Yahoo is better (our friends share this by showing us ESPNFantasySportsMore of course). On top of it, in game point totals have been wrong with frequency this year, so “projections” are effectively meaningless since, if they are sometimes wrong... they might always be... so they have to be calculated offline/manually to be certain (that’s assuming the stats are right...) I really hope ESPN adds a server or a dozen, especially something extra on Sundays, or I’m going to be pushing for the change in 2020 that we’ve wanted for years now. If ESPNFantasySportsMore cannot work well, ESPECIALLY as you do final prep to set lineups and track your teams’ progress on game day — the second best part of fantasy football after the draft — what’s the point in staying around?


Fantasy Hockey

Espn should be embarrassed as how portly ESPNFantasySportsMore performs. It’s slow, info is unbelievably inaccurate and they continuously get starting goalie info wrong. Espn fantasy hockey also does a very poor job at keeping players info up to date and they make it extremely hard to run a fantasy league. There have been countless times where there are players who are injured that espn has not recognized as injured and have them as healthy. It’s pathetic I will be moving my league onto another platform for next season. Oh and the absolute worst thing is when you set your lineup and click save, it doesn’t even save the updated lineup. I’ve have this happen on 5 different occasions where team owners have messaged me saying they put certain players in their lineup and when they go check there lineup later that day, some or all of those players are on the bench, even when they put those players in their lineup and clicked the “save button”. If you couldn’t already tell this is a pretty serious league and ESPN is not equipped for real fantasy leagues and managers.

Overall, espn is a NO GO for fantasy hockey. No way football is any better. If I could give it 0 stars I would.


There’s no way to communicate with other players!

This is the first review I’ve ever left in my life, just because this is so frustrating. If I want to make a trade there is zero way to just ask them hey who do you want for this guy? You don’t know who they value, who they want, where they want to upgrade so you’re left just sending random players/proposals. I tried attaching comments in a trade proposal only to find out that they don’t show up in ESPNFantasySportsMore or the email. If you try to post a message on the “talk smack” board, it doesn’t notify/alert or even put a little icon saying that someone posts something, so nobody ever checks it. I try to send a message directly to the person to talk smack, they get no notification. I post on the league message board, same thing. Unless you specifically go in and look at it, there’s no way to even know anything is there. I’m just trying to find a way to communicate with the other owners just to start a Facebook message or group but nobody even knows those messages are there. It looks like the default option for receive email is off too, because I had to toggle mine on, so I can’t even get a message to my commissioner. Talk about frustrating.



Been playing FF for 15 years and ESPNFantasySportsMore is pretty bad. It’s better on the website but this is America we use our phones dude. But that’s not really that much better. You can only set your lineup for the current week starting on Tuesday. Why is that a thing? I mean basically Espn decided you can’t go on an 8 day vacation and if it is a 7 day vacation make sure you come back by the 1pm games cause otherwise you just left all the injured and bye week players in. Kinda ridiculous. It’s not all that user friendly or aesthetically pleasing to the eye but you can get around all that if they let you set a lineup besides this week.

I do like that is doesn’t just volunteer “transaction trends” like the yahoo app does cause then you can make moves instead of others just being handed who to pick up, but that’s about the only thing it’s got better than yahoo. Yahoo shows stats of the opposing ranks and such. I like being able to use research and insight to decide who to get but I’m not gonna spend half my week researching cause you guys can’t just put rankings like the website has on ESPNFantasySportsMore .

Kinda wish i could give zero stars.


Good But Could Be Elite.

ESPNFantasySportsMore works well for the most part, there stems a few glitches here and there. My issue with ESPNFantasySportsMore , (football specifically) is that there are so many features that should be added and improved on. The LM’s need to be able to do a lot more from ESPNFantasySportsMore. A few of those include, upholding trades and setting a draft order. You are unable to do these things on ESPNFantasySportsMore for some reason. Also ESPNFantasySportsMore should include a dynasty feature where teams can trade and stockpile future draft picks right on ESPNFantasySportsMore . This would make it a lot easier to run a dynasty from the ESPN app and bring a new crowd of fantasy players to ESPNFantasySportsMore . Another is adding a 3+ team trade machine. A lot of users want to be able to make a trade with multiple teams at once. Drawing it up from the notes isn’t cutting it, simply add a 3+ team trade machine on ESPNFantasySportsMore to make quick and precise trades amongst multiple teams. I want to see more effort into the experience on ESPNFantasySportsMore .


