Axis 360 Reviews

Axis 360 Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Axis 360 gives library and school users the ability to search, browse and
discover ebooks and/or digital audiobooks available for lending through their
public library or school with ease. Designed to provide a mobile experience for
users of the Axis 360 digital media library, the Axis 3...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Axis 360 Reviews

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    Slow and Clunky

    Definitely not a fan of this app. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have primarily used it for audiobooks. I’ve only used it once for an ebook because the app was so horrible it ruined the book for me. The pages would not turn and when they did, it was often back a page or two or even to the beginning of the chapter. There was no rhyme or reason to which page I would end up on. No page numbers were even given, so it was nearly impossible to figure out where I left off. I made it to the beginning of chapter 4 of the book before giving up completely because I was so frustrated with the whole experience. As for the audiobooks, when they actually work, they work okay. Good luck getting them to work, though. It takes ages for them to download and even when they’re downloaded, pauses happen like they’re buffering. What is the point of completely downloading the audiobook to your phone if it’s just going to buffer? And when that happens, it never restarts on its own. I have to restart the whole app and hope I remember roughly where I was in the story because the app sure doesn’t know. Searching for a title through the app is pointless. Even having the exact title of a book won’t always give you the right title, despite my library system owning the rights to it. I can find it on the website itself, but searching through the app is a nightmare. Why my library system uses this, I will never understand. It’s downright awful.

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    That New Update

    I used to love this app, despite its occasional shoddy downloading and syncopations. It was just a small issue and I could still read my books properly. Now they have this new update where the layout is all different and I really hate it. Maybe it’s just on the phone, but now going to your book is a whole process and takes a long time to load with a stark white screen with a rotating green circle. And when it’s done it doesn’t even show the book. Before it used to be really easy to change the font size, but right now those new “updates” have the fonts ridiculously large that only fit about 10 word on the screen which makes it difficult to read and are preventing me from changing them. They claim the new updates are “fixing” the bugs but now it’s so glitchy. When you try to zoom out the screen behind the pages are a bright garish yellow. When you turn the pages you never know which end of the stick you’re gonna get. Either it immediately changes to the next page and you think somethings wrong, or you wait for about 5 seconds while staring at a white screen with a roaring green circle. The menu is now really difficult to pull up too, you used to be able to pull it up with a tap of your screen but now it never responds. Overall I am extremely disappointed with the new updates, and I would really prefer it if they changed it back to how it was.

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    Good, but could be better

    I really love the ability to check out ebooks and audio books, although the selection is somewhat limited. The plus side is that I don’t have to worry about being late in returning a title. The app isn’t as intuitive as I believe it could be when searching for titles or authors. A slight misspelling will get you zero results. I rated it a 4 because of the convenience and it’s ability to sync whatever I’m reading to my other devices. But there’s room for improvement. Update. Although, I haven’t seen any improvements in the search area. I would like to add that I have found that that an e-book selection usually doesn’t include the whole series! It have found that it usually has the end of the series or even a middle book, but not typically the first one. This is frustrating to say the least.

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    Problems with both ebook and audiobook

    I am so mad that my library switched to this app for books. I have had more than one book that I check out and download, only to discover that the only thing available to view is the cover page. I have tried to remove the book and redownload, but does not work. I have even returned and checked out the books again, but that does not work either. What is particularly frustrating is to be on a waiting list for a book for weeks, only for this issue to arise. Now I am having issues with an audiobook. My kids and I have been listening to a kids book while on a car trip. At one point the book did not move to the next chapter, but just abruptly stopped. I hit play, only to discover that we were no longer at the same place. I couldn’t remember what chapter we were on, and wasn’t about to search while driving, so we had to wait to restart the book. We did start it back up and listened to it successfully for that day’s drive. But when I went to start it a couple days later for our return trip it will not load. It just spins and tells me it is loading, and eventually the app closes. I tried removing and redownloading the book. Nope. So I am now facing a long car trip without the book to help keep my kids quiet and entertained. Thanks, Axis 360 for the hellish car trip I am now facing.

