Prodigy: Kids Math Game Reviews

Prodigy: Kids Math Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-31

Ready for an AWESOME math adventure? With Prodigy Math Game, players explore new
worlds, embark on heroic quests and battle friends to collect prizes, pets and
more — all while practicing math! Each player creates a character that
represents them as they start their adventure. These cha...

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Prodigy: Kids Math Game Reviews

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    Great Experience

    I really liked this game. I thought it was fun and lighthearted. The pets are great and I love the faces that you can choose for your character. I think prodigy is a great learning experience. However the math questions are bit simple. It’s quite easy yet fun. I really like Prodigy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn math in a fun yet easy way. However the sad thing is is that I don’t agree with the memberships. I think it’s unfair especially since some people can’t afford memberships. Memberships put other people down. I disagree with the memberships. It’s unfair that members have to pay so much money just to be one of those important people in prodigy. It’s also unfair that they are the only ones I can have certain clothes or certain pets or certain hairstyles. I also think that you should put some of the communications back. I really liked the heart face and thought it was funny. When you took it off my whole class was disappointed. We love the heart face and thought it was really funny. You should definitely put the heart face back. In a nutshell I would recommend prodigy anybody who wants to learn math in a simple yet easy and fun way. In total I would read it four out of five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Prodigy is a really great game despite it’s flaws. I love prodigy but I disagree with the memberships. Thank you to all those who take the time to program prodigy and make it special for us students.

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    I love it but one major glitch/problem

    *Spoiler Alert* I was introduced to the game from my teacher. It is super educational and even learned a few stuff that my class would learn two years later. I loved it and played it along with my class at computer lab time. However, I had to log off while I was battling the earth titan. Then, later I logged back in only to discover that I can’t battle the titan anymore. Flora is no help. She’s all, “well done!” and drops no clue what to do or even if I am on the titan quest. The strange thing is, when my friends see my status in the earth stone quest, it says that I am finished. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I just went along and earned the others. Then the academy open and now I could restore the stones. But I had to do the earth stone first. But I did not have the stone. So now I am going nowhere. I tried going back to the place again, although it is not clear cause it happened years ago, but no luck. The titan did not rumble, and I was constantly disturbed by other monsters. Also, when I battle one and defeat it, another picks a fight with me. While I am preoccupied with that guy, the other heals, and I only make it to three defeated monsters before one recover and picks a fight with me again. Flora does not help. How do I get out of this mess? How do I fix it so I earn the earth crystal? HOW DO I FIX THE ACADEMY BRIDGE AND DEFEAT THE PUPPET MASTER?!! Please help me. Thank You.

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    What is actually the point if the game?

    As far as motivating children to practice math skills, this game is on top. The game will differentiate based on the child’s answer, steadily increasing in difficulty until the game figures out where the child’s math level is (1st - 8th). The game will also focus on specific skills planned out by the child’s teacher. The game will not teach new skills, but will review previously learned skills. (I do wish it did more to explain how they came up with the correct answers.) However, this game shamelessly markets to its players to push a monthly or annual membership. After every challenge the child completes there is a reminder to purchase a membership. Key pieces of the game are unavailable until a membership is purchased, and they even go so far as to not allow you to wear or use armor you have earned because you are not a member. Each spell battle earns you gold that you are meant to buy things with in the game, but you can only buy certain things without a membership. The child playing the game’s focus distinctly shifts from fun math review to buying pets, hairstyles and things (and then arguing with parents over purchasing a membership). A child could play for an entire day without ever completing a single math problem, which defeats the overall educational purpose of the game. If they could dial back the consumerism and the constant pressure - on Children - to get a membership this would be an excellent game.

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    Great! But I have a problem...

    So, the game is fun to play, and I like how the math questions don't take 4 hours to solve. Well... some of them... now just to bring up a point, I'm in 5th grade. But I found one subject of problems that aren't at all necessary. These problems are the ones like "the sum of the two numbers are 18 and the difference of the two numbers is 8". Now based one the math in the game, I'd say the math is 3rd-4th grade level. I myself don't understand these questions, and often give up and type random numbers. I don't know if the teach this in school now, unless it's something we learn later in 5th... anyways, another problem I have is the constant membership reminders. Now based on my friend's experience, she says it's $59 dollars a year for membership. 59 dollars!!! I don't know, but it seems unfair that players without membership can't buy half of the nice things because they don't want to pay 59 dollars on a math game! And also, it's unfair that you can only evolve your pets if you have membership! Now, I think it would be more fair if you lowered the membership price and gave more things to the non-member players.

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    I love it but it needs a little changes

    It looks longer because of the explanations but please read I think it will be worth it. So I love the game altogether and it does make math fun but it could use a few changes so first the member ship should be cheaper because how are we supposed to get the whole fun math experience if it’s a little pricy in my opinion i also think we should be able to trade and if we earn a member thing and non member can’t use it hen whats the point? And I also think if you defeat a monster it should not come back until the next day because it gets a little annoying another thing is I feel like it’s not fun when you can only type certain things to your friends I get the protection but I think you should just stop like numbers and other key words that is dangerous or bad to say I read of limiting what we can say in general if that makes since and I feel like we should be able to get 1 of each normal animal if your not a member and I’m not saying the special ones but I’m saying he normal one and I think you should be able to rescue titan and other huge monsters. I’m sorry it’s liner than I expected but if you could just atleast make a few of these updates I would be so happy and enjoy he game even more thanks!

