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Published by on 2023-09-12

About: Ready for an AWESOME math adventure? With Prodigy Math Game, players explore new
worlds, embark on heroic quests and battle friends to collect prizes, pets and
more — all while practicing math! Each player creates a character that
represents them as they start their adventure. These characters, or wizards,
embark on a unique journey, taking players from level 1 all the way up to level
100! As they play, their wizards get st.

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Developer: SMARTeacher Inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 29 Comments

4.5 out of 5

By Jan forgie

1 month ago

My sons membership has been renewed without my permission how do I get this sorted

By spencerw2166

10 months ago

i dont have a problem with prodigy. I was wandering if your okay with it puting enormus amounts of animals in the game of prodigy english, pretand store so it will match with the famer update and the montion update, we could put horses in prodigy for the dry land in the world, also could you make it so you can trade your items and add how mach money your giving that player and how much it cost to do that trade with that player and items you can also trade for a different item i want to trade with my friends in the game please make the animal and being able to trade update thats all i ask you to do

By William Bai

1 year ago

I can't level up or use the Springfest things. can you fix this issue? this is really starting to annoy me and I really want to get to level 100. basically can't do ANYTHING. ANYTHING TO DO WITH SPRINGFEST MAKES ME MAD.

By Vena Campbell

1 year ago

My grandson is having technical difficulties in the game where he cannot proceed to further into the game. Is there something that can be done to help him proceed in the game? There has also been glitches in his account.

By andrea b

1 year ago

i want to cancel my enrollment have been trying for months i am being charged 14.99 every month DO NOT ENROLL

By andrea b

1 year ago

i want to cancel my enrollment have been trying for months i am being charged 14.99 every month DO NOT ENROLL

By Kenneth Douglas Miller

1 year ago

I would like to know why my account was charged on 12/6/2022 and again on 12/18/2022. Both charges were $9.95.

By David Carmichael

1 year ago

Hello and good evening, I'm contacting you to cancel my subscription for both Liam Carmichael and Jeremiah Carmichael. For some reason, I'm still being charged for their subscription, and they haven't used the product for 3 months. I want you to stop charging my account. Thank you, David

By Jennifer Schaffer

1 year ago

I have been trying to cancel my membership for 2 years now. And there is no way to do it. There's no number to call, I would like to speak to someone directly, I would like a refund for the 2 years. This is really stressful. I don't have alot of money. And it just keeps charging me. I would like a refund

By Leslie McKenzie

1 year ago

I ordered the yearly membership for my grandson. He only used it a couple of months. I let the year membership continue but when they billed me for another year I emailed them that it had not been used in months and wanted to cancel. I never heard back or received a refund for the $79.45 for the 2nd year. The first time I requested the cancellation I did not have the password for the account but I sent the name & email for the account along with my phone number and ask them to call me if they needed further information - NO CALL BACK! I then obtained the password and sent them another email but still NOTHING! I then contacted my credit card company. At first they credited my account but then Prodigy sent them pages and pages of their terms and said cancellation had to be in writing but I have been unable to find where it said that. Regardless I did contact them and ask them to call me if they needed further info and they did not. My credit card company then returned the charge to my account. They ask for proof that I requested cancellation. I had tried to print my form I filled out on Prodigy's website but it would only print the form and not what I had typed in so I took a picture of it with my phone. THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!!! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

By Joanna Johnstone

1 year ago

DO NOT CALL 630-269-9780

By Joanna

1 year ago


By Candy Roberts

1 year ago

Can't cancelmembership. This is crazy.

By Lew Brewer

2 years ago

I did NOT subscribe to Prodigy Games. I am being billed $9.95 regularly. I am in the process of putting a payment block on PRODIGY GAMES with my credit card holder. I also contested the charges. I will cancel my credit card if necessary. I will not pay any charges from Prodigy Games. Can you give me any details why I am getting these charges? Thank You.

By Joanna l Johnstone

2 years ago

I was charged $74.95 and Im not sure why. My child does not have prodigy. I have canceled this charge with my bank. Please contact me Joanna Johnstone at 630-269-9780

By Sarah Polfliet

2 years ago

I need to cancel this membership. We signed up for the membership last night but are not able to link my daughters account. I was charged for the purchase but I cannot get ahold of anyone in customer service to cancel. This is very upsetting and I will contact the Better Business Bureau if I continue to get silence in our efforts to cancel.

By Brady Griffin

2 years ago

Need to cancel can’t get anyone to help? Link doesn’t work websites suggests?

By Rachel

2 years ago

I have been trying to cancel my subscription. I no longer have use this. I have been trying to contact someone about this and wanting confirmation of the cancelled subscription for months!

