FOX Bet Super 6 Reviews

FOX Bet Super 6 Reviews

Published by on 2023-07-06

About: WIN FREE CASH Want to win free cash? There is free cash up for grabs each week
to players that correctly predict the outcome of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NBA, College
Hoops, and Pop Culture. PLAY FOR FREE FOX Bet Super 6 is giving away loads of
cash each week.

About FOX Bet Super 6

Want to win free cash? There is free cash up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, and Pop Culture.

FOX Bet Super 6 is giving away loads of cash each week.

Make quick predictions about what you think will happen in each Super 6 contest.

No purchase necessary.

WA residents excluded.


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Key Benefits of FOX Bet Super 6

- Allows users to make picks without having to put any money down to make a bet

- Fun and easy to use

- Variety of games and other items to choose from

- Opportunity to win prizes

83 FOX Bet Super 6 Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Came in 1st place and received nothing.

Just this week I came in 1st place out of 194k people. Yet I did not receive any prize. There is no where to contact anyone for super 6 thus I am leaving this review. I am very ticked off right now. I am recovering from surgery and playing this game takes my mind off things. It is very difficult to get all 6 picks right so u can imagine my surprise when I saw I had gotten all 6 right and was in 1st place. I was so excited. So I went to claim my prize and to my amazement I had won NO money. What gives? Why does it matter what place u finish in if they don’t give out the prize. Again, I am recovering from surgery thus I am confused why I can’t reach anyone about this. I don’t check my entries everyday because I am recover from surgery. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me and explain why I did not win the $10k or any prize at all. Thank u


Willing to change my star rating

I am blind, so I constantly use voiceover on my iPhone to do my activities. I saw the opportunity to play super six on FOXBetSuper6 , but was massively disappointed where my voice over did not work with FOXBetSuper6 . Hoping it’s just a glitch with my iPhone 6s Plus, but I fear that it isn’t, because a lot of you app developers do not really consider blind people actually being more than just sticks in the mud who actually do productive things using voice over on the phone. If you are able and willing to make your app game accessible for voiceover, I will change my star rating, but if not, it will stay where it is. Please, for future reference, try to make your apps, games, or whatever voiceover accessible so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and have fun. Not really cool if you limit these things to only people who can see well enough to not use voiceover. Thank you…


49 seconds

Dallas got that field goal at the end of the first half. After Washington scored a passing TD to take the lead! But I believe I had gotten the rest correctly? I didn’t want to confirm. But I can’t still get rid of those 49 sec. and it was if I remember right it was 39 and the ref put 10 seconds on and it comes back to the 49 seconds! Yes the money is great! But you get some great stories from playing! So thank you!! Gregg Pahlke Napaexpert4u@comcast. Net thanks again FOX , Terry, Howie, James,MR G & Jimmy & the rest of FOX that makes it fun for a year that really needs it! To all of FOX. THANK YOU!! From the bottom of are hearts!! Keep it up!



I’m new and haven’t really experienced this game but so far it seems like lots of fun and more than just something to do I really hope I win I need money I lost my job and I been declared permanently disabled I’m single parent with 6 kids and 6 grandkids so let’s GO BIG 6 thanks Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw for giving fans a opportunity to make some cash while enjoying the Game that’s wonderful some families spend a lot of money to enjoy they favorite sport and this makes it so great to get some money back because being a part of a sport and being a fan can be so expensive 😬especially people with families so again thank you 🙏🏾 so much let’s go super 6# I’m loving it sincerely BIG WHISSTLE aka *MR”SIXX PACK*


Super Enjoyable

My wife and I are excited each week to see if we are even close to picking the right answers. Tell me what is the best way to choose winners or losers each week? The way I see it is like shooting crabs in a bucket and it’s ridiculous to try and win if the process is fixed. It seems rigged if you look at it from the players perspective. We’ve tried the daily news, daily journalist, sports anchors, and daily lines from sports periodicals. So this is my first endeavor into reviewing or giving opine into putting my opinion on blast... Again HELP!! ThanQ..... Cota R. Howell Sr.


