Tennis TV - Live Streaming Reviews

Tennis TV - Live Streaming Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-13

About: Tennis TV is the official live and on demand online video streaming app of the
ATP Tour. Stream live tennis on your favourite device from every ATP Tour
tournament, as well as full match replays, classic matches, highlights and live
scores as they update in real-time.

About Tennis TV

What is Tennis TV?

Tennis TV is an online video streaming app that offers live and on-demand coverage of every ATP Tour tournament. It provides access to more than 2,300 ATP singles and doubles matches each year, including full match replays, classic matches, highlights, and live scores. The app also features a spoiler mode that hides scores and timelines, an enhanced search function, and the ability to follow your favorite players.



- Live streams from all ATP tournaments

- More than 2,300 matches a year, each one available on demand within minutes

- Order of play featuring scores that update in real-time

- Spoiler mode to hide timelines and scores

- Thousands of replays and classics with the Tennis TV library

- Follow your favorite players and never miss a match

- Enhanced search function to explore thousands of videos with ease

- Coverage of all ATP Masters 1000s, ATP 500s, ATP 250s, Nitto ATP Finals, Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals, and ATP Cup

- Territorial blackout restrictions may apply for a small number of ATP 500 and ATP 250 tournaments

- Premium subscription required for unlimited access to Tennis TV

- All subscriptions auto-renew, but can be canceled anytime

- Terms and conditions and privacy notice available on the app's website.

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Positive experience


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Key Benefits of Tennis TV

- Customer service is helpful

- App does well the basics

26 Tennis TV Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Just awful. Should have kept old app

If you’re a major tennis fan like I am - sadly you have no choice. But prepare yourself for the worst app experience around. Tennis TVs original app was fantastic. I’ve been using it for years. The minute it was available. It was Easy to navigate, always worked and was fantastic. Why they completely overhauled and change it to this new version is beyond me. It’s clunky. It freezes. You have to go to the website and login every time you want to watch tennis cause it doesn’t recognize use you as a user. It’s VERY slow and has delayed response to the remote. Sometimes up to 15 seconds delayed response. It’s just awful. Their customer service department tries to help but are obviously besieged by complaints and admit in emails that they are still working on TennisTV . Huh? A year after they upgrade it? I’ve actually had to delete TennisTV and re install it multiple times cause it freezes up. BUT we have no other choice if you want to watch all of the ATP matches around the world. We are stuck with it. Just be prepared to be constantly frustrated. It should t even get one star for a rating. It should get zero stars!


Used to be the best..

I’ve had a subscription to Tennis TV for years. I absolutely loved it. When TennisTV revamp launched, I was initially thrilled you could hide scores and avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, the good ideas are half baked and buggy and all the positive features I previously loved that worked well are gone. It is now my least favorite app, buggy, dysfunctional, unintuitive and difficult to make work. From the endless logins, to the poor quality of the stream, the funky way matches are displayed and the fact that the schedule tab simply does not work, if I could give it zero stars I would. It hurts my heart because it went from the best most loved and used app on all my devices to the most dreaded one. Will be moving to Tennis Channel again. It’s more expensive but at least it works. With the way TennisTV is working I might as well set 150$ of fire.



I just requested that this app cancel my account and BAN ME FOR LIFE from ever using their service so that I'm never tempted to try it again. Is THAT BAD. And the frustration is too much to bear.

It used to be great. But something changed, and now their app for AppleTV is utterly useless. You might manage to login occasionaly, but for sure you will be logged out for no reason, and good luck logging back in. If you ever do log in, don't even think about pressing the Menu button on your remote... because if you press it too many times it will log you right back out. And around and around you will go. I have emailed them about this is issue, the constant logging out by TennisTV , the blank screens of emptyness, and they have never responded. They used to respond... now... NEVER.


Good streaming quality but...

Overall TennisTV does well the basics but it could use some redesign and debugging:
- the sign-up through TennisTV failed and I had to use a browser instead
- TennisTV keeps forgetting you were half way through a replay and you have to find where you last left off
- there is no decent way to find and set reminders for future matches in a tournament you want to watch
I would say they need to invest a bit more in TennisTV development team. At this price they should be able to afford it otherwise there are cheaper ways to watch tennis


New design but lost the smart TV apps

This is my favorite app but sadly I had to deduct two stars because the Australian Open 2022 just ended and the new smart TV apps that were promised are still nowhere to be found. I have a LG TV and the previous smart TV app was so convenient and a major differentiator. There has been no recent communication about the status of the smart TV apps. What gives? Can you respond please with an update? I will change my review to 5 stars once this has been resolved and the value I was getting when I originally purchased my annual subscription has been restored.


