WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Reviews

WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

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WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Reviews

  • By

    VoiceOver User

    Thanks to a recent update, this app is much more accessible for those of us who use VoiceOver. Now that I can use it, I find it terrific!!As an update to this review done months later, I find one issue. If I do a search in Conditions, I have to completely close and reopen the app, as no Back button appears. Otherwise, it is terrific! Yet another update to my initial review. I still have to close the app to get out of a major category, such as Conditions or Search. Now, in addition, if I am in Conditions, the A-Z list will not come up at all, even though it says it’s displaying. This means I can only access the Popular Searches. I’m out of luck if I need to look up something rare. I hope these will be fixed soon. Further update: Despite more updates to the app, all of the annoying bugs already mentioned are still there. I still have to close the app in order to go to another section (e.g., from Conditions to Drugs). I still can’t bring up the A-Z list of Conditions, or the A-Z list of Drugs; it’s only the Most Popular for both. No scrolling to a rare condition, or to a drug that isn’t on the top 94. May not be deliberate discrimination, but is frustrating nonetheless. Please fix!

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    😔Too much Drug ad interference with reading articles!

    I am a RN and use to love WebMD. I had been getting it in my email for a long time but It has become next to impossible to read the articles or click to the next page without an ad getting in the way and being forced to read an ad because it won't click to the next page right away and seems very buggy like I am being forced to stay on the page. This has become so excessive that unless there is an improvement I am done with WebMD. This does not seem to be an accident with the ads as I know you all need to make money but it has made it so unpleasant to be on your site now that I am going to either delete or just quit reading and unsubscribe. It is too bad because there are really good articles and medical information. It also seems like WebMD is really biased toward pushing alot of the pharma drugs. Please stop! Maybe a small ad at the bottom is ok but not the ads interfering with me reading articles. Oh yes, please stop tracking me!

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    Drug Interaction Checker

    I never take medication without checking for drug interactions and it has stopped me from combining medications that could have dangerous results. Many of us depend on our pharmacy to do this but they are not always reliable. Better to double check. What’s good with this part of the app is that they include OTC medication which your pharmacist may not know your taking. What I would like to see improved is the symptom checker. It doesn’t give enough symptoms to choose from so the results are not very accurate. I also find most doctors/hospitals don’t feel you have a fever unless it’s 100.4. I assume they are going off 98.6 as the average temp. My normal temperature is 97.2. so in apps like these I add a degree to my temp. If you’re reading this tell your doctor what your normal temperature is and make sure it’s in your file.

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    medical terms/medications missing

    During 'intake' where you are laying out your symptoms WebMD also (wisely) asks for background info. Two items requested are medications taken and medical conditions known. These entries are a joke because so many legitimate answers are not available to choose from. These are very ubiquitous medications (such as Synthroid generally for hypo-thyroidism) and well-known conditions (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis - not under MS either). Only 3/13 of my medications are on the list to choose from even though only one is too new to be in the most current edition of the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference; a list of drugs and info about them); all WebMD has to do is purchase rights to use the PDF as the source of their drug list. As for medical conditions if you simply offer a write-in option then assign someone to edit them all adding the legitimate ones to the official list you would solve that problem too. As it stands this app is useless.

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    Beta symptom checker is horrible

    The Beta symptom checker is horrible. The symptom search doesn’t show all possible options (ie searching for Red doesn’t show anything about skin, but yet searching ‘Skin Red’ shows 8 options), so you have to spend additional time and get creative with finding search terms. Then on the ‘Enter your history’ screen, the current medications search doesn’t include some common medications (eg Effexor XR - antidepressant, chlorthalidone- diuretic). The past or current conditions also lacks common and not so common conditions. It doesn’t have any variation of GERD aka acid reflux or heartburn Searching for obese or obesity only brings up ‘Past obese surgery.’ Don’t roll out a new/Beta feature to general public if your list of values doesn’t even include very common conditions.

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    5 stars

    I wish I started to use this app before all of my doctors appointments as they were a waste of time, they did a lot of testing on me and couldn’t find anything so I stopped going. I get horrible depression mostly physically days I wonder if it’s something else I use this app it reminds me it’s only depression I also suffer migraines but not like I used to. I don’t usually do ratings but this app deserves it I also learned about diseases because of it to which I like doing.

