UniFi Network Reviews

UniFi Network Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-22

The UniFi Network app sets up your Ubiquiti network controller and devices. The
app also allows you to: • Setup your UniFi devices with or without a network
controller. To do so without a network controller, refer to help.ui.com for
additional guidance. • Manage multiple controllers in...

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UniFi Network Reviews

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    One step forward, two back

    I am really happy to see an update and it all seems to work really well! It’s still miss several features, but I know they’re coming! The problem I actually have are the colors. They are very bright and hard on the eyes, and I’m young. Maybe it’s the OLED screen on the X, but I think they are too bold in general. They just need to be a little softer. I do like the definition between the colors though. I love the new icons/tabs at the bottom of the screen. They look really slick. I know this is also very nitpicky, but I really, really, dislike the new app icon; of a UniFi AP. UniFi is so much more that Access Points at this point, it’s an entire ecosystem and network. I really don’t think having an Access Point as the icon is appropriate and I just don’t want to click on it. It makes me cringe. Maybe it’s because it looks too much like a weird button? I’m fine if you want to update the icon (it needed it), but I really wish it would be reflective of the whole product line. The old icon was great. Maybe just some fresh colors and make it flatter. Less is more now a days, which I feel is how the app is headed, which I like, aside from that icon. Please, please, change it. Maybe a picture of a network jack? I don’t know, but not an access point that is so nondescript, that it looks like somebody’s poor implementation of a button.

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    App is a nice companion but not a browser replacement

    As is the case with every networking vendor I work with, supplemental mobile app support is treated as a secondary effort to their main management thick client or browser based interface. I’ve always believed this is an area where a vendor could really set themselves apart from the average crowd. Evidently it is not embraced as a strong enough competitive differentiator to warrant a rise above mediocrity. Meaning, no one in Ubiquiti sales management, or product management, believes a purchase decision will be swayed based on the merits of equal iOS app support to that of the browser. Having said that, Ubiquiti has done a very nice job including the necessary essentials in their Unify iOS app support. I’ve found the interface intuitive, well secured w/ 2FA, and an extremely convenient alternative to my laptop for many things. When I can ditch my laptop completely, that will be a 5 star day. Not holding my breath but I remain optimistic. My last comment that hopefully someone at Ubiquiti will read.... “Thank you a million times over for finally adding upnp configuration support to the web client interface!” Keep up the good work.

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    1st review getting better 2nd- Now it is very good! 3rd - this APP ROCKS !

    I started with a few unifi AP's about 4 years ago. This app at first was more of a poor monitor of your network lacking any features. It has now become an indispensable tool. It is feature rich and allows for not only monitoring but setup of AP's and unifi switches. No longer do you have to configure a device then carry it to a location. With this app you can do it on the spot. This is very helpful when configuring a switch as you can label the ports at the on the spot. We have also started using the cloud key and its integration is very good. Plus - now you can also use the app to configure AP's without a controller. This app alone is a good reason to get Unifi access points. Very very pleased with this app and its amazing progress. On top of all that they just keep adding more feature but keep it simple to use. These guys rock !!!

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    Mere hours later

    I had been hearing a lot about Ubiquiti’s gear from my work peers. Now that I finally gave in and purchased the gear necessary to replace my Cisco gear for my home network, I can see immediately why. The setup was the smoothest experience I’ve ever had and this app is the cherry on top. I wish I would have found it near the start of the setup, but as it is, I’m now sitting down after dinner watching TV and doing the final setting changes within mere hours of receiving all the gear from UPS this morning. Had this been for an enterprise network, this utility has many more features that I would turn on. Simply amazing the difference from my old network. The best feature of all is managing devices and clients from a single pane of glass from power up. UI is intuitive, simple, and feature rich. I’m never going back to Cisco!

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    Has its quirks, but I’m still a fan

    So I’ve been using the UniFi mobile app for quite some time now and I find it quite useful when I can’t get to my laptop (or simply just too lazy to). More often than not, I’ve been getting all these device disconnected notifications from the app. Now I’ve noticed these for a while now but never really paid much attention to them to see what they do when you tap them...until now. So typically when I saw the notification I would simply open the app on my phone and just check all my client sites to see if everything was ok, and each time I do this, I see that each site is just fine. Then I decided, ok when it notifies me again, I’ll just tap the notification instead...only to realize it opens a random client site, but as you guessed it, nothing is wrong - all the devices are online and fine. The notifications only display the MAC address of the device (as well as the type of device), but not the actual site. So my questions are: 1. does anyone fine these notifications helpful/useful? 2. is it possible have it display the actual site that has the issue? 3. are these notifications delayed or false/positives? Mind you when I look at each client site, I check the actual uptime of each device and never is there one that seems like it rebooted and the time has started over. Just curious. Thanks team! 🤟🏾

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    A nice enhancement to our Wi-Fi tools

    We recently installed the Ubiquity Unifi family of AP’s, Cloud Keys, Controllers, Switches and Routers to our Hotel, Construction office, Home and Museum environment. It makes a world of a difference to now be able to do a granular monitoring of our Wi-Fi services and be able to offer quality service over an enhanced bandwidth. From a distance, I personally can see how many clients are connected at all times, where they are connected, monitor how much bandwidth they are each pulling and react accordingly from a central location right at my hand tip, on a cell phone portal. This is power. It was a bit difficult initially to fully grasp and understand the concept, but now its life made simpler for our IT’s who know exactly what’s going on in all of our remote sites.

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    Great App, Great Products, Great Software!

