muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Reviews

muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Single and Muslim? muzmatch is the Muslim dating and marriage app with over 4
million single Muslims looking for serious relationships. 4 Million Single
Muslims: Chat with amazing Muslim brothers and sisters near you. It Works: Over
100,000 Muslim weddings thanks to muzmatch and 300 n...

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muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Reviews

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    Ok last time I reviewed I gave this a 3/5. It’s up to a 4/5 lol. So the app I feel has more serious choices/folks. Which is good. There is still a lot of weirdos but that comes with any app so nothing against muzmatch. The reason I won’t give this a full 5/5 yet is because the interface could use work. I hate how I have to “visit” profiles that like me to like or pass them. Especially when I wanna say no basically. I wish there was a way were your list of folks who “like” you can be LISTED going down instead of that horizontal scroll - with info included and the option to like back or dislike without visiting the page. But maybe this is the app’s way of us making sure our decision isn’t based on looks etc. And honestly it isn’t I just keep getting the wrong sect guys liking me and I want to pass them lol. So I guess I see the reasoning of why we must visit a page but I think knowing they’re getting that notification that I’ve visited their page is weird. What if I wanna just check their profile out but don’t wanna make it seem I’m obsessed or creepy? LOL. I guess that’s where the issue may lay. Anyways this IS a good app. I’m really hopeful. So far I have a couple matches and they seem great. So let’s see. Anyways keep it up. Hope the constructive criticism helped!

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    I get likes all the time. I respond fairly quickly and never hear from them again. It's no wonder why so many of us are headed into our 30's and still single. Muslims are terrible at this. Part of it isn't our fault as our parents told us not to talk to the opposite gender all our lives and now we are headed to or in our 30's and they are wondering where are wives and husbands are. Oh yeah, also I think this site has bots. I don't believe all these profiles are genuine. My social circle shrunk with regards to Muslims as I left college. People tend to move all with life for various reasons. So I gave this a shot and it's either bots or you're so paranoid and introverted (perhaps egotistical) that you can't send a message or even reply? One girl changes her mind? Possible. But over and over again? "It may just be you" you say? But it doesn't go past "hi" lol. Cool, so sit there then and wonder why you can't find the right person. I much rather be alone than parade myself on this anymore. I get more attention from non-Muslim woman than my own - it's absurd. It's partly because Muslim woman act like their dads are watching over their shoulders even away from home when you approach them in public. My friends have the same issue. I'll go with the rishta ladies at this point. Deuces.

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    Great app, could use some tweaks

    This app has improved a lot since I first downloaded it a few months ago. The texting feature is much better now. There are a lot of profiles on muzmatch and the people on it come from very diverse groups so I think this app is for anyone looking to find a spouse. I also like how you can set certain filters so the profiles you're seeing are more compatible with you. However, one thing I find odd is that the option to filter out profiles based on prayer level and practicing level is only exclusive to premium members. Considering the fact that this is a Muslim matchmaking app, I would think that compatibility in deen is the number one priority, so everyone should have access to these filters. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the upgrade, so it can be frustrating trying to sort through profiles without these two filters on. Another suggestion I would make to the developers is to add a zabiha vs non zabiha option, because some Muslims use 'halal' and 'zabiha' interchangeably, whereas others do not, and this can cause some confusion.

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    This app full of crap and discrimination.

    Most of the woman on this app isn’t even covered and isn’t even appropriately dressed. Let alone they have non Muslim woman who aren’t even Muslim. For 8months I didn’t even have my picture up there and they was never an issue as to what I was using as pic. Recently I decided to buy a month of a premium and decided to put back my pic that was up there prior before me removing it. Mysteriously I get an email saying that my pic needs verification? I verify the pics and they say approved. 6hrs later they say my pics were removed because they were in appropriate? Really I have clothes on? Nothing inappropriate seems that there are insecure men who feel a certain type of way about themselves that are the admins. But yet and still you have woman who are showing there cleavage and back sides on a Islamic marriage app? Let alone you have woman putting there Instagram page, what’s app info, Facebook Info on there profile. But you admins ain’t saying nothing about that? Where is Quran and Sunnah being applied in this app?Seems to me that this just a let me pull in some money situation. Nothing Islamic in this app ... Shame on the admins ... and Fear Allaah wit regards to saying what is inappropriate and what is clearly nothing appropriate in your app.

