hoopla Digital Reviews

hoopla Digital Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-19

Instantly borrow free digital eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and TV
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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

hoopla Digital Reviews

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    Mostly good

    Hoopla was recommended by my public library and I’ve mostly liked it. It’s frustrating that unlike other audiobook apps, there isn’t a way on Hoopla to listen to a preview of a book before borrowing it. So a few times I’ve gone ahead and borrowed but have been disappointed. I’ve sometimes given the book as much as a 20 or 30 minute chance, but a couple times I had to stop much sooner, largely due to the narrator or the production quality. Sometimes, while the book is probably good and the story or characters are appealing, the person chosen to be the narrator is simply bad or inappropriately cast. Sometimes the audio levels are all over the place, varying in volume and quality. I know no audiobook is read all in one recording session, but most manage to maintain consistent levels and some sound like there’s suddenly a different microphone or sound engineer or he narrator was having a bad day. In any case, I wish Hoopla allowed a short preview. The way it is, I have to borrow the book, thereby using up one of my monthly allotment of books and then have returned it within a few minutes because I was disappointed in some way with the book. I’m glad I discovered the option to give the book a rating, but it would also be extremely helpful to be able to write a review. That way I could tell prospective readers which books (and narrators) I really like enjoyed a lot and caution readers about the books (or narrators) I found to be not worth my time.

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    Originally I liked the Hoopla app. Now not so much. It seems to be having what I consider insurmountable annoyances. It first started with the app freezing right in the middle of a book. I switched from using the app to read a book to just clicking on read now without using the app. That worked for a while but is now doing the same thing. Very frustrating when you have only so much time to read and then it freezes and you can’t. It isn’t my device at fault either since it happens not only on both tablets I use but also on my phone. I’ve written to them twice with no response about this problem. I was sure they would fix it but no such luck. Also it doesn’t sync between devices. The other library apps like Overdrive will pick up whatever page you’re on when you change devices. Not Hoopla. I’m sorry to say. This means endless scrolling page by page in order to get to your current page. Oh and the latest annoyance is after reading maybe 10 pages a banner pops up and you have to click out of the book, it comes up with the download page and you then have to click on resume in order to keep reading. It’s almost enough to quit using this app. The only reason I come back to it occasionally is they have some books that the other services do not..if you want to try an app that works the way it should try Libby. They’ve got their act together. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope the powers that be read this and fix these basic problems.

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    Too bad if you don’t like your (free) choices

    Hoopla permits four checkouts per month, for members of the library system to which I belong (your library’s contract with Hoopla may have a different number of permitted monthly checkouts). If, after checking out an item you decide you don’t like it, that’s too bad. You don’t get a credit for an early return. Even if you’d only read one page of an ebook, or merely listened to one minute of an audiobook, Hoopla still counts it as one of your monthly borrowings. This is unlike Amazon’s Audible, which will permit returns with credits back. Audible, however, has a monthly charge. So free Hoopla comes at a price, of sorts. The moral of my review? Try to find free excerpts elsewhere before borrowing from Hoopla- or know that regretted choices will mean you’ll find yourself with one less book, audiobook, or audiovisual item to enjoy for the month. So don’t think Hoopla will replace your brick and mortar library, with the opportunity to peruse before checking out. One more complaint. Unlike RBDigital, Hoopla doesn’t offer the capability to enlarge the text of an ebook.

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    Convenient but borrowing limit & PAGES STICK

    Pros: I don't have to go out to the library (spending time and gas) to get a book. I don't have to worry about damaging the book, losing it, or late fees. It also saves my place in a book with roughly 80-90% accuracy. And, it offers books I otherwise would not be able to get from my library. Cons: It's not easy to check different pages for something because you swipe to turn a single page at a time. (I can't find a menu or "how to" section to see if there's another way.) Sometimes pages stick (pages stick way too often), have a black spot, go halfway off the screen, etc. so text is unreadable. I would hit the X to go out and back in, but that is often missing too. To fix, I have to power my device off and back on. It's a real pain, but it ultimately works. Finally, there is also a monthly borrowing limit unlike the limitless books I can check out from my library per month. (My Hoopla limit is 10/month.) Honestly though, I would rather have a physical book in my hand for the ease of checking different pages and not having to be tied to a charger, but I am glad to have access to titles that my library doesn't physically have (even if the pages do stick infuriatingly so). (Seriously though, please fix the page sticking. Thanks.)

