Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Reviews

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

Greenlight is a debit card and app for managing family finances. With the
Greenlight app, kids and parents have companion apps with two different
experiences. Kids can save, earn, invest, spend and give — with parent
approval on every transaction. Parents can choose the exact stores wher...

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Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Reviews

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    Great customer service!

    Our kids received these cards for Christmas and they are loving the independence it brings! I had an issue where my child’s phone number had changed and was now my other child’s number and I couldn’t find a way to change this on the app so I emailed customer service and they respond the next day and got the info to change the info in the system. Very friendly, very thorough, very fast service!! Would recommend this to everyone!! Now my daughter can stop trying to buy things with handfuls of change she finds lol she can give the change to us and we put the amount on her card!!! Edit- we have had these cards for over a year now! Loving them even more with the new savings options!! Our kids can see how close or far they are from a special savings goal. PLUS now we can give their grandparents links to send them money straight to their cards for gifts!! No more lost birthday money!! We had old savings accounts for them at a bank but they aren’t even used now. The kids love being able to manage their own money at a glance in the app! Have used customer service a couple more times and have still been helped promptly and they are extremely nice!!

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    Almost there but could use a couple of added features

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of this app and the card to go with it. We’re super excited to start using it. BUT here are the things that could give it a 5 star rating.... 1. Add the ability for 2 parent wallets for the kids cards. With the world today and the divorce rate, there are so many split households so having the ability for each family to have access to the kids cards would be amazing! I even think you could double your profit by charging $5 per parent wallet. 2. Having the ability to require a chore to be completed for the kids to get paid their allowance. I chose to go with this app because of the debit card feature but a friend of mine has a different app where he can assign chores which are “required for allowance”. If those chores are not completed, they don’t get their allowance. He can then also assign chores which are assigned extra money and can be redeemed as well (which I know is also a feature of Greenlight). 3. Last, I think there should be a parent approval process so the kids can be held accountable for what they are saying they completed before the allowance goes out. Those are the things that would really help our family and I’m sure other families out there. Hopefully these things can be implemented soon so we can use the app to the fullest. Thank you for your consideration!

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    A 9 year-old that loves shopping

    Well I’m nine years-old and my mom got me this card. So the only reason why I have this card is because my uncle had recently not really but like 1 year ago he had made my cousins which are his children these nice cards and then he made my twin cousins one and then he made their older sister one. So I basically was a little bit jealous that they had a debit card with no money, but I realized that if I asked my mom for one it would be more likely that she puts the money that I get on Chinese New Year from my dad. So then I kept begging her until one day she did it and you guys sent me a message to join my mom, but she wanted it to be a surprise, but it still was because I don’t have my notifications on so I looked at my messages and saw it. Then I was so excited and when it got mailed my mom gave it to me and I put it in my wallet, but she still hasn’t put in the money because I recently just have gotten it. I recommend this debit card for kids that like to explore and learn how to count money. Also my 5 year-old cousin has one of these and hasn’t spent a thing. I highly suggest everyone trying this debit card for kids. Thanks Greenlight!!! -Nathalie-Stefania-Loo-Ramirez

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    Great ideas, great app!

    My daughter is 11 (received her card at 10) and loves having her own debit card! The app is easy to use and functions well. I love that it reduces the likelihood of her losing cash. I do wish there were a kids version of the app she could have on her phone to keep track of her account balance without allowing the full level of access parents have to the accounts. But my biggest complaint right now is the time it takes for funds to deposit from a funding acct into the parent account. It used to be shorter and now it takes almost a full work week. We have definitely reduced use of the program for this reason as some spending decisions are made in a smaller time frame and there isn’t time to wait for the slow funding process. There have also been times when my child was on a field trip and did not have enough money for something, but I could not add money directly to her account unless it was already in my parents account. Funding it from my bank at that time to my parents account would’ve taken days when I only had minutes. In those situations she had to go without, because I was not present and the process takes too long. Please change this back to the immediate funds access you used to have.

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    Great Customer Service

    I just signed up for Greenlight however I confused it with another service that had feature I really thought would benefit my child. I am always nervous when canceling required a phone call, because it usually includes some really pushy attempts to make you stay. My husband was on the phone with one company over two hours trying to cancel. It’s scarred us for life! (Haha) So I braced myself and called Greenlight to cancel. After one man took my general information and then told me he was transferred me to the cancellation department, I automatically thought, oh great here we go. My defenses went up and I was ready to battle. Turns out Greenlight plans to add the feature I wanted in a couple months and was willing to give me discount in order to stay and have the opportunity to compare the two services. Being in defense mode, I wasn’t open to staying.... and I will say the guy on the phone was not remotely pushy and was super nice. The second I hung up I asked myself why I didn’t stay. I have had so many horrible customer service experiences, especially when trying to cancel a service it actually caught me off guard to have nice genuine customer service.

