IXL - Math, English, & More Reviews

IXL - Math, English, & More Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

IXL is personalized learning! Trusted by over 390,000 schools and 300,000
parents, IXL is proven to accelerate student achievement. And with the
award-winning IXL app, students can master skills anytime, anywhere! See how
IXL meets the unique needs of over 11 million learners (and

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IXL - Math, English, & More Reviews

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    Too hard on kids

    I am a parent and a teacher. I really like the concept behind IXL and find the choices of skills very thorough. It is a great learning tool in many respects. My kids used to love it because they would get stars they could click on for prizes. The problems come in when a child gets something wrong (or simply puts in a comma for a number like “1,000” when the app is designed to expect “1000”). IXL will mark them wrong and take them back at least 10-20%, after which they can only get back extremely slowly. My daughter has sat at the computer in tears and bawled about how “mean” it is. Due to all the frustration, complaints, and tears from kids and parents, my children’s school stopped offering IXL this year and switched the it subscription over to Prodigy. I actually switched my own kids over to Time4Learning to practice because it is much less harsh. It will tell them what they got wrong and explain the reason without expecting them to do a huge portion of the lesson all over again to regain their points. I would encourage the people behind this app to seriously consider revamping how they tackle “wrong” answers and typos. I get that a kid can need a little more practice, but when it sets them back so terribly far, it takes all the joy of their successes away form them and leaves them devastated. Not good:(!

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    Its ok I guess

    So, I’ve been using this for 4years now (kinda forced to do so). At first I was like ok, whatever. It’s for school right? Up till last year (6th) it was fine. This year however, nothing has been saving and my grades have been dropping dramatically. I have not been able to show any work nor hand it in. I’ve told my teacher who handles this program for my school and said that she couldn’t really do anything about it. I asked my friends about it as well and they have been through it as well. I asked them how they went around them and they just said that their teachers never really used it anyway and they didn’t have any problems. For now, I have had to use my teacher’s account to do my work during class and try to bump up my grades. I don’t fully suggest this as the best choose but if you’re too lazy to browse for educational websites, I think that it’s ok to use for beginners

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    Lots of mistakes but am only gonna say a couple

    I like this to help me in my math and language arts, but they got lots of mistakes, I like this but let’s talk about the score you get when you get a problem correct or wrong. I did this and when I got a problem wrong, it will just take 12 or 13 points away AND when I get a problem right, it only gives me 1 or 2 points and I wasn’t even close to the challenge! Also there is no music and it’s kinda makes bored and the noises in this learning app is just the noises when you get it wrong or right. I hope you understand and that am not sending hate AT ALL and that it needs to liven up. So please do not get mad and fix those mistakes please! (Extra) It also lacks the colorful theme and that it should have coins, gems, tickets and I’ll tell you why. The Coins can be use to buy power-ups like have a second chance or unlock new subjects. The gems can be use to buy awesome power-ups like buy the themes and makes your own avatar. The tickets can be use for spicy challenges like making the problems ALL CHALLENGING. I really hope you add those things because I will send a 5 or 4 star if you do, And have a good day!

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    Really boring

    I’m a middle school student and my district does IXL. The thing is IXL is a bad program. Yes I do learn but barely. First if you get a question right it only goes 1% or 2% up. But if you get a question wrong it goes about 10% or 30% down. It takes about half an hour to complete a lesson if you know the material and a hour or more if you don’t. It’s also boring to students. Some teachers assign it as homework like in my school. I do the homework but it’s very boring. There’s nothing entertaining about it like other websites/apps I used in my previous school. Next the lessons are too easy for the grade. The lessons I do for my grade are way easier then expected. I was expecting a challenge like some websites/apps do to help people learn but no. The lessons are more like for the grade behind the one you’re actually in. The only good thing about IXL is the diagnostic. It’s actually a diagnostic that makes sense and actually helps people learn. If you’re a parent or teacher looking for a website to use for your kids or school I would NOT recommend this website/app.

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    IXL is helpful

    It is a really helpful tool for learning math with your kids and I think it was worth it. The only reason I give it 4/5 stars is because it doesn’t really teach the kids anything. It has questions that make the kid understand the topic better, but they don’t teach the topics. One positive thing is that it tells you how to solve the problem if you get it wrong and tells you the formula for solving the problems. That is why I would probably recommend IXL if you want your kids to learn something new. Also, I have found out that if you force your kids to do it, they are less likely to do it. Don’t be too strict and everything should work out for you and kids.

