Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Reviews

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-11

When it comes to your life online, you have a choice: accept the factory
settings or put your privacy first. When you choose Firefox as your default
browser, you’re choosing to protect your data while supporting an independent
tech company. Firefox is also the only major browser backed b...

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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Reviews

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    Many issues

    EDIT July 12: Another small update, no fix for any of the issues mentioned. EDIT July 8: Several months since its introduction and many times the issue has been reported, night mode is still unusable after a few minutes and causes the entire screen to become a garbled and unreadable mess. I appreciate the additions to the developer log that I didn’t even know existed on mobile but there might be more pressing issues. I’ve used this app for years and it seems to continue to get more buggy with each release. My first and main tab is Wikipedia, and so most of the bugs I find are experienced on that site. Whenever the app crashes (which happens very frequently, especially when switching from another app back to Firefox) it sends me to a completely random page from my browsing history on that tab, sometimes pages I visited last week. Night mode is great when it’s usable for a few minutes before causing the display to show a mess of distorted lines, partially or fully destroyed images, and various parts of the page being displayed on top of each other making it unreadable and impossible to tell where you are on the page. The night mode bug has existed for as long as I can remember night mode being a feature, while the flashback-on-crash issue seems to have only cropped up in the past two or three months.

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    Very nice but some problems

    I initially wrote an extremely positive review on this app but that was awhile ago and now my opinions have changed. I use Firefox for literally every device I own and have had no problems but this app is the only one that seems to have a problem. Upon shutting out the app and reopening it, if I was doing something where progress doesn’t save (e.g, watching a video, typing something, and even switching from one app to back to Firefox) the app will shutdown before I am able to recover my progress. It will continue to do so until I reinstall the app or spam click incognito until the app can get its bearings together and attempt to recover the lost progress. I’ve had this problem for months now and it becomes annoying when I need to search something but am unable to do so because of this problem. I have started to use google and even safari much more than this as it provides the same as this app and doesn’t crash every time I open a new application. I really hope this can be fixed in some future update. I’ve read some reviews and a lot of people have complained about the same bug for awhile now which means that this bug is the least of your priorities?

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    Great app, lame new logo

    The best personal phone internet browser because of the unique and accessible way Firefox places my most used sites right under the search bar, so I can get there with a single click—and be signed in already! For sites that I don’t use as often, or for random searches, I usually use chrome due to its better speed. However, nothing can beat Firefox’s single-click common websites—sometimes I can load my gmail even faster on Firefox than on the gmail app! At the same time—actually the reason I wrote this—I really hate the new logo. It’s cheesy and unappealing; the shape of the center circle and the unrecognizable fox make the app look a lot like a cheap chrome copycat, which it isn’t. For the specific applications I mentioned above, Firefox is clearly superior to chrome and I wish Firefox wouldn’t downgrade what was once an appealing logo to copy them.

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    Adore it

    I love this app. I have not registered yet, but I might, because I love it so much. It works beautifully and has all the features that I need. If I registered, I would have even more features, but so far I really haven’t had the need to register. It’s easy to navigate and use. What more can I say? I adore it! Another app that I use and love is Safari. Yes, Safari. I love it because of the PDF feature. With Safari it’s easy to read the articles, or whatever, I’m trying to read, because my vision is not so good at my age. I love Chrome as well because I can sync it with my PC. However, it doesn’t do PDF and every time I need to save something I have to copy and paste the link to either Safari or Firefox. All three browsers are great. And I use them pretty much equally. But I just had to give a review on Firefox because I love it sooo much!!

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    Very buggy, after many releases still no fixes.

    As much as I love the team at Mozilla, their testing team just isn’t doing good. In terms of mobile devices they do not address issues even after many releases. Many times the entire app will be unresponsive to any gestures, making you force quit the application and restarting it. Sometimes you also have to close the tab even after a restart. Second, is their copy and paste... you must hold longer than apples normal settings to even copy a link. Normally you could click once on the address bar to select the entire thing but Mozilla thinks we want to edit the middle of our link when we click on it. Another is pop up light boxes are very buggy and become unresponsive. As you’re adding new features please also keep in mind to fix your bugs. I am no longer using this browser after 3 months of skeptical transition to a new browser but it seems I’ll be heading back to chrome for now. Sorry Team @ Mozilla.

