Plann: Preview for Instagram Reviews

Plann: Preview for Instagram Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

manage, and automatically schedule Instagram Posts, Stories, Carousels and
Reels, cross post straight to Facebook, plus manage your Reels + TikTok
videos. Find pre-written captions, pre-researched hashtags,...

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Reviews (30)


New update broke my subscription

I’ve contacted customer support 3 times and received 2 unhelpful canned responses. This new update wants me to connect a business Facebook page. Both my Instagram account and Facebook page are business. When I connect the Facebook page, my paid subscription turns into a trial and most of my content in the queue is missing. If I take Facebook off, the subscription shows up again but Instagram connection acts like a personal page and the features are no longer there (but the content reappears). I’m on the lookout for another app at this point. And before I get a canned response here, yes, I shook my iPad and contacted customer service with a bug report that way too. Clearly no one actually read it because this app’s response was to connect Facebook- already connected and visible in the two screenshots I sent. Update: I got this app to limp along. I am getting signed out a lot, but at least “restore purchases “ is working now an I can make it see my subscription. Still lost some content. I don’t this app as far ahead now so that the glitches don’t cause as much loss. Stopped using this app at all while I checked out other options. I just wish it worked the way it used to. It used to make Instagram tastes easier. Now I find myself having to put more work into social media to make the program work. Another update: when it works, it’s my favorite Instagram planner. Still a tad glitchy, but if I close and restart the program, it usually works again.


Always lots of bugs

Had to update and change my rating to one star. Plann has had an outage for over two months and now has quit working altogether. I truly love Plann and all it does so this review is tough but i thought it was time. I’ve given plenty of time (months) to you to see if things will change. It seems like there are constant issues which make it very hard to use. Sometimes the support Team is responsive and other times they just don’t respond for days. And since I use it daily to post 3 times a day this is unacceptable. The team is always super nice (and humorous) but these attributes don’t fix app bugs so I’m giving this 2 stars because it should be way better than this. Even though I feel Plann has helped me grow my account and even though they refunded me my money since I had so many issues, I’d have to say overall I cannot rely on it to work even 60% of the time. It’s sad because the whole concept is so great and when it works it is amazing. The latest response to my issue (which makes Plann totally useless by the way) was there would be a fix coming sometime soon - no time frame given. I understand things can happen but you should fire your current staff that are responsible for making sure this works and find staff that will get the job done. PLEASE STEP UP AND MAKE SURE YOUR APP WORKS 95% OF THE TIME AND I WOULD BE HAPPY TO CHANGE MY REVIEW!


Won’t Even Log Me In

I really wanted to use Plann. REALLY wanted to. I even paid to be able to take care of my three business accounts. But then I upload it and it won’t log in to all three of my accounts — only two. Then I read their FAQ’s, and they suggest clearing your phone’s cache. So I do that. Now it won’t log in to ANY of my Instagram accounts. It just keeps sending me through this cycle of entering my login information over and over with no result. Trying to find support led me first to something that said to contact Instagram for help (the problem isn’t with Instagram, as I can log into Planoly and Later just fine), and then I stumbled on an email to open a support ticket. It really bums me out because I wanted to use this, but if I can’t even log into the accounts I need, I don’t see how it’s even possible. Super disappointed. UPDATE: Their support was able to give me a few suggestions that logged 2/3 of my accounts in. I’m not thrilled that I can’t use Plann for exactly what I wanted, and they also charged me for the premium subscription when I specifically asked to do the free trial, but I’m using this app for my one account that I post to every day, and it is incredible for that. I added a star because I love how Plann works. I just wish that the login issues weren’t so common.


AWESOME when it actually works...

