Myzone® Reviews

Myzone® Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-06

Get in the zone and make it count, with a social platform and gamification to
keep you feeling good, inside and out. Join an inclusive community fuelled by
physical activity, fitness and wellbeing with the heart rate monitor that
rewards effort over ability. Or build your own community...

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Myzone® Reviews

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    Great incentive to get to the gym!!!

    I love seeing my info on the screen as soon as I enter a group fitness class. The color-coded monitor shows heart rate as a percent, and I find myself continuously moving just to keep myself in the blue (60%) status or above. The MEP point system is perfect for goal setting. I enjoy naming each saved workout and adding a picture behind the bar graph data table. When the monitors are off, the wearable device requires the phone nearby with app open and logging in order to retain workout data. I lost an entire workout because I left my phone behind and there were no active screens on that day. I would like to be able to return home from a workout or return to the gym the next time the displays are active and sync up recent workouts or movements. I thought the device would have some memory for the $99 cost. Another nice feature would be the ability to truncate the timeline of your saved bar graphs. One day I had worn the device while driving to and from the gym. The device had logged ALL data with the device worn, including the non-workout times. Contrary to what I said in the earlier paragraph, the phone was in range, but with the app closed, not actively displaying data. Finally, I’d like to edit more than just a title and photo. Maybe add ability edit / delete the comments?

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    Lost Data. Extremely buggy.

    I’ve been having problems lately where the MyZone app fails to load historical data off the belt. I don’t typically work out near a MyZone receiver or with the belt streaming to the app on my iPhone. I know for a fact the belt is recording HR because it displays on the gym equipment. I used to do my workout (out of phone range) then open up the app on my phone before taking the belt off and it would load my workout data. That doesn’t work any more. Now the only data that gets saved in the app is for the period I am within range of the phone. The actual workout data never gets imported off the belt. I used to get around this by installing the app on an iPad and use it to load the data hours after the workout. It took a few tries sometimes but it usually worked. Fed up with the app I tried streaming to my Apple Watch. Today when I went to upload data from my watch it showed there were nearly 300 samples. It hit “upload” and got confirmation that upload was successful. The data is not in the app on my IPhone. The workout data is just gone. It appears that if the belt is streaming data over Bluetooth that it doesn’t save data to its internal memory so it can’t be imported later. I never had problems before they added Apple Watch suppprt. I am use the most updated versions of everything. If I keep having problems I’m going to quit using it because it isn’t worth the hassle.

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    This thing BLEW MY MIND!!!

    I work for a gym that sells Myzones. I heard the owner throwing out his pitch to a few of the customers, and honestly I thought he was full of it! He was telling them, “This thing will change your life!”... Really!? Change your life??? That’s a little too much dude... or so I thought! Fast forward a week or so, and I’m thinking, I want something just to track the amount of calories I’m burning when I work out. I’m fairly low body fat %, but I’m a big numbers guy, so I really just wanted to make some minor tweaks and better track my diet. And it does that... but it also does SO MUCH MORE!!! This thing connects with the TVs at my gym, so I can see my efficiency in real time as I am working out! I no longer have to guess numbers when performing reps; I don’t even count the reps anymore, I just continue until my heart rate hits my target zone, and then rest accordingly. The workouts I was doing prior to myzone I was burning anywhere from 400 to 600 calories over 2 hours or so. Now with the myzone I’m maximizing my effort, and am burning double that in less time! This thing has honestly CHANGED MY LIFE! I LOVE IT!!!

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    Welcome Additions Please

    In brief, a few suggestions/requests. I am a trainer. Large group and individual. Our facility recently started piloting the MyZone. There’s a few additional options for the App that would be welcome. 1. There should be an option to add in your workout information/routine to your uploaded file. From a trainer’s perspective this seems common sense. This would allow trainers, as well as clients, to notate the exact workout completed and attach it to its specific final workout upload. All allowing later access for assessment on the work that was done that training session as well as chart out progression, various metrics and effort, etc. Currently I use the “comments” box to serve this purpose. It would be nice to actually have a section where you could type in what the workout was and edit it as needed. Using the “comments” is a little quirky and it also does not allow for you to go in and edit. 2. An additional “time duration” clock that will display in the active workout window. Basically a visual Time Clock that starts when the workout starts, or the unit “beeps” and is ON. It would be a great addition to have access to overall time duration while using the App.