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    Getting worse

    While on the whole, hoopla is a nice app to have, to easily borrow books from your library, constant glitches make it frustrating to use. Consistently it zonks out-after a couple of pages and especially after the end of a chapter, the app just stops. One has to click done, go back to menu and reopen the book. Updating the app has not helped. I am also not a fan of the 10 books per month limit. I prefer the “five books at a time” limits posed by other digital reader apps like Overdrive and Axis 360. Update: Borrowing e-books and videos is easy. But videos have an extremely short check out time. On the negative side, the book selection tends to be too heavily leaning on the romance/family genre, and most bestselling authors will not be found here. I had previously given this app three stars, but the glitches have become too annoying to use the app. You have to read the book in portrait mode. Landscape is not available. The page will not reorient itself nor can you set it in one mode over another. They updated the app to give you a page turning experience, but after once or twice, you will not be able to proceed to another page. You will need to shut down the app and restart it. Additionally, it will also shut down on its own while you are reading. There are many readers on the market now. I find overdrive and cloud work best with my library. Hoopla—give it a miss.

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    Used to love it a lot

    I used to enjoy hoopla a lot and only wished I could check out more than 8 books/audiobooks a month. I even liked it better than Libby because it had more audiobook selections. But lately, I keep having difficulty with it. Sometimes it won’t download or open an audiobook. Today it won’t let me borrow an audiobook even though I have four more books available. I don’t know if it’s because I recently discovered Karen Kingsbury and enjoy listening to her books or what. I even tried to download a different author and it wouldn’t let me. It keeps telling me there’s an error and I can’t borrow more books until tomorrow because the collective daily borrows have been reached. I didn’t even borrow any books today or in almost a week. When I first signed up for hoopla a year ago I borrowed my limit in less than a week when I discovered audiobooks. Last week when I had problems I just deleted the app and reinstalled it but it didn’t work this time. I’m so disappointed because I took the week off to clean for an open house so I have all the time to listen while I clean but I can’t. Leaving later this month on a trip and hopefully can download stuff for the drive and plane ride. I hope they fix the app soon.

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    Used to love this app

    I’m not sure if this is a problem with Hoopla or the library’s it works with but using Hoopla has become almost impossible. I used to listen to audiobooks all the time & was very grateful that I could borrow 8 per month as if I were going to my local library & borrowing from them. Then a few months ago I started getting the message “The daily limit has been reached & will reset at midnight”. It turns out that libraries didn’t like so many books being loaned out & set a limit. This means that A) when I’m ready for a book I usually can’t get one because the limit has been reached (turns out there are a lot of us who like to read or listen-who knew?) B) if I want to be sure to get a book I have to get it at midnight because I’ve tried at all hours of the day & the limit gets reached pretty quickly C) if I do manage to borrow books before that daily limit gets hit I tend to want to borrow my monthly limit of 8 & I hoard books. Which is probably why the limit keeps getting reached so quickly. Others are also hoarding. All this to say I’m extremely frustrated & have stopped using a site I used to love & encourage others to use. I hope someone figures out a way to fix this problem. Otherwise I’ll continue staying away & tell others not to bother. Too much frustration.

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    I'm not much of a TV viewer, therefore Hoopla is a great venue for me. I read on a Kindle so the ease of obtaining an ebook is so convenient. I also love knitting so I download audiobooks which is super for listening while doing my projects. All in all, Hoopla is easy to use and a well thought out app for those who aren't tech savvy. I love it! One minor complaint after using Hoopla for a while - when an author writes a series, I wish Hoopla would provide them by number. Example, Sometimes a title interests me but when I look it’s #3 in a series, but the first 2 aren’t offered! I like reading from the beginning. I’m back....I still enjoy Hoopla and since the first part of my review I read books rather than listen. That said, I agree with another reviewer. The page turning can be annoying! Also, the page number system doesn’t make sense. Give the exact continued number page that you’re on. Example page 12 of 450 and continue throughout - page 13, page 14 etc. etc.