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    New version not improved

    This app was never great, but it is free, and gives access to public library content, so I hold it to different standards. However, version 4.0.2 on iPad is miserable. Sometimes, the status bar at the top of the screen (which reads Book and Close) disappears. Now how do you close the book? Tap wildly until you discover the place in the top left where a tap brings up the “Main Menu”, which has a Close Book item - which doesn’t work! After forcing the app to quit, the status bar reappears. But there’s still no guidance as to where to click for the menu, and its Close Book item still doesn’t work. The page turning experience is a severe disappointment. Swiping doesn’t work, you have to tap on the extreme left or right of the page. There are no visual hints that this is possible until AFTER you’ve tapped in the right place. In normal use, it is easy to turn the page by accident, but hard to tell what direction it turned because there’s no page turn animation. So now it is difficult to turn pages, but easy to lose one’s place. The app now invites me to “stream” an ordinary book. Who does that? Now, every time I open a book which is on the device, there is a considerable delay until it opens. It used to be much faster.

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    Axis 360

    It works well enough but has some glitchy stuff like SearchCONSTANT SYNCING PROBLEMS AT THE END OF A CHAPTER ON A DOWNLOADED EBOOK. I’VE CHECKED AND THERE ISN’T AN UPDATE AVAILABLE FOR THE APP AND I’M RUNNING IOS 13.3. SOFT RESET FIXES PROBLEM HALF OF THE TIME. IF YOU CLOSE THE APP, WAIT A LONG WHILE, AND TRY AGAIN LATER,IT WILL BEGIN TO WORK AGAIN. NEVER EXPERIENCED THE PROBLEM WITH AUDIO BOOKS. Search"CONSTANT SYNCING PROBLEMS AT THE END OF A CHAPTER ON A DOWNLOADED EBOOK. I’VE CHECKED AND THERE ISN’T AN UPDATE AVAILABLE FOR THE APP AND I’M RUNNING IOS 13.3. SOFT RESET FIXES PROBLEM HALF OF THE TIME." nytime you bounce to another app, when you go back to Axis360 it times out. You have to wait a few seconds for it refresh to the home screen then you must touch 'my stuff' and then choose your book from your checked out tab. Then you can resume reading or listening. Another wonky thing is the thumbnail images on your stuff . Every book on your checked out, holds, or wish list tabs will display the thumbnail of the book you are currently reading or were reading last. A lot if not most other items listed will display no thumbnail image at all. Big problem with this is the icon displaying whether it is an E book or audio book is on the thumbnail so there is no way to know. With limited exception the audio books play great and with no exception the ebooks display perfectly.

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    Incredibly frustrating

    There isn’t much to add that hasn’t been said in other reviews but I still feel like ranting so here it goes. I am able to get through a book using the service but it is so buggy it really ruins the experience. I can’t imagine how something could be so poorly put together. A few examples: when the app is resumed after a while or goes out of memory I’ve seen the following happen seemingly at random 1) app does not reload and I have to force quit, 2) current book does not load and instead an error is shown with the only actionable step is to report the error and I have to force quit, 3) current book loads and flashes where I left off then immediately goes to the beginning of the chapter and I lose my place. The third case wouldn’t be so bad if I could easily get back to that page but it requires manually tapping a next button as many pages as I need or trying to swipe (which mostly drags vertically and only turns the page some of the time). Finally, if you don’t have orientation lock on, if you go to landscape mode (likely by mistake) it sometimes only renders half a page and here’s the kicker, when you reorient it goes back to the beginning of the chapter. Seriously one of the worst apps I’ve had the displeasure of using.