Plann is everything I wanted for organizing and batching content for my business insta page. I spent countless hours photographing and editing content, copy writing, batching hashtags, organizing my grid - and then one day after a HUGE batch work week I went to open Plann and it asked me to update so I did and it deleted EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Customer service was very little help, but was able to restore a few photos (the one thing I had a back up of, still lost all my hashtags and my copy 😩) - so I kept using Plann and would just back up my copy elsewhere. I cannot tell you how many times this app would delete my content out of absolutely nowhere. Plann crashes all the time. It’s so often that I go days without posting on IG because all my content is on this dang app and Plann just won’t load 🤷🏼‍♀️ Customer service has been rude and unhelpful 99% of the time. I even paid to upgrade my account thinking it would help with the almost daily glitches but no luck. So altogether, this app is absolutely great in theory, but is extremely untrustworthy and at the end of the day just not worth the headache. If your a business owner looking for a reliable app for planning your business marketing on Instagram, do yourself a huge favor and use a different app.


Bring back sneak peek features

App is REALLY missing the sneak peek feature. It’s what used set Plann apart from the rest in terms of reasons to use. Other than the occasional crashes due to the shift to desktop feature (at least lately ), Plann is pretty decent and does what it generally claims to do, especially when the sneak peek features are at play. But they haven’t been avail for quite some time so I really do hope the developers bring it back and then some. For instance, I wish the option to auto post was available like it is in other apps. Notifications in Plann (this app) blame Facebook for not allowing this feature for third party apps but since other apps do have this feature (to actually post a scheduled post on your behalf w/ account tags, hashtags, 1st comment & more vs. setting an alarm to remind you to go into Plann and hit “post now”), I wonder if it’s a matter of licensing for access to provide these features. Overall App is decent but like most things tech, could improve. Plann will get you started with the basics of learning how to plan your feed and hep you get organized starting out.


Great up with issues

I was a newbie to Instagram when I found Plann. I fell in love with it. Easy grid making, hashtag library, good integration with instagram and Facebook. I used it free and then switched to a paid account in Jan. There were lots of bugs since the beginning to be honest, but I loved Plann anyways. I began to get glitches again in the spring. I wrote urgent emails to a support team. It took weeks to get a reply in May (no worries due to pandemic), but I was not able to use an account for that month at all. The problem was fixed quickly once they replied. Then I got another issue and I have emailed this app again and I got an auto reply that now it is a 72hours, no worries their either, but I waited for weeks again. Their replies a very kind and cheery, but to get something fixed is a tedious task and it also comes with lots of frustration because work (in my case) stops too. I am also surprised how fast the reply came to agree to close my account; making me feel that they rather loose a customer then keep. Another, thing.. they have refunded me a prorated rate, which is super unfair I feel due to Plann not working much longer for me


Rife with problems

Update 2020. I have not found the right App, but I cancelled this app. There were so many glitches, and when you have the ability to use features like sneak-peek or hashtag ranking ( green for less used red for overused) that get taken away, it’s not so great. There were too many bugs in the end- my grid was not working, posts disappearing before I had a chance to post them. I hope you improve Plann ; it's easy posting to the grid and social media might be better than some if only it worked. I initially purchased this app because it was recommended by a friend. In the beginning ( last year), it was great. It seems as they've expanded this app through a desktop version and different updates, it is rife with problems! I'm always emailing support: it's freezes, takes forever to load hashtags, images disappearing, now I can't customize my theme to add different strategies, the list is long and ongoing.


Refreshing, not click bait, not cheap, amazing

I literally NEVER write reviews - but I had to for this. Do you know how unbelievably refreshing it is to try out a new app, one that is easy to use, has everything you need and not have to pay ANYTHING? It is so rare these days. I’m so tired of apps trying to squeeze every last cent out of the user. It actually makes me WANT to pay for a premium version down the road, because they’ve made the process so easy and straightforward. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. Either way, they give you a certain amount of free posts per month - with nearly all the features you need to actually do what you downloaded Plann for. Plann is solid. Thank you for being cool


