WHOOP Performance Optimization Reviews

WHOOP Performance Optimization Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-28

This app requires a WHOOP Strap with an iPhone 5s or newer and iOS 11 or
later. WHOOP optimizes performance for elite athletes through a continuous
understanding of Strain and Recovery. When paired with a WHOOP Strap, the WHOOP
App provides physiological data, analysis, and actionable...

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WHOOP Performance Optimization Reviews

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    Surprised by the negative comments

    I am 1 yr in to my Whoop experience and am surprised to read all the negative reviews. I have had an overall excellent experience and as an active 56 yr old multi sport recreational athlete (mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, kitesurfing/skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, cycling, skiing, flying, regular gym +a few) I have found the whole whoop experience extremely useful. A couple of hardware issues at the beginning were addressed quickly by a replacement strap and have not had problems since. Suffering from Sleep Apnea means sleep data is important and whoop is the best I’ve used (and I’ve tried them all) and correlates (unofficially) well to the random sleep clinics I have done. As an ex- world class athlete, I enjoy the extensive data and awareness it brings to my “state” and the quick tips are great food for thought. I have always had answers from customer service through mail within 2-3 days, and the new UI is a great improvement on an already excellent years worth of experience. Thanks

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    Works for me

    I’m not a high level athlete, but I exercise a lot and more importantly, I work in health care treating a whole range of difficult and complex conditions and health problems. It can be tough identifying the impact that small lifestyle factors can have on different people. I got the strap to see improved data on how my longer term health was being impacted by small daily choices. Turns out meditation does more for me than I thought, while alcohol has a seriously negative impact on my HVR, even in small amounts. I’m using a lot of different tools to identify small nuances in patients that can lead me to optimize their long term health and when I started doing research on HVR it sounded like a great tool. I recommend the whoop strap to my patients who suffer from unusual conditions characterized by unexpected flares. It can be really helpful to identify the subclinical factors straining homeostasis in the system.

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    Horrible Product, even worse customer service

    i never write reviews in the app store, but this seemed like an appropriate time because of the money i wasted. this product is absolute garbage and does not work for more than two weeks. i have revived two new whoop devices, and they have all stopped working. i have received 2 new charging units, but they don’t seem to charge my whoop devices. i regret ever spending money on this and now i am paying for a subscription i can’t even use. i have never been more furious with a product until i met whoop. the sad part it i really loved tracking my sleep and running, and sadly i have to now find a product that won’t break on me. the customer service takes days to respond, and they blamed the coronavirus as a reason my package showed up 2 weeks late. absolutely no respect for their customer; this product is a complete rip off, and it’s not a coincidence that Joe Rogan stopped talking about it after a while, he knew the product was garbage. they must have bots writing these reviews because in no way has my experience been a 5 star experience

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    App disconnects from strap

    When it works it’s great, and the way it’s supposed to work is you keep the app open on you phone, when you and your strong are out of range the strap’s Bluetooth connection (obviously) disconnects and when you/strap come back in range if your phone, the strap should reconnect (and update the app with the data since it’s last connection). Unfortunately too many times the strap does not reconnect to the app, leaving for LONG periods of disconnect, where the only way I’ve found to reconnect the app is (a) turn Bluetooth off on my phone then back on, then (b) restart the app on my phone then (c) wait about an hour for the app to catch up some the last connection. Yesterday the strap lost connection around 530p. I wake up and like to check my sleep data.....to the disappointment of the strap being disconnected. So I did the above and now I’ll wait and hour or so for the strap to synchronize data to the phone app since it’s last connection at 530p yesterday. I have all current firmware and updates too.

