Qobuz Reviews

Qobuz Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-09

Have unlimited access to your music in High-Fidelity sound quality with Qobuz.
Enjoy thousands of creative playlists for all occasions, and let Qobuz help you
discover new music with exclusive editorial content (interviews, reviews,
articles). Listen to your music wherever you want, when...

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Qobuz Reviews

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    Problems initially but now loving it.

    Having nothing but problems with app. Music shutting off in the middle of play back and signed up for sublime subscription but can only play back at cd quality despite using external fiio q5 dac/amp and iPhone XS Max with lastest iOS. Great idea if they can get things working. No phone number for support and still no email response for support after 24hrs so far. Update on this. Finally got email back and not very helpful indicating that since bought subscription from App Store need to talk to them. No help there directed me back. Eventually figured out App Store subscription for 25$ is only hifi or cd quality streaming while 25$ sublime from Qobuz on their website allows you to stream all music at highest resolution through app. Not sure why that is. Now working as advertised and I’m loving it so I’m upping my star rating.

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    Sounds better than tidal

    I have done a few comparisons on my headphones and on my iPhone speakers, and I could tell you that it does sound better than streaming from TIDAL. The interface is not as good as other services but the sound quality is noticeably better. It’s so much better that I need to change, or turn off my EQ settings that I normally have with other programs. This service is even better if you have really good audio equipment, as you really will hear the difference. It’s like upgrading your DAC to a $5000 piece of equipment

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    What a discovery!

    As a longtime (old) audio hobbyist, I didn’t think of my Apple 6S as high end gear, but the trial hi-rez Qobuz subscription just blew my socks off with really good sound. Whether using apple earbuds or my Etymotics, or even using the iphone as a streaming dac into my preamp, the quality of sound and the enormous music catalog has profoundly changed my listening experience. I’m now seriously considering leaving behind physical media (of which I have many, many full shelves), scoring a higher-end streamer/dac and moving my listening chair to a nice, comfy spot in cyberspace. Jeff

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    Kudos to Qobuz

    So happy with Qobuz as my new streaming service. The best sound quality to my ears, cleaner than tidal for many tracks I compared between them. The catalogue for classical and jazz is superb, and the meta data and listings for classical works is much better than the rest. The apps have improved greatly since I first took a look, and now stand near the top tier. The searching now surpasses tidal as well, especially within one’s own collection. I hope they continue to actively develop the CarPlay app. Merci!

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    Where are the pre-curated Playlists and Stations?

    I really like Qobuz’s CD-audio quality, because I believe I can actually hear the difference. (That’s why I switched from Apple Music.). And I love that it’s already integrated with my beloved Sonos. But Qobuz is simply not ready for Prime Time when it comes to pre-curated “playlists” for various artists, genres, musical moods and themes, etc. (Apple Music does *really* well at this). Yes, I can build my own playlists, but I don’t want to, and shouldn’t have to spend the time doing so. Same for music “stations”, a la Pandora and others. Especially when those stations “learn” your true preferences with those handy thumbs up / thumbs down buttons. For me, it’s a huge downer that all I can really do with Qobuz is play individual albums and songs, and only if I’m already aware of them, and then search them out specifically by name. They sound great, but I want to pick a playlist or station, and just let the tunes roll for hours at a time. Apparently not happening on Qobuz.

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    I love the app and it has great sound quality but needs more hip hop songs. One thing that needs work on is on my playlist I have a lot of music and after I hit 500 songs on my playlist and any music have 500 doesn’t show up. Also I don’t like how if you stop playing music and leave the app for a little the app automatically close out and have to scroll threw your playlist again.

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    ok so I have to say sound quality is amazing, is better than tidal, no regrets on paying 25$ a month for great music, it sounds good even on AirPods, lol no lie , now my only concern is that there missing Latin music in there catalog, so it’s kinda hard to find new music, etc, I wish they update this very soon, I don’t want to keep going to a song, then checking the label record so I can find similar songs, that’s annoying, pleaseee ! Update asap!

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    The additional integrations work!

    If I have Qobuz, why do I need Roon? I don't have an extensive CD collection. Music is too varied (and to much of it) to be able to buy it all. But I like the higher quality playback, now that I've got some decent speakers. I play Qobuz over Chromecast Audio and the network takes over, as it should do. Wow! Something that works that didn't come from Apple or Google. Yay!

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    Price they charge vs quality they offer

    I have subscribed to hifi sublime for one year , and as compared to other its experience ,i think at that price point they should offer , no streaming but download in high resolution in hifi sublime subscription. I mean that’s pathetic, we can only download in. Cd quality , very unsatisfactory according to the amount they charge ! The one at peak on music service in compared to quality is Tidal , which offer high resolution at the price point of qobuz sublime subscription . This should be addressed out asap , if they don’t wanna loose their customers . And they must work on the interface, its so dull and messy on pc while streaming.

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    All in with Qobuz

    I was impressed with Qobuz from the moment I tried it with a UI that's superior to either Deezer or Tidal. While the Hi-Res catalog isn't as expansive as one might wish, it's growing and definitely ahead of the services just mentioned. Now that Qobuz has offered a competitive price, I'm all in and looking forward to a year of excellent audio quality.

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    Can’t believe this has 5 stars

    Went to sign up for the “free trial” only to be charged one full month immediately, so false advertising on the company’s part. No big deal, I thought, until I realized half of my favorite albums (which are available on Deezer) aren’t on Qobuz. Also had a hard time finding well-known artists on Qobuz. Not even close to being worth $25/mo for CD quality. To put into perspective, Deezer’s premium audio (not lossless) sounds better. Hugely disappointed for the price. Won’t be renewing for a 2nd month, and it’d be nice to get my money back on the “free trial” I tried to sign up for... :/

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    Awesome Sound. Poor User Experience.

    The audio quality is great, but the app looks like an after thought. The artist photos are blank silhouettes, search is poor and the playlists were tossed together 2 hours before the US launch. I think the price is fair, but the web player and native app kills the value proposition for me. If the app improves and I’ll take another look. Tidal for me as MQA is fine and I don’t notice much difference other than a slight difference in the audio signature.

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    Best streaming ever

    I can get rid of Apple Music now. It streams to my stereo and even on carplay. The simplicity of the app and quality of content is superb. Tons of variety. This app even sound better than most of my cds ripped to flac. I’m at the highest tier but it’s worth not ripping the cds or getting stuck with a poorly engineered cd. If you used to buy 2 cds a month this is a wash.

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    If you love music

    If you love music Qobuz is the best music platform for audiophiles. I agree with one reviewer that you have to subscribe on the Qobuz website because you get more for the same price. The sound quality is outstanding and the support is extraordinary if you contact them via Facebook!

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    Hi-Res imports bug fixed!

    After more than a year during which I was not able to import my Hi-Res purchases in the app, it seems that the latest update has solved the issue. However, I do not see the option to import a whole playlist anymore... But overall I am very happy to have finally regained "ownership" of the thousands of Hi-Res tracks that I have purchased from Qobuz before that bug struck.

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Is Qobuz Safe?

Yes. Qobuz is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,967 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Qobuz Is 78.2/100.

Is Qobuz Legit?

Yes. Qobuz is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,967 Qobuz User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Qobuz Is 78.2/100.

Is Qobuz not working?

Qobuz works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Qobuz customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Qobuz.

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