Clue Period Tracker & Calendar Reviews

Clue Period Tracker & Calendar Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-08

About: Clue is a period, ovulation, and pregnancy tracker with a clear mission: to
empower you to know your body, through all stages of life, and whatever your
reproductive decisions may be. Trust and transparency is at the core of
everything we do.

About Clue Period Tracker Calendar

What is Clue Period Tracker Calendar? Clue is a period, ovulation, and pregnancy tracker app that aims to empower users to know their bodies and make informed health choices. The app is designed to be transparent and trustworthy, with a commitment to protecting users' personal health data. Clue offers a range of features, including period, ovulation, and PMS predictions, symptom tracking, fertility tracking, pregnancy tracking, and educational articles on menstrual health topics.



- Period, ovulation, and PMS predictions for the next three cycles

- Tracking of period days, flow intensity, menstrual products, and birth control method

- Logging of 30+ symptoms, cravings, moods, energy levels, exercise, and more to discover patterns in the cycle

- Calendar reminders for period, PMS, ovulation, or birth control pill

- Tracking of cycle lengths and variations to observe trends and maximize doctor visits

- Ovulation and fertility tracking, including logging of BBT, cervical fluid, and ovulation tests

- Pregnancy tracking, including logging of pregnancy and postpartum symptoms and fetal development week by week

- Educational articles and menstrual health topics curated by Clue's in-house science team

- Gender-inclusive app designed for anyone who menstruates

- Integration with Healthkit, including Health App, Touch ID, and Today Extension

- Clue Plus subscription features, including 6 months of upcoming cycle predictions, in-depth analysis of cycle patterns, monthly email with cycle statistics, full access to Clue's content tab, and pregnancy tracking mode

- Support team available through the app for assistance

- Note that Clue should not be used as a contraceptive.

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Key Benefits of Clue Period Tracker Calendar

• Easy and straightforward to use with customizable tracking options

• Generates patterns and predictions based on data

• Provides free articles on women’s reproductive health

• Always spot on with period predictions

20 Clue Period Tracker Calendar Reviews

4.8 out of 5


More than anticipated

I got clue because I was having a difficult time remembering to track my period on my messy calendar. When I began using it, I found that it was very easy and straightforward to use with customizable tracking options besides just the period bleeding itself like emotional state, pain, ovulation, sleep, digestion, etc. I just wish that the exercise tab had more options to choose from. After using it for a few months, CluePeriodTrackerCalendar had enough data to show me patterns during my cycle which were very enlightening to me. By recording my daily experiences and looking at the generated patterns and predictions I have been learning a lot about my body that I was previously unaware of before. But my favorite thing about discovering clue is that the company provides articles on women’s reproductive health for free on many different issues, and that these articles are fact-checked and use peer-reviewed journal studies as their sources (and list the sources so I could look them up myself if I wanted to). These articles provide me with information I otherwise didn’t have access too or was too embarrassed to ask about like the many birth control options available, how they work, and their pros and cons. Definitely more than just a period tracking app.


Great, if you're just menstruating

I like CluePeriodTrackerCalendar. I just started using it maybe 7 months ago, and even though I only had three pretty irregular periods, I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the ovulation and period predictions were. It only took the first cycle for the next predictions to be shockingly accurate. It was very nice to have a discrete little banner warning me that my period was supposed to start soon. I love all the symptoms we can track, and the cycle analysis over time. Overall I would like to say I love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar . But I can't. Because I'm now pregnant, and there's no way for me to change my life stage to "pregnancy" from "menstruating" without signing up for Clue Plus.

I understand and accept that Clue wants us to pay for the pregnancy information, but I don't understand why I can't even change my status (and effectively put my cycle on "pause") until I give birth. I feel disappointed that this excessively long "cycle" could skew the information they collected from the previous ones, making my predictions less accurate for a long time postpartum. I can't imagine how much more disappointing this would be if I had been using CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for longer.

I also think it would help to add a "postpartum" or "breastfeeding" life stage, since you aren't pregnant anymore but those situations still effect if/when you menstruate.


5 Stars

CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is literally the best period tracker I’ve ever had. I started using it just over a year ago(ish), and it’s truly been helpful. I added in my past periods from another app and that helped a lot with it being able to always be spot on for my days.