Please fix Fantasycast changes

I guess ESPN and Disney like to follow the saying, “If it ain’t broke, break it”, because that’s effectively what they have done with their app. They changed Gamecast so you don’t have an easy way to view all of the matchups across the NFL, and you can only view the game for that players matchup. Who thought this was a good idea? Gamecast made ESPN at least somewhat competitive with other fantasy platforms because you could easily follow games across the league in real time. But now the interface is such a mess and much more difficult to navigate.

Due to executive incompetency I would guess, the Love/Hate column is now only available through the ESPN+ paid subscription, which is heinous beyond belief. Additionally, the fantasy draft UI on PC has really gone backwards in its usability, interface, and design.

It’s really sad because I have used the ESPN for most of my fantasy football career, but the decisions made in this last year and the much better fantasy football app alternatives have made it so I will not be using ESPNFantasySportsMore again next year.


Pretty Good but not perfect

ESPNFantasySportsMore is very good. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, but there are some quality of life problems that should be fixed. This is included being only able to access the my team and matchup options in the main menus, and also accessing other leagues. You have to click on the my team or matchups options and scroll right. Depending on where you are in the menu, other leagues are not accessible and you need to exit menus to get to them. There is also the same problem with editing team names and other settings and options. However, ESPNFantasySportsMore brings real time stats and clips to help you make educated decisions on who to bench and who to play. This includes text telling the status of a player, point averages, rankings and text to better explain events. This is a high 4 and could be a five with more updates to fix problems mentioned earlier.



Yeah I know it’s a free app but it’s as if they don’t even care to improve it with anything but an aesthetic upgrade every now and then. Sure a couple of functional changes happened last year but they didn’t make ESPNFantasySportsMore more user friendly. The stat research on ESPNFantasySportsMore is flat out garbage. And their draft room and preseason player breakdowns are a joke.

For ex: 2020 B Ball app doesn’t have adequate or even remotely accurate stat projections. During my draft I wanted to see what Kyrie Irving’s projections for this upcoming season would be and they were obviously not his projections. Other starting caliber centers have zero RB as their per game projections. That’s ridicoilso. You’re ESPN. At least get that right.

Also, as league manager I can’t do anything from my phone. I have to get on the full desktop to adjust settings in my league. Speaking of which, I have a friend who started his first league this season and made one mistake in his roster settings pre-draft. It’s impossible to adjust roster positions and such after the draft. Why is that so hard to do? Why not expand LM ability to sculpt each league to his or her liking?

How much money does ESPN have? With all these advertisers I imagine their fantasy sports brings in some money. Maybe pay to really deliver an incredible app next year ESPN? Already looking forward to next season on a different app and this season hasn’t even started yet.


Final straw? Quite possibly

Every year, ESPNFantasySportsMore/ESPN Fantasy site in general somehow manages to be WORSE. First, it was only being offered half the league interface that continued to be available in a web browser, which was so unforgivably obtuse that it confounds the mind, made worse throughout all these years that it has never been corrected. But ESPN REALLY lost its way when the merger of all fantasy sports into one app happened. And we couldn’t fathom it would, that it even could, become worse. Yet, here we are, 2019, and every single year, you guys find some astonishingly unexpected way to muck it up further.

This season, the most appalling slap in the face to your loyal users I’ve ever seen isn’t even within ESPNFantasySportsMore , it’s platform-wide: the deletion of league histories and the deletion of league trophies WITHOUT WARNING TO YOUR USERS. Disloyal. Disrespectful. Dishonorable. Despicable.

