Preview: Planner for Instagram Reviews

Preview: Planner for Instagram Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

EVERYTHING you need in ONE app. Free UNLIMITED Posts, Reels, rearrange posts,
edit, schedule, best Instagram hashtags, caption ideas, analytics, repost, and
more. Used by +7 million Instagrammers, content creators and business
owners. Preview is the ultimate Instagram feed planner app...

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Preview: Planner for Instagram Reviews

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    I have several Instagram accounts for various businesses, so with that in mind, I decided to purchase Premium in hopes that I could manage all of them more easily. I was hoping set aside a day or two from my week to focus on social media, and still have posts upload regularly. I started with a free account, so when purchased Premium, I expected my account to upgrade immediately to have premium features (unlimited accounts and posts). When I clicked on the “+” button to add another account, I kept getting asked to upgrade to pro or premium. I tried logging out and back in. I’ve tried resetting my phone. I’ve tried clicking the upgrade button in hopes for the app to upgrade, but it wanted me to pay again. I already had the payment confirmation of $140 and refuse to pay again for something I already paid for. I’ve emailed customer support, DM’d them, and commented on their Instagram posts, and still don’t have a response or solution. I was genuinely so excited to use this app, but now it justs sits in my folder of business apps without any purpose. If anyone has had a similar experience or knows a solution to this problem, please let me know :/ I’d still love to use the app if it’s possible

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    I LOVE THE APP but...

    Hey Preview! I cannot begin to tell you how much I use your app for personal use and for even for business and stuff. I absolutely love your app and how easy it is to use and even your daily tips and stuff are so helpful. Everything about the app is great, but I just have a few things. 1. I REALLY wish you can put multiple photos in one post when you’re trying to plan your feed. UNUM (another feed planning app) can do this and for me, even though I love your app a lot better, that feature is a huge game changer for me. 2. Also, PLEASE add more hashtag categories!! It would be so much easier to find tags if you added a few more categories. (Especially, non-profit organization tags, faith-based blogger tags, and influencers tags) 3. And last thing😅 I really wish that when your trying to keep your account free, you can AT LEAST have two accounts. I hate that you can only have one or you have to pay. I think feed planning should be accessible to everyone and the premium plan is way to expensive when all you’re trying to do is plan a feed. Anyways, you so much for reading this!! I’m sure you get a lot of messages of people reviewing your app and I’m such a huge supporter of it I just would really love to see some things added/changed. Thank you again!

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    Terrible. It took me probably an hour to set up an account which included having to change my Instagram password several times and finally deciding to just make some type of gallery account that had connection no to Instagram at all. Later I finally was able to log in with Instagram but when I did, I couldn’t figure out how to edit any of my feed so I clicked the “how to use preview”button in the settings. After a lot of scrolling and reading I found a picture of what your preview screen should look like. Since it was in the photo editing section, there was an arrow pointing to a circular editing button on a bar at the bottom of the screen. So I went back to my account and saw that the bar was completely missing from my screen. I left and came back to the app several times to see if the bar would show up but there was still nothing there. I clicked on every button in the app to see if it would lead to some sort of solution but there was still nothing to be found. Finally I sent them and email explaining my predicament and asking for help and I have never heard back. 🤦‍♀️

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    Beautiful App

    This app is fabulous! Allows me to preview my feed, schedule with reminders, and has simply beautiful editing tools which totally eliminate the need for a separate photo app editor of any kind. Just amazingly well thought out app! Game changer for me as a business on Instagram, and I have not even had a chance yet to really look over the analytic parts which I am certain are just as good. Only wish I had found it sooner. Definitely considering the pro version, although the free version is fabulous. So far only thing purchased is one filter package. Thumbs up to creators of this app; they thought of everything!! Just do yourself a favor and get this one without any reservations!

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    I LOVE it but needs improvement

    It’s relatively easy to upload pictures on the app that you want to put on your feed. There seems to be no limit to how many you can “preview”. My suggestions for improvement would be upon the editing part. I wish you could select multiple images to simply put your favorite filter on all at once. I wish there was an under button when you edit things such as blemished or drawings on a certain photo. Lastly, I really wish you could hide preview images (pics not yet posted to IG) to preview your profile without having to actually delete them on the chance that you decide that you liked it after all and then you have to edit it all over again, can be really tedious. I also wish I could just buy certain filters and not all of them. Otherwise, I’d give this app a full 5 stars!

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    Love this app, but ....

    I am a huge fan of this app. I use it for my wedding calligraphy business and I receive a lot of images from editorials and product shoots. It’s so great to pre-organize it all in Preview before posting to Instagram. The new features have made it much easier to move photos around, too! However, there is one issue that has caused me to seriously consider abandoning it all - IT TAKES SO long to scroll through all my images to get to the bottom. I’m probably an outlier when it comes to how many images I have to sort through to decide which ones to use - but I would be incredibly grateful if there was a simple “skip to the bottom” function. It’s driving me relatively nuts and I would love to not have to find another option FOR ORMaybe I am crazy and this function exists already? If so, someone clue me in (face palm).

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    I’ve been using Preview for over a year and have been loving it. It makes planning everything so much easier. However, it appears that somewhere along the line I was automatically signed out of my IG account in the Preview app and didn’t realize it. I left it alone for a bit, until I noticed suggested hashtags weren’t popping up like they used to when I attempted to add them to a caption. That being a useful tool, I decided to re-login with my IG info. Which apparently wiped out all but two of my hashtag groups I had curated over the past year and a half. I had maybe a dozen groups, each with at least 30 hashtags. Every single one of those is gone now, except for two of them, which I can only guess were made while I was still logged in. Before this, I would’ve easily rated 5 stars. But this is devastating to lose all of those hashtags (I have the basic/free account with no backup option).