“Free” Plan is Only a 10-Day Trial

Plann was absolutely fantastic. I am the type to overthink every post and this app really helped me with that. My problem with this app is that they flat out lie to people. Clearly stated on Plann ’s homepage the “Forever Free” plan allows a maximum of 30 posts per month. This would have been perfect except for the fact that it’s a flat out lie! I created content for six weeks thinking I can post one a day. Ten days later I find out that I am restricted from my content. Plann then navigates me to the subscription options where it only offers a plan that is $25 A MONTH for two accounts. Mind you, I only have one account. What really takes the cake here is their options available on their website. They have an individual subscription that is an affordable $7 a month (charged annually) but apparently that is only applicable for the online platform and not through the actual app. Overall, using Plann was a terrible experience. If the FREE version actually did what it said then I would gladly recommend it to others but now I feel slighted because I lost the hours it took to create content. What a waste!?


This last update ruined it

I have no interest in posting to a Facebook page, but on this last update it has now disconnected me from my instagram and only wants me to connect to Facebook which I can’t do because I’m on the free account. It essential makes Plann useless. I’ve attempted to figure out how to contact customer service numerous times but I can’t figure out how to. Outside of that, it’s an “okay” app. I had a free trail of a paid version and it didn’t have enough bells and whistles for me to feel like it’s worth paying for especially for what I’m using it for. The big thing that threw me off is that I can’t schedule posts and have them automatically posted via Plann . I still had to manually post them myself, which, to me, defeats the purpose of paying for an app. I attempted to find out how to reach out to customer service for questions with this as well but, again, I couldn’t figure out how to do that and only found myself on the page with common questions answered but none of my questions answered.


“Continue to use normally” is not true

Let me start by saying I have used this app for almost 2 years and am a paid member. I have been trying to work with Plann since the outages began. First it started with my hashtag sets disappearing from Plann . Then, when this app finally told users what was going on, my feed disappeared. I plan my posts usually 1 week out, but we’re moving soon so I planned almost 2 weeks. The previous posts not loading wasn’t a huge deal but my scheduled posts disappearing is a problem!! I contacted this app and more than 48 hours later I received a blanket message with the statement about the outages. It said I could use Plann normally. So again I uploaded photos and added captions AND THEY DISAPPEARED AGAIN! I am so frustrated right now because while this app says users can use Plann normally, that’s clearly not the case and they shouldn’t be telling users that because it’s false. Before all this I would have said 5 stars no problem but I am so disappointed with the lack of communication from this app despite several messages trying to figure out what’s wrong, and the fact that they are being dishonest about the apps capabilities as they do whatever changes they’re making. If it’s not going to work at least tell me so I don’t waste my time planning and scheduling things! It’s just unfair to the users but especially when I’m a paid user that they (this app) don’t seem to care about lying to their users.


So many glitches, poor customer service

When Plann works, it’s great. It fulfills the needs I have for a planning app. But I’ve had it for a few years and as Plann makes updates and changes it gets worse and worse. Glitches are almost constant and now expected; Plann will randomly (and often) not recognize my account and treat me like I’m using a trial version, even though I pay for a full year at a time. I’ve talked with customer service more than you’d ever believe, and I am often met with very pre-planned, generic responses that never take into account the question I actually asked or my history with the problem and what I’ve already tried doing to fix it. I miss the days of early this app, when things ran smoothly and met all the needs of an Instagram planner. It feels like they’re trying to add too many fancy things and grow faster than they’re capable of handling.


Glitchy and unreliable

I wanted to love Plann. It had so much potential during my free trial so I decided to upgrade. Once I upgraded, things were ok for a month or two but it all went downhill fast. I have completely wasted my money by paying for a subscription at this point. this app has been unreliable for the past month. It takes forever to upload anything... and if you’re lucky enough for the upload to actually be successful, when you log back in, the pic is gone. 30 photos I originally had uploaded, saved for future use, are nowhere to be found. Plann asks me on the daily if I want to update...and when I accept the update & it takes me to Plann Store, there’s no update available. It’s basically a time sucker because of all the glitches...and I don’t have time to spare as a business owner. Customer service is less than satisfactory...if you get a response at all. Short answers, no regard for customer dissatisfaction. When the desktop version came available I got super excited but was quickly deflated when I was told that I would have to pay an ADDITIONAL subscription to use desktop version...even though I’m already paying a good amount for Plann . (There are far better social media scheduling platforms out there that are not only WAY more reliable but also don’t require two subscriptions to use both Plann and desktop version). I will be going back to using the other platform. I would not recommend Plann.