Every year, our league debates leaving ESPN. Every year, support grows for finding a better service. This year, ESPN may have already secured the necessary votes for our league to go into 2020’s auction (our 12th year) elsewhere.


(I know it’s long but please read) I love this app, but it could improve

I am in a fantasy baseball league with my uncle, brother, and grandpa. We have a ton of fun on ESPNFantasySportsMore, but it’s not perfect. It has occasionally logged us out of the account. Also, as our draft approaches, we are trading picks, and we have to make a weird maneuver to make it work. We have to tell the other who to draft then trade who we got at the other slot. It would be a lot easier if there was just a way to trade picks. Also, the logging out glitch is bad. I already mentioned it, but it really messes it up that Mike Trout can ride the bench for a season while putting up career stats because you can’t remember your password. That’s all I have to say, but don’t think because of my critiques that it’s a bad app. Far from it. We love it, but these are some edits that might need to be considered.


Streak for the cash needs improvement

My dad and I have both had problems with making picks we don't want. When we are scrolling through the list of picks, one of our tap&drag actions on the screen will actually select a pick. I'm pretty sure when this happens, the animation to turn the pick yellow doesn't happen, or maybe it happens off screen because we are scrolling down the list. We weren't trying to select it, we were just trying to scroll. I'd really like it if this was fixed.

Other than that, ESPNFantasySportsMore is pretty good. During fantasy football season it was a bit annoying that ESPNFantasySportsMore would load to streak for the cash and I would have to wait for the "loading picks" to finish before I could switch to the fantasy football portion and update my lineup. A bit stressful when it's 1 minute to kickoff and you want to make a change to your roster before the lineup locks.

Other than that, pretty good app.


Last Update Broke It

I don’t know what happened with the latest update, but the latest update has broken ESPNFantasySportsMore in so many ways. First off, when you click ESPNFantasySportsMore to open it for the first time, ESPNFantasySportsMore takes literally 3 lifespans to stop loading and actually load up, but if you don’t want to wait to die, be reborn, die again, and repeat 3 more times, then you have to close ESPNFantasySportsMore and quickly reopen it, so that it hopefully loads up correctly the 2nd time. *NOTE: You’d have to repeat this process over and over until it actually loads up correctly and let you fiddle with your fantasy sports lineups and whatnot!* Secondly, when you are FINALLY able to actually access ESPNFantasySportsMore and make changes to lineups and things, ESPNFantasySportsMore completely runs slower than a turtle in a 5K charity walk! It takes literally over 60 seconds sometimes to make even 1 player swapping change in lineups. Third and finally, even if you have deleted and redownloaded ESPNFantasySportsMore , THE SAME PROBLEMS STILL PERSIST!!!


ESPN Fantasy Basketball App 👎🏾

2018 ESPN Fantasy Basketball App has been just horrible. I like this platform because it tends to be easier to manage (I’m a commissioner). You just can’t have an app that lets you edit your lineup then save your lineup only to find out that your lineup did not get saved. I’ve lost a matchup because D. Fox was on my bench. I set my lineup that morning as i usually do. Didn’t check it until games were under way. Fox dropped 49 fantasy points and i lost that week by 22. Now i have to save my lineup and check it thrice throughout the day.

For some reason ESPN decided to only allow 4 veto votes maximum. I like to have it at 6 votes to veto which was allowed years past. Now I have to make it a LM vote and I’ll take the veto votes personally via text or phone call. I shouldn’t have to do this extra leg work.

And too often the live scores are not correct. Part of the fun is watching the live scores. I’ll know 3 of my players have produced points but ESPNFantasySportsMore will indicate they haven’t even played yet. 2018 ESPN Fantasy Basketball app dropped the ball...