Better before, but still good now

Super 6 is a really fun app, it’s fun to try to predict the winners, and even if you don’t win its free to play, so that’s a big plus. I know this might not ever be read, but if it is, please change the scoring back to how it used to be!! It’s a lot more confusing when it’s out of 30 instead of 6 points. Plus it was a lot cleaner and neater looking when all it showed you was your pick and if it was correct or not, instead of your pick and if you were correct and your points and how much you picked them to win by. So yeah, it’s a great app, but I think it was better before.


Fox NFL Sunday Challenge

Wonderful app for anyone! Lets u be able to make picks and actually seems like gambling without having to put any money down to make a bet!
And you don't bet, u just have fun trying to best your bros, and maybe be the best of the day’s picks and take some of Terry Bradshaws $$$.
Its fun and you don't need to know anything or at least very little about anything u are picking,
Thanks Fox Sports, and Terry and Howie too!
And there are so many other games and other items to choose from, everybody should be playing it. Thanks again, Tony in indianapolis


Entertaining But Extremely Difficult

My Dad got me hooked on FOXBetSuper6. We both enjoy sports and we both enjoy gambling so this is the best of both worlds. While the entries to the contests are free, don’t be fooled as you aren’t guaranteed money just for playing. You have to answer all six questions correctly for every given contest that you choose to enter in order to win a share of the winnings. My personal best is 5 out of 6 and I’ve only achieved that a handful of times out of hundreds of contest entries.

Pros: Fun, Addicting, Great variety of contests, Chances to win real money for free, Satisfies cravings for gambling without having to spend money.

Cons: Sometimes correct answers are marked as incorrect. However, I have seen them fix this issue so they are usually right on top of it. There are also times where I notice grammatical errors as well.

Advice: Make sure that you really bring your A game if you want to walk away with a share of the prize money!


Better announcers

JR added excitement. Now they all make it more fun and exciting. Thanks I love all of you guys and gals. I think it’s going to bring a lot of new fan’s. Let everyone race keep the penalties down. I like the crashing the bigger the better. I do pray before every race that no one gets hurt, that they don’t even brakes a fingernail. Lots of bumps and getting rid of the car in front of you good clean racing. God bless everyone. Even Kyle Busch don’t run into the drivers side door under caution, or any other time if you can avoid it.


Super six sports app

This is a fun app to use but only problem that I see with this application is one it will not let you pick a single number two there are some vision impaired people who would love to get in on this application but they cannot use it because it’s not vision impaired friendly. So if you could make some changes so that we could get in on the fun we would definitely appreciate that so much. Until then I will still continue to use FOXBetSuper6 . Thanks so much to Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw before I close this is one note to Mr. Bradshaw enjoy your show very much your granddaughter is a hoot LOL take care.



Picking winners is easy, but identifying the point spread of the winner after that task is difficult; especially if one never reads about player productivity. While in college, a fellow student ran a small college gambling prediction pool. The payouts varied by the number of entries, so he never lost any money by organizing the pool. He would list 20 match-ups, we had to select 11 of those games, picking the winner of each. At times the payout was close to 20 to 1, but it usually ran somewhere near 12 - 1. Rarely did I gain much beyond my cumulative investment. It was fun, nevertheless.


Win money

I would like to say that my mother was a sports person fan. I learned at a young age about football I really enjoy the Dallas Cowboys because they’re the best. I moved from Houston in 1989 and that’s when they went to the Super Bowl I really enjoyed it I bought T-shirts for all my family and my only daughter one. My mom passed away last year I really miss her when. I’m watching football we’re going to the Dallas Maverick game. I know in my heart 💜 Dallas Cowboy 🤠 are going to make it this year Super Bowl.


Fun to play but no real “app support”

I’ve enjoyed playing more again my husband on who will get the most points (neither of us expect to win). However it has, on at least 2 occasions, not added points from the previous day games.. and when I look at my history, the game isn’t even there as if I never made a pick!! However I followed live and had about 7 points when last checked during the games. And there isn’t any pathway to support to find out why.. but other than this glitch it has been great!


Thank you.

My Grandma got me started and I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. She and I would talk and go over the questions and what we picked all the time. It made me happy to see her get so excited to try and win something even though she never won. She passed away about 3 weeks ago, it has been hard but Super 6 is a great way to remember some of the fun times I had with my grandma. I just wanted to thank you for making my grandma so happy in her last few years.