One thing I would recommend, is having a “Notes” section for days. I feel like that would be nice because I can remember why I didn’t take my BC (birth control) at a certain time and I can work on being more on time with it. It’d also be nice to keep track of other things in there, such as “my cramps were this bad today because xyz.” And instead of using just the cramps button, I can make a note of how bad or mild they were on which days so I can expect it for next time. I also feel as if it would be easier when talking to an OB/GYN about my periods because my cramps can sometimes be too horrible to the point I can’t even get up and out of bed (the top reason why I’m even taking it - and how irregular my cycle was before).

A couple months ago I got the subscription to Clue, and it’s even better than I imagined! I enjoy getting the articles for what I feel on my period; certain emotions, why my cramps can be killer, etc. I’d definitely recommend CluePeriodTrackerCalendar to all my fellow friends. 💕


Love it, but a suggestion

I really love clue, it’s a really easy place to keep track of everything related to my cycle.
One thing I would like to suggest is to allow us to choose if we want to log our flow (or other things) multiple times a day or just once like it is now. Personally I would love to be able to mark my flow each time I use the restroom/change my tampon/pad and have clue give me the average flow for that day. I just thought this would be a nice option since I know I sometimes have trouble deciding what I want to mark a whole days flow as (like if I’m light in the morning and night but heavy in the middle of the day).
Another part of this would be to be able to log the time (if you choose), like if I get my period at 11 pm (when I normally get it in the morning). I have a really hard time remembering when I got my period and most of the time if it starts later at night it’ll go an extra day long. So it would be nice to be able to see what time I got my period, and (if marking the time for each restroom break) over time you could be able to recognize patterns of your flow throughout each day of your period.
Just a couple of thoughts, but I love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar. Thanks in advance for reading my suggestions!


Amazing app!!

Let me start by saying I have been using CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for around 4 years now and I love it! But ever since it came out with the whole “premium membership” thing I miss some aspects that I used to have. I no longer receive emails basically as a summary of my last cycle and I used to look forward to receiving those, it helped me get a better understanding of my cycle. And I don’t know if that is a feature in the premium membership I just noticed that when CluePeriodTrackerCalendar came out with premium membership I stopped receiving those emails, and personally I think that’s something everyone should have the privilege of receiving premium membership or not. But i also wish CluePeriodTrackerCalendar was a little more descriptive with its data, or at least had more options. For exercising I wish it had more options, it only has things like running and swimming but what about those who weight lift or walk? There are other things I wish it had as well like dizziness or how much you ate in a day or anxiety/depression, some of these things may already be on there some of them may not but I still think it’s good to have them/look into more options to collect data for. Overall, CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is great with tracking my period I just wish it went a little more in depth and helped you understand what all of it meant like it used to.


easy to use and wildly helpful, but some minor issues

I’ve used Clue since 2016, if not longer. I can’t imagine ever switching to a different tracking system. there are plenty of features for detailed tracking and predictions, but if you’re like me, and you just want to know when your period hits, it’s great for that too. the UI is clean and easy to customise. it gives me detailed information and lets me input my own info effortlessly. it’s just simply a great app.

all that being said, there are a few changes I’d love to see. for one, the startup and response of CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is slow. it wasn’t always like this, but in the last year or so, it’s gotten wildly slow! real bummer. I have the latest app update and the newest IOS on my device, but CluePeriodTrackerCalendar startup is still slow–sometimes taking more than a full minute to load the front page (I know it sounds silly, but actually sit and wait for a full minute or longer and tell me that wouldn’t be inconvenient or frustrating after continued use). in addition to that, I’d really love if you could rearrange the categories that you track (sex, birth control, activity, etc.). it’s nice to be able to toggle what you do and don’t track, but rearranging the categories as well would be a fantastic setting.