Would give a 0 if possible

I’ve used this fantasy app for about 5 years now without issue until this football season. About 6 weeks into the season, my team data was completely gone. I logged in to change my lineup for the week and the screen directed me to sign up for a team or league when I was already logged in. From my commissioners side of things, everything looked normal. So I emailed ESPNFantasySportsMore support two different times and received no response aside from the automatic response that I assume is given to all people who email them. The last email I sent was over two weeks ago, again with no response. I don’t know what I have to do for ESPN to help me with this issue, and they seem to not want to help, so I’m writing this review. I would give ESPNFantasySportsMore a 0 out of 5 if possible because of this glitch and because ESPN refuses to help me fix it. Maybe this will get me some help with my issue but probably not since ESPN is incompetent. Don’t use ESPNFantasySportsMore unless you like being completely disappointed and angry 🙃


Very very behind.

This will probably be my last season using ESPNFantasySportsMore for fantasy all of my football leagues have moved over for the SLEEPER app. The last thing that is holding me back is fantasy baseball. ESPNFantasySportsMore seems very slow when it comes the live updates.... I used to love being able to watch live pitches and it was accurate on time. The looks of ESPNFantasySportsMore are great but it lacks the accuracy and is just very very bad. I don’t know if it’s from me being more engaged with the fantasy sports more so than the average person. I don’t understand how the ball can be dropped on this one.... I’m locked in for the rest of baseball season and I hope it gets much better or my league will be moving to another platform. How this is rated 5 stars is crazy to me with the funding you have ESPN I expected better. I’d be more than willing to talk to a developer on specific issues and hep them out. Don’t get me started on ESPNFantasySportsMore for the iPad.


Just try another fantasy app

ESPNFantasySportsMore crashes frequently and sometimes just won’t load. I’ll start ESPNFantasySportsMore and it says “loading your roster” then thirty seconds later it says it’s “still loading and thanks for your patience.” Soon it fails, asking you to check internet connection and retry. I click retry and the same things happen, two loading screens and the retry button. I’ve been stuck in this loop a dozen or more times and the only solution I’ve found is to either wait until it’s fixed (which could take hours, as I write this it’s been 10+ hours since I could use ESPNFantasySportsMore ) or delete ESPNFantasySportsMore and reinstall it. This is the type of thing I expect from a new or fledgling developer, not one trying to pay their way to best fantasy app on ESPNFantasySportsMore Store. If you want an app that works consistently, you’re better off looking somewhere else. I will be doing everything in my power to get my leaguemates to change our fantasy website of choice next year.


This app would be good if it was 2014

ESPNFantasySportsMore is terrible and I’m annoyed that I have to use it after ESPN closed off their API from being used by third party apps.

ESPNFantasySportsMore doesn’t support iPad multitasking so if I want to watch a game on my iPad with the score up I have to switch back and forth. It also has the most irritating ads imaginable that make you wait for them before you can use ESPNFantasySportsMore . There is no widget support even though there used to be one for the old iOS widgets a few years ago. And to top it all off, it’s the slowest app I regularly use. It’s basically a website with an app wrapper around it. When navigating it’ll just load pages as if you’re using safari. If you have to use ESPN for fantasy, the espn website would actually be better than ESPNFantasySportsMore. I highly recommend you do not waste your time on this awful app. Hopefully I can convince 9 other people to switch fantasy football services next year because I can’t use this one for much longer.


I just don’t get it

We live in a time where advances in technology happen daily. Do you know that right now, there are people working on projects in medicine that inject tiny robots into your bloodstream that diagnose whether or not you have any infections, diseases, and so on, and then fixes it! Last year, ESPN Q1 earners were up 7% (as of Dec. 29, 2018) which is $1.3 billion. So ESPN has both money and operates during a time of seemly unlimited technological advances, yet..they can’t seem to hire or find someone to make their fantasy football app function properly...ever. Oh wow a trade alert let me go check it on notification, “We’re sorry, the trade is not in the league associated with this account.” As I stare at matchup I have this week correctly displayed with the only league my account is in directly under that “your in the wrong league” notification, I think well how about I get updated scores and I correct information on a busy Sunday football yea right. Never works. Just mind blowing...I don’t get it. Can you figure it out ESPN!