The Monkey

I think the Cleveland Browns should have a ceremony in honor (of the God of Football )Paul Brown!! I think people will come from all over the country,they will generate lots of revenue, and they will get that MONKEY off there back (but Most of all )It’s The Right Thing To Do!!!Been a Browns Fan all my life and always will be.. Please Terry (for a Steeler ) I luv ya n respect ya (and Heinz Ward) but I believe n karma and I’m telling you this WILL WORK!! Thanks for your time and Please help me get the Browns where they need to be cause Coach has us on the right path!!! Thx Again



All that’s been going on in the world chaos in society, and everything that has been weaponized with COVID-19 and politics. Especially with people losing their lives. Gives us something to look forward to in our spare time enjoying some relaxation by giving us a little glimpse of something fun to look forward to! Thanks for taking the time to overshadow doom and gloom it has been like a dark cloud! We’re coming up with something to put our minds on something else.


The App Interface is Buggy

I guess the developers didn’t test FOXBetSuper6 on multiple versions of IOS. As stated by previous reviews the interface is buggy. The icon which suppose to return you back to the dashboard after reviewing live results continues to bring up the breakdown of the points. The only way to get back to the dashboard with this flow is to close FOXBetSuper6 and start over. Please test this flow and fix the issue with your next release.


Football After Fifty - Who Knew?

I am a wife and mother of 3 sons who played football in high school, but never really knew much about the game. Now, in my 70’s, I am learning the game better and loving it. That’s thanks to your Football questions, which make me ask lots of questions to better my chances of guessing correctly, and competing against my husband and very knowledgeable grandson. We love it and look forward to each game. Thank You So Much for the Family Fun it has provided!


Bradshaw the GOAT of the Steelers #myautisyicsonniloveyou

So much fun to be involved in exspecialy because I'm a huge Steelers fan have been since a very young child n to be competing for a chance to win Terry Bradshaw's money the best quarterback the Steelers have ever had is just amazing to be a part of. Hopefully my autistic son (who loves the Steelers too) will get to meet the GOAT for our Steelers. Best of luck to everyone and if you win it was meant to be so please be humble & do good things with the money. You know maybe help a homeless person. GOD BLESS all



Enjoy selecting the drivers position even though I not very good at it. Just fun playing. I happy my husband and myself at capable of playing this game. We will be 70 this year and I have grown to enjoy the sport. My husband has been a fan for over 50 years. As a teenager he would read read read all magazines he could get his hands on about his NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr was his driver. So many people has said to him that he looked like Dale Sr. I saw it back then when Dale was alive. A little now. Thank you.



I’m 75 years old and thanks to my son, I look forward to fantasy football every year! We started playing when he was 16; back then, we had to get the results from the newspaper! Now, thanks to Mr Bradshaw, I have even more to look forward to; just another way to enjoy football!! I must admit, being on SS, a win would mean everything!!

My sincere Thanks!
Ron Trent


Load time & How winners are derived

When opening FOXBetSuper6 , I wish it would move faster. It's not the worst - but it would be awesome if it would be cut in 1/2.

Also, I like how NBC Sports Predictor determines winners. It gives you points for the questions you answered correctly. With FOXBetSuper6, if you get the first answer wrong, you are out of the "game" and you are no longer interested in following along. You could have 5 of the 6 right, but if you miss that first one - you are out of luck.

Thanks, Jaicie


Good app, strange UX

Edit: As pointed out by the developer, the issue I had with FOXBetSuper6 can be adjusted in the settings menu. So I’m happy with that option.

I only have one major issue with FOXBetSuper6. When you’re selecting the points for a team to win, the interaction is backwards or inverted from the actual position of the team you’re attempting to select. The numbers underneath the team helmet do not correlate to the team, but rather the opposite side team helmet. This is very confusing and counterintuitive. I think the developers chose to make the finger swipe in the direction of the team you choose, but that neglects the points relatively positioned to the team helmet.

I’ve quickly added entries and realized I picked the wrong team to win on multiple accounts.

Bad design on that part, otherwise a good app.