Has potential to be great

I’ve been using Plann since January. At first I really liked it but over the course of the last 4 months, it’s gotten really glitchy and most recently, they took away the spy feature, which is annoying. I especially liked that feature because it took the guess work out of hashtags and hashtag set making. The glitchy-ness is a range of things. One thing is the constant logging back in. It doesn’t remember me so when I open it, it tells me there is an error and I need to be re-authenticated. Another thing it does is sit there and upload a photo from my phone and when I try to hit “copy and post” it will tell me I have to wait for it finish uploading my media and it will stay that way until I delete it and start again. Overall it’s a good app that I continue to use, but it needs improvement.


The best planner ap

I’ve used Plann for a few years and LOVE it! I mostly love storing all my future posts and being able to move them around, think about them, etc. I have used it for other content but don’t feel like I need to plan as much for stories or reels. And a note on the few negative reviews I see here - they are OLD. There was a brief period where it had a few glitches when they had to let Facebook approve their posting (and I nearly cried because I depended on it so much and missed it) but that has not been the norm in the 4 years I’ve been using Plann and it has almost exclusively been smooth sailing, working seamlessly. Plann is GREAT!!!


A joke (used over 1 year)

I’ve been waiting one month for them to ‘remigrate’ content I had loaded into my account. They are great at responding, but the responses are worthless. They copy and paste responses that show they’re not even reading the actual email. I’ve been back and forth with Onna and she keep saying the team is looking into this for past 5 emails. I asked her what they were looking into specifically: no answer. Her next email was introducing herself to me. Are these boys or what? Lol, a joke. After 1+ years of using Plann, they used to be great. Now they’re trash. Content disappears, it’s glitchy, you select an image to edit and the one next to it appears instead. Hashtag groups were duplicated and deleting the extra one deleted ALL of them. Images were randomly duplicating, just a mess. Save yourself the stress. I’m looking elsewhere. Don’t believe whatever phony response they put under my review. I’ve reviewed before and they did nothing but waste my time.


A lot of technical issues

I really want to love Plann, but I’ve had it only for a few days and I can’t even access my account. I subscribed to the free trial, but then I switched over to the paid annual power plan before the 7 days expired and now I can’t even log in to Plann or the desktop version to create posts. Customer service is very slow and didn’t answer my question. They told me to connect my Instagram through desktop even though I sent them a screenshot showing I can’t do anything with my account on Plann or desktop. I signed up because of all the amazing features I heard about, but now I’m considering switching to a different scheduler. They need to bring chat support that’s available instantly rather than waiting days to respond when you need support right away. I’ll give it a few more days to see if the issue is resolved. Otherwise, I’ll be switching to a scheduler with greater customer service.


Not worth the stress

I have canceled with them twice and I’m about to cancel for a 3rd time. I like that you can create a layout of what you want to post and save hashtags but that’s it. The reminders don’t work. It can’t post to IG for you. It took an hour to sync my mobile with desktop (which I spent 2 hours creating a media layout for) just for the mobile app to log me out! Now I can’t log back in, it will log me into one FB business account but not the one I’m actually using this app for! You try to contact CS and *if* they reply they give you a canned response. If this doesn’t get solved I’m canceling for good. I absolutely hate this service but I have so much time invested I’m going to give them one shot to fix it. Don’t recommend. Go with another app or site instead. (Oh and I see they keep telling people to shake their device and report the bug but I’m sure, like I have, the others HAVE reported the bug and gotten no response. I finally got in on my own though after never hearing from them.)