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    Works ok but definitely needs some work

    The developers need to open the app in multiple devices. The search feature is horrible. Im hoping its just on the iPad, but i doubt it. Going through my stuff is frustrating because it makes you constantly start from the checked out list, even when “back” should take you back to your wish list. The “read more” link is covered in other links and words so 9 times out of 10 when you try to get a longer synopsis, it takes you to an incorrect link. There can be issues with downloading a book. When it doesn’t finish downloading, it can give you an error with something like you have already downloaded this book. Nothing is more frustrating than when you wait for 4 months on a waiting list for this book and then cant download it because of a glitch. I have used a ton of other book reader apps and this one is the one that’s connected to my library, but the app needs quite a few updates. Please fix it. This could be a fantastic app if you just tweak it a little bit and work out all the bugs. Just use it and when you have to take more 5 extras steps more than usual to get somewhere, fix it.

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    Great app overall — UNTIL RECENT UPDATE

    I previously gave this app 4 stars since I’d been happily using it for a year or so, but now that I am getting used to the new upgrade, I am giving it 2 stars. It is still my main e-book reader, however the biggest annoyance is the fact that when I read a book on my iPhone during the day when I open that same book on my iPad at night, the bookmarks do not transfer despite having Internet connection and both book versions simultaneously open on iPad and iPhone. Also, if I try to change the color of the text or font size, the reader suddenly moves forward several pages. I also no longer get to swipe to turn a page. I’ve found that I’m reading less in Axis 360 because of these annoyances. Previous review when I was still hopeful about the new upgrade: I love this platform and am using it for all my library e-books — I never bother with Kindle or Overdrive, etc. anymore. Yes, the recent upgrade is awkward and taking some getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I love browsing for new books in the app; its already connected to my library account so I don’t need to check out books from the library’s website. Overall, great app, thank you for making it!

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    Crap app

    Honestly since I have downloaded this app it is completely Junk. I am so glad that the library has an app opportunity but I am extraordinarily disappointed in it the poor quality. I love listening to audiobooks. I think I have pretty low expectations of what should happen with an audiobook. It should play. It should play every time I hit play. It should play when it’s been downloading. It should continue to play until I personally hit stop. This is not the case with this app. Ever since I have downloaded it it is been plagued with issues. I have had to delete the app and re-upload the app and then find on my books again that were deleted because I deleted the app. This is very disappointing app. I know that book apps can work much better than this because I also am a member of Audible. On Audible I download the book I play the book I listen to the book and I move on from the book. With this appI might be able to download the book I might be able to listen to the book and more than likely not. In the past week I have tried to download A number of books and I was able to listen to one. I hope the developers are Reading this and work to improve their app. We’re kind of at their mercy.

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    Really want to rate higher but too many glitches

    I love the idea of an app that I can access audiobooks through my library for free. This is especially important to me because I’m visually impaired and cannot read books any other way. Unfortunately Access 360 has a lot of glitches that I must contend with if I want to use the app. I don’t know if it’s because I use my accessibility features on my phone and that messes up the interface but there are so many glitches it’s frustrating. I think the apps that have features like audiobooks that specifically cater to visually impaired or blind people need to make sure that that kind of interface is flawless. The two main glitches that are the most frustrating are when I go to the chapters feature it kicks me off the app and most of the audio books that I have checked out I often can’t finish reading because it will just stop playing at a certain point in the book and then I can’t skip ahead in the chapters because of the other glitch. I would happily write this app much higher if these little glitches or fixed!

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    E-reader feature is lacking

    I’ve had the axis 360 app for quite awhile. Having access to audiobooks and ebooks in the palm of my hand is great. Unfortunately the dreaded is severely limited. The page rarely swipes when you want to go to the next page, most of the time it reads the swipe as a tap and pulls up the in book menu. Also if you exit the program with the book open and don’t go back to the my stuff page the next time you open the book I doesn’t go to where you were reading, but rather where you were the last time you opened the book from the my stuff page. This is super frustrating after 30 minutes of reading to have to try and flip through 40 e pages with a book that doesn’t swipe through most of the time. I wish it had a continuous scroll function or a turn the page with the volume buttons function, that would make the inconvenience of not saving your stopping point a little more tolerable. Use this app to check out your books, but then download them to your device and use a better reader.