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    Awesome Gadget!!!

    The new gym I go to sells the Myzone® so I decided to buy one on my first day. Little did I know that it would change the way I work out forever! I now have a better appreciation for working out since using the Myzone®. It’s a cool looking chest strap that you wear during exercise. The leads are activated by your sweat (I pre-moisten them before I head out to the gym). Then it displays your My Effort Points (or MEP’s) earned, calories burned, heart rate and EFFORT PERCENTAGE in real time. This is a huge deal because before Myzone® I was probably exercising on the treadmill and only giving it 30%-40% effort because I was already on my feet all day and hurting and “I’m so done” and “I just want this to be over” and blah blah blah! This helps you to stay focused on your goals (I shoot for 60%-100%) and push yourself harder to maximize the effects of your workouts. Then you can go home and really feel good about going to the gym that day. Wash, rinse and repeat! 😄 I think the app is great too, especially for keeping me motivated/accountable and sticking with my monthly goals. Thank you for such an awesome product!!! You guys rock!!!

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    Love this!

    I have recently started going to the gym. I feel having the myzone helps me feel confident because I know I am getting a good workout although I might appear not be “as good” as some of the other gym goers. It lets me focus on me and my workout and not guess if I’m doing what I’m suppose to or try to look like everyone else. It honestly makes me happier to SEE how hard I worked along with working hard at the gym. Wish list: I wish I could edit my workout timeline. I like to put my belt on before going to the gym and leaving it on until I get home (self conscious and don’t like putting it on and off in front of people). When I do this it has grey area before and after the workout which skews the results. Just a small thing that doesn’t really change the experience of the workout but does change when I go back to look at my history and try to compare my workouts.

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    Great concept. Terrible mechanics. Truly abysmal.

    UPDATE... I've now given up on the product. I was on my way to Bronze status from Iron status and only needed 50 MEPs to get there at the end of the month. Did a pretty strenuous workout for 30 minutes and MyZone picked up absolutely nothing. Like didn't even register 1 minute of exercise. I kept trying to stick with it, but the readings are so inconsistent that I don't even bother trying to hit my MEP goals anymore. I just track with Apple Watch and beachbody on demand. At this point it's not worth the effort. Going back to polar or something else. 😏 The first one I got had to be replaced because it wouldn't connect. Working out with a trainer and she knew the readings were off based on the level of exertion she was physically watching. The HRM disconnects often and loses loads of effort. Using other devices on the exact same routine shows wild discrepancies in the data and never gives you the full credit for calorie burn. That is demoralizing when trying to use this information with fitness pal. This device is not even as accurate as the Apple Watch and that is truly sad. Amazing concept. Just wish the HRM picked up better readings. Shaved my chest and all (the fitness director at my gym felt that was the issue) and still no real improvements.

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    More things to learn, really!

    At almost 72 and doing my best to stay alive ( I am a Combat wounded Viet Nam Vet) My Zone is the newest ammunition to help me focus. I don’t like details and I am much more of a “ show me how “ kind of learner. When our health facility where I do my workout got this New My Zone I was ready after two years of having a Personal Trainer to focus a bit more to reach my goals. My Zone is a great tool to help in this endeavor. Had it for two weeks and am still learning what’s this and that. I feel it has helped me push a little harder now that I am monitoring myself. The PAYBACK for me is knowing how many calories I burned during my workouts, food is my drug of choice.I was also pleasantly surprised that a question I asked via email was responded to very quickly and the changes I asked for were posted very quickly. Accountability is what I need and My Zone is helping. J💎

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    I gave in

    For years.. I would shake my head at the “ go getters” for wearing these monitors.. When my Dad passed away from a stroke 1.5 years ago, I finally gave in... I wear it to work( oilfield) and the gym. My trainer or friends I’m connected too can see my work outs as it helps motivate since we are all looking to lose weight. Once it’s on, I don’t even know it’s there. If your club uses the system.. it will sync to all the powered equipment. Treadmill, stair climber, etc... If you know someone who is a trainer at a Gym/ Spa and they sell it. Have them buy it ( employee discount).. I saved $20.. The App is easy to navigate and it’s simple to set up too. I’m 46... 6’8 & starting weight 474lbs With eating better choices, cut the soda, eat fruits and veggies.. Protein shakes and LOTS OF WATER- Alkaline and Electrolytes water.. I lost 24lbs my first month.. Walking 1 hour and 30min workout 4X a week

