PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Reviews

PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-31

Plan, schedule, post & measure your social media content across Instagram,
Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter from the palm of your hand. PLANOLY empowers you
to expertly manage & optimize your content across social platforms and simplify
your social marketing efforts. PLANOLY is trusted b...

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PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Reviews

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    Love it!

    I use Planoly every month and I just use the free plan. It can be confusing at first that you only get 30 “uploads” not posts. But once you understand that it’s great. I love that it posts automatically to Instagram for me and I don’t have to be available at that time to help upload it through a series of taps like many other schedulers have. I also like the shopping feature as well since I mainly use Planoly for my skincare instagram profile. It’s nice to link. The only thing that part of Planoly is missing is being to link to more than one thing. When the item is in one of the stores they use, you can link to many things. But if it’s an outside link you can only link to one thing. You also can’t mix outside links with the store links they have. Those extra features would be great for the shopping aspect. So I would suggest checking the links before you upload because it might be better to make it a stand alone product. The only thing I wish they had was a plan for $1-3/month. You got 400 uploads a month and 6 months of metrics and analysis. I would definitely buy a plan like that. But I love all the functionality of Planoly and it’s definitely worth the free plan for me. Since you only get 30 uploads, I use another app to upload more than one edited version of the same photo to see which one goes best with the other pictures.

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    Corporate and Personal

    I use this app for a corporate business that I work for, and am always ahead of the game. Not only do I impress my bosses, but I do it with ease. When I have time I put together months of posts on Planoly and schedule them with ease to post when I want. I also use this on my personal accounts. It’s simple, easy, and highly effective. My only issue is with hashtags. Most of the time it does well with telling me how many posts are using a particular # but sometimes it just doesn’t even show it, so I have to log into Instagram just to see what hashtags I want to use. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes, so that’s why I still have them a 5 star. Even with this set back it is easily the easiest insta planner out there.

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    iPad specific with Landscape Orientation, please

    Planoly is great. I like it. I just started working on it (on the recommendation of a friend)for one account, and have been considering upgrading so I can use it for all the accounts I manage. But wait...on the iPad Pro, unfortunately, it’s nearly worthless to me. With the advent of the iPad Pro, designed to sit on a keyboard, it’s really unhelpful to have to use an app like Planoly in Portrait mode. Why would I want to hold a tablet upright in one hand and type with one finger on the virtual keyboard (or lay it flat on the table and still have to type on the virtual keyboard) when everything else I do on my iPad Pro is done with my Smart Keyboard (and the whole point of the iPad Pro is to be a bridge between a mobile and a desktop device)?? The Smart Keyboard doesn’t work as a general easel and won’t connect to the device in portrait mode, and typing with the screen on its side is annoying and not workable. Why, just use the web interface in your browser, you say? Nope. Planoly in my mobile browser won’t load the planner module—it wants me to use the app. In portrait orientation. The app version doesn’t fit my workflow, which means I may have to abandon Planoly altogether and continue with Buffer, which will let me work in the mobile browser.

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    Great IG planning Tool

    I have been using the free version of Planoly for about 4 months and just enabled the auto-post tool. It’s really great for weekend posting as it doesn’t interfere with family time. The only downside (and reason for 4 starts instead of 5) to Planoly’s auto post is that you can’t use the location tag or tag the brands/accounts on your photo in the app. This makes my engagement a little less on those posts but it’s worth using auto-post to stay consistent in posting and not being tied to my phone and social media 24/7. During the week I typically plan my photos with Planoly for the aesthetic and the hashtags I want to use, but post directly through IG. I will say that is a fave feature is the hashtag planning. You can have different groups for the different types of photos you post! Overall Planoly has helped me create a more cohesive feed and be more consistent in planning out the content I want to put out on Instagram. I would recommend you try it out!

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    $10 a month just for automatic postings?