If you sign up don’t do it through the app.

I got scammed over 12 months of monthly subscription charges because TennisTV kept crashing when I was trying to sign up. Without knowing because they never invoiced me for any of the months, I find out I had been paying for over 12 months. I understand thats partly my fault for not checking my subscriptions (some could say) so I was going to take it on the chin but when I logged in on TennisTV , it wouldn’t give me an option to restore purchase, rather just keep purchasing the existing subscription I had… clearly a glitch. Needless to say sign up and subscribe on their website not on TennisTV to avoid any problems like myself.


AppleTV app is still terrible - late March 2022

I updated my AppleTV app because the dev said the excruciating UI lag issue was improved in the latest update. They were right, it's noticeably less laggy - although still terrible compared to every other Apple TV app I've used.

However, on the home screen of TennisTV , under Streaming Now, it spoils the final result of some of the matches!

The Order Of Play tab - which did not work at all until this latest update - SPOILS EVERY SINGLE MATCH RESULT. There is no setting or preference option to disable spoiler results.

Fast forwarding/rewind is still a hot mess - you still can't use native slide/scrubbing for fast forward/rewind like every single other Apple TV streaming service does. You have to click, go down to the play arrow, then slide right to choose 10s, 1min, 5min, 10min, and click on your option multiple times to ff/rw.

TennisTV has been a dumpster fire since the release of the first "upgrade" in December 2021. For anyone who is looking for a streaming tennis service, I'm recommending Tennis Channel Plus.


Improve Apple TV app

This is a review for the Apple TV app. First of all the Roku app let’s you start a match where you left off. The Apple TV version does not. Please fix. Also, you need to add a recently watched matches section so I don’t have to scroll through 20 other matches to get back to the one I was watching the day before. Also, make all the matches 6 hours long so we don’t know who won after the first set. Just add some black screen or adds or something to the end of the match. Content is good. I never use TennisTV on my phone so focus on Apps like Apple TV and Roku.


Help in changing my password

As the new updates happen- I can't get a proper link to change my password and get access to it! All I get is the same email link that supposed to lead me to it but instead I go into a repeated circle with no solution! Anyone out there has a same problem? I did try to contact support and it's the same thing. It's unsuccessful loop ! HELp!


Fix replay for roku

You cannot fast forward or rewind replays when watching on roku and risk having to start over from the beginning at any time during the match. App developers have been aware of this problem for months and still haven’t fixed it. I tried to work around by casting to tv from my iPhone, but this has many issues as well. If they could fix this I would give 5 stars. I like how replays are available very quickly after the end of a match and that you can opt to have scores and length of time hidden so you really can watch a replay with no spoilers.


Great, with one weird quirk

Very impressive app, with slick presentation, good video quality and consistent and strong streaming. Love the clean full screen layout and simple menu navigation. Couple of things for improvement, firstly allow zoom function for wider ration phone displays, and secondly and most importantly for Apple TV app, allow exit app function on back key press, frustratingly TennisTV just goes back to top menu and does not exit, this behavior is inconvenient and contradicts every other app behavior, please allow back key press to exit app on Apple TV


Used to be great

I have used TennisTV for years and have loved being able to watch matches on demand. The recent update has completely ruined it though. The matches used to be organized by tournament and then further organized by rounds. It was user friendly and easy to navigate the matches you wanted to watch. Now the replays are lumped together under singles replays and doubles replays. You then have to scroll through all the tournament replays together. I used to use TennisTV all the time and now I find it easier to use the tennis channel app.


IOS app is okay but Roku app still needs work

I don’t enjoy watching tennis on my iPhone or iPad nearly as much as on my Roku. However since they have converted to the new interface the Roku app is not working properly. Specifically: the fast forward and reverse controls do not work with replays. They work fine with live streams. With replays, however, after you start the replay any attempt to use these controls will start the replay from the very beginning. Also TennisTV requires repeated authentication (every week or so). If these issues can get resolved I will update my rating accordingly. Update: Device is Roku Ultra, model 4670X, app version 4.0, build 38.


Not working properly on Apple TV 5

TennisTV works great on my Mac and iPhone. However it doesn’t work well on my Apple TV 5. On Apple TV 5, I can scroll across menu items. But on each page, if I scroll up or down, the program links are not displayed. I can only see a gray background without texts on it. Thus only the featured video is playable. Also clicking on the menu button of Apple TV remote doesn’t quit TennisTV decently as other apps. Apparently more work is needed for Apple TV 5.

Fortunately I can still use airplay.

Will give a 5 star if Apple TV 5 is well supported.


