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Folioscope is a flipbook & animation maker, designed to help you express your creativity with the help of a community of thousands of creators that will inspire you to make amazing drawings and animations.

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this app is the best app for creating terrific frame-by-frame animations in no time! Use simple yet powerful tools to draw your animations. Share your best creations with the community. Participate in themed contests to improve yourself and become a master animator. Join us and have fun :) this app is a flipbook & animation maker, designed to help you express your creativity with the help of a community of thousands of creators that will inspire you to make amazing drawings and animations. All-in-one creation experience, great for Drawing, Animating, Sketching, Storyboarding, Learning, Designing, and finding Creative Inspiration. Draw pictures and bring them to life, frame by frame! Create Cartoons, Pixel Art, Animes, Mangas, Comics, Flipbooks... and share them with the world. Share your creations within the app's social feed, and on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or any other popular platform of your choice! Learn new Animation Techniques by following Tutorials created by the community. Controls are intuitive and easy to use, to turn you quickly into a professional flipbook artist ;) All this app Features are available for free! Download this app today and join an amazing community of animators. DRAWING TOOLS: - Pen & Eraser in Multiple Sizes - Selection Tools - Paint Bucket - Draw in Multiple Colors - Apple Pencil Support - 3D Touch compatibility - Dithering Tools (Pixel Art) - Zoom-in and zoom-out ANIMATION TOOLS: - Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with our intuitive tools - Onion skin - Frames viewer - Visualize your flipbook page by page - Back/forward animation controls - And more! EXPORT TOOLS: - Export in this app's Social Network - Share on other apps - Save on your phone - Video, GIF, PDF export supported with NO WATERMARK ;) - Archive your work and send it to other Folioscopers for them to edit GET INSPIRED AND SHARE YOUR WORK - Browse creators' profiles and discover their amazing art - Scroll through the timeline to discover new animations - Share your art within the app and get social with the community - Challenge yourself with our contests and win special prizes! - Improve your techniques thanks to Tutorials offered by your fellow animators GET SUPPORT If you have a question about this app, or a suggestion to make, or anything else, feel free to contact us at contact@this

Top Reviews

By REEEEEE master

Good over all

I like its simple and easy to work with but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have issues. First off it needs more colors. I feel that instead of adding a color weal you should just have the colors: red,red-orange,orange,orange-yellow,yellow,yellow-green,green,green-blue,blue,blue-purple,purple,purple-red,pink/magenta,cyan,brown,black,grey,and black. I now it’s a lot but I just want more colors ;-;. It could also use the ability to rotate the canvas as well as the ability to use pictures from the user’s photo library for the profile picture would just be icing on the cake

By This is false advertising

Absolutely Amazing

This app is perfect for anyone with even a spark of creativity in their hearts, to open up and express themselves through animation! This app has an extremely "easy-to-learn" and "easy-to-use" animation station. Not only can you animate directly in the app, but the app also doubles as its own social media platform! Filled with nice, creative, people, you can share your animations/drawings with the world! This app offers hours of enjoyment, and has a fantastic community to go with it. If you like art. This is the app for you! Don't pass up on this wonderful application.

By PastelPolygon

The Folioscope Community

I remember 3 years ago I downloaded the app but never really got to experiment with it at all because I thought it was just another drawing/animation app and nothing special. To my surprise, there is a whole community surrounding the app. You can comment on other animations, summit your own animations so others can see, gain followers and follow people, and etc. Of course no app is perfect and there are many things that can be improved, but I’m talking about the amazing community on here. Different people, different styles, all gathered on one app. This app is truly unique.

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