Vrbo Owner Reviews

Vrbo Owner Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

The Vrbo Owner Mobile App makes it easy to manage your vacation rental. Stay
connected with travelers, manage your bookings, and run your business, anytime
and anywhere. NEVER MISS A BOOKING Get alerted every time you receive an
inquiry or booking request! You can reply to an inquiry...

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Vrbo Owner Reviews

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    "Coming Soon"

    *Update* I’ve dropped this app from 3 to 2 star. I do not like the constant “Rate Me” pop up. I also tried to edit a future client’s booking request (drop the cleaning fee) and could not do so. I was able to before this new update. If I keep having to go to my browser...why have this thing on my phone? And this “You lost a potential booking?” Most of the time the “lost” booking was to a home unlike mine: twice as big, lake view, an unattached house, etc. Theyre not comparable. *Update end* This app works well in a variety of situations. The operation is simple and effective. However, I have needed the ability to edit my rates, etc., and all the app does (for the 11 months I've been using it) is to promise that these features are "coming soon." With all the money being taken in during the year (between hefty fees for owners--and now renters, too), there should be more than enough tech support in place to make doing all my VRBO business from my phone a reality. I just spent almost 20 minutes on the phone only to be told what I already know--that I can not edit my rates via my VRBO app or Safari. I must use my computer. I don't want to carry my computer every time I travel and I certainly don't want to use a public/hotel computer when I'm accessing such things. It is a security risk. Very disappointing in this day and age...and unaccountable when one considers how much VRBO is now gaining from its users.

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    I try to avoid VRBO bookings bc of this app

    VRBO has definitely not kept up with the times of technology. This app can barely do anything for me as an owner. I have 3 listings on this site, I could potentially have 6 but I don’t even want to take the time to create a listing bc I try and push all my business to Airbnb. In order to do what I can do with a push of a button on Airbnb apps I have to log onto the main browser for VRBO. I can’t do the 2 main things that I do as an active STR owner which is add/remove blocked dates or adjust rates. This app is worthless to me. Maybe I’m missing some steps, but bc Airbnb is so user friendly as an app I set all my listings to “book now” on Airbnb and only “request to book” on vrbo. Plus the way vrbo pays you out as an owner is not straight forward. They don’t collect or pay any of the taxes on my behalf which is also a nice perk that Airbnb does. Regardless, I’ll keep my listings on here but have to jack up the price an additional 10% of my Airbnb listing price since they charge a higher commissions as well as charge me back the credit card transaction fee if the guest pays with a credit card! Sorry VRBO, you are not my first choice!!

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    I recently decided to try home away along with Airbnb. I was excited to get my first booking and expecting it to be similar to Airbnb but Nooooo, The first guest I had with this platform robbed and trashed my place. When i reported the situation to them and filed my claim I was informed they won’t provide compensation for any of my stolen items or any malicious damages. To make matters worse they don’t verify the identities of the renters and put me and you as owner holding all the risk, so filing a police report is almost useless. You would think this would be the worst thing but no. To add insult to injury they still haven’t released the money that was paid by the robber to rob me and destroy my place, their reason for holding the money is to prove that I’m a legit renter. you would think after being robbed and my place destroyed by someone who booked my place through their platform they would make concessions considering the circumstances, but they were so callus that one of the many people that they forwarded me too was laughing on the phone. I couldn’t believe this when it’s all said and done HOMEAWAY Doesn’t care about the homeowners who list the homes on the platform. I would strongly advice not using this platform if you don’t want to be robbed and mistreated

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    No good for Owners

    This app and overall website is not good or user friendly for Owners. When you receive an inquiry and go to read it you have to log in every time, there is no user id memory function. It also takes you to screens of the latest tools rather than taking your directly to the inquiry. Lastly VRBO does NOT let the owner communicate directly with the potential renter. I want to vet my potential renters and see if they are good people and/or validate they have as many guests coming that they message through VRBO. VRBO does absolutely no background check. The site also gives the person, making the inquiry, the impression that they’ve locked in the property. Again, we want to make sure that our home will be in good hands. I’ve tried sending my phone number and email address and VRBO xxx it out. Earlier this summer I was on holiday and did not respond to an inquiry. Without notification, VRBO put my account on inactive status so potential renters could not see it. Even though I paid my $500 annual fee and I lost 3 months of active advertising. This site is unethical. The fees are ridiculous for the service rendered. If I were a website developer I would definitely create some competition for VRBO & Home Away.