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    Makes life better

    Alright I’ll be honest I was skeptical about this product working because I had an Apple Watch that I use basically every day.. well 2 months later I can tell you they work completely differently and this thing is the real deal. This isn’t out to tell you how many calories you burned or miles you walked or how much you can lift. It’s meant to show your RECOVERY and cardiovascular fitness. It is constantly checking your heart rate and matching it up with the activities you do so it knows how hard you’re pushing. Want some examples on how freaking cool this is? -for a few weeks I manually went into the app and logged my weightlifting workouts (logging isn’t necessary it knows how hard you worked during the workout anyway because it’s always monitoring). Now, I don’t even have to log it. I go lift and then 30 mins later it notifies ME saying that it logged a weightlifting workout. Also: did my third ever cycling workout wirh WHOOP today and it notified me a few minutes after saying that it logged a cycling workout. It also knows when I do abs because those aren’t logged as lifting/cycling/etc. it logs them correctly. And the sleep analysis is second to none. Freaking love this thing.

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    Frustrating to the Extreme

    I really wanted to like Whoop. I’ve listened to several of their podcasts and have no doubt they work hard and mean well. But this device has failed to be consistently useful. Not only does it focus very heavily on extremely short term information, but it also showed extreme fluctuations in my HR - sometimes hitting 160bpm just doing dishes. The daily strain would often be totally overstated. The latest update seems to tamp down the HR spikes but they still happen. More importantly, the HRV and therefore the recovery scores can fluctuate like crazy. And if you suffer from any anxiety about sleep this thing can make it worse. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when Whoop told me my recovery was GREEN (114pt HRV) at 1am, then YELLOW at 6am (70pt HRV). This happened the night before my goal race for the year and really messed with my mental game. I have no confidence in Whoop and do not intend to continue as a month to month subscriber after my 6-month commitment (insult to injury) expires. They have a super slick app, and super slick CEO, but the support is non existent and living with the Whoop can make you go nuts.

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    I’ve used many wearables - and am a current Apple Watch user. The metrics provided by Whoop are second to none. The level of detail provided is incredibly helpful at tracking your sleep, recovery and strain. You can log journal entries and better understand how different things affect your sleep and performance. While the subscription cost isn’t for everyone (yes, it’s a bit high), you have to look at what’s provided and the fact that you aren’t paying for the device (upgrades are free as well when new ones come out). I’ve not had this thing for too long, but I can tell already that this will be valuable to my running and cycling performance.

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    Life changing product

    Best you can get when it comes to health / fitness. I have tried several different wearables and the whoop strap differentiates on battery life / ease of charging, recovery and strain data that you can actually use to change workout behavior (vs. meaningless metrics), and helpful sleep tracking. I feel healthier and more in touch with my body...and so far it has helped me avoid sickness and injury. Plus, the strap is sleek and stylish - after a few months, I barely realize it’s on my wrist and I get compliments on it all the time.

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    App Runs VERY Slow Now

    This has been a great app in the seven months I’ve used it, but something has changed recently, perhaps in the last 1-2 updates. It now takes a VERY long time for the data to show up/catch up in the app. I have the background refresh on, yet when the app is open and running in the background while I use another app it makes no noticeable progress. Even when I’m actively in the app it updates extremely slowly. For example, I’ve had the app open at various times throughout the day today, and at 5pm it still has only updated from noon yesterday (when I last updated) up to about 7:30 last night, so I still have no idea how I slept last night or what my data is for today. It never used to take anywhere near this long. Makes the app and strap much less worthwhile.

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    Great app overall

    With the amount of data and ways to display it, I’d say this app is as close to as simple and straight forward as it can get. While I’ve seen some smaller bugs (still haven’t been able to repro), it overall performs quite well. My only gripe at this time is that there is no Apple Watch companion app. I in no way expect to be able to read all this data on my watch. However, it would be great if I could start/stop activities on my Apple Watch, especially now that Whoop is integrated with Strava. Carrying my phone with me on runs is not something I enjoy doing and I’d much rather leverage the GPS capability of my watch instead of only my phone for that integration.

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    This whole thing is a hot mess.

