Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Reviews

Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-08

Carla is a car rental app comparing 900 companies including Hertz, Avis, Budget,
Dollar, Thrifty, Sixt and many local rent a car companies. Featured on USA
TODAY, Techcrunch, Boston Globe, Travel Pulse and AutoRental News. We also show
amazing hotel deals.  How can Carla help you to boo...

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Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Reviews

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    Awesome service!

    I travel between cities very often, carla made my life more convenient, with carla i didn’t have to worry about paying expensive insurance fees, filling up the gas nor having to wash the car. Once you book the car, you get it on time and the service is beyond what you were expecting, i like how easy it is to get the car as it’s hassle free, and even better once you give it back the staff are reasonable and comprehensive. The price is way cheaper than other car services and the cars are really in an excellent condition.. You will never have to worry if your car broke down in the middle of no where, the inside and outside is brand new and clean always, interior smells good and fresh You guys have redefined car rental , keep up the great work.

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    Very Convenient & Useful

    Super convenient app when you need to rent a car fast and with minimal headaches this is the app for you! I have yet to have any issues and there is no nagging or annoying notifications. With an accurate selection of vehicles and a wide verity of providers some I’ve herd of some I haven’t renting a car could not be any easier. I will be sharing this app with my family and friends. Incredibly easy to use user interface bug free and flawless performance. I will be using again to rent my car next week for my yearly trip to Portland Oregon. Has many useful features Like integration with Siri the ability to rent a car on the go from virtually anywhere on the planet could not be more straight forward!!!

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    Complete and Total rip-off. Avoid this App like the plague!

    I attempted to rent a car through the App. Received no confirmation email. I could not verify the reservation either through the app or wit the rental car company itself. A week before my scheduled trip, I checked the reservation through the app, and I find not only has the vendor changed (from National to Hertz) but the confirmation number has changed and the rental location is no where near the airport. In attempting to cancel the reservation using the app's own function, I repeatedly get the message that the confirmation number is not valid. And, of course, no customer service phone number and no response to emails. I'm going to make it my mission in life to put these scam artists out of business. Beware Carla. She will take your money and leave you heartbroken! UPDATE I received an email explaining that they had manually cancelled my reservation. Providing no charges appear in my bill, I'll accept their attempt to mollify me and appreciate the service.

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    Just great

    I need to fly regularly because of my job, and sometimes I need a car in a foreign city. Since I discovered Carla, it's been really easy and convenient to pick cars. I don't need to wait in lines anymore, I'm not being bullied by salesmen at counters, I'm not forced into buying extras I don't really need anymore. Carla is really transparent in their rental experience. I freely pick the car I want, and can refuse any extras without being bothered by scare-tactics they employ at rental counters. Just once I had a problem with a car from Carla, a minor accident, and Caroline was kind enough to call the insurance people for me as I had no idea what to do. I must have used it 7-8 times since I discovered it. Just great!

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    I’ve had good luck

    I’ve had good luck with Carla in the past, all car rentals have gone smoothly, no issues with getting a car at the various airports we’ve rented from. I even booked for the wrong airport one time and was allowed to cancel the reservation with no issues. My reason for four stars is because the “total” part of the “advertisement” used to be the grand total at the end of everything and now it’s not. For example, when it shows the car, it says “$212 total” but when I click on that car to select it, the payment page shows “pay now: $212// pay at counter: $87// total: $303”. Maybe it’s just me with my first world problems but I guess I don’t understand why it’s like this, if it says total in the beginning, that should be the total at the end.

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    Great Car Rental App

    Overall, I am well pleased with my experience with both installing and registering for a car rental. There were a great selection of car availabilities in multiple locations around my area. The customer service was also incredible; they reached out to me even before I completed the car registration. They were very polite and professional. The experience was much better than typical experiences with large companies such as Hertz and Enterprise. My first car rental experience from Carla has been perfect so far and I have no complaints. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for competitive rates on car rentals.

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    Beautifully Designed

    Carla is a very well designed app that allows easy car rental searches with very simplistic pick up and drop off services. I have had my fair share of terrible car rental services both online and in person and this by far is one of the best that I have come across. The low prices are also a big pointer for me as it makes getting a car affordable for those on a pinch or for people looking to save a few extra bucks. I highly recommend this to parents also as the carseat feature is a big plus and one less thing to worry about!