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    It’s a tricky subject

    Ixl a very strange game to speak about some people absolutely love it while others hate it I went through reviews and seen one star then five star over and over some people argue that it is a simple and working game while other think it is a increative waste off time I don’t believe either of those statements it’s not award winning but it’s not absolutely trash it has a few redeeming qualities but also things that hold it back from becoming a better game on the good side setting children back can help them try harder but also can make them feel like they will never get it done the levels are uncreative and monountous they can also refrain from distractions but this keeps kids uninterested o could have math mini games mixed in toast least keep kids entertained. The style of the game is cute but boring it’s simple but too simple not in the cute way with more effort this gam could be great it just needs a push in the right direction

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    IXL is awesome!

    IXL is amazing! It can teach your child all about their just-right-level math! Your child can start only knowing how to count to 10 and finish knowing how to count to 100! IKL has all exclamation points because it educates your child so well! If you're trying to educate your child better, update IXL and your child will be ahead of their class A LOT. And I'm only typing a period because I'm trying to emphasize A LOT. (Same for that sentence) IXL has so much great information about math and how it functions! If your child does IXL, they'll know algebra by the time they're in 4th grade just because IXL educated them so well! So update IXL and get your child to know math a bit more complicated than their level to get them to compete in highly-skilled math tests. Have fun learning MATH with your child! By:Keilani Wang-Lee (Judge Ona Wang's 7 year-old daughter)

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    Worst educational tool in the world!

    This is the worst educational tool in the world. It gets you some sort of satisfaction when you finish a skill, but it can literally take 30 minutes, to finish one simple, skill. To finish a skill you have to get to a 100 smart score. To get that, you have to correctly finish all the questions. But as a human, you might accidentally push a wrong button, and you are at the 99 smart score. It takes you back to like 86 smart score. And that just gets so frustrating, so yeah....AND ALSO! There was this question, and it was what is 0.1 multiplied by 0.1, I was like this is so easy, so I typed in .1, and I pressed enter. IT LITERALLY TOLD ME, ohhh, your answer is WRONG! I WAS LIKE OMG! I calmed down after a few 100 hours... and I went on google, because duh! And searched is 0.1, the same as .1! And it was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Long story short, I threw the laptop out the window, sooooooooooo, moral of the story.....DON’T YOU EVEN TRY PRESSING THE INSTALL BUTTON, BECAUSE YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY REGRET THAT, AND “IXL” WILL TAKE UP YOUR STORAGE THAT IS LEFT AFTER TAKING 1,000 PICTURES ON YOUR PHONE!

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    This is a great app for kids who are struggling with math (Like me). And I LOVE doing this app! It makes math seem more fun and challenging, and I love challenges. :) But, at times it can be extremely stressful when you are doing it for 1/2 hours at a time. Your body gets so caught up and stressed that you can’t even think when using this app. But honestly, this has made my math skills EXTREMELY better. And as a fifth grader who can’t even do multiplication, I NEED this app in my life! It’s very easy and I recommend for kids OR adults struggling with either teaching or learning to GET THIS APP ASAP! This is amazing because I learned so much and I have only been doing this for a day! I now know my multiplication, dividing, and my expanded number forms! Thank you, IXL, you made my life so much better! With love and joy - Random Fifth Grader ❤️

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    I wish I could give zero stars but I can’t also (The IXL company best read this )

    Long story short: This app is dumb don’t waste your life on it This app is the dumbest thing ever it doesn’t give very helpful examples when you get something wrong and it’s especially frustrating when you accidentally hit submit instead of 9 and then it takes you back 40 points and you have to answer at least 10 questions (and get them all right) to get back to where you were. I think they should have a double check where if you get a question wrong it should pop up and say ‘double check’ or ‘something’s not quite right’ then you can check over it and if you accidentally click the wrong number you can save your skin. THEN if it’s still wrong it should take you back BUT only the same amount as it will move you up. Please take this into consideration and actually do it This app, as it is now, causes a lot of anxiety so if you have it and your school doesn’t already require you to use it DO NOT USE IT it may break you Also I’m very resilient so I will find a way to write this same review as many days as I can until this changes So change it Thanks Edit..... YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED IT YET YOU STUPID CHILD Thanks - someone who is definitely younger than you but calls anyone that is suppose to be on if not above their mental level but is not at the moment stupid child And I’m actually going to try this time so be prepared

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    Needs to Stop 🛑

    Ixl isn't the best app. I feel as a student, that when they tell you you got a answer incorrect then explain it to you, it makes the pupil(s) frustrated. You don't understand the concept so your getting farther back then before. I will say, I am always try to reach for the prizes. Its though extremely hard to get when your getting put back. It makes the kid doubt that they’ll get past it and bores them. I suggest if they get the question wrong, you ask them it again after explaining how to solve it. It should be like this other app we have. When you get the question wrong, it says Nice TRY! and moves on and after you get the following 1-10 questions your educator has assigned it goes back to the questions you got wrong and keeps asking until you get it right. I really hope you take advice from a pupils side of video.

