Dunkin' Reviews

Dunkin' Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-29

Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! Order ahead
and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip
the wait in store. Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout,
drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by stor...

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Dunkin' Reviews

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    I’m a loyal Dunkin’ customer

    I have had so much problems with your app... I will reload it then I will get to the store to use my reward card and I get a app error message. It’s happened way to many times lately. When you first come out with this, it was working well, now I’m just wasting time on trying to get my $ off of my card account just because your not willing to finger out the problem consumers are having. We are on our way to work, appointments, etc and we don’t have any time to keep trying to get our funds off of your companies reward card account just because you have decided to change around your application. It’s not easy to use funds that you have already accounted for when we get to your facilities (restaurant) just to find out we are out of luck with using our DD Perks card because of technical difficulties. Can you please fix this problem. I’m going to have to find a new coffee shop (Coyote Coffee), it’s not about the money, it’s about service to constantly whose dependable on their perks card! I actually have no idea if you read these messages but I hope that you are. Thank you

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    Terrible function

    My biggest problem with this app is it rarely works. If you ask it to refresh and show the balance on your pre-loaded card, it constantly says the wrong balance according to what they scan at the register and say that I have. It’s told me before I had $12 for example, and the people scan at the register and say I have three. The rewards are practically worthless. I go there twice a week and I might get a free cup of coffee every other month. But none of that matters compared to trying to load my card with value. It should be simple but every single time I do it there’s a different problem either preventing me from putting value on, or showing me a screen that says there’s an error so that I do it over and over again end up with $60 added to my stupid Dunkin’ Donuts card. Then I go through an entire order on the go process and at the very end when I try to pay and be done with it it says my location doesn’t support ordering on the go. Do you think you could’ve maybe told me that beginning before I went through a ridiculous 30 steps to try to get an order in? Terrible terrible execution on this app. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t make this app function properly, never mind Be worthwhile to use.

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    So Many Times Not Working

    I want desperately to leave my Starbucks app and go to DD. Unfortunately, I have had so many issues with this app. At least 5 times I’ve tried to use it within less than a mile of DD stores and it can’t find any stores. (Yes, location services are on.) Other times, it indicates that the store in question doesn’t participate in order ahead even though I’ve used that store at least 50 times. Another time, it read insufficient funds even though there was more than enough on the app to cover the charge. Another time, I participated in the MasterPass special option to give a $10 DD card using MasterPass and get a $10 credit on your DD app/card. It didn’t work, I contacted DD 3 times via email and first got an automated answer explaining what MasterPass is. (Yes, I know...been using it quite a while.) The second response was from a person who basically copied and pasted the first response and I never received a response to the last email. I just feel like DD could get so much more business if they could work out all the kinks in the app. When I’ve asked about it at the stores, the employees acknowledged that they have a lot of customers saying the same thing, but they aren’t seeing much improvement either. Come on...help me ditch my Starbucks addiction and acquire a DD addiction. I’m willing...just waiting on an app that works more than 50% of the time.

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    Consistent issues

    My app freezes, has a fancy “favorites” feature but when I try to use it to reorder I get an error message that it can’t add it to my order right now. It’s just a medium ice coffee-nothing special or seasonal. It will let you add everything to your order and then tell you that it can’t process it now. The Dunkin’ Donuts I used to go to regularly just stacks all the orders in a small spot so several times only half of my order is there when I get there and I end up having to ask someone for help and I’m in the store longer than people who didn’t order through the app. My order isn’t large, sometimes two drinks and a sandwich but something is missing or someone accidentally took it. When I’ve ordered seasonal flavors if they’ve run out the app doesn’t tell you. I ordered a pumpkin ice coffee and was very upset when I got to work and realized they put no flavor in my coffee because they were out of pumpkin but the app made it look available. Plain Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee with no flavor or no sugar is not very appetizing and i has to just dump it. I thought the app would make me go to DD more often but I actually go less. Even when you earn a free drink if you wanted something special like an almond milk or turbo shot they charge you extra for it. So the free drink reward is really a limited free drink reward. Come on DD. You can do better than this! I’d like to be a regular again.