Something different

I like playing the super 6 because it’s something different from the normal fantasy or football parlay. I give major props to the ones who are able to get all them right. Lot of luck involved! But that’s what makes it fun and the games more interesting. Something to root for when you really don’t care about the teams playing.


Frustrated - can’t get support - picks recorded incorrectly

I entered my picks for Saturday’s games - just got a push notification regarding last night’s results and clicked to go in. I decided to view my picks. Not one of the picks I made for Saturday is actually what I picked- tried to edit - doesn’t work - tried to find app support - takes you to the sign-up website which has no option for feedback, help, or support - cannot edit picks - not what I actually picked - very frustrating - why bother if the picks I make don’t get recorded properly!?! Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan.


Terry Bradshaw

Your one of the all time best in my book on and off the field you have show us your love for the game has no end I’m a Steeler fan but I also love football just as much as you . Every Sunday me and my family look forward to all the hard work you guys put in and enjoy every minute of it keep up the good work guys your number one fans the Luna family.


Why play??

Bc if anything it makes u get into the games u wouldn't always be into. It keeps ur interest in teams and keep up with u should. I am still not a die hard fan of any one but i love to cheer and find out how i did in the end. Makes each match more exciting!!! I def watch each game and check in but if win or lose its fun!!


Great but needs work

Love FOXBetSuper6 ! It’s truly free to play with no catch! Only one problem. A big chunk of the fun isn’t available. When I go to add my friends in my contacts, FOXBetSuper6 force closes. I hit the friends button near the bottom and a list of everyone in my contacts (with FOXBetSuper6 downloaded) appears with an ‘add’ botton next to their name. Once I press this add button FOXBetSuper6 goes black and force closes. Please fix this bug and I will fix this review to 5 stars.



This is cool as heck it really speaks to your ability to follow sports as a whole.. I haven’t won any money yet but I enjoy it anyway. Would I play if their was no money involved YES ... this is a side of sports I have never participated in being a former athlete, I played while others jump enjoyed my success.. Now it’s my turn look for the big Win...


Who wouldn’t download this app!

If you love sports & $$$$ then the GODS are in your favor -0- cost to you put your skills not money to the test show how big of a sports nerd you are and try to be me lol this is the greatest app ever for anyone that likes football hates betting but loves money Look It’s free worse thing that could happen is you enjoy yourself the best you win $$


Add more details

Love FOXBetSuper6 but would like to see more details. Like showing how many correct when you click on your profile. And also being able to click on other profiles as long as they’re not private so you can see their stats


Spread out the money in NFL - No way any QB is worth 25 to 35% of payroll

I can’t even watch the Cowboys anymore. Their QB wants over $30M with not much skin in the game like an owner has. Please, kick these people to the curb it’s ruining football.
I can’t see where any player should be making over 10% of the teams maximum allowed contract value.


Best Thing Ever A Superstar And Hall of Famer

Who’s Name Is Terry Bradshaw Who’s Giving Away His Hard earning money. You’re One Of The Best Ever Quarter Back That ever played in the NFL one thing that I would love to do if it was possible is to shake your hand that way I can always tell everyone that I got to be next to the Best NFL Player. Thanks again Terry your #1 Fan Mr Tony Clements.



I thought that this was too good to be true, but it’s legit. I won over $200 on a game. The money quickly appeared in my Paypal account.

The only negative is that they have partnered with Paypal. I wish that I could get my money through Zelle or any other platform, as Paypal is very customer unfriendly.


Great App

FOXBetSuper6 is fun, not so easy and free. Only reason I say not so easy is the point spread. I have a lot of fun with family and friends competing against each other every week, hopefully FOXBetSuper6 continues next year so I can start from the beginning of each season. Didn’t get started till week 12 with NFL

Joe Hillard   8 months ago

This app is not legit. Three weeks in a row I was supposed to get a bonus spin and at the end when my bonus. Spin is supposed to be there it says I do not have one. Yet who do you report it to. No one because there is no option for that. So when no one is responsible they have no worries because it doesn't matter. 1 star

Beverly Smith   9 months ago

I spun and won a private contest but never got the email and today would have been my free spin and I didn't get it!

Grover   9 months ago

You say 6 questions but you double each question not a fair statement

Alicis   1 year ago

They're asking for stats for specific players except they have the players listed for the opposite team!! This is is ridiculous for a national network...I'm out.