Great app but not sure if it’s worth a subscription

I love Clue for predicting when my period will come and how long it will last. It’s always very accurate. However, I feel like the built in tracking options are very limited (in terms of what the 4 choices are within each option) and are not always in line with what I want to report for that day. For example, the emotions tab doesn’t have anger, which I think is strange. Exercise doesn’t have weight lifting. I am aware that you can create your own tags but I haven’t been able to find out where you can see your tags over the past cycles that you’ve tracked them (on a linear calendar line), so it doesn’t seem like the tags do much at all because I want to track something so I can see where it shows up throughout multiple cycles. Lastly, the content page doesn’t seem to change or refresh much so idk why that content is subscription only (I think it’s subscriber only). And the cycle review email is literally just the analysis page awkwardly formatted to an email- it doesn’t add any detail like “you tracked X more than last cycle” or anything like that. Idk I love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for knowing when to expect my period but there are several things I’d change before resubscribing.


App struggles to load constantly FORCE CLOSES

I have been a Clue user for over 3 years now and always loved it to the point that I joined as a plus member when it became available. I am happy that it is pretty much always spot on with my period predictions but for the past about 6 months it has had a lot of struggle loading. It used to be so bad to the point it wouldn’t load even after giving it multiple minutes. The issue has since gotten a bit better and some pages will load quicker while others (mainly cycle page) still take so much longer than necessary. I just feel like an app of this age and with this amount of quality in the product, should have the basics such as app programming down. I have made sure it’s not my phone or wifi, it’s CluePeriodTrackerCalendar that has problems loading. I am just pretty disappointed that my experience on CluePeriodTrackerCalendar seems to be getting worse rather than better. I hope this issue is fixed and then I’d be happy to provide 5 stars.
UPDATE: Now CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is force closing itself out after about 30 seconds (and yes it is on the latest version). As you can see below, they suggested I try reporting the issue to them via CluePeriodTrackerCalendar but I can’t do that when it force closes before I can submit it.... It just keeps getting worse and it’s HIGHLY disappointing. Definite one star and am heavily considering cancelling my subscription and moving on to a new app at this point to be honest.


Love this app (and a suggestion)

I have used Clue for years and I love it! It has helped me learn about my cycle and take control of my healthcare needs in a way I’ve never experienced. The only suggestion I have is that I wish I could track pregnancy in it as well- as far as I know there is a pregnancy option but it basically shuts down projections and eliminates the data from that time in the analysis. I don’t want to track fetal development or anything like that but it would be great if I could track my symptoms and experiences associated with pregnancy without having to mark a cycle as inactive. I had a miscarriage last fall and as we have started trying to get pregnant again I have wished that data was more available so I could see patterns and trends on months when I was pregnant compared to months that I wasn’t. As it is, when you say a cycle is inactive it won’t show you what day you were suspected to have ovulated, etc. which would be really valuable in trying to conceive. I really do appreciate CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and the work you are doing on it- I just wish it could track additional information and normalize the pregnancy experience without skewing or losing data. Thank you!


Lots of talk but nothing special

I wanted CluePeriodTrackerCalendar because it would send my husband updates on my cycle, I thought I would be a fun and easy way to communicate about this. CluePeriodTrackerCalendar does do this but only in a very limited way. I can’t control which notifications he gets or edit the text of the notifications. For example, I want my husband to get a notice when my fertile window is approaching and I would love to be able to edit the alert to be something fun and sexy. No can do! He gets all or nothing, so instead his phone dings, “It’s (name) PMS today!” Then follows a long medical article about pms and a note about how my acne might be worse. I can not think of ANYTHING less fun and sexy. I feel
like a medical specimen in a jar. So much for empowering women. Oh, and now they just took away the fertile window entirely with a message about how it “puts too much emphasis on your fertility.” Well... that’s why I got CluePeriodTrackerCalendar . Make it optional, something people can turn on and off, don’t just take it out and leave only an option for the ovulation day alone. You know, why not just take out the period prediction too since it can also “be inaccurate,” and it puts too much emphasis on menstruation. Why not just have CluePeriodTrackerCalendar predict that every day is the same inside our bodies? That way we can just be surprised when it’s not! Who doesn’t love a good surprise right! Oh wait, I guess we don’t even need an app at all then.