My God

I’ve been subscribed for almost a year!
New season starts! You all redesigned TennisTV ! It’s been broken ever since! I’ve reached out to help with the same frustrating questions everyone else is writing in TennisTV Store! Password reset loop! Not recognizing me as a premium subscriber! No response from the help/tech staff! Longest url to log onto an app ever! I could go on but at this point it’s not gonna change! You all see the frustration and yet it’s status quo for ATP Tennis Tv! What a joke credit me or give me a refund please let the craziness END! Frustration Overload! If I could like I’m sure many others would I’d give no or negative 5000 stars review! SMH!


WARNING Video controls do not work properly on TV app

The new version of TennisTV is absolutely terrible. If using it on Apple TV you can no longer simply tap to skip forward by ten seconds. To do so requires multiple steps of taps and swipes and more taps. That is very basic functionality that appears in every single video app ever made—but not in this one. It does not function like an app native to Apple TV controls. The old version was definitely in need of an update, but at least it worked like a video app should work. The new version does not. Do not waste your money on a subscription to this service.


Much happier!

I must say, your customer service reaffirms my faith in mankind! I was having a hard time with the password change and I posted a review….not to flattering I must say.
I got a reply to my post. Followed the directions and ALL IS WELL ONCE AGAIN! Thank you for helping me navigate a cyber world that I often stumble through at best.!


Don’t waste your money until they update their service

I’ve never reviewed anything before, but I just have to say that the most recent 1-star reviews say it all.

Heard back from customer service and they said “in the meantime, you can hook up your laptop / desktop to your TV via a HDMI”.

I don’t even want to know how much money they spent on their developers and new, ugly logo. The old app wasn’t flashy, but it actually, ya know, let me watch tennis. this app should be giving us credits/refunds. By far my most expensive app/streaming service and I don’t think it’d even be worth it for free (in it’s current state).


Hard to Navigate

I use TennisTV in order to stream both live matches and replays, a great improvement over Tennis Channel. I also like the commentators (I am NOT a fan of John McEnroe!). However, it is very hard to navigate this site and I find it hard to click just the right sequence of buttons to get the match I want and resume watching when I have to pause it. Can you streamline it or provide a roadmap for the user? Thanks.

Also about 1/3rd of the time the audio is ahead of the video about 3-4 seconds which is annoying.


It’s good but it needs work

So TennisTV it great you what you pay for and more. The GUI is clean and easily usable. However the problem comes when trying to watch tennis on mobile it just doesn’t work. You can’t pause or skip just non of the buttons work and the match is mostly cut off by the timer bar at the bottom of the screen. This may be a thing that only happens with the iPhone X. Still please fix



I love TennisTV. It’s a must-have for any serious fan. The only drawback is that TennisTV doesn’t air the grand-slams, but those are available to watch on the ESPN app. Aside from that, just about every tournament is available on this app app. And, I especially like the Replay feature, allowing you to go back and watch completed soon after the match has ended. I have no complaints. I went back and forth between subscribing to this or Tennis Channel Plus and opted for this app and have no regrets.


Far far better than TC Plus

For the tennis obsessed the major choices are these two and in every way Tennis TV is superior. TennisTV is better. There are more matches available. The commentators stuck to the tennis and substantially avoid the gossip and personality stuff. Every time I can watch a discrete match on either I test and in every case the Tennis TV performance is superior


Worth every penny.

I love TennisTV. As a long time tennis nut, this is some of the best money I spend. The only thing I don’t like is having to use the back button to get to the current matches and that when one match ends it doesn’t automatically go to the current list of live matches. Otherwise it’s awesome and I will continue it


Score card page and past tournament history

TennisTV should have a page where it displays just the score of all matches and a link to watch for live matches. This gives u a sense of what’s happening. Same like now but display score and also show score for matches that over.
Plus add a 3 min skip button or something to avoid change over or just remove change overs


Overall Best Option

Tennis Channel is not even an option in my county with the TV service provider I have, and this does not disappoint as a replacement. Love the variety of matches, schedules, and TennisTV works and looks very smooth. My only problem is that you cannot get any tournaments in your home country. So for me, not having any the access to any US tournaments is kind of a big thing, but nothing I can’t get around.


If you’re a Tennis fan . . .

. . . this is the Gold Standard. A great variety of matches, excellent commentators, GREAT camera work, terrific HD picture quality, the ability to pause the live stream, watch entire matches even weeks later and best of all, No Commercials!

I wish the Grand Slams were possible and would love to see the WTA return, but still, great bang for the buck.


Great but could be better

It’s an awesome app and covers a lot of tournaments. It gives all the important stats at the end of each match. There are new videos all the time and you’ll never be disappointed.