    This app has a lot of good selling points. However it has just as many bad options. The first thing is the price and the limit as to how many photos can be uploaded into the app just to map out how you want your layout to be. You only get 30 a month which means ideally you should only post once a day from this app so you can continue to have a flow of content to your page. The second big down fall is the price to upgrade your account to have unlimited uploads. It’s basically $10 a month. That’s insane. While it offers things such as being able to search for IG hashtags within the app, create a hashtag catalog that’s easily accessible and a gorgeous design. Another thing that reaaaal irritates me is how the photos has to be moved when mapping feed. Photos as basically just pushed around so it bumps the whole feed and messes everything up. You aren’t able to simply just switch one photo with a different one without every single photo moving. Definitely not worth $10. There are way better apps such as UNUM and BUFFER that can complete this service and cost a fraction of the price.

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    Day one & already having issues

    So I just downloaded the app today. At first, I thought it was like a godsend because I can do it from my desktop instead of my phone & everything looked so simple, clean, & user friendly but unfortunately, I ran into more than one issue on the first day of using it. First. As I was planning my posts on a desktop, I had several planned posts that had just a short sentence or two for a caption & I usually add about 7-10 hashtags but as soon as I began the first hashtag on several of the images, I would get a prompt saying that I’ve already reached my hashtag maximum & to try again in an hour (?!?!) except I hadn’t even added one yet... so there was that. Second. I’m not sure if I understand the whole “30 uploads a month” thing correctly or not but I’ve uploaded a couple pictures that I didn’t feel quite fit my feed right so I deleted them & tried to upload different images but was told I was unable to do so unless I upgraded to a paid plan because I had reached my 30 photo limit already even though I only have 25 in queue to be what, do even deleted images still count towards my upload limit?? Do I have to actually plan my posts somewhere else to test out certain images I want to use so I have everything nicely curated to my liking without exceeding my 30 photo upload limit?? Because that seems like it defeats the point of your app........might just go back to using Preview honestly.

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    First Scheduler for Me

    Even though I’ve been doing social media marketing professionally for years now, I have always posted natively (maybe because I’m a control freak? 😜). Decided to give Planoly a try after hearing good things & being impressed with their branding & design. Love the ability to see the grid & save hashtags but wish I would’ve understood that “30 uploads” a month was literally that... not 30 scheduled posts. You can only upload 30 images whether you schedule them or not (even if you delete them, the upload is still counted as used). Didn’t want to upgrade to a paid version until I tried it out for a little bit. Especially since this is the first scheduler I have tried. One other thing — was hoping my scheduled posts here would still post to FB automatically (I have it set for that in IG settings) but it doesn’t.

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    Instagram blocks posts made from this app

    As soon as I upgraded to the paid version and started posting directly through planoly, instagram would shadowban my posts so that only my followers could see my posts but it wouldn’t show up under any of the hashtags I used for nonfollowers to see. I experimented with posting from planoly and I would get 0 likes in fifteen minutes and would delete and then post the same picture with the same hashtags from my phone and would get 20 likes in ten minutes. Instagram must have some information about the paid version that allows them to block posts made with it. I tried it multiple times over multiple days. Response to response: I don’t understand your response. I am trying to tell you that Instagram blocks the visibility of posts under the post’s hashtags if a person posts via your app with the paid version. Maybe that’s something you want to look into rather than just dismiss. “Official Partner” or not, that is what happens.

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    It’s Awesome Except for Formatting

    I thought Planoly was going to be my answer. I love the look of it and it’s super user friendly. I love that I can upload photos and move them around and put in my text and schedule my posts. I also like that it gives the character count so you know where you’re at as far as planning out text. I’ve also been excited to use the Story part of it once that app is develops a bit more. I’m bummed that the formatting doesn’t work with Instagram, though. It doesn’t keep all of my paragraph breaks when it posts. It works in Buffer, so I may have to switch back to Buffer solely for that purpose. I’ve also not had luck getting the posts to actually work when I schedule them. It’s fine when I post immediately, but if I schedule them, I only get a notification that something went wrong and my post was unable to post.