Works great

I love the way CluePeriodTrackerCalendar works. It makes predictions for you (after a cycle or two it gets more accurate) and you can customize notifications to however you want them to be displayed. For me personally, it doesn’t work as well as it would for most women because my period is irregular, so the averages don’t work accurately. However, the functions on CluePeriodTrackerCalendar work perfectly and any issues I have are almost guaranteed to be caused by my own inconsistencies. I know my period isn’t ever going to become regular because of my genes, but it’s convenient to have all of my menstrual information in one place in case I need to look back at the dates during an appointment. Love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar :)
HOWEVER. Because of my irregular period, the averages show that my average cycle length is around 46 days, which is okay and all, but because that number is so high, there’s a little icon with an exclamation point on it. If I click on it, it tells me I need to buy the subscription to receive more info. It makes me really frustrated!! Clearly Clue is trying to tell me something about my menstrual health that could be helpful to my situation, but I need to pay in order to receive that insight. It doesn’t help that the icon looks really urgent and important.


Happy long time user

I’ve been using Clue since I was 14, and now at 18 I’m as happy as ever. When I was younger I knew my cycle was long but I didn’t really pay attention to it so I never knew when it was going to start. After using Clue for a couple months it told me my average cycle length was about 40 days! I never would have known without Clue, and this way I could plan a lot better. As I got older and my cycle began to shorten Clue dutifully informed me that my average was 34. I had a hard time realizing that the shorter cycles were my new normal but Clue laid out the data, and I knew I could trust them on it.
When Clue switched to premium I happily paid the 10 dollars, and it’s worth every penny. They do such good work and I know they’ll continue to improve even more in the future. The only possible requests I have would be to allow people to create their own tracking options. My mom gets migraines, and she can put the generic “other” tag on it, but nothing for severity or duration. I would also like the ability to track what time of day my period starts, as that would be useful to know if there’s a pattern.



I've been using CluePeriodTrackerCalendar since 2015 which blows my mind because I've been happy enough with it to be using it for 6 years. It lets you track every single symptom or lifestyle change relevant to your cycle. It also has multiple ways to view and track your period: a calendar view, a circular track for your current cycle, and a list that shows each cycle as a timeline. The only flaw that I've had is the change in my ovulation prediction since getting an IUD. I have a non-hormonal IUD which allows me to ovulate still, but since inputting this in CluePeriodTrackerCalendar in 2019, it no longer shows me my predicted fertility window since hormonal IUDs stop ovulation. I just wish there was an added feature that allows you to specify the type of IUD you have, so that I would be able to check when I'm ovulating. Not for the purpose of trying to get pregnant obviously, but knowing I'm ovulating is useful when I need an explanation for any sort of mid-cycle cramping, discharge, etc. Besides that, it's LITERALLY perfect and I love the simple, straight-forward, minimalist design. Wonderful user interface and super informative!



I’ve tried a lot of different cycle-tracking apps and this is definitely my favorite!! However, I really wish that there was an option to indicate that you’re switching to a different brand of birth control! Also, I think it’s be nice if we had the option to arrange our days of the week according to the day of the week our pack starts on (so I start my packs on Thursday and I would like it if the weeks started on Thursdays for me). I think that would be nice, because when I went in to my gyno to switch birth control, she was interested in which week of my pack I was having the most issues and it’s really hard to tell if it’s set up like a traditional calendar. Lastly, there are a tonnnnn of options for tracking which I really love, but I know that one of the some women literally throw up for seemingly no reason at all (I, being one of them lol) and it’s be really nice to have that specifically! Because usually when this happens to me, I end up just saying I have the flu, but that’s not really accurate since there’s no fever!
Anyway, I know that’s a lot, lol, but I really do love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and and definitely think it’s the best that’s out!



I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and have a number of symptoms throughout my cycle which can seem random, but Clue helps me understand patterns and recognize anything out of the ordinary that I may need to discuss with my doctor. I also suffer from anxiety, and the tracker for emotions and motivations is so helpful. When I have a bad day and feel like my whole life is going badly I can look at the calendar and see how many days I've marked as "happy" days.

The other types of tracking are important to me for other reasons too. My mom died of ovarian cancer a year ago at a young age (early 40s) and I've since become worried about my health. My doctor told me that I should track my symptoms (i.e. any irregular pains) so I can have a peace of mind knowing that these problems are part of my regular cycle or something that needs to be checked.

The only thing I would suggest to the developers would be to incorporate a section to track regular, daily prescription medications. I currently use another app for this but if Clue could find out a way to add it on then it would just be unnecessary. Either way I love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and it constantly is getting better.