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    Good but too buggy

    I recently left Chrome because of Google’s recent policy changes and am enjoying Mozilla a lot more. But wow, I cannot seem to make a full change on mobile with this browser. This is utterly garbage and it seems this has been an ongoing issue with no fix in sight. Night Mode is awesome but it has a few bugs such as discoloring pictures. It doesn’t affect videos, only pictures. Which, makes sense on the surface because it’s changing the colors on the page, but something needs to be done to improve this. The more pressing issue is screwing with the layout of a page when you’re trying to read. Think news article or Wikipedia. It is impossible to get through the whole thing without quitting because as you scroll, everything gets jumbled up. You can’t see where things are to press them. Going back and coming back doesn’t help. It’s a mess and it needs to be fixed. This is unbelievably bad. Still, Mozilla is better than Google as a company and Firefox is a better experience than Safari, so I still use it but I need this to be better before I give it 5 stars it really deserves. One of my favorite features is being able to send tabs to my devices. You have no idea how great that is. Also, Mozilla, you guys should look into adding a password generator in the mobile and desktop version like Google did for Chrome. It’s really great and much needed.

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    Love it. But slow launch

    Love it but takes 20 seconds to launch and sometimes even forget what I opened it to search for. Other times, I’ll end up typing in the search bar once it does load, realizing later that I replaced a previously open tab with the new session... and this is the main problem. As the app opens, cannot please show as soon as it BEGINS to launch, that their is already a webpage populated in the url, and/or a screenshot of the page it was on when last closed or exited from... or even just open on a new we page either when the app is relaunched after closed, as well as when it is just left running in the background. Otherwise, I’ll always just open safari because it already does all of the things above... quick and I’m sure to never replace a previous session.

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    Revised review: WONDERFUL!

    Revised review: Thank you Firefox for listening to loyal users! Finally! Thank you for full bookmark editing and sync. Also, thank you for the ability to delete ALL history. Now fix the Reading List sync and add the ability to FULLY TURN OFF history and the app will be perfect! ————————- Old review: NEEDS FULL BOOKMARKS ORGANIZATION: What is the point of sync if I can’t FULLY organize my bookmarks? Why, in this day of using MANY types of devices do you insist on treating my bookmarks as separate things? They are all just bookmarks! Let me organize them exactly the same on all devices. NEEDS READING LIST SYNC: Why do reading lists not sync across devices? People would like to add an article on iPhone, then access reading list article on their Mac. What is the point of sync if nothing actually syncs? PRIVACY: Why can’t I set the browser to not save history? Why can’t I clear history easily more than one day back without diving into settings? Also why can’t I turn off the top sites? Having sites I visit very large on the screen when I open the app for all to see is not very private. I’m confused as to why a company that promotes their privacy and sync features does not do a very good job at implementing either.

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    the google issue + no customer support + Pay fee for tech snooping threw my email

    I jjst I just tried to call Firefox for customer support and they actually do not have a phone number to call. Anytime I try to do any Google search or check my email with Google on Firefox browser it shrinks the tax and makes everything so large that you can actually see any of the things that are going on in your email anytime I go to use a Google search on Firefox it makes the text super large and the areas were you trying to type super small so you can actually see anything. I’ve opened the same links in safari not an issue so it’s definitely not just my desktop and I called the so-called Firefox Support number I then spoke with the person for 20 minutes getting them to remote into my account at which point they told me they could fix the issue but I have to pay a one time support fee then that lady started to trying to open up my personal emails while she was remolding into my computer!!

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    Mozilla Firefox at it again !!

    Firefox always was the best browser made! Now it’s even better ! These are the cutting edge people & now it even fights for your rights on the web , phisically & in principal & legislation !! Current news coming in about the web is there as well , can you believe this !! ??? Well, for us , always have hads’s, we know what’s going on and for today’s world ???? It’s just a must have , you idiot , what were you thinking 😟☺️, app that you will simply kick yourself for missing the boat !!! This is more than a browser fellas , it’s a gall’ dern’ organization working on your side of use & abuse that the web can , nowadays , do too you , if it can !! Your best defense is this puppy senior !! Take a look, & read a little for once, you’ll be impressed I guarentee !