    Was so excited to get this and so disappointed two weeks later. The packaging was nice, but hard to open without ripping. The clasp was so tight I spent 10 minutes opening it carefully with a screwdriver to make sure I didn’t break something. The explanation for how to get started was worthless, I just did my best with the assumption it would work out once it was trained. The app itself is one of the worst user designs I have ever experienced for something this expensive. After two weeks I still can’t find any pattern or plan to the layout and the purpose of the tool is muddled through fancy charts. The menus are distributed, I can’t find my journal entries, etc. It feels like the didn’t do any testing with users who were new to the product. I might believe this could all go somewhere with a good redesign, except the device almost never detects activity for me and the sleep tracker is not accurate. This might be redeemed if the HRV function was available for use, but by now I can’t find a menu item for it and I don’t trust the device anymore. Maybe they’ll get their game together in the 4.0 version?

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    Doesn’t Work

    I started wearing a whoop 2 years ago. I’m on my 4th strap. They replace them free when they stop working. When it does work, the information isn’t accurate. It does work well as a sleep monitor. I don’t know if the information about the amount of the different types of sleep is accurate or not. A couple of months ago they sent me a new strap and now it doesn’t detect activity. When I enter it manually the stress score is not close to reality. HRV is an interesting subject. But if you deep dive into research or ask a cardiologist you find that “they” think that it is meaningful but they don’t know enough to come to any conclusions or make recommendations based on the number. I have worn because it was a gift and it was expensive. Not anymore. I’m actually sleeping better without it. Sometimes I would wake up with pain from it squeezing too tight.

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    Not worth it…

    First of all a quick bio to add credibility - super active, competitor who loves data. So there should be perfect right? Not so fast... 1) Operating System is bulky. You must leave the app running for your data to upload and then sync. So if you do not leave it running, your data will be stale and will take hours to pull up to date. 2) I learned but then... no need for the serve - The algorithm does a nice job of teaching you to listen to your body. It acted as a governor so I would not overtrain. Soon I understood my body and wearing the extra band was annoying, I was not picking up or using any thing new or useful and paying the very expensive subscription felt wasteful 3) Customer service is bad -The only way to contact them is email. OK. But then send them an email and responses take a few days. And then I found them to be ill equipped to answer, go unresolved and lack follow up 4) To expensive and BS 6 month contract - I used it for a month and a half or two months and then... now I am just lighting money on fire. I asked to review my contact or get out of it but... see it 3, customer service is poor. Net net totally not worth it. Get one of the other systems

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    Ratings disappeared?

    Until a few days ago Whoop had a 3.4 rating on here with a whole lot of recent 1 star reviews. For a few months there were no problems when got my strap, then the iPhone changed and the app updated. I started complaining regularly to customer service because the app basically stopped working. Customer service was very slow to respond. After about a month of poor service and problems they have finally said they will send a replacement. No offer to prorate me for the month of problems. It takes about 4 Days get a response from a real person at Whoop. Im going to give the new strap a try when it gets here but based on all of the negative reviews that have been deleted I don’t have any faith. I’ll update if things improve.

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    AWFUL customer service

    I’ve had my whoop for about a year. I got it as a gift. I’ve never had any technical issues. The device itself is great. It’s fine for what it is. Customer service however.. Every support email I send is met with vague answers at least 24 hours after I sent the question. I’ve asked about when products will be restocked and a day later I get “oh I wanted that too” Once I emailed about noting my HR spiking when I’m not actually doing anything and it was like talking to a brick wall. I recently bought a new strap and clasp and pain for express shipping because I was going on vacation in 5 days. Tracking the package, I was never notified it had actually shipped so when I contacted them the day before I left I was told the order was received but they haven’t shipped it. - no delay in taking my money though! I’ve emailed about cancelling the order but haven’t heard from anyone in three days as of today. The terrible customer service kills the experience for me. I won’t be renewing my membership.

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Is WHOOP Performance Optimization Safe?

Yes. WHOOP Performance Optimization is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,073 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WHOOP Performance Optimization Is 34.3/100.

Is WHOOP Performance Optimization Legit?

Yes. WHOOP Performance Optimization is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,073 WHOOP Performance Optimization User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WHOOP Performance Optimization Is 34.3/100.

Is WHOOP Performance Optimization not working?

WHOOP Performance Optimization works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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