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    Most helpful app ever

    We don't do allowance in our house, but we do have jobs the kids (3 teenagers) can do for money. I was really struggling to manage the pay outs, as I always had to have lots of small bills on hand. Then the kids would turn around and give me the cash because they mostly buy things online. It was a total logistical nightmare. Enter Greenlight. It is the perfect balance between simplicity and features. I got the account setup in a few minutes, cards came a few days later. I have scheduled transfers setup for the kids job pay. I can also add additional money to their cards with three clicks if they do something extra. It's easy to take money away if I need to doc their pay for any reason. Everything in life should be this easy! I just had to replace a lost card. It took less then 5 minutes on the automated phone system. First lost card is free. So far, everything on this app is fast, easy, and works perfectly. This was a great idea for an app and implemented very, very well. It saves me a ton of headache every week. Thanks Greenlight!!

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    Love it - just one thing missing to make it 5 stars

    Love this app - tell everyone about it and I love all the added features with the new update. We have one request, can you please add the ability to search/sort deposits within each child’s individual section. Currently you can search (each child’s account individually) and sort transactions by date and store however there isn’t a way to do the same for “deposits” (unless I’m overlooking it somewhere). I know we can view funding history for the parents wallet but this requires the user to literally go line by line to view each and without any sorting options to select either by child or date we have to write down and keep tally when needed. I believe most users would find it most helpful if you could add options to search for this information. We’d like to be able to go into an individual child’s “account” and for example also be able to search/view all deposits/money added from parents wallet for a given time period and just for the individual child. I hope I’ve made clear what the is missing and requested. Please let me know if not. Thanks!

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    It’s awesome

    6 months in and our 11 year old and 9 year old are 100% on board. My 11 year had a couple crisp 100 dollar bills he’s been saving for a long time now. He asked me to move 100 into green light. We made a choice to pay 5% interest so our kids can learn.. a couple days later my kid says, “Dad, I want to move my the rest of money into Greenlight because it’s not doing anything in the safe, at greenlight I’ll make interest on it.” Awesome lessons to experience at such an early age. Our kids hated the old school savings account deal. They would get money from gma or family, we would give them the old line about putting it in savings, then they would never see the money again. Sure they had savings accounts, but they were not learning anything about money and saving. With greenlight, it’s all interactive at a level they understand - with serious parental control that makes me feel comfortable. Our kids also use the earn function a lot.. if they want something we have them put in at least some work for it. We started out with 100 dollars in the parents account just to see how it would go. Now that we’re more comfortable with how it works, etc. we’re all in. Highly recommend this! Only drawback I can see right now is that my 9 year old doesn’t have a phone. She can still participate and have a debit card, but can’t experience the kid app side of this. Honestly it’s fine though because we can show her what’s going on with her account and explain it in real time.

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    Complicated to Activate!

    After 4 emails back and forth and 3 phone calls, we may finally have a working card. The app makes the process sound easy but it doesn’t tell you that if you and your spouse have a joint banking account, their information must be submitted when initially setting up the account or the account gets frozen with no notification to you. Your card arrives in the mail with simple instructions to activate it in the app. When you try to do so, you get an error message that makes no sense and doesn’t tell you that your account is frozen or why. I then had to email a picture of my husband’s ID, add him to the account, and he was to get a text linking him to the account. After 3 tries he still didn’t receive a text. I call customer support again, go through 10 security questions and the agent says she’s activated the account. Then she sees there’s a freeze on my account so I have to talk to a higher level. Ten more security questions and a long hold time with this person and now I MAY have a working card. Way too much hassle and all along I assume I’ve been paying $5 a month and the money I loaded from my bank account to my parent wallet on the app has been inaccessible to me. I hope it gets better from here!!!

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    Best Youth Debit Card

    I enthusiastically recommend Greenlight to every family looking for a debit card for their child. We have been using this card for several years and it is perfect. I have the ability to link my child’s card to funds that I transfer from my own account, and release the money to her as she needs it. The controls in the app allow you to monitor all activity on the child’s card and limit both the type and amount of approved expenditures. The card can be immediately disabled through parental controls. I receive notification of every expenditure, and the app will inform my child of deposits to her account. The card has a function that allows for automatic payment of allowances, if desired. There is also a savings and charitable donation feature. This is the perfect debit card solution for our family! The developers of this app thought of everything! Highest recommendation!

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    Great App. Fatal Flaw- no security.

    I’ve been keeping track of my kids earning and spending with a spreadsheet on my phone, but you can imagine when life gets busy it can be weeks before I update things, and often I would forgot to add items. I was about to open a bunch of child checking accounts for our kids when a friend told me about Greenlight. I downloaded it and set it up and I really like it except for one MAJOR problem. Once you login to the app for the first time there is no password protection. Anyone who might be using your phone can see and move money in and out of you checking account. This is not okay. The chances of someone having my phone with ill intent is small but not zero. Maybe my teenager borrows my phone for something and is tempted to go in and move some money around. This app has direct access to my checking account and debit card, it NEEDS to be password protected. All of my other banking/financial apps use Face ID or a password for security every time I open the app. This app needs that kind of security. A banking app with no security? Otherwise I like everything about it. I hope they can add this feature otherwise I will have to close our account.

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    Fantastic App!