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    So frustrating

    I'm really upset that my library switched from Overdrive to this app. I listen to a lot of audio books while I work, but I don't get good cell service at my desk. With Overdrive, this wasn't a problem. I would just download my book at home, open the app at work, and listen with no problems. With this app, however, it has to load several times before I'm able to listen to my downloaded book. Then there's the problem with freezing. When I pause my book then try to play it again a few minutes later, it freezes. There's no spinning loading wheel; it just freezes. I have to them close the app, reopen it, and wait while it loads several times until I can listen again. I can't tell you how frustrating this is. I don't have an issue with any other part of the app. I actually think it has a superior search method as compared to Overdrive. All of the issues lie with actually listening to the audio books I download. If they can fix that, I wouldn't be so annoyed about the switch off apps.

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    Not so great

    Well, I waited awhile to write a review to see how this app worked under various conditions and now I can’t get it to work at all so I’ll write the review. This thing really only works well once, in my experience. The first book I got the librarian helped me set up and check out the book. Worked great! Then I checked out another book and put myself on a wait list for a 3rd, all from my phone. I’d used e-readers before and everything I was used to seemed to be there. When I didn’t finish my second book on time I tried to check it out again — no wait, but the app couldn’t handle it. Crashed repeatedly until I deleted it and reinstalled it, then it found my new check out and synced right up to where I had left off. But now it doesn’t work consistently and gives all sorts of false errors. Deleting and reinstalling isn’t fixing it this time and the library look up doesn’t work smoothly and is a giant pain every time I try to reinstall. The whole experience has become miserable.

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    Update stinks

    I used to like this app. I could download library books and the reading experience was somewhat similar to using the Kindle app on my iPad. It’s never worked as smoothly as Kindle but it was decent. Since the new update, several things have changed that I really hate. One, the max font size is much smaller than it used to be. I need reading glasses for regular books. One reason I read on my iPad is that I can be comfy in bed and increase the font size to the point I don’t have to wear reading glasses. The max font size now is small enough that it is a strain for me to read without glasses. This is a major fail in my opinion. Also, it is difficult to get the app to switch from portrait to landscape mode. This used to be simpler. Page turning is clunky now and I often have to swipe several times or make sure I’m right on the page turn arrow. I should be able to gently swipe any place on the page and have the page turn effortlessly. Short story: if this wasn’t the only app my library uses, I would have deleted by now.

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Is Axis 360 Safe?

No. Axis 360 does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,407 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Axis 360 Is 13.0/100.

Is Axis 360 Legit?

No. Axis 360 does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,407 Axis 360 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Axis 360 Is 13.0/100.

Is Axis 360 not working?

Axis 360 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Gayle McPherson
May 28 2021

Axis 360 quit working yet again. I finished a book yesterday and went to wishlist to check out another book and I got an error 404. Explanation "we have encountered an error please try again" have tried multiple times in the last 2 days and it just won't work. I tried to browse and then check out a book that didn't work.
Now it says invalid patron information, so I tried to get to my account and that says invalid user ID or password. I did not log our, I did not change user information. It will not let me get to the user information screen.

By Jodi Dinkins
Feb 09 2021

Suddenly, the book which was accessed yesterday is not working. I heard the first few minutes then silence with the circle just spinning for over a day now. The library says they know that I have checked out these books, but I cannot even get to my wish list or checked books. Can't get the app to move to even close it. Can you help?

By Silver Mount
Oct 13 2020

Horrible. Keeps freezing when I try to either go forward or backward. This app will bring back paper books. It turn reading a book from pleasure to horror. There is no reason to use this app if you have any alternative. Kindle is such a pleasure compared to this. They must be paying libraries to use this app.

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