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    Good idea. Bad execution

    This app is a great idea. It lets you order whatever you want from Dunkin' and skip the line. Just run in and get it, leaving all the other customers in the line wondering why they didn't order ahead instead of waiting in a long line. HOWEVER, the actual execution of this app falls short of all the hype and promise. The auto reload function has been completely disabled, which in the long run has saved me money since I've stopped going as much. I have chosen a Dunkin' as my store for pick up but when I hit the confirm start my order button I noticed it defaulted to a totally different location. This has happened at least 4 times. I have ordered a 2 coffee order 15 min ahead and yet neither coffee was made when I entered the location (this happens more than not). I have received strange combos when ordering a turbo shot for an iced coffee. The turbo shot came on the side in a small paper cup. I have been told what I'm getting is what I ordered when I can look at the receipt and see they clearly messed up my coffee but refuse to change it. I have changed my go to location thinking it was just the employees at the store messing up my order. I can go on. Instead I have chosen to use up my few remaining free coffee coupons and find a new way to get my coffee in the morning or any time of day.

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    App forces user to give up credit card info

    My wife went to the closest location to get bagged coffee for home, and they didn’t have our favorite. I decided to try using the app to search nearby stores in order to find the next closest location with our favorite coffee. Much to my surprise the Dunkin Donuts app won’t allow customers to use any part of the app without giving up credit/debit card info. Unfortunately, because we buy several bags for ourselves and other family, this and rude staff at more than one nearby location has us discussing switching our coffee choice to a competitor. The only answer to this is an all inclusive one. Many people have mobile devices, but don’t have credit/debit cards. Many others don’t want to give up their credit/debit card information for obvious reasons. Those customers should not be excluded from at least being able to shop their local stores. The number and type of poor reviews about this app, and other customer service issues mentioned is a direct reflection of how disconnected Dunkin Donuts management is from their customer base. If they continue to fail their customers they will certainly join companies like Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr., Pizza Hut, etc. which are becoming dinosaurs due to their inability to effectively comprehend their customers desires.

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    Love this app

    I think this app is a great idea! I love that I can order ahead of time and my order is ready when I get there. I believe that this app can go through some improvements, though. For a week, I have ordered from one location, but somehow, the app defaulted to another location. So, I had to sit and wait at the window for my order to be put together. Twice, in the past week, I drive up to the window to get my order, and they are out of everything. So, now what? I have to sit and wait for my alternate decisions, and even so, my order still doesn't come out right. One of the improvements I think this app should have, is to list items that are available to order, per location. If someone ran out of a product, I think it should be listed on the app. Waiting to get to the store to find out they ran out of everything you ordered, is a complete waste of time. 15 minutes is the most time I waited for my order, and I was late for work.

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    Love the idea, but ...the stores don’t execute

    I got this app thinking it would be as awesome as a certain competitor’s app. You order and pay ahead, then just pop in and pick up your ready-made order at the counter. That’s how it works with the competition’s app. Except no. The Dunkin’ shop doesn’t put the order together until you get there. There is only one Dunkin’ near me, and due to their long lines and constantly getting my coffee and food orders wrong, I seldom go there. Seeing this app, I thought I’d try them again for a very early office meeting. I needed a couple dozen donuts and some donut holes and a coffee w/cream and sugar. Simple stuff. I ordered the night before for drive thru pickup. Because the app only confirms during store hours, the next morning I confirmed and tapped “on my way” on the app about 20 mins before I actually arrived at the shop. When I showed up at the drive-thru, they said they had received my order but I had to pull into the parking lot and wait. It was at least an additional 8 minutes before they brought it out, and huffily at that. Unpacking at the office I realized they shorted me the number of donut holes I ordered, even though the correct number was clearly listed on the receipt. Turns out a great concept and app can’t fix a shop with consistently poor customer service.

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    Great when it works, worthless when it doesn’t.

