DAZN: Stream Live Sports Reviews

DAZN: Stream Live Sports Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-19

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About DAZN

What is DAZN?

DAZN is a sports streaming app that offers live and on-demand access to a variety of sports events, including boxing and UEFA Women’s Champions League soccer. The app is available in English language and can be accessed on multiple devices.



- Live streaming of sports events from around the world, including boxing fights featuring popular boxers like Katie Taylor, Dillian Whyte, and more.

- Live and on-demand access to Matchroom Boxing exclusively on DAZN.

- Iconic DAZN Originals documentaries and exclusive on-demand features.

- Highlights covering UEFA Women’s Champions League soccer and boxing content.

- The app works on connected devices such as Apple TV, smart TVs, iPhone, iPad, web browser, and gaming consoles.

- The app streams at the best quality your device can handle, up to HD.

- Users can watch DAZN live on up to two devices at the same time.

- Users can set reminders, pause and rewind live events.

- The app offers a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase, and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

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Key Benefits of DAZN

- On demand replays of the whole event or individual fights

- No spoiler pop ups when browsing

- No PPV extra cost

- Announcers will “lay into” the judges scorecards or bad referees when they are way off

- Stable keeps getting bigger and better as guys contracts with Showtime and PBC run out

21 DAZN Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Worth it

On demand replays of the whole event or individual fights and NO spoiler pop ups when browsing make this worth every penny. No PPV extra cost. As in all of boxing you get some poo poo fights. But the announcers voice same opinion on em as viewers, would never happen on American programs. Announcers will also “lay into” the judges scorecards or bad referees when they are way off, which I like. Their stable keeps getting bigger and better as guys contracts with Showtime and PBC run out. Would like to see em hire Jim Lampley since he is the voice of boxing on this side of pond and would be a great addition (HBO may still have his rights). Even this silly KSI vs Logan Paul thing which I found akin to “celebrity boxing” turned out to be a great event. I signed up the morning of the Ruiz/Joshua fight, and after the match I already felt like Id gotten my $99 worth. I only wish The NFL werent jerks and would let US accounts have same access to the NFL part of package that european accounts get. Overall Im thrilled I sacked up and got this app.


Good content, menu needs to be more user friendly.

I love boxing. I love the idea of streaming all this content. This particular incident turned me away from it: On the PS4, your app automatically plays live events when you launch DAZN . I had planned to watch this particular event and was looking forward to it and of course since you all have it programmed to automatically play, it just so happens the fight was over and I saw the results as DAZN launched. I didn’t have the option of choosing whether to play that event or not. Maybe take lessons from the ESPN app. For example if I am logging in the night of a fight, it has the event and has the “live” caption on that event, however it doesn’t automatically play that event. You all need to stop that automatic play period, or at least program the option to turn that ish off. Other streaming services have auto play, however have options to turn it on or off. Pretty disappointed in this as I’ve been looking forward to this fight to launch DAZN and have it automatically play to see the post fight interview. I didn’t have time to get on and watch the fight on time, which is why the idea of streaming is there to watch it whenever as long as I am paying for the service. Well, I ended my subscription because of this.



Ok, so I would consider myself a mild fighting fan. I like to watch mma fights and boxing but I wouldn’t consider myself a huge follower. I do like to watch some of these big fights though. So I downloaded DAZN thinking you might be able to just pay to watch certain fights or pay for a plan that might let you watch certain fights but no. You either pay 20$ a month or 100$ a year. Outrageous. And you might say well if you’re not a huge fan just watch what’s on tv and shut up. Well that’s the thing some of these I fights I really want to watch aren’t available on regular tv. But really? 100$? No way I’m gonna pay that much to watch maybe the 7 or 8 big fights (that aren’t available anywhere else) a year that I’m gonna watch. Unfortunately with some of these fights I can’t watch them anywhere else. It truly is a shame. I genuinely hope someone starts another company that can compete. Money grabbers.