Buggy and Slow - App Needs Improvement

ESPNFantasySportsMore has been quite slow and buggy especially recently, and drains battery power more than most apps on my iPhone 6. It’s been crashing a lot since updating to iOS 11 and getting the latest update of ESPNFantasySportsMore . Despite its shortcomings I’ve been using it for at least 3-4 years, since I’m an avid fantasy sports player. I’ve seemingly always had issues with it’s various incarnations of design and interface, not to mention ESPN’s terrible default league settings for football, baseball and basketball w/ short benches and lack of IR/DL spots - but that’s a subject for elsewhere. ESPNFantasySportsMore should have all of the same management capabilities as on their website, but it hasn’t ever. People probably use ESPNFantasySportsMore for team management more often than the actual website these days. It should be as capable and user friendly because of this, but it isn’t. I also play fantasy sports on Yahoo!, which in my experience has far superior and more enjoyable leagues and app. I will still use this ESPN app despite my frustrations with many aspects of it, because I like to draft and have teams on several sites/apps. I at least hope the developers continue to try to improve the design of ESPNFantasySportsMore and the general user experience within it.


ESPN has been my worst fantasy experience

I have been playing fantasy sports for many years now and by far ESPN has the worst site ever. Idc about ESPNFantasySportsMore I mean for fantasy baseball and football it is terrible. For baseball u can only have 1 player on the DL and 3 bench players on your roster. This is horrible if u actually pay attention to it and want to play because u cannot change starting pitchers or players that do not have a game the day u r playing. For both sports the standings r screwed up. I have more points than a guy in my league and we have the same record but I am below him in the standings because he has had less "points allowed" than I have. So espn how am I supposed to have a defense in fantasy that stops the other team just curious I kinda want to know. I'm just glad the playoffs didn't start this week because I wouldn't have just left a review on ESPNFantasySportsMore Store I would have emailed someone to complain about this crap. I'm sure the ones with fantasy hockey and basketball have problems that I wouldn't understand with their teams but I don't have a fantasy basketball or hockey team and if I did it wouldn't be with espn. After this year I have decided I WILL NOT be playing any fantasy sport with espn next year and the years after unless these necessary changes r made.

Ps If u want professional fantasy sports I recommend using yahoo they have been my favorite site to use


Please fix Streak for the Cash

I’ve been playing SFTC since it began in 2008. When they decided to retire the Streak app, and add Streak to their new all-encompassing Fantasy app, it’s been bad. For starters, several message boards for props are down on a daily basis. You have to go to the espn Streak mobile site to look at the message board. What’s the point of ESPNFantasySportsMore if I have to use the mobile site? In order to see all matchups for a particular day, you have to click the “See all matchups” link. Let us see all the matchups without having to click another link to see them; instead of just seeing the forced espn props that they choose for us to see. I know one extra click is not a big deal, but it could be the difference between getting a prop in before it locks. Within the last few weeks, within comments on the message boards, the links to “load more comments” don’t work. Every time I try to load more comments, it just spins and never shows them. The message boards used to have some decent information and conversation from members. When they changed it to Facebook only members who can chat, it ruined the message boards. Tonight, I tried to post a comment twice on one of the hockey games, and it didn’t register my comment. Either go back to a SFTC dedicated app that works or fix this dreadful Streak part of the Fantasy app.


ESPN Fantasy Football App

The interface of ESPNFantasySportsMore makes it harder than it needs to be to move between the things you want to move between, such as actions you want to take and information you want to see. Many things you wish to accomplish take two or three steps. I can justifiably assert that things are harder in ESPNFantasySportsMore because I have extensive familiarity with the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app allows you to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish much more easily and with fewer steps. Not only do things take more steps in the ESPN app, but it is also often harder to find the button you are looking for and things are often poorly labeled. If you don’t know what I mean by the things I say in this review, try the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app and the things that I mean will become more clear to you. The only reason I am using the ESPN app is because I joined a second league where the commissioner uses ESPN Fantasy Football and if he has been using ESPN Fantasy for a while, I was not about to try to persuade him it is inferior. I feel that the creators of the ESPN Fantasy Football app wanted to make ESPNFantasySportsMore SEEM like it is better because it is more technical and requires more savviness from the user, but really they just made a harder-to-use, more frustrating, less efficient, and less effective app.