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    The app is cool and is definitely one my favorite apps out of the other dating apps I tried. Two things that really bother me is the ad that keeps popping up encouraging you buy a membership. It’s annoying and ruins the flow of things. It’s like I’m navigating a mine field when going through the app trying to be careful to not have an ad pop up. Lastly the fact that you can run out of likes when you DON’T like someone is whack. Coming from Tinder and Hinge this is something that bugged me and that doesn’t make me want to buy a membership more. It just ruins the user experience for me. Other than these two things this is definitely an awesome app. Feels a little strict with the rules and that’s understandable. They want to make sure accounts on there are real and that’s what I really appreciate about it because you’re most likely talking to another person not a bot. I still don’t think they should’ve removed my photo tho because that was definitely me in the pic 😅. The UI/UX is also nicely done. Quick and simple to use.

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    First, the good things. The app keeps it simple for Muslim men and women to seek partners for marriage. It has a fairly good pool of verified individuals looking to find a match for themselves. An app for Muslims to find a life partner has been long pending and Muzzmatch comes close to meeting that need. Now I’ll come to what can be improved. Options to set the partner preferences are poor or discriminatory. For example, if I am looking to find a partner who is not very practicing or someone who only prays occasionally, this app doesn’t give you that option. This is because the option that comes close to this is ‘at least moderately practicing’ & ‘at least prays occasionally‘ which will include all those who are ‘very practicing’ & ‘always prays’ respectively and everything in between. This is either poor design or discriminatory. I tend to think it is discriminatory because the app gets the search option right in case of marital status, Islamic dress, etc Give people the option to find a partner of their preferred religiosity and prayer level.

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    I—like every millennial Muslim—downloaded this app with the faint hope that I’d match with someone who’d lead towards marriage. The most recent app update (post January 2020) makes that dreams seem impossible. The app is built in an almost identical format of hinge, that focuses on pictures and short blurbs instead of a singular intro paragraph. The difference is Hinge has built in prompts and convo starters to help guide and engage users. Instead when you type your text is randomly broken up throughout your profile. Another HUGE lose for me is the order in which the information on profiles appears. Why is religion and status(single, widowed, divorces etc) BELOW languages spoken? I’m talking WAY down towards the bottom of a profile. By the time I scroll that far I’ve already figured out if we speak the same language or not....what I want to know up front is are you practicing (esp on a “Muslim” app) and what you do for a living. All that info needs to be in ONE singular location. Make these changes I’ll add a star and a half. (:

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    So I signed up for the one week premium trial. This app is so glitchy!! Every time I’m in the “people who swiped right on me” section and swipe left on one of the profiles to remove them, when I go to the next profile it shows me the one I already swiped left on, again! Also, the list of people that swiped right on you should show the same way the main swiping page shows, as in I should be able to swipe left or right on them quickly and it should take me to the next profile rather than having to click on each specific profile individually. I have over 100 people who have swiped right on me and I can’t get the number down because it takes so long to get through them, because 1) the app is glitchy and keeps showing the same profiles I already swiped left on and 2) the interface doesn’t allow me to quickly swipe left or right on them. Very annoying!!! Please update.

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    Green Card

    I didn’t quite settle down with anyone I’ve met on Muzmatch. The first guy asked me to marry him in a rush even though he isn’t a permanent resident/ citizen in the country, having zero job and means to provide for a family. I felt he was just out looking for someone to give him a Green card. I tried to help out by assisting both morally and financially fi sabilillah but his behavior and demeanor towards other people, use of profanity, racist comments, quick temper, manipulative sneaky ways and the way he pressures me to financially play the role of the man, sign up on a mortgage, leading me to do haram sexual acts, and the pressure told me this isn’t the man I’d want to spend a lifetime with. The same applies with the second one; same story and they are all perverts wallah

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    Not sure

    I have been on and off this app for a while. I noticed many of them are just focusing on superficial beauty and how the woman looks. Though they match, but as soon as you reveal pics, match has unmatched. I think most of them are there to waste time and never take the talks any further. There are older men who are decent, but they too are focused on the outside beauty. I get likes a lot of the times, but I am disappointed the way some men on their have been rude. They don’t ask you questions and don’t even bother to read your profile. Simply match and wait around for someone to chat with. Maybe 8% are serious but rest are not really looking to settle down. Yes sure finding someone takes time but if opposite gender doesn’t give you an opportunity, how are you supposed to find anyone ?