I seriously don’t know what happened to DAZN . I have been loyal to this app since almost day 1, when it was made available in the USA. Up until now it worked almost perfectly with only the occasional minor hiccup. But for the last few events it has been dreadful. The live stream freezes constantly, buffers, is out of sync, among other annoying glitches. This last Bellator event it didn’t let me see anything! All I got was a dark screen with the little rotating circle indicating it was buffering. Another annoying issue that has popped up is the casting to my TV (Air-Play, mirroring or direct cable connection Lightning to HDMI). I’m casting the live stream, suddenly my TV goes blank and inexplicably the live stream starts the feed from the very beginning of the show!!! Somehow I manage to get the stream to catch up to the current fight only to see my TV go blank again and go back yet again to the beginning of the show. So it no longer works on my tablet, iPhone or casting on my TV, worthless. Bottom line: unless this app developers get their act together and fix this quickly, I will not be renewing my yearly subscription which renews in October.


dazn is a scam

I just payed 20 dollars for 1 fight and I can’t even watch it. DAZN is a complete scam. I signed up to watch the KSI v. Logan Paul 2 fight and it took my money it’s said something went wrong. This is unbelievable when you pay for new app with a 4.7 star review you don’t expect this and now I find out it takes months to get your money back. This has to be joke DAZN needs to be taken down I hope theirs millions of people pirating this event and Logan Paul and KSI lose millions of dollars now technically it’s not their fault but still. I was a huge Logan Paul fan until now this is a huge joke. I really do hope that this app gets taken down forever. I mean seriously now I can’t even watch the fight. If I don’t get a response from this app, my money back, and a free month I will take this to a new level. this app I hope you lose all the money you have taken from people and so much more. This is a total scam.


Terrible customer service and billing issues

While DAZN for streaming is okay, and I say okay because it’s not compatible to view easily on all TVs even when using a laptop to stream. It’s ok to get a last minute fight at a low price but the terrible thing about this service is customer service sucked! Last time I ordered DAZN it said that it didn’t recognize my user ID on another console I tried using to stream the fight and asked me to reorder the service, to which I did and they proceeded to charge my account twice! I attempted to reach customer service and the only way I found was via Live Chat, no telephone to speak with a rep. So after 3 failed connection attempts via live chat, I finally got my point across to a rep, who asked me to email them additional info to get my funds returned and nothing more was done. I followed up 3 more times via live chat and was assured a refund would be coming for the double charges and nothing ever was returned. I finally gave up but will never use again and tell all who ask not to use! Terrible! Wouldn’t recommend messing with this service.



I absolutely love DAZN! It helped keep me up to date with everything boxing. Some of my favorite fighters fight on this app. Ryan Garcia Virgil Ortiz JR. Canelo Alveraz. But I have a real problem. I of course could predict that the COVID 19 virus would completely shut down all contact sports. I payed $100 for DAZN and I feel it was worth every penny except for the fact that COVID-19 shut down all of the boxing world for a extended period of time. I was really hoping that I might somehow be credited like maybe half of the year so I could actually enjoy DAZN that I love so much. I brag to all my friends about how all I had to pay was $100 and I could watch any fight that this app was putting on. PLEASE HELP ME this app!!!!! Please


Synchronicity issues with Apple???

I specifically subscribed to this service so I could watch the last Canelo fight. I purchased through the Apple store. They charged my credit card but I never was able to access the content. Every time I signed in, it recognize me as having an account but wanted me to pay again. I contacted their customer service through a chat. I was told that they have Synchronicity problems with Apple and it would take hours or days until I could access the content. Flat out told me that I would be unable to watch the fight. This is unheard of. When you buy an app you expect to access content immediately. If they have synchronicity issues with Apple they should disclose this to potential customers. They should also disclose that if you buy through Apple you won’t be able to access content immediately. I don’t know if this is all true or just an excuse. Basically, this app’s agent put all the blame on Apple. this app sold and charged me for a service they never provided. Unlike them, Apple was professional and reimbursed me.


