Yousician - Your Music Teacher Reviews

Yousician - Your Music Teacher Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Yousician is your personal music tutor for the digital age, covering Guitar,
Singing, Ukulele and Bass! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real
instrument with clear, instant feedback as the app listens along. Start your
free trial today and experience all we have to offer! Lear...

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Yousician - Your Music Teacher Reviews

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    3 1/2 Stars

    This app makes learning a game. That is fun and great. I love when you are learning cords it shows you exactly which string(s) are “dead”. I love the option to “perfect” a song. That makes it challenging and motivational. I like how quickly they responded when I had a question. There is a lot to love about this app. So why 3 1/2 stars? It’s great so far to use to learn the guitar. However, once I get to the point that I want to be, just basic chords and notes there isn’t any Christian music which I prefer to play. They do have a board to vote for songs and there are some Christian songs on that board that I voted for. Considering that the tops songs are up in the hundreds of votes and the Christian songs are in the tens and just by the time I spent looking at the message board one request gets filled a month or so. That doesn’t look good for Christian music options on Yousicion any time soon. Still this is a fun app, easy to use, super fun to play, addicting even! So the 3 1/2 stars is MY personal preference. To pay 179$ for a year without music I personally prefer to play is a tough call. I am on the fence about it when my free trial runs out for just that reason. I do think in the future they will probably pick up some popular Christian songs and then it will be way way easier to pay for.

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    I absolutely love this app!

    I have the subscription for the guitar. When I first downloaded the app it had some glitches but since the latest update I don’t have any complaints and even when it glitched (the sound wouldn’t play at times usually if the lesson was stopped due to other activity on my phone) if I exited the app and came back it was fine. I only have praise for Yousician! This app has sooo many different helpful components. From video and lessons to songs and challenges (against other users) to charts and emails that encourage you and track your progress. All the video lessons are extremely easy to comprehend and the layout makes it extremely easy to navigate. It is super addictive!!! There are several times Ive been totally sucked in spending hours glued to the app trying to perfect a lesson to rack up gold stars. I promise you the money is beyond worth it! You cannot beat the convenience of going at your pace practicing at any time for as long as you like! There are 3 sections (knowledge, rhythm, and lead). I have completed knowledge and I’m on the 3rd level of rhythm. I love the progressive levels. Rhythm and lead each have 10 levels and knowledge has 5. The gradual build from one lesson to another is pretty much flawless. I’m definitely going to write a review when I’m finished with all 3 sections. This app is my blessing!

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    I love this app😍

    OK so first I thought this app is so good in my ask me for too much money. But it’s different you don’t have to pay money I mean if you want to it’s $30 per month but who want to do that. Instead you can play along with any instrument do you have and it will give you free time to play and once the free times over you try tomorrow. This way you can learn so much, they even did you singing there’s one instrument you can’t plan that, drums. It will ask you for money now and then but you can just refuse. That’s why I give it a five star. Currently in this app I am learning singing and piano, it is so very helpful. It’s helpful when you’re just a nine-year-old and it’s vacation and you have nothing to do.(I am a nine year old) back in my home I took piano classes and didn’t exactly work out because I didn’t know what to do, and he tried so hard I mean I tried hard but I couldn’t understand anything to years later here in America I told him many apps piano apps and ask me for money so I had to delete them but Yousician is different I love it. I know it asks for money but you can just refuse. My mom doesn’t have a car so I can’t go to any classes with this app I can learn anything on the piano sitting at home. In Conclusion this is a great app.