A Commish’s Point of View

11 years ago my family started a fantasy league using ESPN and it’s app. We chose it because of being user friendly and simple to figure out (since there were a few of us including me who had never played before). A few years later I was asked to take over as League Mangager/Commish. As a new Commish I loved all of the fun extras that I had to create excitement and smack talk including Smack Talk videos from actual NFL Players, power rankings that were auto populated and could also be customized, along with others. Now it is hard just to change league settings and send general emails to the league. I was also very diligent in writing a League Manager Note and creating a poll weekly, but stopped because nobody was reading it because it was not easily found in ESPNFantasySportsMore . I think it would be great if that was one of the 1st things you see. Another big bummer is the deletion of all the customized awards in the “Trophy Case”. 11 years of trophies - GONE! And I didn’t even get notice that they were going so I didn’t copy them done anywhere else. I would really like to see all of that come back!
The current app is and site is not my favorite! I am looking to start a second league and I may go somewhere else.

PLEASE! PLEASE! Stop taking things away!


ESPN Fantasy App

Our league has been together for twenty years on another site. This is the first year we moved to ESPN.

While many of us start our fantasy careers in our 20’s, the power of technology has allowed us to stay together into our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Note to Millennials: You will never have more free time than you do now. Once you get married, have kids, juggle careers, become active in the community you have less and less time to take care of high priorities like your fantasy team.

I appreciate the resources made available prior to our the auction draft. I am grateful for two minute (or less) drills on injuries or free agent pick ups. I like Matthew Berry, Field Yates, and Stephania Bell equally well (although I wish Stephania would talk about routes more). I like the rankings that include Mike Clay and Eric Karabell.

If the playoffs were held today in our ten team league I would be in, but we all know a lot can happen over the next nine weeks. I will click on ESPNFantasySportsMore on a regular basis and I hope the energy & enthusiasm of the talent over a long season will stay at a high level.

Donald Hale
Owner of “Eclipse This”
Columbia, SC


Really bad fantasy football app

It had been a couple years since I did an ESPN league and I don’t see myself agreeing to one after the first two weeks of the season. The maneuvering is archaic and for some reason every page you tap to pulls up your keyboard as if it is needed. If you are looking to slide through the waiver wire and check out people quick this isn't ESPNFantasySportsMore for you. It is extremely tedious and requires closing and restarting ESPNFantasySportsMore constantly. I’ve never checked for updates to apps as much as I have for this one. Absolute trash. Also, mid game matchups view is embarrassing. Compared to yahoo it is complete BUTTHOLE. When checking out your sunday afternoon outlook in matchups you cant see projection changes throughout the game your player is playing. I don’t do fantasy football in order to have to calculate my own projections and evaluate how my matchup is looking. Better off writing your matchup on paper and filling in as you go. ESPNFantasySportsMore is so overly complicated it is silly. Just make it more like the Yahoo matchup screen. It isn't that difficult.

David Olivera   6 months ago

Your fantasy basketball is really lagging behind Yahoo. This year players have only one position of eligibility. With the NBA becoming more and more positionless this a step in the wrong direction. I called about this and was told "It is what it is." Please change the player positions back to the way they were in previous years. Yahoo makes it possible for LMs to make changes to positions. I'd really appreciate it if you could address this issue.

Is ESPN Fantasy Sports More Safe?

Yes. ESPN Fantasy Sports & More is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,656,544 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ESPN Fantasy Sports More Is 67.5/100.

Is ESPN Fantasy Sports More Legit?

Yes. ESPN Fantasy Sports & More is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,656,544 ESPN Fantasy Sports & More User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ESPN Fantasy Sports More Is 75.2/100..

Is ESPN Fantasy Sports & More not working?

ESPN Fantasy Sports & More works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

ESPN+ Subscription

- Monthly subscription: $5.99 per month

- Annual subscription: $59.99 per year

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