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    Does IXL NEED to be a app?

    Hey, I’m not a real big fan of IXL. In fact, it’s so horrible, I would give it negative 5 stars if I could. Every time I try a level, I end up getting like, “yay! I am at 99 points and the total is 100!” But then you get the last question wrong so I’m back at 81 points! The hate it when that happens. Plus, if people hate it so much, then would you be playing when your at calculus? Because there is a ENTIRE column for that stupid thing! And in one column there are about a million levels. Plus, you know how in the 3rd grade levels the limit is 31 questions? And if a question is wrong it COUNTS as a question? Well, I learned it the hard way because once I had so many questions wrong, that I had 69 questions before. And please, just please with raspberry on top, FIX IXL!!! P.S. the point: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH IXL❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ P.S # 2 the worst/stupidest/dumbest app EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I added this in my review: once it took me 5 hours for 1 level and it took, well, guess what? 122 questions.

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    Great idea...Bad execution

    The app itself is actually pretty good, it's well set up, easy to use, and it has some really impressive and unique features like being able to physically write the answer. HOWEVER!!! I can not get over the fact that every time I use it I get insanely frustrated and usually end up uninstalling it. For one, it's just not very fun, sure there are some fun pictures at the end when you complete a skill, but there isn't really anything that's fun, or intriguing, or actually makes you want to use the app at all, learning should be fun and this most definitely isn't. I also hate the fact that it sends you back when you get something wrong, and that's not a big deal, but at no point should it send you back father the amount of points you get for getting it right. That's all I have to say, other than that great app and really helpful.

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    Worst app ever!!!

    If I could give it a zero, by all means I would! Horrible app. Worst app ever designed. If you ever want to feel validated about something as a student, read the bad ixl reviews. If my teacher assigns me ixl, i op for a failing grade instead of the misery of using this app. The only thing I can think of in creating this app is torture. All teachers and parents who use this app, use khan academy. Ixl is the main cause of anger issues, depression, satan, and of course all broken devices. When your 98 goes down to a 36 when you get one question wrong, what’s your first reaction? Punch your device (or whatever’s nearest). One simple answer to solve all of these problems is to outlaw ixl. In 6 grade, my class devised a plan to skin Paul mishkin and dump him in a vat of acid. Not my idea but hey... Paul mishkin created ixl for those of you that didn’t know. This is the most I’ve written by choice in a while. I would rather write an entire essay then do one ixl. To sum it all up, ixl is the torture straight from the devil.

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    I’d rather die that do another IXL problem

    Even if someone were to stab me 87 times, I would not even consider giving them the torcher of this horrible, horrible app. Because we do not have plagues or medieval torcher anymore, Satan himself created this app to make students’ lives miserable. It does not teach skills, you’d have to know everything about your skill before completing this ixl, which kind of defeats the purpose of the app. It does explain what to do, but it’s very confusing and did not help, so you’d have to have a teacher on hand to tell you what to do, again defeating the purpose of the app. If you spell one thing wrong, or type a period instead of a comma, instead of not gaining points, like a test or homework or any other type of school work, you lose points! Once you get near the end you only gain 1 point and lose about 8 points! It’s extensive torcher and in summary I’d like to delete it from the earth and exterminate all people that have created the app.

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Is IXL - Math, English, & More Safe?

Yes. IXL - Math, English, & More is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 84,228 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for IXL - Math, English, & More Is 26.8/100.

Is IXL - Math, English, & More Legit?

Yes. IXL - Math, English, & More is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 84,228 IXL - Math, English, & More User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for IXL - Math, English, & More Is 26.8/100.

Is IXL - Math, English, & More not working?

IXL - Math, English, & More works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Tiffany Le
Oct 21 2020

THIS WEBSITE IS DUMB!!!! IT´S SO FRUSTFRATING!!! I took 1-3 hours each day just to finish a GODDAMN SKILL, I mean, like, I´m on a smartscore of 99, then I mis-pressed a number, and i drop down to 89.. I lose 10 POINTS for ONE wrong question, one answer correct I get only 1-3 points. (swear word) IXL >:((((

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