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    So so enjoyable and helpful

    I can’t recommend Yousician enough. I remember when Rock Band came out I kept saying I wish someone would make something like this where you actually learn it is! I’ve been playing about a year and first, it’s SO fun. Secondly, I am learning so quickly. I do ten minutes a day but usually end up puttering another 10. The people who make this app have put so much thought, care and love into the layout and lessons. I really can’t recommend enough. I have premium bc I thought I’d like to play the famous songs but actually I find I enjoy the ones yousician has a lot more - they are usually not more than two minutes or so and are very carefully composed and calibrated to help you work on really specific things and help you progress. Also a lot of them are some of my favorite tunes now - playing in the park! I still pay for premium thought bc this is a service worth paying for. You will find yourself looking forward to having a few empty moments in your day so you can mess around. Looking forward to what they keep coming up with and THANKS for making such a great app. I would like more instructional videos on exact finger placement and strumming - I think I tug a lot of my strings around and don’t know how to stop.

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    I like it but there’s something you need to fix

    I really enjoy learning from Yousician. I’m learning to play the piano at the moment. I learned from my friends and I know a lot of notes and a few songs but I want to learn the basics and try and get really good. One thing I don’t really like though is the premium thing. Like I get that people have to make a profit so you do this premium program but not everyone has the time and money to learn this. I feel like Yousician got more attention if you’d let aspiring piano players (or any instrument) learn faster and for free. Shouldn’t everyone has access to the beauty of music? I have a friend who’s been learning piano for 7 years from her teacher but she has to pay about 100 or something per lesson. So i’d much rather learn from Yousician but I can’t learn as fast and as efficiently as I’d like to because of this silly program. Maybe if you made people pay money for something else in the app like idk maybe to unlock a song you need a certain amount of points and if you don’t have enough you can pay to unlock it. Something like that. I just think that if you made it free that you’d get a lot more attention :) but that’s my opinion. I just hope you agree with me, and thanks if you read this whole thing by the way

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    Worth the money pays for itself in 3 lessons

    I am a veteran musician (not a guitarist) I am a vocalist but I always had a guitar laying around, picked it up and learned a few chords but that’s it. Now in my 40’s I decided to pick up guitar a get serious. I know it’s late in life but thought it would be a great hobby away from my normal music and singing career. So I am now on week 2 of the premium version and I love it. I’ve had my guitar in my hands more in 2 weeks than the last 30yrs. I started at the very beginning to be sure not to miss a lesson, trick, or nuance, something I might have rushed or overlooked in the past. I am now at my level, comfort, challenges and knowledge where I left off years ago. I definitely have gotten better with all 3 levels “lead, knowledge and rhythm”. This app is fun and addicting. It keeps you motivated and interested in learning. Definitely worth the money it paid for itself 100 times over in the last 2 weeks compared to the cost of what a real teacher would’ve cost including the time, traveling, gas etc. I’ve tried a few guitar apps and this one is by far the most fun and a lot less frustrating than the others. Can’t wait to learn more. I’ll write another review in 3 months. 🤘💀🤘

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    Good just a few problems

    This app in general is so good. There’s only a few little problems. When I play piano on this app, it tests me on notes and sometimes the microphone doesn’t work and I get really annoyed. And the other problem is the premium. I really want to get the premium but it’s 160 dollars per year (around there) and some people just can’t afford that. I know you’re trying to get money and all but I think for some people it’s too much and you should lower the price or have another choice for each week or month. If you don’t have premium, you can only practice 10 minutes each day (at least for piano).Other than those problems, it’s a really fun app. Update: okay it’s been a while and the microphone works better now but there’s one major MAJOR problem. It deleted all my progress! I’m restarting everything and I’m really annoyed. I didn’t sign out of my account or anything and it deleted my progress. I might be generous or not for giving you 3 stars. Update again: okay thank you so much for replying back to me it means a lot. I knew about the subscriptions monthly and yearly which I didn’t know you could cancel the monthly so thank you. And thank you for the new content. I will definitely change my rating.