Terrible overall experience

Purchased the membership for Plann . They then release the desktop version so I try to sync app and desktop account, but they said you need a paid membership for the desktop, which includes Plann , but not the other way around. They said they’ll offer a half off discount to purchase the desktop app but I have to ask Apple for a refund for the original app purchase. So they were going to make me double pay if I didn’t ask them about a refund. I go to Apple to request a refund and Apple said my reason doesn’t qualify for a refund. I went back to customer service and they said there’s nothing they can do as Apple controls who gets refunds. Then to top it off I go back to Plann to use it and it’s showing my account as a free one saying I didn’t pay for an account so I can’t even use it. Don’t waste your time with Plann as they try to double charge, and then rip you off by not letting you access the paid membership. Terrible.


If you could actually login and use this app, it would be GREAT! But you can’t!

I have never left a review before for anything in my life, but my frustration with the service drove me to the point of writing my very first review. For the very short amount of time that I was actually able to use Plann, it was great. However after paying for a premium account to use for my business I was consistently been logged out of my account and being asked to re-authorize access to Facebook. When I try to re-authorize access I would continue to be taken on a loop of receiving an error message, being asked to try again, receiving the error message again, being asked to try again, and so on. I got in contact with Support and they basically said “oh contact Facebook or contact Instagram”. Well clearly the issue is not with Facebook or Instagram because I can log into those platforms on all of my other apps. The issue was with this app. I’ve scoured other reviews and other people are having the same exact problem and this app is taking zero initiative to fix this issue. Their answer is “yeah, sometimes technology doesn’t work.. sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” Here’s and answer “fix your problem or give me my hard earned money back!” Trust me when I say don’t use Plann. Invest your money and a move advance and technologically sound planning system like Later or Planily!


Was working fine, then I lost everything.

Was enjoying Plann until I recently did their upgrade. Now my Facebook business page won’t connect to the account that I paid for a build subscription on. My team member no longer has shared access. And essentially my $200+ paid subscription is worthless. I’ve reached out for technical help, that has failed. I’ve been run around in circles with advise and their troubleshooting articles. I’ve asked for a refund since their technology is no longer working and I’ve heard nothing back. I have lots hours trying to get this to work. Not only is the investment in the subscription costing me, but also are the wasted manpower hours trying to troubleshoot and now reformat how our social media planning process. Very frustrating for a small business to have to go through this. I would be happy if they could just fix the issue or refund me so I can start fresh.


So happy

I recently starting up an instagram account for my business and it’s been horrible with the follow unfollow vulture people!! I was looking for a way to get authentic followers and a real community... came accross this app. It answers all my questions and more! I’m trying to find the right community and it looks like I’ll get it. I’ll post another review in 6 months. But I’ll finally sleep good tonight after a few days of trying to wrap my head around the accounts who are just follower junkies!!! Feel like I’ve got a tool that will help me reach an authentic audience!!!! Whew!!! Thanks so much for the color palette organizer too... and how I can analyze my favorite channels... just a huge stress reliever...


Great app

It has taken a minute for me to get into, through no fault of Plann . It just takes time to figure out how to plan content. This is such an awesome platform to write captions on. They already formatted it so you can skip lines without the weird punctuation. I can also plan ahead (hence the name) my posts and have the captions ready. They tell me what times are best for me to post and have my best hashtags saved so I can look those over and add to new posts. I use Plann every day. I am growing a business online and this has been a game changer.


Great idea with too many issues

When I first started using this app, I loved it. I use it for our business IG account and even considered adding some personal ones into it. Around the time they launched the desktop app, though, I’ve had several problems. I had to create a completely different login for some reason, and it got rid of all of my previously saved work. Now, if I’m working in this app, and I go to a different app to look something up and come back, if I didn’t save what I was working on, Plann always completely reloads and my work is gone (even if I was just gone a second). It also tells me its time to post ALOT when there is nothing to post for that day. Sometimes I’ll start working to post something and realize it’s scheduled for a completely different day. Very frustrating. Lastly, I’ve had a number of times when I go to copy and post, and it won’t bring over my text! So I have to go back to the this app app, reload (bc it’s gone since I went over to the IG app) and go back into the planned post and physically copy the text. I love the context of Plann and feel like it could be great if they get all these kinks ironed out.