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    Can’t see time, WiFi strength, or battery status

    Firefox, Your app is very useful. I use the incognito mode and bookmarks all the time. I also love the way you organize my tabs but your app does have something that may eventually make me turn to a different browser. unfortunately, it is very inconvenient to use because if ever I am curious about what time it is, or if I’m wondering if I’m connected to WiFi, I have to either exit your app or open the Notification Center just to figure it out. The reason why I have to do these other steps is because your app makes it so that the information on the top of the screen are blended in to your app. If you could please find a way to make the background stick out from the bottom of the screen then this would be a great improvement in overall convenience. You could maybe make the font of the information black so it would not blend in to your app’s background or you could just make the top part of the screen black so the font wouldn’t have to be changed at all. I really do enjoy using this app and I would not want to switch to any other app. Please make this improvement so that I may stay a loyal patron of your app. Thanks for your time and I look forward to any improvements you make in the future! Best Wishes, Ryan Garcia

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    Bookmarks system is unintuitive

    I’ve recently switched over to Firefox because Chrome’s become an slow pile of trash. Firefox is better performance wise, but is especially lacking in its bookmark system (in terms of convenience). Trying to edit bookmarks is tedious as you have to press the edit button then tap the bookmark, whereas Chrome allows you to just simply tap and hold the bookmark to edit. When you add a bookmark, you can’t immediately edit its information or even specify what folder you want the bookmark to be in (You have to open up the bookmark menu, find the bookmark, then edit from there). Chrome allows much better convenience with a small popup that asks if you want to edit the bookmark’s information every time you add a new bookmark. Bookmark syncing is also extremely delayed. Some of my complaints also apply to the desktop version.

  • Reasonable browser, but missing features

    Works reasonably well for browsing, but it can be slow in loading pages. There is no way to download a pdf to your phone. (Online firefox documentation mentions a download button which simply does not exist. Elsewhere it suggests the button is hidden in customization, but the is no Customize item in Firefox for IPhone.). Bookmarks are poorly integrated into the browser as creating a bookmark is completely separated from locating a bookmark. An item called Send to Device requires signing up for and signing into Firefox Sync, which seems to defeat the purpose of sending something to device. (I guess we are supposed to understand that as “to a device” instead of “to the device”.) In short: fine but slow for basic browsing or reading Facebook, but other features are poorly integrated or unimplemented.

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    Fast and sync capability: A+; bookmarks: C

    I hardly use Safari unless I’m taken there by some other app as a result of it being the native browser. I never use Chrome because of its bloat. What needs work is bookmarking and maintenance of bookmarks. As far as I can tell, one can add new Bookmarks to websites, but the ability to name them or categorize them across a folder hierarchy doesn’t exist. Clicking the option to view “Recent Bookmarks” actually opened a search page with the query formula as the search. When bookmarking a page I like to change the default title from the lengthy (and meaningless) default description to something more meaningful and memorable to me, e.g. what the site does and/or why I bookmarked it in the first place. Fix the bookmark functionality and I’ll be very happy.

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    Great ethics, but interface still lacking

    I use Firefox on desktop and it’s great, I appreciate what it does for privacy. But the mobile app is falling behind in terms of layout, it isn’t nearly as convenient or simple to navigate as the competitors. Easier access to the favorites list would bump this one up to that last evasive star—as it stands, it takes several confusing and slightly obscured links to access one’s favorites. It’s really annoying and makes the app harder to use efficiently. It would be great if the app let you use your favorites list as a default option for new tabs. So like if I open a new tab I immediately get my favorites list. Apart from that annoying feature though, great app!

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Is Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Safe?

Yes. Firefox: Private, Safe Browser is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,294 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Is 33.6/100.

Is Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Legit?

Yes. Firefox: Private, Safe Browser is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,294 Firefox: Private, Safe Browser User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Is 33.6/100.

Is Firefox: Private, Safe Browser not working?

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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