Great Value

Most of the fights feature talent under promotion with Matchroom Boxing, including a fair number of up-and-comer British fighters that you might not otherwise get to see through other broadcast outlets. The cards have had good competitive fights in support of the featured bouts. Buying the full year makes the price about $8.33 per month. The this app Boxing Show puts episodes out frequently and is worth a watch to stay current on news that is not just limited to the fighters that appear on this app.

Ringside announcers and color commentary are well done. Camera work and general event presentation is also high level.

Four stars given because I have experienced lag and buffering during live fights and have had to restart. This is likely something that can be fixed with app upgrades.


Plz do not subscribe if you value your money

I tried to watch the Canelo fight on Saturday, downloaded DAZN and subscribe. Never got an email on how to sign in, even tho I was charge for the subscription. Finally I figured out that I needed to restore my purchased using DAZN and my iTunes account. The issue is it kept giving me an error message. After some research I found out that if you subscribe you won’t be able to have access DAZN right away and it may take a few days to access DAZN . this app was more than happy to take my money but did not give me access to see the fight. I tried everything to figure out how to fix this with the online customer service but they are useless, they don’t care and take forever to answer your questions. At the end of our conversation they just said contact apple. plz do not waste your time and money. You will end up frustrated and hopeless.



App crashes,Freezing and overall stability problems it Seems like the two companies Apple & this app failed to come together to make sure the apps performance was up to par to handle the massive amount of users tuning in to watch one of the biggest Boxing match in history which I was unable to watch most of and parts that I was able to watch seemed to be in the resolution of two giant pixels stuttering around a screen and after reset and internet testing rinse and repeat to the point where I wanted to Box someone my darn self because of rage I’ve been looking forward to the KSI vs Logan Paul fight for over a year and I missed that enjoyable experience other than about maybe 30 seconds of round 6 which I had to watch via FaceTime on iPad from a good friend of mine who’s this app app was almost 4K quality compared to the Nintendo 64 graphics I was trying to desperately watch with boiling anger PLEASE FIX AND PREPARE FOR FUTURE EVENTS OF THAT MAGNITUDE TO HANDLE DEMAND OR GIVE ALTERNATIVE!!! Thank You



I’ve been a customer of this app for quite some time and while it’s crappy streaming it is cheap so I stayed. However I am trying to watch Gabriel rosado vs Jaime munguia tonight so I decided to buy a monthly subscription. I used my bank card through Apple Pay and it took my money but won’t let me view literally anything I can’t even get past the screen where it makes you pay. Now when I hit pay again it says my subscription won’t start until next month because I already have one? But when I talk to this app live chat they say my account hasn’t been active for over a year and told me to take it up with Apple which I did and they confirmed the payment was made. I’m honestly confused but this app customer service made literally no effort to let me gain access to my account so I got robbed by a millionaire company for $20 but I am taking it on the chin and i simply will not use this app again


Best Value in Boxing

Out of all the networks i find this app providing the most consistent quality fights at the best value. I was able to watch Canelo fight 3 times within 6 months and thats all included with a $100 per year subscription, not to mention all of the other great cards throughout the year. They also have an amazing catalog of classic fights among other content. Other networks put on amazing cards as well but at $80 a pop for ppv i can’t really justify doing that when i get all of this content for $100 a year. If the other networks switched to this model id definitely get on board with them too.


Decent Match Ups Are Scarce

this app has plenty of excellent fighters under contract through Golden BOy or based on agreements with other promoters, but they decent fights in terms of competitativeness are few and far between.

Fans will enjoy seeing some fighters fight no matter how weak the competition is, but for serious baoxing fans there are few must see fights on the network. And the best fighgters, even the ones a bit past their prime like Triple G fight less than once every nine months.

of the primary North American Boxing distribution platforms, Topp Rank through ESPN probably has the most fights per year and not all require subscriptions to ESPN+ and Top Rank also has stinker undercards, but they still typically are better than this app’s, where you have to hope for two co-main events.