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    Yousician has been really helpful in my guitar journey. I have learned a lot about the different ways to play and how to play most effectively, and sometimes it will give you a song to play as part of your lesson. Now I’m not a master guitar player, but sometimes it will tell me that I played the wrong note, when I clearly played the right one. My microphone is clearly exposed to the sound of my guitar and my guitar is fully in tune. I will pluck a string, and it will say that I got it wrong, even though I plucked the right string in the right fret. Worst of all, some lessons require you to get 100% completion on a song in order to move on and complete a skill, so sometimes I will find myself playing a song over and over and over for more time than I would like to spend perfecting every note of the song. Also, things like this can be really frustrating, I would know, and if you play a song without wearing headphones, the microphone will pick up what your speakers are spitting out and tell you that you’re wrong for every note until you wear headphones. It tells you before hand to “wear headphones for best experience” you basically have to wear headphones in order to use the app. And if you don’t have headphones with you, then you’re in quite a pickle. The app is great, but can get very frustrating.

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    Free version is a good learning tool

    The free version is a good learning tool with plenty of versatility to try different instruments or styles. You do have to put up with an ad every few minutes and there’s a limit to the amount of time you can use in one day, but for beginning or casual players it’s sufficient. The paid version, however, feels like a scam. The monthly version for $20 limits you to one instrument for ad free, unlimited playing. I paid for piano for my daughter and then she got interested in the ukulele =money wasted. The annual version allows you to switch between instruments theoretically, but only if you are willing to cough up $120 up front. Worse: it’s super easy to sign up for a subscription and impossible to cancel. Signing up happens with a click of a button on the app. However, to cancel one has to sign in to iTunes and cancel the subscription. However, after attempting to do this multiple times, Yousician is still trying to charge my debit card every day. The only reason for the 3 stars is the free version. The paid version gets 1 or less! Update: customer service assured me that account had been cancelled; however, a new gift card entered in iTunes was immediately charged. It appears that we paid $20 for the ‘privilege’ of canceling the service. Funds are not refunded when you cancel. This is completely unethical business practice. Too bad because the app concept is good.

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    Great app but...

    Yousician has been an awesome app. Ive been using the app to learn both guitar and ukulele the past few weeks and have progressed fairly quickly, but not without some frustrations. Frequently the app has trouble distinguishing me from its own background track, and will fail me on a song that I am playing correctly. This forces me to go back and play the song again, usually an extra 3 or 4 times, before it will pick up enough of my playing to allow me to move on with the lesson. I also wish it would teach you a few more songs that I could play outside of the app. I have gotten through several levels on both instruments and have not really learned any songs on either. Playing along with the music during the lesson works well enough, but when you’re done with your lesson the app pretty much locks down everything, including the songs you’ve already unlocked, unless you have premium. This is new since the update, and I wish it would go back! I understand not being able to access new content outside your allotted 10/15 minutes without paying, but without being able to practice what you’ve already started working on, it really slows down progress.

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    Great program. Ripped me off for a full year sub

    The app is great. I signed up for a month. Cancelled this am before the end of the month because I didn’t want to forget(was possible gonna renew later but want gonna have much time next month). With more than a week left on my rx- I sign in and the app makes it appear that I can’t utilize the non-free material because I’ve cancelled but gives me the option to “renew”. I thought that this was very annoying but figured I’d renew then use the rest of my paid month and cancel before the end of the week. The renew option gave no hint that it would do anything other than continue what id already purchased and certainly made no suggestion that by hitting this button that I’d be upgrading to a full year subscription... some thing I’d never even considered. Very misleading. I would approach the makers personally if the site didn’t give you the dead end of “you need to approach iTunes” which then gives an immediate “you don’t qualify for a refund”. I’m not a troll.... not a complainer... and I’m not an idiot. I’ll pay and enjoy the program for a year... but this was a trap. Just posting to hopefully prevent someone else from falling into it.

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    Good intentions but bad app!