A. M. Stoppa   1 year ago

I enjoy the super six app and make picks on all the games they offer, what have you got to lose, it’s free and fun. However, I noticed a mistake that now leaves me wondering. I clearly had penn st. to win over auburn and i was credited with a loss. No big deal cause I still wouldn’t have been close with those 3 more points only giving me 18 instead of the 15 I had been credited with, but now I’m seeing I might have to start paying more closer attention to this on my picks

Rocky Bradshaw   1 year ago

Why haven't I received my 500.00 I won on free spin a few days ago

Jerry   1 year ago

How can a Nascar driver that is not even in the race finish ahead of other drivers that are in the race. If they only want to go by car number then don't put names in the answers!!!!!

Jamie lott   1 year ago

Well I have won the super bet pick 6 it was a quiz show 1 place n its up there now for 65 g I have I d n my info well can some please go look thank u my number is 5614219289

Kevin Martens   1 year ago

Multiple times I've screen shot my answers an questions only to go back to check how I did an found questions were different. MLB weekend of 5/21/22 I got most of the scores correct an it showed one game right rest are all 0s

Tim Haskins   1 year ago

It is apparent from the impossible questions that you don't want anyone to win Clint's? Money. Make the questions at least possible to answer.

Kevin Stepanek   1 year ago

Don't waist your time. I recently got first out of 250000 or so and have never got a cent. There is no recourse to speak to anyone. All you will get in return is solicitors calling you all the time because they sell your info to make money you never see.

David   2 years ago

This site is Total bullshit and don’t waste your time with it Bullshit for dumbass fucks by rumbas ficks

Bob Smith   2 years ago

Did not get my

I.P.Wizard   2 years ago

Been trying to get my pick in for 3 days for today's race and it is blank won't let me do anything so I am deleting the app and will give bad reviews

Kevin Barbour   2 years ago

Piece of f****** s*** app app never again will I use this piece of s***

CordesThurm   2 years ago

Super6 gave away a house on Christmas and Terry bradshaw announced the winner by accident during halftime show. The game/contest wasnt even over with, contest only halfway through. It happened, look up fox Christmas halftime show, bradshaw announced winner of super6 house giveaway when the second half still hadn't been played yet. whitewashed money going out.

Jahleel Eli   2 years ago

I made a perfect 6 of 6 in my picks yesterday in this Fox Bet Super 6 app & won NOTHING! If picking 100% means nothing, then the app operators & Mr. Bradshaw need to be more transparent so that people like me won't waste our time! Integrity is everything & time is money. Jahleel Eli jedrumstick@redacted

P.J. W.   2 years ago

JUST got a message that "Louise in Oklahoma" just won the house...AND the 3rd quarter WASN'T EVEN FINISHED? WTF? Definitely a BIG SCAM...then again it IS FOX so why expect anything else. Deleting the app now and am contacting an attorney because of the fraud they perpetrate each week

David Satterwhite   2 years ago

There was question on contest that said how many teams will have 9 wins after week 14.I presumed week 14 ended after Monday night game and had correct answer.So I want to know that all weeks end on Sundays???

Nancy Foster   2 years ago

My app hasn’t been working right for sometime. I can’t get up to date live results & I don’t get credit for the scores I win. I know I don’t win them all, but would like a correct final score. Games were half over before I could get live results yesterday. I don’t really know what my score was for yesterday.

Jimmie Grayson   2 years ago

Got 6 out if ,,6 says I win jackpot what a joke numerous reviews of the same am contacting lawyers and the media nothing but a scam Jimmie grayson 4175698904

Dexter D Utley   2 years ago

My user id is P4EEV. I don't have points for the game(s) between the Vikings and Panthers nor the Packers and Bears showing on my app. My point spreads were spot on. These games were played on Sunday, Oct.17

David Yoakum   2 years ago

10/07/2021, I won 4,166.66 with the game between the Rams and Seahawks! Please help me obtain my winnings!

frank bauman   2 years ago

i do not believe the money you can win is actually terry bradshaw's money. am i wrong?