App is garbage for having to pay monthly

For having to pay $20 a month or $100 a year DAZN is absolutely garbage. On days where there is major fights there’s way too much content which convoluted’s experience then when you finally do find your fight there’s minimal information. All I wanna know is when the under cards are and who they are is that asking too much for $100 a year why is it I’m sitting here watching a fight and have no idea what’s going on. How can you design DAZN that has so much functionality but forget to put the most important information. I don’t care about post fight analysis I don’t care about television shows and clips I don’t care how much of a network you’re trying to make this into all I care about is the fight that I’m paying for and the under cards and you guys are failing on that front


DAZN is on top of things...

I’ve been a this app subscriber from Day 1. Am a huge boxing fan, watch essentially everything that is on. In comparison to other broadcasts, this app is fantastic in that they will show every fight on the card. Their specials leading up to fights, etc have come a long way as well.

The only item I could pick on is their broadcast team for boxing telecast. They have the heavyweight here in Brian Kenny, who has always been spectacular. However, I do feel this app needs to surround him w/ comparable talent.

But aside from this, this app is top notch & you can easily tell they have dumped a ton of resources into their app, as well as their content. I would recommend this to anybody.


Bad customer service

Horrible experience. Had trouble with payment options from the gate, no way to reach this app since the purposely conceal the support number so I sent and email. Automated response said 24 to 48 hours, well 120 hours later and still no response. Tried there chat option, takes you in circles with a bot that is not useful. Finally was able to get someone on chat that was not very helpful either. Scripted answers and responses to questions I didn’t even ask. I had to restructure my question a different way several times just to squeeze answer out of them. In the end, I would have issued them zero stars but iTunes doesn’t allow it. So here we are. I’ll cancel the subscription and use someone else. Had me for a year and lost me in 5 days. Doesn't sound like a service I want to be a part of.



After HBO dropped boxing, I was scrabbling to find where I should watch. Live broadcasts seemed to be scattered. I started to figure out that Premier Boxing, Showtime, and Fox Sports (? I think that’s correct) were putting on the shows but there was too much continuity to it. I knew this app was kinda there so I held off. I finally ordered the Canelo vs Kovalev fight and wow! I am so impressed with the broadcast and programming. All the commentators were excellent, boxers who spoke about the keys to victory were great, and all interviewers were great. I’m keeping my subscription and will probably buy the year long subscription. Great job, this app! Picking up where HBO dropped the ball.


Horrible customer service

I was very dissatisfied with DAZN as well as astonished on how terrible the customer service is. Not to mention if you have an issue at all rather it’s being doubled billed, canceling service and just have a issue streaming the only way to contact them is either by text or live chat. There is no phone numbers to call and when you do finally set up time to perform the live chat you get the response that they will get back with you in a few days which takes weeks. It has been almost a month now and I am still trying to get an issue resolved.

That’s the horrible part of the customer service end, no for DAZN itself. The streaming capability is lagging to the point that it freezes up constantly. They claim it streams all boxing matches which is false. I would NOT RECOMMEND DAZN to my worst enemy.


Screen Freeze

I have watch several fights on this steaming site and I have a great wi-fi package and this app screen freezes every 4 seconds it’s very hard to enjoy a fight when the screen is freezing every 4 seconds. I ask my friends who has this app and they told me that they have the same problem.
Even though this site shows great fights it is in need of some serious technology upgrades. I give this site one more month and if I keep experiencing the same problems I’m going to cancel my subscription.


Canelo vs. Kovalev

This fight truly sucked and was a total waste of my hard earned money! You can tell Kovalev was totally weak from the rehydration clause and Canelo did nothing to make this fight exciting! You guys keep letting this man cherry pick his opponents and he keeps sucking you for 35 million each time! I will be canceling my subscription and it’s a shame because I really wanted to see the Joshua vs Ruiz fight but this paper champion is what’s wrong with boxing today, Canelo is just a Spanish version of Floyd Mayweather ripping off the public fighting boxers who are past their prime! I would have been better off watching the UFC! If and when, which I totally doubt Canelo decides to fight real champions like Beterbiev or Bivol maybe then I’ll renew my subscription, but if you think Canelo vs Govolkin 3 is going to help bring in subscribers you are dead wrong!! Govolkin is shot and on his way out and that was obvious from his last fight! Enjoy wasting millions of dollars on this phony boxing great but believe me when I say he is no Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez it Julio Cesar Chavez....