    I know the guitar basics like frets picks how to hold it and that. Well the app assumes the basics include all the chords! Ok so I deleted it and chose that I knew nothing. While I was learning the basics this seemed like a very good app. I was about to write a great review about it. Around the first song I realized I was playing the write note but it said I was wrong. Sometimes I was but rarely. The times I was wrong I was around a fret off. Well according to the app I was four strings off. If you play guitar you know how diffract Hi E and low E sound so I don’t know how the app mixed those two up. So every time you finish a song it gives you a ad for the premium version of this game. It’s fine to advertise on your app but after every single thing you do is far past the breaking point! You also get only 10 minutes without premium! Imagine a guitar instructor comes to your house only for ten minutes a day. And like 24 hour day not just comes at 8 on day and 5 on the other. No it’s either 24 hours or more! Remember this is just constructive criticism. Please don’t get offended by this. Here is some advice to make the app better. First only focus on one instrument. You do a mediocre job on around 6 instruments. If you just teach one instrument then it’s mediocre X 6 which would make an amazing emphasis on amazing app so please follow my advice and again this is just constructive criticism so please don’t get offended😊

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    Makes learning fun!

    I got my first ukulele while on a cruise to Hawaii. They had fun classes onboard taught by a Hawaiian ambassador. He was such a neat fun guy and had me loving the ukulele. When I got home I wanted to learn more and found this app. This app is fun, easy to understand and has kept me loving my uke. I play daily at least 30 mins using this app. My dad uses it as well with his uke. It’s fun to see how we are progressing on our playing skills. I like how you can practice a song and slow down the tempo. I tend to start at 75% speed to kinda learn the song, cords or fretting. Then I move up in increments of 10% until I feel ready to preform the song in the actual lesson. One thing I’d suggest when using the app. Use earbuds. Sometimes if you have the app too loud it has issues hearing your instrument, if you are a soft player. Earbuds or the like, are perfect as you can clearly hear the lesson and your instrument. As for the price for premium... I think it’s very reasonable. Lessons taught in person would cost much more. Plus this app offers lessons for guitar, bass, ukulele and piano! A great bang for your buck, I’d say. Long story short, if you want to learn to play... I highly recommend this fun app.

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    Blessed With This App

    We all know lessons can be expensive in reality. Ranging from as little as $20 to $60 PER lesson, and that’s just for beginners. So how does a blossoming musician learn without being robbed of their money and having to GO TO the lesson, and only able to practice what the trainers assign or what you can find online. To me, that doesn’t sound very convenient. The answer is simple- YOUSICIAN! They walk you through everything, giving you personalized lessons and feedback. There’s such a wide variety of songs, you can almost always find what you’re looking for! I play the guitar, and for as little as $9.99 a month, I’m able to work around my own schedule, not someone else’s to be able to learn the guitar more effectively. I can even tell the app how much time I have for the lesson, and they work with that. Again, this is an inexpensive, convenient, efficient, and effective way to learn your dream instrument. This app works for the busiest people to the people who want to spend all their time learning, and 1 lesson per week isnt cutting it. Don’t spend over a hundred dollars a month on lessons, when you have Yousician right in front of you! 👌🏻Yousician is a blessing!!!

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    Good tool for practice

    I’m already a working musician (rhythm guitar and bass in a couple of bands), so I came to Yousician to work specifically on lead guitar skills it’s been easy to neglect. On that, it has delivered; I’m a more confident soloist than I was a year ago, with more techniques in my repertoire. This wasn’t a goal, but I’m also more comfortable playing against a click track. Bonus! A few quibbles: The app doesn’t seem to judge the quality of notes—I’ve gotten a “Perfect” for clams that I would never accept in a recording session. Some of the fingerings seem a little off, more commonly in the assigned finger than in the fret/string. I’ve occasionally gotten stuck in what feels like an endless practice loop of the same song: I think I’m done with it, and then it’s there the next time I open the app, and it must be passed before I can move on to anything else. And the synthy-ness of the arrangements can be a little annoying (though it’s probably a necessary evil to accommodate the tempo shifts). Still, this does what it says it does, and the structure really does make you practice more. I’m not sure I would make this (or any app) my only approach to learning an instrument, but it’s a great supplement.

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Yes. Yousician - Your Music Teacher is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 65,116 Yousician - Your Music Teacher User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Yousician - Your Music Teacher Is 33.3/100.

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