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    Not user friendly for the money

    For the amount of money Vrbo gets as “commission” from hosts, I honestly expected a better app than the competition. However, I feel like I need to go to the computer to do stuff which isn’t always an option. Example: Airbnb calendar doesn’t fully block dates from showing as available, I’m having to manually block them. So I select to block on the calendar, but it Block’s the first date selected but not the sequential dates. And then it won’t update the view until I completely close the app and reboot it to view the calendar and confirm, but it still doesn’t look right. This same issue occurs with the inbox. I get a new message notification, open the app, and there’s nothing there. If I wait 5 minutes and refresh the app a few times, the new message will eventually show up. Very frustrating when trying to keep up with every new message. And I wish there was a way to look at the financial stuff, such as how much I’ve earned, upcoming deposits, monthly booking numbers, etc. I guess I’m just spoiled with the Airbnb app, (that doesn’t charge commissions from hosts) and was expecting this one to be similar in usability and features.

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    Good but one issue

    I’ve used the owner app for a couple years and I generally like it however my one complaint is that it ghosts all forms of contact information from being shared with people. You can’t send anyone your phone number because VRBO doesn’t want us communication outside of the app. While I understand the business reasoning for this, it frustrates me because some renters want to be able to speak with you over the phone. I’ve had inquiries from Europeans who are interested in visiting the Chesapeake region for the first time and they would like to talk to a person rather than the impersonal messaging in the app. I would like to be treated like an adult by VRBO. If I want to share a phone number so that a potential guest can call me and get a better feeling about their vacation planning, I should be able to do that. If VRBO is so afraid of losing business they should come up with better incentives to keep people willingly using their system, not force the issue by treating us like children. Claire Homeowner

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    App is nearly useless

    We’re long time property owners on VRBO and I’ve reported this before — The current version of the app simply does not work on iPhone 10. What gives? We can’t reliably work from this app, which means we cannot continue doing business here, as we depend on mobile support. And we’ve certainly paid for it, what with 11 property listings. The inbox often does not load, the calendar spins and fails not load nearly every time, when we’re finally able to access a message thread, we receive “bad request” when we attempt to send a response. This has been going on for well over a year now. For more years, it’s not been possible to remove/change transient occupancy tax setting when quoting stays greater than 30 days — must be done via browser! VRBO has just made it impossible for us to function as mobile users. Even the browser application has been moving downhill, release after release — there’s nothing intuitive or simple about it. Invest in a UX team, and mobile support. If you can’t support new/recent iPhones, what the heck are you doing?

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    So slow, the new calendar is horrible, freezes

    I don’t know what they are doing but every week this app seems to get worse and worse. The current issues are it constantly freezes up, I can’t refund guests a portion of their payments if needed, it takes several minutes just to finally pull up a reservation because it’s so slow and the worst thing is the new look of the calendar with the silly small lines. We now miss several bookings and changeovers because it’s hard to see the very tiny break in lines if you have it synced with Airbnb. The way they had it before was great. Don’t even get me started on the online version. You would think for as big of a company that they are they would have an app that works well.

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    Another failure by Homeaway!

    I listed my home with Homeaway and linked calendars with another popular rental website. On the first day, a Homeaway customer sent a reservation request for dates that were unavailable. I called home away and they apologized seeing that those dates should not have been available to he Homeaway customer. They didn’t have any explanation, but were very apologetic. However, this is a terrible customer experience for me and my customer. So now several weeks later, after my anger subsided, I listed again with home away yesterday. Today I get a request for a one-week rental checking in tomorrow. Sure enough the Homeaway system will not allow me to accept the booking request, on my PC or on my phone app. Just keep getting error messages. I called for support and they see the error and they said they will try to fix it. Two hours later still can’t accept and still have no answers. I called Homeaway and they tell me NO it’s not excepted. Five minutes later I get a call and they assure me it is accepted. I see nothing to prove this. Total chaos.

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    The technology needs a serious upgrade

    I’ve been an owner with VRBO for 5 years now. Often the system is slow or unresponsive. The biggest challenge is in not being able to credit people for expenses they initially paid for (pet fee or extra person fee) but they didn’t need at check in without completely canceling their reservation and asking them to rebook. There’s an option for the owner to give a fee back but the guest won’t recover taxes or the additional percentage VRBO charges on those fees. Update- VRBO responded to my review about “adding” payment requests! The problem is giving renters money back including the taxes and VRBO fees added to the charge being refunded. Shortened stays or less people should not only get my refund but the taxes and fees they were charged for those days and services they no longer need. VRBO just doesn’t get it.