Trayveion Lester   2 years ago

Is the super 6 for the 5000 still going on it still says live in my phone 🤔

Dianne   2 years ago

I won alot of money from this Fox Super 6 game. They text me to tell me I won. But, I haven't heard from your since then. I wrote in for the winners list and your return my letter. I would to know are you paying the people who won there money. I trust Terry Bradshaw and I hope he's not promoting this game and not paying the money out to the people. I really need the money I won and I hope this game is legit. Cause it would hurt me if Terry Bradshaw is lying to the people in this world at this time. When people are hurting out here in the world. I just want to know how long do you have to wait until you get paid for this contest. PLEASE, BE HONEST TO THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, WHO LOOK UP TO YOU. SINCERELY DIANNE.

Debi Trahan   2 years ago

When I hit “submit” it doesn’t take my entry picks, doesn’t do anything

William Zeiger   2 years ago

This app is bs. Its cheating ppl. Terry Bradshaw. This isn't a good look for you. Got all kinds of young men and boys looking up too you. And you create and app that just chests ppl. Waste of time.

George Anthony Travis   2 years ago

At the indy road course the first stage they where at least 8 Chevrolet that finished in the top 15 and yall are saying 0-5 chevys finished in the top 15 you are wrong go back and look at finishing order

Phillip   2 years ago

This is not legit I won 1600 bucks supposedly on the guaranteed 10000 quiz show. They said they would contact me within 48hrs. Well that never happened they have ignored my emails, heck I even sent a letter (certified) to the contact address. I really needed that money at this time in my life especially with this pandemic. This is not cool fox and you should be ashamed of yourself

Phillip Paradise   2 years ago

At a time when the world is shut down and a helping hand is needed, I have been playing this game. Just hoping and praying I would when some money to help with my bills and by the grace of God I won 1666.66 on the quiz show. Well as it turns out that's all it said I won. Never heard from anyone it said I would receive an email within 48 hours. Not cool to guarantee 10,000 dollars and not pay people y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!!

Jack Reese   2 years ago

I won on the Yankees vs Boston an they took it down and didnt pay me

Cathy Johnson   2 years ago

I accidentally deleted my fox super 6 account please help me get it back when I put my information back in it said username wasn’t available...please help

Matt   2 years ago

I recently won on nascar I cashed out and havnt got any emails or the money in my pay pal account.

Rebecca Ritchey   2 years ago

Won $1923 on 4/25/2021 did the cashout and the money was not paid. Is this app a scam. May have to let NASCAR not use this app it is going to give them a bad name. I have seen from the comment this happens alot.

John   3 years ago

Stock market challenge, The cue says "Follow Live" so why after the challenge individually completes they(Fox) not go in and update the challenges? This is so typical in every aspect of this app. NASCAR never updates in real time and your certainty not playing to win Clint Boyers money anymore than Terry Bradshaw's money. This app is free but your left waiting to see results for days in some instances which takes the thrill away......

Ladriqous Brown   3 years ago

I won fox super bet 6 Sunday told me I won $900 I cashout then I was supposed to receive a email from them never received it how long does it takes to receive your winning

Abraham Slade   3 years ago

Hi Fox Bet Super 6 I just wanted to know do I have to until the promotional period is over and how will I get my money 💰

Lonnie J Swigert   3 years ago

I won over a thousand dollars, but when I tried to cash out it disappeared from my account but didn't go into my PayPal account. It also said I would get an email for my 1099 information that I never received. Is this whole thing scam??

Ronald Smith   3 years ago

Joined the Fox appp tried to place a bet and it sends me to a totally different website that wants me to download the fox app which I already have. When I try to download it a message comes up that say downloading the app may damage my phone. I already deposited $150.00 which was withdrawn from my bank account that I can't even pull out of the app! They should seriously be reported!

Yearone67   3 years ago

QUIZ SHOW: Feb. 5th $10,000 $1,000 guaranteed 1st out of 394k 6 of 6 point total You won $4.07??? What is this? I answered all correct. Placed 1st of 394 thousand people, and I win 4 dollars and 7 cents?

John   3 years ago

Frequently not updated, does anyone work there in real time? NASCAR never updates until races are over. The positions from the first 20 laps are the same until the last. Slow, sluggish, screen lockups are common.