Only planning app I want to use

I’ve bounced back and forth between this app and some others and I can definitively say this app works the best for me when it comes to scheduling and posting pics. That said, I do still have to open other apps because the analytics tools on them are much more detailed. I would love to see this app incorporate “best time to post” heat maps that also let you click to see what previous posts were done at specific times. There’s another app that allows this and it’s amazing. The only other request I’d like to see is to also include hashtag searching in the caption draft section. Seems silly that it only works in the hashtag group and not on the post edit


great insta help!

Plann isn’t just great for planning and visualizing your feed, it’s also highly educational in its approach to users. I’ve loved tinkering on this app at first, attempting to improve my overall Instagram feed, but after using this app for just a few weeks, I was sold! I upgraded to manage both of my Instagram accounts through this app. I still have so much room for growth and improvement but feel confident that I’ll get there with this app. Thanks for creating a great app that makes me feel supported in my business growth.



I love this app (Planoly is okay but I definitely meant this app -sorry for the earlier confusion haha). It’s the most consistent and productive app I’ve found for saving tags and planning posts. And the ability to see another user’s stats is extra dope! My only issues: 1)being able to expand top post analytics to see comments and tags (not just top the tag groups...bc I post my tags in the comments and sometimes I want to copy/paste...or I want to see if it was an more personal caption or a quote or something...). 2) analyzing and providing additional times to post (like maybe top three times in a day) would allow me to delete my other IG planning app altogether. Otherwise keep up the good work!


They need to get their programming department together!!

I subscribed to Plann , then discovered their website version. There’s no verbiage that I could find about which plans cover the website version vs don’t. I finally reached out to their support to ask for some help in regards to this and to ask about which price is actually right and what the differences are in each (each “tier” has three prices - two in Plann Store called different things, and a third on the website with an entirely different name for that tier”. After tons of back and forths with the help team, they told me I needed to resync my app (because Plann kept showing that I don’t have a paid subscription). They confirmed I don’t need to pay for the website and app separately and that the tier I paid for included app and desktop versions... Today I log in to the website version and EVERYTHING that I had set up for November is GONE. In regards to tech support issues, and applications I’ve paid for, this is the worst experience ever. It’s a shame Jenna Kutcher put her name (a name I still trust) behind a product that’s obviously having some serious programming and marketing struggles!!!


Limited features - needs improvement

It does not offer a lot. There are other apps which give you a more complete pic of your IG account. One thing that I can’t understand is why to have hashtags sets if you cannot paste those sets into your posting (apparently you can do so ONLY on the desktop version). It only allows you to have 3 sets anyway. I’m better off keeping my sets in notes and copy and paste them into my posts (and is free!). I cancelled my paid subscription as I realized that Plann does not do much for me. Perhaps in the future if they provide some serious improvement. Although six dollars a month is not a lot, i don’t see why I would throw my money away.


Instagram poster

Due to IG rules it won’t automatically post but nothing does that. Plann however gathers your post and allows you to time your post then when it comes you just press copy and past and in two seconds it logs in Instagram post your content and your done. It’s a great app to stay on top of your post. It also has a reminder by email where you’ll see what you wanted to post and you can just copy and paste as it logs into Instagram from there. Excellent choice for IG influencers!

Is Plann Safe?

Yes. Plann: Preview for Instagram is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,000 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Plann: Preview for Instagram Is 91.0/100.

Is Plann Legit?

Yes. Plann: Preview for Instagram is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,000 Plann: Preview for Instagram User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Plann: Preview for Instagram Is 91.0/100.

Is Plann: Preview for Instagram not working?

Plann: Preview for Instagram works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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