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    Not as good as it used to be

    It used to be that when you used Planoly, when you started to type hashtags or usernames, the hashtags and usernames would populate from Instagram and tell you how many posts were in each hashtag right in the app. This was an extremely useful feature that is no longer available. Now you have to bounce back and forth between Planoly and IG to figure out which tags to use - super annoying Planoly blames Instagram for this change and insists it has to “abide by the rules of IG” but if they’re supposed to be an official Instagram partner I’m not sure why they couldn’t keep it. It seems they are “partners” with IG in name only, they don’t actually work with IG to make their app better. I was considering buying the premium version of this app before this change, but I will no longer even consider purchasing it unless they reinstate this feature

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    Great app

    I just downloaded this app along with two other to see which one was the best (offered the best feature) and so far I’m loving this one. As I started my journey into traveling, being able to plan my post on isn’t Instagram is a big plus, for I know there will be times when I don’t feel Inspired, but with this app i won’t have to worry about that. It is also amazing that it allows you to see which post are doing better by week, months and year and it’s amazing the fact that it allows you to schedule your stories. It also keeps track of the time you post which is amazing for it allows you to see which is the best time for you to post. Thank you so much for creating this app

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    Tried all the others, Planoly is the best.

    I’ve tried nearly every Instagram planning app out there and can tell you that I love Planoly far and above better than all the others. The platform is easy to use, the design is simple and efficient, and being able to upload and plan from my computer is a HUGE deal. I love being able to store ideas and themed posts in the drafts so the planning feed doesn’t get cluttered. And the autopost feature is so handy to be able to post at the ideal time for my followers but still he able to have screen free mornings with my kids. Planoly is a powerful tool for Instagram; if IG is a big part of your marketing plan, Planoly is definitely a tool you want in your belt!

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    Fake reviews?

    I’m convinced every review above 3 stars for this app must be fake. First, there’s an upload limit if you don’t want to pay. Second, you can’t tag people. Third, unlike other instagram scheduling apps, you can’t save captions or hashtags for more efficient and time saving posting. Fourth, they make scheduling bulk posts such a drawn out process. You have to individually go into one of your selected posts, come up with a caption, select a time, etc etc, then repeat the process. you might as well just post on instagram normally. I like Apphi a lot better because they have designed their app to be a lot more efficient, time saving, they don’t have any of the above issues, and they even have bonus features which allow you to change the font of your captions and access text symbols. The only reason why I tried this app is because Apphi has a 10 post maximum, and this one has 30 but it’s still just not worth it.

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    There’s one thing Planoly has mastered and that is design and formatting. Both the app and the desktop version are sleek, minimal and easy to navigate. Other than that, it’s just like any other Instagram scheduler only much more expensive than most (especially if you have 2 usernames). I recommend Later or Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling. Planoly’s customer service is also subpar. I’ve had to contact them numerous times which led to apathetic responses. Lastly, I don’t admire their own Instagram feed. The company obviously has a liberal bias having posted quotes from Barak and Michelle Obama multiple times as well as other left-leaning celebrities. Not once have I seen a quote from a conservative social figure like Melania, Ivanka, Trump, or any of the other conservative First Ladies from before. Does Planoly only want a liberal follower and subscriber base? There are so many great quotes from people on the other side, but I guess Planoly isn’t into featuring diversity of thought.

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    i love this app with my entire heart

    If you’re looking for a way to plan out your feed without posting and deleting when you decide something doesn’t fit your theme, then download this app. Planoly saved my feed, my dignity, my life. I swear by this app, and never post without planning it out on Planoly before, so that I know what my feed will look like multiple posts in advance, and I can play around with the layout before ever actually posting. It makes it super easy, plus there’s an option to post through the app, or even schedule posts to automatically post if you’re too busy but you want to keep a schedule. Download this app, you won’t regret it !!

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Is PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Safe?

Yes. PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,569 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Is 52.7/100.

Is PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Legit?

Yes. PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,569 PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Is 52.7/100.

Is PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post not working?

PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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