    I set up a USG, Cloud Key, and UAP-AC-LR at my house over the weekend, without calling technical support from Ubiquiti or my ISP. I have no formal networking education. Your 12 year old could set this up by following the instructions, it really is THAT simple. And the amount of data and insight you get from the USG is simply stunning. This gives the average consumer, enterprise grade control over their networks. If you have a cloud key or a UniFi Controller running on your network at home, the app has access to everything I would be able to configure at home. Truly amazing remote capabilities and the app seems flawless so far. Will update as I get more time with it! Overall so far, 5/5 stars. Extremely satisfied!

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    Management App is very useful once network is up and configured

    The Unifi management app for iOS is very helpful and useful once the network is up and running. My particular use case for install - replacing an existing wifi network with a MAC-keyed cable modem - meant that the app was unable to handle the configuration workflow at install (to be fair the web app couldn’t either - its a limitation of the Unifi controller software in general, which doesn’t support MAC aliasing on the USG). The app however is well behaved on iOS and the deep packet inspection stats are quite useful. One star deducted for inability of the app to perform initial setup (had to SSH into the Security Gateway and reconfigure it via CLI as well as well as set up the network using a hardline Ethernet from a laptop). Day to day management tasks and the addition of NEW hardware to a running network is smooth.

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    Aesthetic over Function

    The 4.6 update is pretty, but it makes the app harder to use. Networks are complicated with many options. By making the UI big and pretty, it’s also a lot harder to guess where that setting you’re looking for is. If UniFi loves aesthetics, then make it an option. Kinda like how gmail has “comfortable” and “compact” modes. App continues to work well. Responding to developer response: thanks for the reply. When I said “networks” I didn’t mean the menu option, I meant networks in general. To be more specific, with my feedback though let’s consider the Gateway Services menu. I’m on an iPhone XS. Big screen. I can see only 4 full items. 4! There are only 11. So instead of being a bit more compact and seeing everything in one view, I have to scroll down. It’s subtle, but makes things so much more painful to find. I’m constantly scrolling up and down thinking “did I miss it, or is it on another screen?” And it’s inconsistent. On the previous “settings” menu there is room for 9 items. It also seems to have generous padding, but it’s ok as all the items are visible. And if it were my call, I’d put settings on the main menu bar and move statistics to “more,” but I’m sure you have data that supports your choice. For me, settings is used far more frequently.

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    Excellent Utility for Excellent Hardware

    After switching to Unifi access points, our network reliability improved almost an order of magnitude. With a combination of the Unifi Pro and Unifi LR (long range) user complaints have dropped to near zero. A good portion is due to this excellent app and a cloud key to manage the system. The app provides good detail on status, multiple log options, load statistics, and much more. One example of the many tools is the 'RF Environment' feature, which pointed out a significant outside interference on certain channels. By selecting RF channels away from the interference, dropouts and unexpected dead zones where eliminated. This one of the best apps for wireless networking professionals, and Unifi continues to improve it.

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    Well done UniFi!

    This app has nearly all features and functionality of the web-based Controller site (which there are many). I find that impressive, but more importantly, if I am in the field or any from my PC and need an answer on something quickly, this app comes through every time. My only suggestion for those of us who host our controllers on third-party cloud servers (if this is even possible), is to provide an app version of the web-based SSH function (the Controller’s per site settings require that “Advanced Features” box be checked for this), that does not require authentication to access the CLI for an AP or switch. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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    Ubiquiti always pulls through.

    I’ve been installing Ubiquiti networks for about 5 years now. At first I was just handed a bunch of equipment the first group of installers couldn’t figure out. It took a little research, and a lot of reading at first. I have now installed WiFi networks and point to point links all over our little island here in Port Aransas, TX. The network we installed at The Tarpon Inn & Roosevelt’s survived CAT4 Hurricane Harvey. It was probably the first network on the entire island to be restored after the storm (thanks to System 7 ISP being well prepared for Hurricane Season). As soon as power services were restored, we flipped the breaker switch, and all units came online within 5 minutes. 👍🤙

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    One of the best utility apps I have

    Obviously Ubiquiti is the cream of the crop when it comes to hardware: great performance, reliability, style, and value all at once. Their app shows the same level of quality and attention to users and details. I love how well designed it is and how it uses standard components and iOS patterns very well, with only a few unique UIs where needed. It feels Pro. But most importantly, it lets you do what you need to do with your network on the go, with the right functions you need on mobile but nothing you don’t. Clearly they’ve done their homework (user research) on what this should actually be, and worked hard to make it great. Awesome company.

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    Just works! As all my Ubiquiti products do!

    The app lets me do everything you would typically need to do while on a mobile device when it comes to monitoring and managing your network. I frequently use it to check the status of my APs, force reconnects on unruly devices (eg my WiFi-Thermostats), and get voucher codes for guests so they can log into my guest WiFi. I recommend downloading their other apps, most importantly the latest release: WiFiman (yes, that’s the name...). I’m using Ubiquiti products for a 1-family house with a detached stable and lots of land. Business users might have other requirements but I’m sure the app meets or exceeds those as well.

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    Still no fix for UDM Pro “new device” issue

    I’ve been hoping the last two updates would have fixed the issue where the app sees a new UDM Pro and wants to configure it. It’s been running since February. The UniFi Protect app does the same thing. I just have to keep closing the pop up every time I open the app. Really annoying for the Protect app. Update: I’ve been communicating with Ubiquiti support regarding the issue of the UDM Pro appearing with a pop-up wanting to set up even though it’s already configured and working. They will work on the fix for the next update but it only appears if you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone. So until a fix is complete, just ignore the pop-up.

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Is UniFi Network Safe?

Yes. UniFi Network is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,801 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for UniFi Network Is 63.8/100.

Is UniFi Network Legit?

Yes. UniFi Network is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,801 UniFi Network User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for UniFi Network Is 63.8/100.

Is UniFi Network not working?

UniFi Network works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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