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    Mostly perfect but now it’s crashing

    I love this app & what it’s capable of & have been using the heck out of it for the past couple weeks since I found it. The problem now is that there’s seems to be a bug of sorts that causes the app to freeze. When importing a new photo to drop into my grid, it seems that unless I scrolled very slowly and place it into a square (& then pick it up and place it again a few rows later, over and over again) it will disappear AND the screen locks so I can’t even recover the image unless I close the app and reopen it. It’s taken me 5 tries now to get an image from the top left spot where it first gets dropped in down to where I need it about 10 rows down. This isn’t efficient and unfortunately that means I won’t be able to rely on this to work.

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    Great concept, a few flaws though...

    Honestly I really appreciate majority of this app, enough so that I subscribed to the pro version - the ability to reorder posts, maintaining hashtag groups, and the built-in photo editor are all awesome features. HOWEVER - one major flaw that I’ve been waiting months to be resolved that has still yet to be addressed, is the option to select multiple posts already uploaded in Preview, and change them to a stacked collection vs. a singular post. Currently, the only way to change this is to make a new post as a collection - which truly, isn’t convenient at all, as there’s posts I lined up months ago that I’d rather stack with recent pictures, and would have to search through my photo albums to come across the originals again.... fix this, and you’ve got a 5 Star rating.

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    Can’t Create an Account!

    I downloaded your app and once it was loaded onto my phone, tried to create an account but the fonts are so large that the only thing that is barely showing is the LOGIN button. I wish there was a place to add a photo so you can see what’s going on. Since I can’t create an account I’m not able to use the app. Not sure why the initial fonts are so HUGE. Can someone please provide guidance. I read a lot of good things about your app, but if I can’t try it out if I can’t create an account. When I click on Free, the Preview terms with the terms and condition show upstate bottom of page. Half the sentence is cut off but I can read, “I have read” and there is a box to check. I am unable to scroll down any further, because the fonts in the upper half is huge. 😆. There is a login button when I click it it takes me to Instagram to sign in but I try to sign in and it says that I need an account...

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    Doesn’t show IGTV posts, good otherwise

    This app does everything, except for IGTV page posts (for videos longer than a minute). When posting to IGTV, many users have a preview posted to their main page which affects their layout and overall aesthetic. IGTV content simply doesn’t show up on Preview, which is annoying if your Instagram layout is specific (using checkers or diagonals). There isn't a placeholder function either. The people using in this app are likely to care about accurately planning their pages, so this is a pretty big issue - but it’s the only one. I have a free account, and will upgrade to paid if they fix this issue. Otherwise, it isn’t quite worth it - but it depends on your content. If you never post anything longer than a minute, the IGTV issue doesn’t matter at all.

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    Great app to plan your social feed!

    This app is really wonderful! I use it to plan my business feed (@NooarNYC) and it's super user friendly. In addition to some other functions that other apps also have, their hashtag planner is awesome - saves tons of exhausting time retyping tags that you use frequently. In addition, their team is very responsive and helpful, and not just for app-related issues. I highly recommend following them on Instagram and subscribing to their newsletter because their tips are very helpful (I downloaded their Instagram guide and give it to interns or new people that I work with).

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    Great until end of last year update

    I started using Preview when it was just a new app. I loved it because of the hashtag feature. I can type in #hashtag and it’ll pop up the amount of photos in that hashtag. This feature has helped me with spelling errors also. The feature hasn’t been available for six months or more and Preview said on a different review that it’s due to an API change. Which is fine. But, I am now testing out Plann and while it’s not a favourite, it has the hashtag function that Preview used to have. So, it can’t really be an API issue now since Plann has it and Preview doesn’t. Also, I selected Preview to save to my iCloud. I switched phones in Feb and lost all my hashtags and photos that were uploaded for posting. So not really sure what saved when I select it to save to iCloud.

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    Not getting what I’m paying for

    I upgraded to the paid version of this app months ago and never fully used it until now. The whole reason for my getting this app was to preview and schedule post. Ok the preview part works but when I schedule the posts they don’t post on their own. What’s the point of scheduling it if I literally have to go in and post the entire thing myself. The picture, the caption and the hashtags? I got this so I could focus on other things in my business and I definitely don’t feel like I’m getting what I paid for. Definitely not worth $15 a month just to look at the pictures in a certain set up. Definitely downgrading or deleting this app! I can set an alarm on my phone myself to tell me when to post, this is crazy! If anyone knows of something better please fill me in. Thanks

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    I really love this app BUT

    I really love this app because it’s easy to rearrange my posts to see how it’ll look and the filters are better than I’ve found on other apps, included VSCO X. However, there are feature of VSCO that I miss. So here are the things I would add to this app if I could: - ability to copy edits and paste onto other pictures, I often edit a whole set of pics before deciding which will look best on my feed - a page for editing pics and a page for your Instagram preview. Having these be separate pages would be soooooo helpful. I hate adding a bunch of pics to edit and then having to delete them to see how my Instagram will look. - when editing, instead of it applying the edits you’ve made and then whatever you do next being added on top of it, it would be nice if you could just adjust the sliders from where they were. I hope that helps and maybe these changes could be made!! I thought about switching back to VSCO just because these features make editing kind of a hassle. The graphic designer in me just wants to make it the perfect app and user experience!!

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Is Preview: Planner for Instagram Safe?

No. Preview: Planner for Instagram does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24,560 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Preview: Planner for Instagram Is 17.1/100.

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No. Preview: Planner for Instagram does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24,560 Preview: Planner for Instagram User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Preview: Planner for Instagram Is 17.1/100.

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Preview: Planner for Instagram works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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