    I loved this app so much that I told friends and coworkers about it. But for the past few months, I have not been able to load value from a credit/debit card or even from a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Every so often I try again, but as of this morning I’m still getting app error when trying to add value. My cards have been hit multiple times on occasion but still did not add value in the app. Then calling the customer service number is ridiculous. The call wait time said about 30 minutes and was well over an hour. This is not an exaggeration. I only stayed on hold waiting only because my card had been charged six times for the value I was trying to add in the app and it still did not show any value added. When I finally did speak with someone I was told I’d have to wait for the charges to just fall off. They did but it took a few days. Not even sure why it charged me when the app said it wasn’t completed. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that didn’t fix it. Seriously this app is worthless if you can’t even add value with an already paid for Dunkin’ gift card. I waited before leaving this review hoping they get it together and fix the issue but it hasn’t happened.

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    Worst mobile ordering app ever

    I’ve seen college kids build better ordering apps, that actually work. The location settings are completely bogus, searching for a location manually hardly ever works, reverts you automatically to the wrong DD. The actual ordering, sure add everything to your checkout cart, might HAVE TO ADD IT 5 times before it actually appears in your order. Then it takes forever to process the order, which for me it hardly ever does and I’m using high speed data or even on great WiFi, always an issue. Never an issue when they want to add money to your card though, they great that as soon as you hit confirm but try to confirm an order and it takes forever. Today I tried for 15 minutes to simply order one thing, didn’t work. Then I was logged out, try to log in says all my details were wrong...they weren’t, change my password anyway, I sign in on the browser website works fine, sign into the app, error... What a crock. Save your time and sanity, coffee costs the same at Starbucks, any handcrafted drinks may be $2 more but honestly it’s worth it, the Starbucks app never fails and the rewards come quicker. Load $20 at Starbucks you’ve got a fair amount of drinks and will have 2-3 free drinks in between. Once this money on my card and my birthday reward are redeemed, deleting this crap for good.

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    Terrible updating and mobile order abilities

    The app does not update accurately with the amount that is still available on you DD perks card. It does not update at the time of purchase as I have been waiting 15 min plus to see how much is left. Furthermore I went into the app and looked before mobile ordering to see how much I had on my card. Then when I went to go order it had change from $10 to $6 or just decided to update from weeks ago and I had to load more money. Then I try to submit my order and I get an in app error saying they are unable to complete it. Then I go the the Dunkin’ to make an in store order and when I am waiting at the pick up area there is a mobile order for me, the one the app said did not go through. So then I look at the app to see my balance, however I can’t tell if they charged me for the mobile order because the balance has not adjusted for my in store purchase let alone the mobile order. With all of these inaccuracies, it makes me want to spend more on Starbucks because at least when I pay it updates automatically right after I order. The only portion that takes a little longer showing is their rewards. Overall the Dunkin app just makes a simple task complicated because of its inability to function properly.

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    This app keeps charging me twice when i reload my card!

    The app is great as far as being able to order and not standing on a long line every morning, especially for dunkin donuts with really slow employees. I no longer have to leave my house earlier and risk being late to work depending on the pace of the employee behind the counter and the amount of people waiting in line. However, when i re load my card through the app thats hooked up to my bank card it charges me twice! I always have to call my bank and explain to them so they can refund me. This happened again yesterday. Its about the 6th time they have over charged me. Now my bank is telling me to contact the app creator and they are not removing the double charge! Who ever created this app needs to fix this issue. For example, i hit add $10 to my card and i am getting charged 2 $10 fess from my bank with only one $10 charge available on the dunkin app to spend. On another occasion i added $10 and it only showed up as adding $4 on the dunkin card when $4 was not even an option! These quirks need to be fixed. I don’t like throwing money away and i am sure no one else does either!