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    Such a shame...

    I understand Prodigy is a for profit organization, and I do appreciate their even letting non members use lots of features of the game, but I am so fed up with my kids’ tears because they will loose all their progress when I tell them to turn it off after our set 15-20 min screen limit (or even sooner if something urgent comes up unexpectedly). Sometimes, they have to redo the same challenge 3-4 days in a row because screen time ran out, and/or the game locked them out suddenly. Also, the app’s rubbing it in my kids’ faces that they are non members after every. single. battle. is really getting old. We’re homeschoolers, and I gladly pay for may Math programs, if I think they’re worth it (like Reflex Math and Beast Academy), AS LONG AS I can make them work for me instead the program trying to work me and my family. So far, the kids are loving it, and I do think it’s a fun way to get some extra Math in, but I feel like Prodigy’s aggressive marketing strategy and especially the inability to set daily screen time limits without loosing progress is starting to become more of a headache than a help to the parent. I will probably not end up giving this company my money but at some point just delete the app, call it a day, and stick to a combination of Reflex and Beast. It’s a shame because the kids do love it—even without membership.

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    Look, I like it, however...

    “I am in eighth grade. I love the game, it helps me a ton because very little can motivate me to do my math. The creatures are beautiful and unique, buuuuut.... Yea, the membership thing. Wouldn’t it be better if a) Instead of requiring a membership for basically everthing, why not just say ‘hey, lets just make the game cost money instead of tormenting people by putting everything under membership’ b) Make an easier way to access membership items. Me and my (three) sisters tried to save up for a membership and failed. Too expensive. Perhaps it would be better if the membership things could be bought by player coins, but double the price. (Example: Hat A cost 1,000 coins for members, but 2,000 for non-members, that way effort is still involved.) I got this for my iPod Touch with the most recent update, and I dunno who you’re trying to fool by saying it works for this device. It clearly doesn’t. It’s fine I guess on the computer, but a compleat fail on this device. It goes (In my own words) ‘Oi mate, somethin’s go amiss but don’t worry lassie, we’ve been notified!’ And then four hours later, lo and behold, still ain’t working. That’s what we Americans call really freaking annoying. If it doesn’t work on this device then good greif just say so. I haven’t yet seen the new update, but the way it sounds I’m close to not returning to Prodigy. Thank you for your time, Emb3r”

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    My opinion about prodigy

    Prodigy is a really fun game and all I really enjoy is my self and my friends love it!! And yet we all agree on the same problem that we just think is the game. Our problem is that when we leave the game it doesn’t save where we were in battles. And I know that’s just a normal thing that people get mad at, but I really really wanted well we really really wanted you to maybe fix that problem. It’s also that I’ve been at the bridge in the lava kingdom for so long because I’d either had to go or the game lagged me out, but I’ve been stuck in those battles and when I came back in it brand me right into the starting where I had to start my battle all over again😡 and I’m still stuck there. But either all I love the game I have learned a lot from the game, and it is one of my favorites. If your scrolling there the ratings debating if you want to get it or not. Then do it because I would really recommend it!! (I love the game so much I got the membership) and every day in my 3rd grade class we play 20 minutes of prodigy! If you are reading my rating and you got this far of reading then I really thank you for reading my rating and I hope I can get a reply back soon!!

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    If your not sure about downloading, read this

    HELLO READER! So prodigy is amazing! All of my friends play on the same world and once we are started we never want to get off! Prodigy is very entertaining for a math game and some people don’t even realize their math skills are increasing! The opportunity to have a parent or teacher monitor you is great and it’s fun for all ages! There is also members and it’s not like other games where you need it to complete the task and or quest, it’s an add-on to help kids enjoy it more but right now....I think members is nice and how much it gives you is cool and it doesn’t make others feel left out! Next, the game itself. Prodigy has lots of things to do like The Titan, Lamplight town, Elemental quests, home and character decorating, and talking with other users! You will never get bored playing this with all there is to do! So if your still on the edge about getting Prodigy, I would just try it and see for yourself! Great job so far Prodigy! Keep it up!

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    Could use a little work

    This game is AMAZING. Don’t get me wrong. The storyline, the design of the characters, EVERYTHING is all great, except for a few things... The sound, data from the computer doesn’t load to my iPad, and hard questions. Now first, I understand that prodigy was made to test your range of IQ, but when I don’t get it, and click on the hints, THOSE seem even harder to solve than the question itself!(I tried to hear what the hint sounded like on speaker, and the reader read a multiplication sign that wasn’t there) And for the sound, I really have nothing against it, (I mean, I can just play music in the background, but I don’t have much good music) but to me, without music, it makes the game less enjoyable. I think the only things I get to hear are the dialogue, and the correct (when you cast a spell) sound effect. I think it’s just my iPad, but I’m pretty sure I put speaker on. When I played this at school (on the computer), I caught a sprike. When I went home from school, I came home to find just my first creature in battle. Again, I think it’s just my iPad. Now I love this game, I really do, but it would help for me to enjoy this even more by fixing these glitches.