Angee   3 years ago

Game is a joke you really can't win you have to get the point spread and the teams correct. Why do you have to pick between teams that have no playoff implications if they win or lose Detroit versus the Vikings? Why not Cardinals versus Rams? or any other game in the NFL that had at least one playoff team? Who gives thought to a Detroit Lion versus Vikings game seriously Fox quit being full of s***!!!

Angee   3 years ago

Why put games there to bet that have no implications on anything Lions versus Vikings really who gives a flying f***? That in itself makes this game a setup. Why such minimum points between the point spreads what are you afraid of, somebody winning?

Winston Howard   3 years ago

Terry Bradshaw you should be ashamed of yourself...scamming people in the times that we're is supporting this bogus scam and its really sad..

Ray Mancuso   3 years ago

I picked all 6 teams correct both college and NFL on Dec 19 (college) and Dec 20 (nfl) So why did i not win any money. I missed point prediction on most but got it rite on some. So your pick all 6 teams to win is a bit misleading?

Ambuhr Lause   3 years ago

I’m so sad this app is a scam, my fiancé and I absolutely love football and I truly believe that the people that apparently get money are probably people that work for the nfl or Terry Bradshaw has it rigged. Don’t get Americans excited about winning money especially having a pandemic that has made Americans die, lose jobs, and just struggle financially. I guess there are no good people out there anymore.

Christopher D Norrup   3 years ago

This is nothing but a scam. I really thought coming from TB. This would have been legitimate. Sorry that I spent the time on it.

Dana Hunt   3 years ago

. For the past few weeks what I pick is not what shows up. Today’s game with the vikes and saints shows the pick for total yards rushing and how much 4 times out of 6. The only picks they got right are points scored in first half and winner of the game. This is BS

Ricky readus   3 years ago

Just this past Sunday on Fox Sports Pick 6 I picked all 6 teens right did not win any money I would like to know what happened and why I did not win my user name is USERv57zc

Tony   3 years ago

Been watching the super 6 today. Had 21 people having 25 points around halftime the max allowed because there were only 5 games on at 1pm. Games ended still has 21 having been 100% correct on 1 pm games inspite of the fact that the outcomes and score margin changed. Either there is a terrible lag in their updating the leaders or its a scam.

Gary Thomas   3 years ago

This app is bullcrap I played the Oregon USC game it made my pics then when the game started some of the pics were different so there's no way you can have a perfect score when you have different pics from the original

JASON. THOMAS   3 years ago

Honestly, I don't understand why. I having a problem in getting the verification code that is allegedly sent to my phone. .after NUMEROUS times of "resend code"- NEVER GOT IT! M akes we wonder how ligit are you?...Thanx!

Eddie smiley   3 years ago

I have won and why I can’t get my money what is going on with that I won the games now where is the money I need someone to get back to me ASAP thank you Eddie

Chriss west   3 years ago

I don't understand how you get Paid from this app is it real or a svam?????

Vincent Lim   3 years ago

I won $2173.91 on Sunday November 15th. How long does the cash out take does anybody know?

Fred Conklin   3 years ago

I just won on the Thursday night game December 10th 2020. Said that we had to wait for it to be verified Checked today Friday December 11th still No $$$ Posted $$$ Checked with PayPal still haven't received any $$$ What's going on and How do we get PAID !!!

Dion Womble   3 years ago

Got all six right on December 8th no response

Dwaine Childers   3 years ago

I won $1250 on November 29th. It showed in my history that I won and let me cash out to my PayPal account. money yet and no way to contact them.

James Garrad Flanagan   3 years ago

I picked 6 winners WHY would it not be good

James irshad   3 years ago

I think this game is not played fairly. For the college game ind vs osu I got 5 of 6 correctly and noone got the 6th question correctly because the highest scoring quarter (question) wasn't picked by anyone. I was listed #1 but instead show payout they changed my status to 221st from #1. There is no number listed to call it's so complicated to send an email. Very disappointing

Shawn Miller   3 years ago

I've tried joining but every time I put my phone number it never gives me the 6 digit code for me to get started. Is it a glitch in the App?

Jeffrey Lee   3 years ago

Do all questions have to be 6 /6 correct and what do you win if you only have 5/6 correct do you win anything for having 5 right out of 6

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