Personally I had no issues at all with the streaming service. I watched a fight and had no buffering issues. Its also really simple and easy to understand. For those who had any little problems with DAZN , it was probably due to the huge amounts of people signing up last minute so please give DAZN another chance and don’t feel disappointed with it. It’s a new streaming service that is supposed to stream the biggest boxing events in the future for good prices so lets keep supporting them and appreciate them.


Scammmmmmmmmmmm x the 99$ the charger

This is totally a scam if boxing doesn’t go back to showing on my cable I don’t think I will watch fights anymore I signed up for the monthly fee and I was charged for the year I fee so bad I got others to sign up for this scam!!!!!!! The fight even dropped so many times and I was charged $99 and when reached out to customer service because I watched a few hours one day I didn’t qualify for a refund. Rude! Didn’t even try to help the issue the worst part is they waited to charge days later! What’s the point of choosing monthly which I was planning to
Keep if they are going to charge you what they want to!!!!! So annoyed I’m out those $99 it was literally money thrown away. I’m so angry this turned out to be such a huge scam! I was actually excited about this.


Not enough content

Love that they are getting fighters to sign up to fight on this platform. I just wish there were more fights on it. With the huge number of fights happening around the world that never get aired, it would be awesome if this app would start showing us some of the talent that only the hardcore fans usually see. Or if nothing else, throw us some of the tomato can fights that can be picked up for pennies. USA Network used to do that and made heroes out of a few of them like Jimmy Thunder. this app needs more if they are going to keep getting my money.


Lots of potential. Not where it should be...yet

The possibilities of an app like this are endless. You’ll get all Canelo Alvarez’s fights for the foreseeable future which makes it worth the price of admission and you’ll enjoy a lot of archival footage of his and other folks great fights, but there should be weekly smaller fights available on the weekends. A lot of boxing’s problems has to do with access to the smaller fights so that fans are educated so that’s where DAZN can thrive. The production of their shows is lacking as well. That show with the two guys is straight awful. Hopefully they figure that part out. The best is what I hope it becomes. The worst is what it seems to be now.


Took my money before I accepted the terms and agreements.

I was trying to log into my account I had once before after my 7 day free trial or month can’t remember. Anyway a screen pops up saying tho accept and payment will be made, or start over, or restore subscription. I backed out of this screen by pushing start over and didn’t want to continue as I didn’t want to pay $10 a month. And about 1 hour later I get a email saying they’ve taken the payment out. My wife then checks the account and sure enough they did. So if this is how they run their business I will not be a customer and will be calling to complain. It’s not the fact of the money only $10. But the fact they charged me after I did not agree to their terms and agreements.


Great Connection

At first I was worried about streaming over the internet (buffering) but to my surprise we started streaming at 3pm the 1st fight all the way until the last fight and there was no Buffering!! At all. It was just like using cable or satellite. I’m so glad there is a new way of watching these fights. The Pay per view has been out of control for many years and this monthly membership is an awesome alternative to watch Boxing and other sports. Great Job this app! And all who made this for the working class.

Moises Martinez   1 year ago

what is the point of signing up monthly or annually if you still need to pay to watch a fights? Im not signing up anymore thats for sure!!!

Is DAZN Safe?

No. DAZN: Stream Live Sports does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 385,069 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DAZN Is 18.0/100.

Is DAZN Legit?

No. DAZN: Stream Live Sports does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 385,069 DAZN: Stream Live Sports User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DAZN Is 68/100..

Is DAZN: Stream Live Sports not working?

DAZN: Stream Live Sports works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

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Monthly subscription: $19.99/month

Annual subscription: $99.99/year

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