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    Awesome support & Local companies

    I love Carla because of two main features - personalized customer support & local car rental companies. I planned a road trip in Europe this summer. I rented many cars in US yet I didn't know much about driving in Europe. Laura helped me out with my endless questions. She even made recommendations based on her personal experience. I reserved a fullsize SUV for the price of a midsize car. Couldn't have been better. It's great to see local car rental companies on the app. I always want to support local businesses. I can easily access to local companies and lower prices. Sometimes, there are unbelievable prices. I will make my rating 5 stars when there are more local companies. :)

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    Car rental simplified

    I never thought booking and renting a car could be so easy! I absolutely love Carla. I have so many choices of different cars and they have all the major carriers and some I’ve never herd of. It’s so easy to use you can literally book a rental anywhere anytime. I’ve used Carla many times and never not even once have I had any issues and to top it off it’s not like most car rental apps it has no imposing advertising or annoying notifications. For me Carla is all I need they literally have thought of everything. 100% recommended!

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    Time Saver!

    As a frequent traveler, finding an app that would ensure the best deal before my arrival was a challenge. I would book a vehicle and often receive additional fees. Having an app that can broker the best rate amongst the many companies available at my destination saves me so much time. With a swipe of a finger, the Carla App allows users to quickly sort and identify the best selection for your budget. In all, the sleek features, consolidated deals and most importantly the time you save make renting your next vehicle effortless. Check out the Carla Car Rental App today!

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    App needs a little tweaking for clarity

    Great concept and easy to use. Started very smoothly but the pick up location was about about 30 miles from the anticipated site so had to shuttle back to airport and take train then walk about a mile to the actual pick up site. The extra travel made me two hours late to the actual pick up location which required I pay for the next available size car. The rest of the experience was great. Good price, etc.... I’ll definitely give Carla another chance.

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    Don’t waste Your time.

    In the app there is an option to click... the under 25 option so of course I clicked it because I’m only 24. The issue is that when I went to pick up my rental that was advertised as $260 with my “age option” in mind is was actually going cost me over $600 for the rental because....well I’m not 25. This option should display some sort of indication of having to pay such a substantial amount of money if you are under the age of 25 and instead of notifying their customer of that I got charged the stupid $2.59 reservation fee plus I drove over there to not get a rental car. This is a very misleading app what’s the under 25 button there For anyway? It didn’t help me or notify me of any additional costs exceeding the actual price of the rental!

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    Top notch service

    Pretty fast and simple car rental app to save your hard earned dollars. I would say clean to describe Carla. You can see all the car rental companies at discounted rates. No unnecessary information, just focusing on the vital stuff. No already checked boxes as well so that you don't end up with optional services. I love that they show the total for my trip. It is much easier to compare. I don't appreciate other websites, apps showing just the rental charge and then adding all types of fees making your total 2x.

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    Car rental made cheap & fast! 🚗👍

    I am a frequent US traveler. I guess I saved over $1000 compared to counter rates. Carla has great car rental deals. I just saved $300 on a minivan rental at Los Angeles Airport. Before discovering Carla, I checked all rent a car company websites and apps to find a rental car. This app is a time and money saver. I can rent with all the major brands at a fraction of the price. Up to now, I rented at Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston, Denver and Miami. Pick up process is always smooth. I usually get free upgrades. Overall, excellent!

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    Zero Customer Support, Lies

    The Carla app will mislead you into thinking you rented a specific car category only to find out the app and confirmation emails that say Chevy Tahoe and show pictures of a Chevy Tahoe do not get you a Chevy Tahoe. Instead it’s bait and switch. Even the good people at budget and hertz both said they app is misleading people every day, saying one thing in the app but deceptively reserving your a lesser car category than what is shown. If you need Carla customer support ASAP because your are at the rental car counter and there is a huge issue, good luck, you nothing but a submit a help request ticket systems she gets your one automated response per day. STAY AWAY FROM THIS App, use kayak, or go directly to rental car carriers to avoid this bs.

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Is Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Safe?

Yes. Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,696 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Is 52.8/100.

Is Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Legit?

Yes. Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,696 Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car Is 52.8/100.

Is Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car not working?

Carla Car Rental - Rent a Car works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 15 Comments

By Lia
Jun 12 2021

DO NOT rent a car from this app!!!! STAY AWAY! Sh*t is TRASH!
Okay so my story is that I made it to the airport. I got lost because I didn’t know where I was supposed to go to pick up the car. I paid over $500 to rent the car, by the way. After a while I found out where I was supposed to pick it up. Okay, boom! I made it to the car rental place and the lady told me I would have to pay an extra 500 f*cking dollars for the deposit & also extra money (stopped listening after she said I would have to pay $500 more dollars) for something else... I’m DEFINITELY gonna get my money back—one way or another... this is ridiculous!