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    I met him on muzmatch and now we're getting married!!

    Muzmatch is a wonderful app, created keeping genuine-ness in mind. I met my soulmate on muzmatch and we met in person in the presence of my mother. Everything went well alhamdulillah and after much istikhara we are getting engaged tomorrow InshaAllah 😊 thank you muzmatch for the superb halal platform that you have provided for the purpose of marriage. EDIT: we got married a month after our engagement 😍 It is now September, and we are celebrating half a year of being married and falling in love with each other more and more each day! Alhamdulillah ❤️ We will always be grateful to muzmatch, and appreciate the very halal platform it provided for us to meet 🙃 Jazakallahu khairan katheera! -Sadea & Powl

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    It’s a scam just like Tinder don’t bother

    I thought I would give this a app try with the hope that a “Muslim” themed app would avoid all the trash on an app like Tinder and allow me to connect with like minded Muslim females seeking marriage... nope forget it all hopes “quashed”! I’ve been on the site now for about a month and I can confirm all the critical reviews and comments to date as my experience has been similarly if not the same dissatisfaction. In particular, not even one female has ever even viewed my profile much less reply despite weeks of diligently reading and swiping on profiles. Even on Tinder I would regularly recieve matches so it’s impossible that on Muzmatch I would be so “shunned” by hundreds and hundreds of women who found me so undesirable that they would refuse to even view my profile. Moreover, for about a week now my screen has been locked on a profile that I already “passed” on and the only option for me to continue to “swipe” passed this profile is to change the “pass” to a “like”, but only by upgrading my subscription to a paid premium subscriprion. 🙄 Now, just as of the writing of this review the app has entirely crashed due to a “internal error”... oh yeah there is an internal error with this app for sure because their so called “support” has completely ignored my request for assistance.

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    Needs work and less promotional pop ups

    I respect the idea of any Muslim marriage application since it’s tough for us who follow Islam to find relationships organically. However, I paid a premium to give it a shot for one month. What I received was absolutely no way to hide blurred and private profiles so I can’t see what the person looks like and even if I can see what they look like they make it every difficult by plastering an instant match button taking up most of the screen. Not only is it invasive for the other party because they have not agreed to this, but it is extremely annoying because I can’t see their face. I will improve my rating if I see improvements. Note: The free version of this app is absolutely terrible. I get that they need to pay the bills, but constantly promoting offers for a free month after referral or joining premium every few swipes is definitely mildly infuriating.

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    Issue with app

    Asalaamu Alikum/Hello, This app is meant to be used “Halal” way. Most of the guys in these apps are not serious to potentially get married. Both ladies and guys are taking advantage of this apps only for doing things are not permissible in Islam. Along with, the guys don’t even bother to communicate. These apps have now become an issue in USA especially. All these profiles are the same across the country whether through muzmatch or facebook of whatsapp yet people are still confused of how to decide to which person to consider. It is shame to say that these apps are like your picking and choosing a car model; until you don’t give the full test drive then at the end you choose the right one. People are talking to 20 people at once and don’t bother being genuine. How is this app even helpful? May Allah guide the Ummah, forgive each and every one of us that use this app in the wrong way. Ameen

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    Not at all bad, but there are a few things that prevent this app from being great. I’ll focus on one: phantom notifications. I get phantom notifications almost everyday. Even when I widen my search parameters to see if it’s because someone has liked me, sometimes that still doesn’t explain the notification. This should be moot, because if someone likes me beyond the scope of my search parameters, I still shouldn’t get notified. I reported it, but to no avail so I’ll just have to leave it here. I eventually just turned notifications off, which is probably the healthier thing to do, anyway, because one only really needs to check this thing a few times a day.

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Is muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Safe?

Yes. muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,311 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Is 81.7/100.

Is muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Legit?

Yes. muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,311 muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating Is 81.7/100.

Is muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating not working?

muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Hmida
Dec 28 2020

The must difficult apply i send 8 pictures not good. Not perfect. More pictures more pictures more pictures more pictures. The others sites Ares more easily. Review what happened

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