OK to Track Cycle, Bad at Predictions

I’ve been using Clue for around a year now, ever since the Planned Parenthood period tracker stopped functioning after a few bad updates. Initially Clue was really good about predicting at least some of my more predictable cycle symptoms like cramps, but I’ve noticed that in the last few cycles it’s incapable of predicting anything. I know things like acne for me are really random, so I don’t expect predictions for that, but I have cramps and headaches pretty consistently in my cycle due to hormone fluctuations with the birth control I’m on. I, a human being, can see the patterns based on the data CluePeriodTrackerCalendar shows you from cycle to cycle, but Clue no longer predicts my cramps (always the first 1-3 days of my cycle, yet for some reason the computer won’t pick up that it’s a pattern) and refuses to track my headaches (frequently the last day of my old cycle and first few days of my new cycle because I have to remove my BC patch to have a period, so my hormone levels crash). I don’t know if it’s recently as bad at predicting for others as it is for me or if maybe there’s just something wrong with my app/account, but it’s annoying that the biggest draw to this particular period tracker, symptom predictions, won’t work.


Easy to use

I love the simplicity of CluePeriodTrackerCalendar compared to other I use. I love that I could share my cycle with my partner should I choose and that all my information is available in one spot so I can easily relay it to my doctor. I came here to write a review stating that I wish you could add if your cycles are irregular or if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS or other infertility issues when I saw there was a recent update that mentioned PCOS. After updating and looking through all the settings and options I had to go back to the update features to learn that it will only prompt you to take a survey once they’ve deemed your cycles are irregular. It would be nice if you could just input that you are irregular or suffer from infertility issues that have already been diagnosed without having to wait for a cycle to complete. Because with PCOS we could be waiting anywhere from the automatic 29 days clue starts you at to 90+ days which means you don’t get insights because you haven’t actually completely a cycle yet. If you were able to put on your diagnosis or irregularity then clue could give you insight into what your last 30 days has looked like instead of *one* cycle that could be months of waiting


Wish I had time to explain why this app is great

I haven't used the subscription version yet, although I should try it because it's probably worth it. But kudos to these developers, because even their free version beats probably any other app out there. You can track nearly anything, and then make your own tags to track even more. You can change the settings to suit your needs, and CluePeriodTrackerCalendar can adjust to your uniqueness. These people clearly work hard on their app, and it shows. Finally writing a review on a whim after appreciating CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for a couple years and going through several other much less satisfying ones. Predictions are fairly accurate, and I love that it analyzes your data so you don't have to calculate it yourself. They also have so much information so anyone who wants to can take their life back and learn about their own bodies.
Only thing I could ask for is maybe a setting to predict which of the four phases I'm in at a given point. Not sure if that's doable accurately, but would be cool to see. Everything else is marvelously put together. Thanks, Clue!!


Love the app

CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is fantastic! It allows me to stay ahead of my period, and I love that. I am never caught off guard by my period because I use it daily and pay attention to when it has predicted my next cycle. The birth control input is also very nice because i never forget to check my threads. I also like that I can track when I have sex because my doctor always asks me about the last time i had sex and i could never remember until i started using clue.

The only thing I have against CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is that there is no way to add other things to track. They have a set list of things and that's all you can track. I know that there are other things I would love to track but there is no option for it. I wish you could customize your own things so that women could track things that are important to them, but not necessarily everyone. I also think it would be nice to have the option to make notes on some of the things you track, like where your cramps were or how sharp or dull they were. i know this matters to me because my iud causes me to have many different cramps.

overall, i love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and will definitely continue to use it and tell my friends about it.


it functions well, but the premium seems exploitative.

I switched from flo to clue, however I’ve used clue in the past years ago. The reason I made the switch is because the flo premium ads have gotten ridiculously in your face, and honestly I found it exploitative to be charging people for information that should be free, and IS free on nearly every medical website, especially at such a steep price. I see that clue has started doing the same thing which is disappointing, again it just seems exploitative. I do however appreciate that they don’t constantly shove it in your face and make it hard to use CluePeriodTrackerCalendar . If I remember correctly the clue premium price is more affordable, but charging 40 dollars for information you took from a free medical website, when women struggle with accessible sex education regarding women’s anatomy is pretty despicable still. It’s like putting “how to preform cpr” under a paywall. I would understand putting blog posts or some journalism on women’s health and feminism under a paywall, but charging people for free medical information is not okay. Overall, less invasive ads than flo and it’s function as a period tracker is good, charging people for free information about women’s health, especially considering the current climate of women’s health, irks me.