By Fathia
May 30 2021

I don’t need anything other than to return my money back, I cancelled my reservations before 48 hours as their policy and I should get my full deposits, but still not got it. Also I had credit balance which they are not letting me use it against my new reservations, I really don’t know how to get my money back from them. Please help

By Fathia
May 30 2021

Horrible Horrible Horrible dont even bother using this rip off of a app , also they have no customer service number to call , after many emails, someone replied back but still can’t get money back please safe yourself and NEVER WILL I EVER USE THIS GARBAGE THING Called Carla 😡👎🏽

By Stephanie Hare
May 10 2021

This app charged my credit card 481.11 without my consent. I talked to customer service they assured me a refund within 10 days. That was in November and it is now May. I can't get through to any customer service and every e mail I send either no response or close my ticket. It's obvious I never rented a car so give me my money back. Horrible business. Don't use this app ever!

By Single Mother
Apr 26 2021

By far the worst car rental company I've ever had to deal with me my entire life they robbed me of $444 and refused to give me a refund because of supposedly a no show,funny thing is I booked the rental with a debit card so when I went to go pick it up and pay with a debit card, I was unable to due to the fact that I had no flight itinerary

By Sean Carmichael
Mar 27 2021

If you have been victimised by Carla Rent a car please contact me at [email protected]
I am going to do everything I can to have them shut down and face criminal prosecution, there is no doubt they are operating a criminal enterprise.

By Naomi Davis
Mar 26 2021

I made a reservation and I got scammed you are some twisted sick peoples. And may God deal with you in the way He see fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Zachary Suggs
Mar 22 2021

Don’t make the mistake my wife made and rent from this app. Rented a car and charged us $124 for a car enterprise didn’t even have. Was only credit half of the $124 back. Total rip-off stay away

By Rasa Madelis
Mar 03 2021

Carla car rental scam - beware!!! Used their app to rent a car in Tampa, FL few weeks ago. Hertz facilitated rental. Carla charged my credit card and after car was returned Hertz also charged credit card. After multiple attempts been made to resolve the issue neither Carla nor Hertz is willing to provide a refund and admit overcharge, blaming each other and telling me that I have to get in touch with other party to get it resolved. Carla does not have good customer service and only way is to reach them is via email, where you get late responses in broken English that there is nothing they can do or help. Point is avoid these scam artists by any means possible, they will take your money and you will not get any answers.

By Marcel
Mar 01 2021

They take your money, eventually when you are lucky you get a reservation and you pay again the price with the rental company.
No Phone numer you can reach, customer support pretends to help via email, in other words they hold you until they get the money, once they have forget about it.
Can't believe that they are allowed to offer their services and that they exist in the app store.

By Natalia Frinak
Feb 18 2021

I am a US citizen with a US driver’s license. Last week, I purchased the surprise reservation with the Peace of Mind Protection plan because I am under 25 and I wanted the under 25 fee to be waived from whatever car company I was renting from. When I got to the counter of Hertz at Tampa Airport on Tuesday to show them my reservation through Carla, they were not able to process my rental because I have a US driver’s license and am a US citizen.
When I contacted Carla about what specifically happened and asked for a refund to my bank account they took the fee out of, they proceeded to say sorry and that they could only give me a $40 credit to the Carla account I made the reservation through. I told them this is not a viable solution because I legit cannot even use that as a US citizen. I had to remind them that I purchased the peace of mind protection plan with my reservation and that they legally have to give me a full refund to the bank account I purchased the reservation with according to this plan. After I mentioned the legality of the situation, they immediately gave me a refund. All I can say is that do not use this company if you are a US citizen!! Also their customer service needs major improvement.

By Anonymous
Jan 28 2021

Do NOT get car insurance with Carla. The company you rent the car from will not honor it. Enterprise literally told us that the insurance they offer does nothing, it’s “useless”, and you will still be liable. Carla refused to refund the insurance ($75 back on a $1,000 rental), so we had to pay for insurance twice. Customer service is a joke. We ended up paying more than if we had just went straight to Enterprise and paid full price. Buyer beware. I have emails and proof and they don’t care. My company rents cars monthly and we gave Carla a shot. Never again. They have the perfect legal scam.

By Shannon
Jan 27 2021


By David James
Jan 19 2021

Horrible Horrible Horrible dont even bother using this rip off of a app , also they have no customer service number to call , and after you email them about the situation they lie about giving a call back but never do they still have like 400$ of my money while leaving me stranded ,NEVER WILL I EVER USE THIS GARBAGE THING Called Carla 😡👎🏽

By Kerwin Utley
Dec 31 2020

This is some top notch bullshit will never use this app and advise everyone else no to either customers service sucks it’s taken them 2 months to get a refund

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