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    Select Drive through as pick up option if you want an order to be pre-made

    New user of app here. It needs to be clearly communicated that if you are pre-ordering via the app that your expectation is that your order will be ready when you arrive. Right? Isn’t that the point of pre-ordering? This is only the case if you select pick up in store, if you select drive through then they actually don’t start making your order until you arrive in the drive through line and inform them you are there to pick up a pre-order made through the app. What’s the whole point then of the pre-order then? You are not saving any time, you can place your order when you arrive in the drive through line like everyone else. I was not told this which made for a very frustrating experience Since I placed a large order for a meeting that I needed to be at early in the morning. I placed the pre-order and select a drive-through expecting to be able to pick up my order already prepared in the drive-through line. That is not the case if you want to pre-order and save time you MUST select pick up in store otherwise they will not start making your order until you arrive in the drive-through line.

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    There are 4 main problems with the app. 1. They don’t actually prepare your order until you get there no matter how much notice they have so you aren’t really saving time. 2. You have to load their DD card with money before you order and this is how you pay for the order. So DD always gets a few extra dollars because it’s impossible to pre-load down to the penny. While it’s a scam for their customers, I’m sure this adds up quite nicely for them. 3. What you order on the app is not necessarily what you’ll get bc the individual store may be out of what you ordered or just not have it that day. For example, I ordered a dozen donuts and picked out what I wanted in the box. When I got there they kept insisting I only ordered 8 - apparently the other 4 they don’t carry. Once they realized I had indeed paid for 12 this caused confusion. I kept saying I didn’t care, just pick 4 at random & eventually the message got thru, but it was yet more time wasted. 4. You can only order 1 dozen donuts at a time in the app. If you want more you need to completely finish 1 order (including telling them you are ready to pick it up) before starting another. This makes no sense. The point is to make things faster, especially for large orders that would slow down the line, not only the the customer within the big order but for everyone in line behind them. Great idea; poor execution. Maybe DD should study some other, more user friendly apps, like Chipotle, and try again.

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    On the go ordering

    I am a frequent user of on the go ordering. However, there is a glitch in the process. I submit my order and I say I'm driving through and I am prompted with a question asking if I am ready to pick it up because they want to make sure my order is freshly prepared. However, when I get to the drive-thru, my order is never ready. It is only ready if I say I'm going inside. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Obviously, if I'm ordering on the go I am wanting it to be available quickly. And I'm driving through because I don't have time to run into the store. It seems like a contradiction that the order would be ready if I say I am walking in but not when I'm going to the drive thru. My feeling is that if I say yes, I am ready to pick up and I have submitted the order, my card gets charged regardless of whether or not I show up. In my opinion, The order should be ready whether I walk in or go through the drive-thru.

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Is Dunkin' Safe?

No. Dunkin' does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 400,741 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dunkin' Is 15.2/100.

Is Dunkin' Legit?

No. Dunkin' does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 400,741 Dunkin' User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dunkin' Is 15.2/100.

Is Dunkin' not working?

Dunkin' works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Kimberly Anne Nealey
Apr 07 2021

The "order ahead" is useless when there is not place to park to go inside to pick up and the drive thru line is 30 minutes long. . . found it amusing that the app warned me not to place order too soon. . took me 10 minutes to get there. . . 30 minutes in line to pick up a watered down coffee from the ice and a cold breakfast sandwich. . . the app is useless unless Dunkin wants to set out a kiosk outside for those who order ahead. . .cold, hard sandwich is not what I had in mind this morning.

By RJ Farrell
Feb 03 2021

First time I used the app it failed. I ordered nine items, picked up three, two items were wrong, charged for nine. When I called the store for credit, I was told that I had to come inside the store to discuss it with the manager?
My order was accepted on line! My payment was accepted on line, but a credit could not be processed on line? With COVID, I will not be going in store to get my credit.....thanks

By Laura
Jan 09 2021

This app seems to ALWAYS have something wrong with it, all last month you couldnt review order history, now thats fixed, there is some glitch in the system where my coffee that I get every day keeps changing price, and now the app wont let me use any of my credit/debit cards....my husband has the same issue on his app. I decided to contact dunkin via email, explaining my issue and providing a screen shot of the error and they tell me I need to call them! I provided all the information needed and even sent the error code, what more could they possibly want to ask me??

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