Trans-friendly!! Dysphoria Tracker?

CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is AMAZING, especially for transgender folks with periods. I am trans, and not a woman, but I get a period. I really appreciate the fact that CluePeriodTrackerCalendar doesn’t use gendered language. This makes tracking my period much less uncomfortable for me. It also has a pretty great color scheme. One of the main reasons I track my period is because I get more dysphoric on my period. Gender dysphoria is something many transgender experience. It can fluctuate based on many factors, including hormones and menstrual cycles. Because of this, it would be SO WONDERFUL to be able to track gender dysphoria on CluePeriodTrackerCalendar . It would honestly be groundbreaking. I already love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar , but I would love it even more, and I know a lot of other people would too. Trans people may not be your main demographic, but we likely still make up a fairly significant proportion of your users. A dysphoria tracker would help many of us immensely. It would also likely draw more users to CluePeriodTrackerCalendar because no other app offers that. Thank you so much for all you are doing for transgender folks with periods, and I hope you will consider adding a gender dysphoria tracker!

Love and Light,



Cannot live without this app.

I’ve been using CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for 2+ years. I downloaded this because I needed a period tracker and it had better reviews than the rest out there. During the course of the 2.5 years I’ve used CluePeriodTrackerCalendar , CluePeriodTrackerCalendar has only gotten better. CluePeriodTrackerCalendar has been so helpful for me in tracking my periods and UNDERSTANDING my cycle. The other period apps I’ve used have just tracked my cycle, plus they’ve been kind of cheesy. This is a great looking app for one, but more importantly it performs beautifully, it’s reliable....and it has ACTUALLY helpful information and tips to help you understand your body and your cycle. I cannot say enough about how amazing CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is. All of the features available to track symptoms and feelings have helped me to predict my cycle and know immediately if something is wrong or out of the ordinary. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder in the time I’ve been using CluePeriodTrackerCalendar , and the analysis section has helped me to understand how it’s affected my period and in what ways (using all the handy trackers!) anyways. Love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar, it’s an essential for all women in my book. Thank you HEAPS to the developers! ❤️🤗


Informative & Helpful

In my experience, CluePeriodTrackerCalendar is awesome. Best thing ever. I have endometriosis, which causes my periods to be extremely painful. The first day of menstruation for me is always the most painful, and the severity of the symptoms I feel then will keep me from going to school, forcing me in my bed, aching and wishing for suffering to end, which sounds funny and dramatic, but is reality for people sometimes, and it’s way not fun! Anyway, I’m getting my next period on Christmas day, so that is good to know. Christmas is meant to be a lazy family day anyway, right? Jokes aside, Clue is my favorite, and the people behind it, fueling the operation seem like good eggs, thinking of the betterment of society, helping women accept and understand the nature of menstruation and what can come with being a female. My hope is that this will only immerse us further into a world where it’s okay to talk about these sorts of things that happen to most of us. Breaking boundaries and destroying societal norms is what it’s all about, and the way they are helping people in doing it is RAD! If you have a period, get CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and thank the people behind it. Thank you, Clue organizers and supporters!!!


love this app!! (I have a suggestion)

okay, so I am a 13 year old female. I’ve had the clue app since my first period which was in december of 2017. CluePeriodTrackerCalendar helps with so much and helps me to figure out how to handle each day. it gets to know your cycle and that’s very important. here is my ONLY problem, I have an extremely heavy flow sometimes and it’s on a different day each time. so I manage to ruin a lot of pants and underwear sometimes. it would be amazing if you guys made like a timer to tell you when you should either use any other tampon, pad, or period cup. there should be an option to select your flow, if you are using a tampon; pad; or cup, the absorption level of the tampon; pad; or cup, etc.. Then it should calculate how many hours you have before you need to change it. yes, I know a tampon is not to be used for more than 8 hours, and a pad for 4 hours. but sometimes I can only use my tampon for 4 hours and a pad for sometimes only 2! and it would be helpful to at least have an idea of how long I should kept it in before I change so I can stop leaking through so many clothes. thank you, clue app!☺️


Clue Suggestion (mostly think it’s great!)