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    The first glitch I encountered was one that VRBO confirmed they were aware of & that supposedly you were working on. We do not accept “Instant Bookings” yet when corresponding with a potential renter while using the app, it proceeded to do an “Instant Booking”. Because VRBO had to get involved & cancel the reservation & I had to ask the potential guest to resubmit so I could work the reservation from my computer vs the app, it cost me the booking. VRBO did not know when you would get the glitch fixed nor if we would be notified. Therefore, we no longer feel comfortable booking from the app. This week, I had a return guest submit dates for this coming summer. On your 2019 calendar, it showed August 3 as being on a Tuesday, which it is actually a Saturday. Your calendars are all off. VRBO suggested I write you about it. I did but no response. Please get this app more reliable. I have found it useful in the past but recently due to these glitches, not so much & especially when it cost me a summer, high season, booking.

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    All a facade

    You break things that work (tax settings) you don’t communicate major changes that drastically impact owner cash flow (payments) and you consistently raise fees that you say the traveler pays (service fee) that should come to us. Furthermore you’ve turned listing position into a game (boost pts) instead of using things that matter like response time over guest experience etc etc. You justify these added fees and costs by stating we’ll have better marketing and feature but I’ve got a market place fees in my app that’s been down for almost two months and we are down 20% in revenue meanwhile still a top listing in the mkt. you also now want to report to the tax man but the figures you have aren’t even close to accurate on your site. You don’t calculate a return accurately. The greed continues as you watch your competition out clas our shine and our feature a software that won’t even allow me to add a decimal pt in for the additional payment request so only while dollars can be charged.

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    This Platform is loaded with Fraud

    Over 60% of the communications I receive on this platform are fraudulent in nature. I’m a host/owner on the Homeaway/VRBO platform. Homeaway/VRBO does nothing to protect their marketplace from abuse. The majority of the folks that contact me are trying to engage in check and Wire fraud. All attempts to report fraud and engage customer support go unanswered. Homeowner beware: we are required to reply to “guest” inquires in a timely manner else we are penalized by the Homeaway/VRBO platform yet the platform has no obligation to screen and protect homeowners against the criminal activity that takes pace regularly on the platform. If the fair’s isn’t reason enough to avoid Homeaway/VRBO then take a close look at their variable fees and commissions. Seriously it’s ridiculous. Whereas Airbnb charges hosts a flat 3% commission, Homeaway/VRBO grabs roughly 10-15%: separate fees for credit card processing as well. It’s bonkers. These guys have been arming longer than Airbnb and HomeExchange yet their fees, commissions are higher and their protections are lower. Steer clear of Homeaway.

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    Stop hiding an owner’s ability to access listing

    If zero stars was an option, I would choose it. Unbelievably labyrinthian the number of drill-in drop downs one needs to memorize just to check your live listing. Redundant headings where every conceivable option has been iterated and given its own pages with different formats. And then - as with Adobe suites - the developers seem to think constantly changing the menus and format every few months so there is no hope for consistent usage is helpful “improvement.” Please decide how you want to lay out tools and information, make it intuitively accessible and then leave it alone so people can learn and use it. Constant bugs in your calendar syncs. The lockout feature when changing your password is ridiculous - allow people with a trusted mobile device to reset a password and access their time sensitive account! You are - hands down - the least navigable and least usable application and service out there right now.

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    HomeAway’s App is their single biggest asset.

    HomeAway/VRBO basically owns one of the best operating computer programs for the Vacation Rental industry. All of their individual owners they contract with to rent an Owners property. For HomeAway to have any inventory to sell dates to their Guests they need Owner’s to buy, maintain their homes to certain vacation rental program standards for their homes they book. HA/VRBO reservation, calendar, management and operational tools and tips in their computer system is one of the best ever designed. A Vacation Rental Agent’s best and most necessary management tool is their Guest Reservation system and computer programs and HA/VRBO’s is fantastic with no investment for Owners we just pay them a % of the reservations they sell, confirm and collect our money to work with each other. It is a good relationship.

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Is Vrbo Owner Safe?

Yes. Vrbo Owner is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 118,532 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vrbo Owner Is 25.5/100.

Is Vrbo Owner Legit?

Yes. Vrbo Owner is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 118,532 Vrbo Owner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vrbo Owner Is 25.5/100.

Is Vrbo Owner not working?

Vrbo Owner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Vrbo Owner customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Vrbo Owner.

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