I just hope they could also cover WTA. And wish there was a streaming button so when you’re playing videos on your phone you could broadcast it on your TV as well.


Excellent App

There are no commercials and the announcers are FAR superior to either ESPN or the Tennis Channel. Fun to hear commentators who help keep you in the match instead of talking endless history, war stories, or opine when they never played professionally. (Read other reviews and recommend watching on SD. I cannot tell the difference on my iPad.)


Does not work half of the time

It’s a Paid app with monthly. Yet TennisTV buffers and buffers nonstop. And then it just stalls. Then you’re like wth in the middle of a live match. It’s frustrating. Fix it. Please make it our money’s worth. Mind you I have an extremely high speed internet. So imagine if one has a mediocre internet speed.


Feedback important

Pls pls go back to the older version of TennisTV . This new update with the screen split between the game and the stats is terrible on the iPhone. It’s to small to watch! Much better to have the game on full screen!


Great app for tennis fans

It’s a great app for tennis fans to catch up on the atp 500 and 250 action that can’t be found anywhere else. That said, when I use TennisTV on my iPhonex, I can’t seem to get the play / pause control bar to hide ( which is supposed to happen automatically after a few seconds ) and that makes the bottom 5% of screen to be always non-visible. It’s an issue because that’s where the scores are


Bad app

I love the Tennis TV service, but TennisTV is just bad. I've used my iPad to watch many hours of matches, and it's never able to go for more than an hour without crashing. I also wish that we could replay matches in a way that's more like watching live. If I notice that a match is only 90 minutes long then I know that it's 2 sets, so all the suspense is gone after the first set.

**UPDATE MARCH 2018**: I am no longer able to watch any replays on my iPad because the videos end immediately when I tap on them.


Needs improvement

The design requires a lot of tapping or swiping at the bottom of the screen which doesn’t work well with new iPhones Xs and iPads with the home swipe gesture also at the bottom. I frequently swipe out of TennisTV . Also, the forward and backward buttons in the video player don’t work.

Buzzy   4 months ago

Kyrgios is just a jumble of bullshit. Me, me, me. I guess Jim Courier and Brett Haber are good enough? You have to bring this arrogant, insult to tennis into your stable of great, seasoned announcers. Bad move. Mute button comes in handy. Get rid of this phoney Kyrgios. Not good for tennis.

Kathy Frain   1 year ago

No commentary from the ATP tournament in Stuttgart which is very disappointing.

Christine   2 years ago

Zero customer service and the new system imo, is harder to navigate than the previous system, the new graphics are a mess. They appear to have a problem with their commentators, they seem in short supply, the commentators are not consistent, currently they have employed at Indian Wells a ghastly colour commentator who never shuts up from his inane monologue, he also has no clue about tennis. Customer service will never help. I will not renew my subscription after many years with Tennis TV sadly.

David   2 years ago

These guys are crooks. I canceled them because of their buffering and streaming issues and they continued to charge me for months afterwards. No customer service or refunds! Beware! 🤬🤬🤬

Ruth Greenfield   2 years ago

The app used to be good but since before Christmas it no longer opens on our smart TV. I've tried e mailing on help@ but the e mails I get back are pretty useless. Please, I need help.

Eugenia Fritschie   2 years ago

While enjoying a tennis match the commentators should not tell who's winning other matches. It spoils everything when you're commentators are telling scores from other matches. Find something to talk about that's what they get paid for but spoiling tennis for your customers is not the way to go. Tell them to shut up.

Is Tennis TV Safe?

Yes. Tennis TV - Live Streaming is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,244 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tennis TV Is 20.1/100.

Is Tennis TV Legit?

Yes. Tennis TV - Live Streaming is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,244 Tennis TV - Live Streaming User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tennis TV Is 37.2/100..

Is Tennis TV - Live Streaming not working?

Tennis TV - Live Streaming works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Free account: includes a selection of highlights, hot shots, and more.

- Premium subscription: offers unlimited access to Tennis TV, including live streams from all ATP tournaments, more than 2,300 matches a year, each one available on demand within minutes, order of play featuring scores that update in real-time, spoiler mode, thousands of replays and classics with the Tennis TV library, follow your favourite players, new and improved enhanced search, all ATP Masters 1000s, all ATP 500s, ATP 250s, Nitto ATP Finals, Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals, and ATP Cup. Territorial blackout restrictions may apply for a small number of ATP 500 and ATP 250 tournaments. Tennis TV Premium requires a paid subscription. All subscriptions auto-renew, but you can cancel anytime. The pricing for the Premium subscription varies by country and currency, but it starts at $14.99/month or $119.99/year.

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