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    Update makes suggestions less accurate

    I updated the app today and used it both before and after. It was a 5 star app until the change. The pop-up questions that come up after you select certain symptoms have changed. Before the update it asked if my symptoms were due to recent anti-biotic use, which they were and I was diagnosed later in the day by my doctor with the top option that came up. After the update I did the same thing because I was curious about the update and not only did it not ask me about recent anti-biotic use, the thing that was wrong with me wasn’t anywhere on the list of possible maladies. It also no longer asks what type of pain you’re having (burning, stabbing, etc) the list of drugs you can put in is very limited (thyroid meds and vitamin d aren’t on it), and they took away the body image altogether. Unfortunately that makes it look to me like this new update is far less accurate and less functional than the previous one. I hope they fix that soon, I rely on this app a lot.

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    Symptom checker updates = less accurate results

    I like the old version of the body especially for stomach pain there are tons of different stomach pain that can mean tons of different things wrong that may not even be stomach. For instance husband most likely having gas pain or gallbladder pain but the only related question to his pain was where in the stomach it didn’t follow the pqrs (pain position, quality what it feels like, radiation does it go some where else and severity 0-10) which is basic assessing that it should. And it used to do. So when pain in right upper corner is the only answer I can give as for the stomach pain and it brings stomach cancer as the number one. This was not a good change to a decent app.

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    Lone star lung &sleep clinic

    The staff are very friendly and helpful. My father’s doctor recently moved to a different hospital where my father had doubts due to visiting the same staff and building for over 3 years now. We could not ask for more. The office is very clean and the staff will make you feel right at home. Dr. Paresh Patel has helped my father for many years. His willingness to worry and care for my father is great. Great staff and great location. Good luck guys on you’re new journey!

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    When you fix, let me know!

    This version does NOT allow you to elaborate on your symptoms. It also does not recognize a lot of pharmaceutical medications whether by brand or generic name. I think just downloaded it yesterday & I’m going to delete it today. I don’t think the new system checker can truthfully help me if it can’t get passed the medication part. Suppose my pain is a drug interaction problem? I truthfully miss the avatar which is NOT on this new update. At least it allowed me to get more specific about my pain.

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    Update problems

    The old version of the app was stellar. Since the update, however, the symptom checker, instead of choosing from a list based off body part, uses a system where you type your symptoms in and it gives you options from there. When inputting symptoms, even symptoms it offers as examples (such as nausea and headache) come back as “no result.” I used this app once after the update without issues, but now any symptoms typed in come back with “no result.” Also, conditions you input into your profile do not show up in symptom checker when it asks you about conditions (ex. Depression). Same thing happens with certain medications that aren’t as common.

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    Hate the new symptom checker 😏

    I used this app all the time in the past, however I haven’t had the need to use it lately until this week and wow! The fact that they don’t have the body there anymore for you to point out where the pain is at on the body is frustrating. It ask questions by using the names of the body parts and I’m sorry I’m not a doctor so I don’t know the names of every single body part. So is that much harder to describe what kind of pain you’re having. That’s my only complaint everything else is good.

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    Won’t open. Just spinning wheel.

    Lately I get the daily update, but when I select it I get the spinning wheel and it doesn’t open the supposed subject! When I try to “read more” on a daily subject I get the spinning wheel! Never shows more to read! What’s up with the app? How do we fix this????? If I don’t get an answer. I will just delete the app! At least I won’t get this daily aggravation of info with no info. Fix it! Fix the read it part of the app! It just shows a spinning wheel!

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    Great resource for me.

    Utilize daily medication reminders to verify when medications were taken as well as information about medications including drug interactions. Also list many of my medical issues with this resource. Only better source of medical information is my Hospital’s online system which tracks all data but compliance with medications. And also mood tracker. A mood tracker would help and be a great addition to WebMd resources.

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    WebMD for reminders

    This app is great for helping me remember to take my pills and track any I’ve missed. My favorite feature is the reminder that appears on the lock screen. You can swipe the reminder to the side and a button appears that lets you mark it as “taken” or “skipped” - quick and easy. I credit this app with my keeping the med doses consistent without being intrusive to use.

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Is WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Safe?

Yes. WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 84,298 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Is 37.4/100.

Is WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Legit?

Yes. WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 84,298 WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors Is 37.4/100.

Is WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors not working?

WebMD: Symptoms, Rx, & Doctors works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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