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    At Home Workouts

    I started using the belt during the pandemic of 2020. I did at home work outs on my tv mounted on the wall in my living room and placed my receiver (iPhone with app) on the console. The MyZone is extremely motivating. Wether it is to keep my HR up during cardio, lower it during yoga, or keep it steady during my bike rides. Working out at home you can start to slip and not put in as much effort but not with the color features being right there to push you like a motivational coach. I wish the watch had the color feature like the phone app (I’m not sure how it displays on the iWatch from Apple). Another nice feature would be to eventually get one that can be worn in the pool to calculate swimming calories burned. With this device I have been able to stay consistent with my exercise routines even during the hardest of times!

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    Makes me push harder

    The gym I attend regularly started using MyZone and I thought, ah, the next gym fad. I didn’t buy one for a year but the screens showing stats like MEP, effort percent and calories burned in real time did catch my attention as they light up. After watching people pushing harder I wondered if that was it, so went ahead and purchased one. It is like working out with a buddy who pushes me harder. I want to reach the next level and it tells me what is needed for that. I am connected to several people at the gym and can see what they are burning in their class vs my workout. It is also pushes me to get just a few more calories or effort points. I was skeptical, didn’t think I’d like it or that it would be useful, but makes me push closer to my health goals.

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    Great motivation!

    I love that this device has the MEPs (my-zone effort points.) that helps me to keep trying my best to get those points! I love the colored-bar graph. Keeps it nice and simple to see what heart range you’re in and when you need to pick it up or back off a bit. I like how you can upload workouts and change the names and add a picture. Being able to add people to your profile is nice as well to keep the competition going or just to stay connected with people from your gym! The only thing I would change is the ability to end your workout. There’s not a clear way to do that. It would be nice to have a button at the bottom of the workout that says “end workout.” Either way, Myzone has changed the way I workout and has definitely upped my game! I really look forward to starting my workouts knowing I have it!

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    Great for gym owners, and everyday people too.

    I work at a coaching facility were we utilize myzone with all of our trainees, it’s becoming the best tool to manage the effort for some beginners that have never exercise before, it gives them a perspective of how far or close to their max they’re performing at the moment, on every single workout so is a learning tool as much as a heart rate monitor. I use a myzone 3, which i can use outside the range of the facility, the myzone 1 I believe only work inside the gym or at a certain distance, but still an amazing device. Would recommend to anybody looking to take their training more serious by meaning that they’re always gonna be looking to hit that red zone as a bullseye.

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    Like it but there are some quirks

    I do enjoy having a MyZone, and it allows me to see in real time what the purported HR and effort are during my workout. However, that being said, there are many workouts during which my myzone will seem to disconnect or turn itself on and off. The most bothersome aspect is that the effort that is reported is often exceptionally low given how hard and intensely I am in fact working during the workout. My trainers and I joke that there are some days that my myzone just doesn’t want to work. I don’t put full confidence in it at all times because it doesn’t always seem to be completely accurate. It’s phenomenal when it works, and I wear it for all of my workouts. It’s definitely not 100% accurate and precise at all times though.

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    Love it!

    I’m not a not a body builder, I’m just a retiree who wants to get in shape and stay there. My original goal was to see if exercise & weight machines could help with thoracic back pain. The answer is YES! It has helped tremendously. Then I found that this little gadget is the best motivator to keep working out, and a great incentive to push on a little further to gain my personal best. I love that it charts and color codes the heart rate, calories, energy % output and times in zones, so that you can see as you’re working what is happening. I will say however, it has taken a while to figure out all the features, but that’s minor compared to the benefit I’ve gotten. Great invention!!

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No. Myzone® does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,590 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Myzone® Is 16.8/100.

Is Myzone® Legit?

No. Myzone® does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,590 Myzone® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Myzone® Is 16.8/100.

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Myzone® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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