Contact Paramount Network

Contact Paramount Network

Published by on 2021-01-05

Enjoy Yellowstone, Bar Rescue, 68 Whiskey, Lip Sync Battle and more, available
right in the palm of your hand with the Paramount Network app. The latest
episodes, behind-the-scenes clips, Bellator MMA events and blockbuster movies
are jus...

How to Contact Paramount Network

Paramount Network Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Paramount Network. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Paramount Network. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common Paramount Network Issues

  • By jayrab13

    Crashes, bugs, and logouts - oh my!

    I got really excited for this app because it has a few shows I used to watch all the time and this was an opportunity for me to binge whilst quarantined... but let me sum up my thoughts with one word: GARBAGE. I initially downloaded this for Firestick 4K TV. It plays an episodes for 4 minutes, then starts to lag, then crashes and freezes up my BRAND NEW Firestick. I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking this may fix it. Incorrect. All my other streaming apps are running flawlessly without a single problem. I thought it would improve if I downloaded on my iPhone, same problems. Other issues: (1) after an episode crashes, the app constantly thinks I don’t have my provider log in. (2) if I was lucky enough to get 10 minutes in before it crashed, it makes you start the episode over when you go back in and plays ads (3) holy ads. So. Many. Ads. For example: Ink Masters. You start off with 4 ads for about 2 minutes, it plays a quick recap of the previous episodes, then goes to another sets of 4 ads before even really getting into the episode. So frustrating. I really was looking forward to this app streaming, but the app is just trash. It should be taken out to the back of the barn and shot, hire new developers, implement Agile, and get a good product on the market.

  • By Jsymo

    Paramount Disappointment, Streaming Disservice

    For the number of awesome programs that are on this network, the app to watch them is pathetic. Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Marriage Rescue.... reality shows that are examples of the level of care and detail that goes into their entertainment. Meanwhile the developers didn’t think it’s necessary to put a single ounce of effort into doing their job. For a streaming service to have difficulty actually streaming.... shame. The commercials are understandable, gotta make money, repeating the same four commercials every ten minutes is a different story. The glitching, the freezing, the randomly shutting down, the repeating commercials immediately after a commercial break, plus the issue of each time you pause or try to go back you either get kicked back to the beginning of the episode or the entire app shuts down. I’m trying to understand who thinks this is adequate enough to put this on the market and give it to people and call this pathetic excuse a streaming service. Go back to school or put pride in your work. Something that’s just not this. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

  • By Hybrid79

    Glitchiest app ever!!!

    I never write reviews for apps even if they aren’t the best... but this app on my iPad is terrible! It constantly glitches and needs to be shut off and restarted constantly. If you try to fast forward to get to the next episode it usually freezes on the load up and then I have to exit. Or I go back to the episode list screen and it just freezes so I have to choose a previous episode and then go back to the one I want to watch. And if I do that I have rotate my iPad all over again to get it to go back to full screen or it will just stay sideways. Oh and if I shut down the app and reopen it and select my show it automatically starts playing an episode but it’s usually on the wrong season and episode completely. It’s just an annoying inconvenience and not the end of the world but it does lack smoothness and gets annoying. And happens frequently. Also I hate the commercials. If I have to watch them on the app too why even watch on the app rather than tv? Overall the app could use some updates and fix these annoying glitches!!!!!

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Reported Issues: 24 Comments

By Peter J Schumacher
Mar 24 2021

I have a CBS All Access subscription. We switched providers to Hotwire and now I can't get Paramount on Hotwire Communications. I bought ROKU and installed it. When I type in my user name and password, it shows an error. I need help

By Arthur Mcabee
Mar 24 2021

I've been having problems with your app for quite some time. I've contacted support several times but no one seems to be able to help if this continues I'll have to cancel my subscription. I'm unable to watch any programs because the video freezes but the audio continues. But the app seems to work fine on my phone. I'm streamlining on an android TV box TX3 mini version 7.1.2

By Nadine
Mar 21 2021

I have 2 accounts and only need one. Will need a refund please

By Daniel Johnson
Mar 18 2021

Cant reset password doesnt send me link

By anita martinez
Mar 16 2021

I want to cancel my subscription please. Asap thank you.

By Annie Lee
Mar 15 2021

I have been trying to cancel my subscription with CBS all access. I'm still being billed. I do not want this subscription. I will appreciate it if you would help me to complete this cancellation

By suzann Haskins
Mar 15 2021

Wont let me sign in says credit card expired it is not until 2024

By Clint DeBrand
Mar 15 2021

My transfer from CBS all access gave my wife’s tv paramount+ app and works. My tv UN55KS800D smart tv did not pickup your tv app. my tv is 4 years old Samsung.

By Sandy Smith
Mar 13 2021

Have a brand new firestick 4k, and an older one. The only app that doesn't work properly is your stupid app. I try and click it to watch my channels and it goes straight to live but leaves the list on it and has double voices. I have to unplug my firestick and then plug back in EVERY FREAKING TIME!!! And I pay for this shit!!!!! Fix it or I will cancel. It didn't do this when it was cbs all access just after it went to paramount

By Shari Ferguson
Mar 12 2021

Im paying for no commercials and yet it goes to advertisements and freezes

By Bruce H Scroggins
Mar 08 2021

On my Computer where are the app settings

By Larry Reissinger
Mar 08 2021

Unable to get CBS streaming working with Parmountplus. I am able to login, but when I try and watch a Tv show it just hangs, but works on my PC, help. Is there a help # if not I am thinking about canceling this service. I never had a problem with CBS streaming....

By Dayton Skelly
Mar 08 2021

I paid for commercial free and now all I’m getting is commercials. Why? About an hour ago there was none now all I’m getting is commercials. Watching the good fight on cbs with commercials. Why and please stop them.

By Dayton Skelly
Mar 08 2021

I paid for commercial free and now all I’m getting is commercials. Why? About an hour ago there was none now all I’m getting is commercials. Watching the good fight on cbs with commercials. Why and please stop them.

By Linda Luna
Mar 06 2021

I can sign in but when I go to watch any show I get the error message to try again. I have unplugged to restart and still can watch anything. Never had a problem when it was CBS all access. What do I do now?

By Tracey Fowler
Mar 05 2021

Want let me sign back in

By Tami R
Mar 05 2021

I’ve downloaded the new app to my tv and am able to sign into it but once I click on any show or movie, I get an ERROR message. Please help!!

By Carey Vega
Mar 05 2021

Cannot watch any shows

By Cindy Leandro
Mar 04 2021

CBS all access premium member. Unable to get into your app. Your reset password link doesn't work. Extremely frustrated. I've already paid for March.

By Padraig
Mar 04 2021

Have an active subscription with weeks left to cbs all it says my sign in info is wrong which is on all other except sign in for paramount...please fix this issue

By John Dolyak
Mar 04 2021

One of my tv’s with Roku is not excepting my password when all other devices is. What to do

By John Dolyak
Mar 04 2021

One of my tv’s with Roku is not excepting my password and works on all other devices and tv’s

By Katrina Johns
Feb 04 2021

HOW DO YOU CANCEL. I’m being charged $65. I want it stopped immediately. I’m signed in through my cable company. Why would I agree to this fee?

By Mary McCoy
Jan 21 2021

I just added Parmount to my Xfinity package because I wanted to watch Yellowstone. It wont let me start on episode 1 , Season 1. What is the point oh this?

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