    Before coming across this app, purchases online for me were quite difficult. I would have the cash myself, but my parents either didn't have the time or didn't have the money in their bank account to make the purchase. This was disappointing at times especially when trying to buy an item on sale. Then we sparked the idea of individual bank accounts for my siblings and I and came across Greenlight. Greenlight is a fancy app that allows parents to allocate funds into child accounts. It allows me to purchase items online and in stores whenever I want, without the worry of my parents lack of time or money. Parents can also restrict where money is spent and add interest to a savings account. My siblings, parents, and I all agree that this has made giving us kids payment for work so much easier. I highly suggest this app to any who come across it.

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    Was excited until...

    After trying unsuccessfully to find a bank that will allow a 12 yr old to open an account, I discovered this app. I was super excited because it would’ve solved all of the issues with our son earning money with small jobs for neighbors, and be allowed to spend it at approved stores, etc. However, I was very disappointed to discover that they charge a monthly fee for service. It would cost us $60 a year, which simply doesn’t work for us. I deleted the app and am so disappointed. I’d rather pay a small fee up front for the app and the debit cards, then the service be free. Response to your reply: Our bank doesn’t charge any fees of any sort unless we are overdrawn. We would love to do these cards but not with a regular fee attached. Especially since we have four kids. The fee would be quadrupled.

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    Great learning opportunity

    I love this concept for kids, teens and young adults. I think learning about money, finances, interest and taxes should be taught to our children at an early age so they can develop and learn good financial skills growing up in a very entitled generation. This has given me the opportunity to show my kids how to earn money, save money and learn to spend their money more wisely. It allows them to see how their money is being used. It’s a great motivator for them. One thing, I wish there was an option for the kids to be able to pay the parents back or have money go back into the parents account. If they don’t have their card with them and know they have money and want to “borrow” from mom or dad and then repay us when they can, would be a great additional feature. I know having the card with them is most ideal, however with younger kids they don’t always think to bring the card with them everywhere.

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    Great idea, shabby execution

    The advertised convenience and the concept are great. But the funding functionality does not align with the terms and conditions. For example, the card terms say you can fund the parent account up to $300/month by direct bank transfer (ACH). But I’ve only been able to transfer $200 over the past two months combined, and every further attempt gives me a red box warning that says I’ve exceeded the limit for the month. My email to customer service 8 days ago has gone unanswered (except for the auto-reply confirming they got it). This seems to be a set-up to get you to give a debit card number for another account as a funding source instead. I was so concerned this was a possible fraud that I had to reconfirm that my research recommend this was from reputable sources. The app is also glitchy. When asked to create a PIN, for example, it will freeze multiple times before finally working with the same number. I’ll remain a tentative user hoping they figure things out with the next update.

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Is Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Safe?

No. Greenlight Debit Card for Kids does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 167,622 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Is 17.7/100.

Is Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Legit?

No. Greenlight Debit Card for Kids does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 167,622 Greenlight Debit Card for Kids User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Is 17.7/100.

Is Greenlight Debit Card for Kids not working?

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Christopher Basta
Apr 03 2021


I got this card for my 11 year old son and I got this card because I thought it would be safe from hackers because it's for KIDS!! BUT NOPE, GOT HACKED!!
I spoke to customer service a few times and got the run around and lots of bull shit!!
Green light would not refund me my $102.41 that was hacked..
A real bank will refund you from hackers..

By Heidi
Mar 26 2021

I got Greenlight for my son. I have had to call customer service every month, since he's had it, with a problem. Then, the Apps on both of our phones, just stopped working, altogether. I did everything their technical support told me to do, and nothing helped. I finally just gave up and cancelled the account.

By Tamar
Mar 04 2021

I am concerned about the fee. When I initially signed up. I was not aware that a 4.99 fee monthly was associated with this account.
Please assist with clarity of this fee and what alternatives are there to maintaining this account without a fee.

By Kathryn A Gregory
Mar 03 2021

I ordered a Greenlight Debit Card for my Grandsons Birthday in January and haven't received it yet. Its March and I finally got to speak with someone on the phone and to verify my account I was asked questions about where did I live in the 90's. They are also taking fees out and I haven't received the card let alone use it yet. At this point I would just like a refund be I probably won't get it because I no longer have my PayPal account because all of the recurring fees that I never knew about. With the Pandemic it's a struggle for everyone but for these companies to take advantage of us small people is very selfish of them. PLEASE SEND ME MY MONEY BACK GREENLIGHT!!!

By Dana
Oct 20 2020

I have been using Greenlight for my 12 year old and I absolutely love it! It’s easier to give my child money and teach her how to make smart financial decisions. Check it out by signing up with the referral link below (or use code 9bPhSrvZJab) and we’ll both get $10!

By Vicki Ashley
Aug 31 2020

Great Concept but poor execution.

This card might be good for younger kids but it is terrible for teenagers. There are no local ATMs so kids pay fees of $3-$5 to get $20 cash. Customer service emails take days to respond and the card is declined 25% of the time even when there is plenty of money in the account. I tried to close my account, received confirmation that the account was closed and never received my money back. It took 2 extra calls and I’m hoping to get my money returned soon. Use your local bank or credit union - most banks have accounts designed for kids and they don’t cost $5 per month.

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