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    Fun Game But Needs Some Work

    As a sixth grader, this is a great game to play on a computer because of how it teaches kids math in a fun way and such, but there are some issues with the iPad version. One issue that I came across is that you can only play this game horizontal one way. What I mean by that is you can only play with the home button on the left, which doesn’t make much sense, because usually people use their iPads with the home button on the right, and it shouldn’t be hard to program the app to play like that too, since all it does is change to orientation upside down. I also really don’t like how much they push you to pay for their membership. Every time you complete a battle they push their membership in your face, which I’m not fond of. I would appreciate if the developer team could make the advertising more subtle. Oh, and one more thing, the way the game looks is pretty odd on iPads. Because the iPad has a 4:3 aspect ratio as opposed of the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, everything in the game looks squeezed in, and just looks a little off. I wish the app could be optimized so it didn’t look like that on iPads.

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    New character design and membership.

    The game has its flaws, but the new character design is like Pandora's box! The faces of me and my peer's characters is an abomination! Although some of the equipment looks better, but sadly some look a bit..."dull". Overall you need to change some of the newer designs you made, AND DEFINITELY THE PLAYER FACE MODELS, but you could keep some of the newer ones that looks better from the community's perspective. Overall it's a good game...but could you at least stop taunting us with membership only exclusives? It's extremely annoying and I'm sure 60% of the community can't afford the pricing of membership. I just don't want to pay it personally, it's a huge ripoff. Could you just put ads of other games to the side or something so it wouldn't bother us, but it would still make some money so those membership stuff would be free after a while? Or we can watch ads for coins or other currency. Also while I'm still writing, could you kindly make a map for every area (You can only see places you explored) so that I won't be wondering about trying to do certain quests or bounty hunts where they sent me where I have no idea where it is.

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    Love, but dislike.

    Hi, I’m Ella I’m a fifth grader. I love Prodigy! But just a few changes? I’ve been playing Prodigy for a couple years now! It is easier to play on computer, I usually play at school or home! But I think you should have a better verity of pets! Like when you get your first pet there’s a parrot, dog, cat, fly (I forgot sorry), and dragon. I think there should be a dog, cat, parrot, and hamster (or ferret!). I think those are more popular pets than a dragon, they aren’t even real for one. For two who wants a fly? Also for three they are cute but small. They should be full grown! Or little! But other than that I love Prodigy! But another comment, you should be able to pick the color or your pet, for instinct when you have a fly or something you can pick a color! Like black, blue, or green! Or even let you pick their name! So if you have a parrot it’s not the name it has already picked. Because if I had the parrot I would like it’s name to be Alex! Or Lexi! So what I’m saying is that a few things don’t have to be changed, but I would love it! It would make me joyful! Thank you for your time. - Ella ♥️

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    My favorite math game but cmon!

    So I’ve been playing prodigy for 2 years, and I’ve seen some updates that made it bad. So first of all my least favorite update is probably the newer one that changed the spells so now you don’t “Learn new” spells and it has those 2 spells falling star smash and Super Nova. I liked it when you leveled up a couple levels you learn a new move, but no now it’s just those. Second of all, membership! LIKE EVERYTHING REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP!!! So I today just caught a Shade today and was “Planning” to get a Spectral, but no you HAVE TO HAVE STUPID MEMBER. I had member for a while back but it expired, I think it should be a 1 time purchase for a lifetime! And bring back the thing to get DragonYX items by the leagues, it would make it way easier in my opinion. So yeah here is why I think it could do way better if you didn’t have to have member for evolving! So please bare in mind if you all were to add this I would really only ask for the evolution to be free, and I really don’t care about the other stuff so yeah, here ya are! Please add this in the newest update, thanks in advance.

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    Good, but had a lot of flaws

    This game is awesome for letting kids learn math and regular skills and such. But, it doesn’t help if some of the problems are given to them that aren’t even from their grade level. My brother is given ratios and finding the volume with decimals that he doesn’t even understand and he is in second grade. Another thing is for some problems he got the right answer and then the answer was changed and it’s insane. He’ll remember that he got that one wrong then the next time he’ll put in the right answer and it’ll be changed. If you want to help kids learn then this isn’t a very good thing to have on the app. Next is just a question. My brother is on the same level as his friend and they are both at level 63. You know how you get +20 hearts every couple of levels? It doesn’t make sense that my brother has a max of 560 while his friend has a max of 620. They are both nonmembers if that helps any. Another problems is that sometimes when your loading it will stop and my brother has to exit and sign in again. Hopefully you’ve heard my word and will fix some things. Thank you.

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