Hi! I really really like clue; it has a great interface and is very easy to use. I would really love if there were a way to track birth control pills a little bit more carefully though. Specifically, I would like to be able to choose whether you are taking a placebo or active pill, because it would provide better information for women on the birth control pill. It is important to be able to track how many days from the day that you begin your placebo pill you will start your period, and I really wish that clue had this feature! I also went through a period when I purposefully stopped taking birth control pills but I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the “unprotected days” feature, even when I shut off pill tracking. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to turn back on the feature that shows your probable fertile period. If I could get some answers or if this birth control feature could be considered that would be great!
Other than those things, I really do like CluePeriodTrackerCalendar ! I have been using it for a very long time and I really find it very useful.


Idea for an Improvement

Hi! First of all, this is a wonderfully helpful app not only because it’s a pretty accurate tracker, but because it’s nice to reflect on all of the little things that add up to how you feel about or experienced each day. I will say though, for some of the categories, especially most of vitality categories, I think it’d be really useful to have a slider instead of two buttons. For example, if for most of the day I was stressed, but then had two hours where I was strangely calm, I’d like to record that by having a circle on a slider be closer to “stressed” than “calm” rather than just clicking both buttons. With the current system, a lot of the days look about the same when in actuality, they weren’t. I understand that this would screw up the feature where you can see patterns in your symptoms and feelings from period to period, but that could be changed so that the categories with sliders weren’t accounted for, or if the placement of the circle is about the same, those would be seen as similar. Either way, I love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar and will continue to use it daily.


Love the App; Suggestions

I absolutely love CluePeriodTrackerCalendar.
When I started going to the gynecologist at the age of blooming my doctor suggested, like any gynecologist would, that I keep track of my menstrual cycles. However, their method was a little old school: I'm talking pen and paper. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, except that I'm prone to forgetting that I have an important task to complete when it's buried away in a drawer. Menstrual cycles, along with all that comes with them, make us women, and it's important to know this aspect of yourself as it makes you you.
Clue has completely revolutionized womanhood and allowed for the personal tailoring of every individual, making what many dread a colorful part of life.

As a loyal "customer" I would like to make a suggestion: I would personally appreciate being able to write notes on specific days in which the tracking option categories don't quite fit the funk. Or maybe have the option to create my own tracking characteristics to include other emotions, other pains, other mental states. I would love to see CluePeriodTrackerCalendar continue to develop.


Great Health App!!

I've used CluePeriodTrackerCalendar for longer than I can recall; perhaps it's been three years now, and Clue really does continue to get better. I'm now 35 and no longer on the pill so I've been on the bc side and the no bc side (tubal). Clue truly helps you understand your body by including emotions, energy levels, sleep quality, along with all of the period symptoms that are more typically found in apps. The interface is so user friendly too. I've been able to track and control migraines along with identifying anxiety and times during the month that make me prone to migraines and panic attacks. The best thing about Clue is that my 17 year old daughter loves it. She didn't want a flower icon or anything else that screamed menstruation app at age 14 so she picked this Clue after much prodding from me. Now, all of her friends use it because they got tired of being unprepared and realized so many just knock off 28-30 days whether your cycle falls in that frame or not. They've also learned that hormones affect everything and know to keep Clue updated and front and center! Great app. Truly great!

Is Clue Period Tracker Calendar Safe?

Yes. Clue Period Tracker & Calendar is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 348,763 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Clue Period Tracker Calendar Is 35.2/100.

Is Clue Period Tracker Calendar Legit?

Yes. Clue Period Tracker & Calendar is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 348,763 Clue Period Tracker & Calendar User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Clue Period Tracker Calendar Is 51.2/100..

Is Clue Period Tracker & Calendar not working?

Clue Period Tracker & Calendar works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

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- 12 months: $47.99 (20% discount compared to monthly subscription)

- 24 months: $71.99 (40% discount compared to monthly subscription)

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