By Debra Kell

2 years ago

I requested this account be cancelled in 2019 and again in 2020 now here it is in 2021 and you continue to charge me the yearly membership after telling me yet again that it has been cancelled. Your company is in violation of my consumer rights and if you don't stop charging me I will report you.

By ilikeyahcutg

2 years ago

this is wrong, we all want to cancel our memeberships but you wont allow us to do so. this is wrong and this sould be violating some sort of law

By Elaine Trbovich

2 years ago

I am having difficulty cancelling my yearly account. Is there a phone number I can call to cancel. Thank you, Elaine Trbovich

By adesoji awoyemi

2 years ago

can you please cancel my membership and refund me?

By Jbj

2 years ago

How do you cancel prodigymebership

By Greer

2 years ago

prodigy will NOT allow me to cancel my membership and it is taking my money and its especially frustrating because i dont even use prodigy anymore so i need help!

By Indiana Gilbert

3 years ago

prodigy people can you open the shops in lamplight town? and can you open the ice tower?i also want epics and the trailmasters gear.pleaseeeeeeeeeee

By alhassane

3 years ago

i need help

By Memory Helper

What is actually the point if the game?

As far as motivating children to practice math skills, this game is on top. The game will differentiate based on the child’s answer, steadily increasing in difficulty until the game figures out where the child’s math level is (1st - 8th). The game will also focus on specific skills planned out by the child’s teacher. The game will not teach new skills, but will review previously learned skills. (I do wish it did more to explain how they came up with the correct answers.) However, this game shamelessly markets to its players to push a monthly or annual membership. After every challenge the child completes there is a reminder to purchase a membership. Key pieces of the game are unavailable until a membership is purchased, and they even go so far as to not allow you to wear or use armor you have earned because you are not a member. Each spell battle earns you gold that you are meant to buy things with in the game, but you can only buy certain things without a membership. The child playing the game’s focus distinctly shifts from fun math review to buying pets, hairstyles and things (and then arguing with parents over purchasing a membership). A child could play for an entire day without ever completing a single math problem, which defeats the overall educational purpose of the game. If they could dial back the consumerism and the constant pressure - on Children - to get a membership this would be an excellent game.

By M gault


When I first started the game I found the pet shop and lamp light town and I was FREAKED OUT (mostly because I love animals) So I wanted to buy a pet, I looked through the catalog and all I saw were...MEMBER PETS. I tried to buy one but the membership made me NOT get one, all though I looked through the hamsters section and at least I could get ONE. Then the more I started playing the game I figured out, that almost EVERYTHING you wanted need member ship! (Buddies,Armor,Evolving Pets,Morph Marbles,Furniture for your house,More spins on the wheels,Bigger houses,Boosts for mini games,Buying pets from Dino dig and so much more!) But seriously...i would play the game more if you didn’t need member ship for EVERYTHING. Another time I went to the copper coin island sort thing, I went on one of the pads that toke you to the epics and I saw epics I never saw before that I wanted! But when I tapped it....all it said was “OnLy MemBers Can BaTtLe thE EpIcs” I was MAD. Now all I do in prodigy every day is spin the wheels. Yep..that’s right, I spin the wheels waiting to get the aquarium house furniture item or one of the sparkle pets. Also you have to link your parents account or something to get a FOX BUDDY? One day I asked if I could get member ship but I had to explain to my child that if she got membership she would have to re-start the WHOLE GAME. -Please get rid of membership-

By MD2007

Such a shame...

I understand Prodigy is a for profit organization, and I do appreciate their even letting non members use lots of features of the game, but I am so fed up with my kids’ tears because they will loose all their progress when I tell them to turn it off after our set 15-20 min screen limit (or even sooner if something urgent comes up unexpectedly). Sometimes, they have to redo the same challenge 3-4 days in a row because screen time ran out, and/or the game locked them out suddenly. Also, the app’s rubbing it in my kids’ faces that they are non members after every. single. battle. is really getting old. We’re homeschoolers, and I gladly pay for may Math programs, if I think they’re worth it (like Reflex Math and Beast Academy), AS LONG AS I can make them work for me instead the program trying to work me and my family. So far, the kids are loving it, and I do think it’s a fun way to get some extra Math in, but I feel like Prodigy’s aggressive marketing strategy and especially the inability to set daily screen time limits without loosing progress is starting to become more of a headache than a help to the parent. I will probably not end up giving this company my money but at some point just delete the app, call it a day, and stick to a combination of Reflex and Beast. It’s a shame because the kids do love it—even without membership.

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