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    Great selection but quirky app

    I love the selection of books available. Often books that have very long waits on other library apps are available here. I also love the three week checkout. Unfortunately, the books and audio are quirky. The books do not show page numbers only how Many pages left in the chapters. The audio does not show chapters at all so if you are reading and listening, which I often do, I have to search for a long time to find where I am in the audio after having read a few chapters. I finally gave up reading and listening because I was spending too much time finding my spot. It would be great if the books and audio worked together. Also, the book pages don’t fit great when I read on my iPad because there is a bottom bar showing how many pages left in the chapter. It often covers up the last line on the page and it does not seem to go away. These are minor issues for a free lending service so don’t be deterred by them but it would be excellent if they were fixed! Enjoy reading!

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    No Audiobook Preview

    Recently started using Hoopla for my audiobooks (previously using Libby). While the selection is plentiful and the app is easy to use, there are several issues that will most likely send me back to using the Libby app. The first issue is the inability to listen to a brief preview before borrowing the audiobook. If the narrator is someone I am unfamiliar with, I need to hear them read a bit first ... there have been audiobooks I have returned to both Libby and Audible because, to me, the narrator was unlistenable. If I borrow an audiobook from Hoopla and find the narrator not to my taste, if I return it then I assume that counts against the number of “borrows” I am allowed for the month. Can we get a preview button? Also, it would be great is the app would allow the user to adjust the jump forward/jump back times. 15 seconds isn’t much (especially if you fall asleep while listening in bed). Audible lets you adjust in increments and Libby lets you swipe for longer jump back times. Both of those things would be great, but for me —/a preview before borrowing is essential! Thanks much. Otherwise a very nice app

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    Wish I Could Love It

    I use this app primarily for ebooks. That all titles are free (via local library membership)and easily downloaded is a great benefit. However, the reader app leaves much to be desired. Constantly, I find that I cannot multitask on my iPad without losing my place. I have to relaunch the app, reselect the book, and hit resume reading, only to find that the app has gone back to a seemingly random location. There are no page numbers or location identifiers. So, even if there were a “go-to” function, I wouldn’t have anything to enter. I have had to resort to constantly entering bookmarks and then selecting the latest one to get back to where I was. A recent revision has overcome a flaw in the text readability; so this is no longer a problem. Have only used audiobooks aspect one time a couple months ago and found that file downloaded quickly, but here also, we would lose our place for no apparent reason and have to hunt for where we left off. In summary, this is an app with great potential, but is no Kindle Reader.

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    Hoopla review

    I have literally fallen in love with this app! I just wish there were more barrows for the month. They limit you to only 5. I work ALOT 6 days a week 15-18 hours a day (during summer 7 days) and my fiancé and I love watching movies on our down time while spending time with each other. She works just as much as me so we barley have time to physically check out movies from library and return them. So it’s a luxury to just log into the phone or computer and see the movies we want especially with No late fees. There are a ton of tiles including ones I have tried to rent, but and check out and can never find them anywhere. But they have them in hoopla! I wish the app was able to run on my PlayStation 4 pro or Xbox one s but it doesn’t. Not even on browser. I can only surf the site not stream. I wish they would change the software to accommodate more hoopla users but other than that I love. We love it

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    I Live On This App

    I can't believe how much I use this app. I'm on it all the time. Be it listening to audiobooks in my car, reading graphic novels on lunch breaks, taking ebooks on vacation, streaming videos at home, it's probably my most used app. It's not without bugs. I've had it lose my place a couple times when listening to audiobooks, though that problem seems to have been fixed with recent updates. It's also been inconsistent when it comes to syncing graphic novels across my devices. Sometimes I can be reading a graphic novel on my iPhone and then pick up my iPad and it will remember where I left off. Other times I can read a graphic novel on one device but it won't let me even download, let alone sync, the item to another device. Bugs aside this app has an intuitive interface, offers a great selection, and items are always available. What's not to love? My main real complaint is that I hardly ever make it into my physical library anymore because this app makes so much available at my fingertip. Great app!

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    For being free, it’s awesome!

    I recently became a member of my local library and found out about Hoopla. What I love about it the most is being able to listen to the audio book of some of the books I’ve been wanting to read, it makes it so much easier!! Sometimes I am confused by their library assortment, some popular or recent titles are in here but a large amount of books that are on my bucket list are not available making it a hit or miss for me. I cannot complain for this being included in my membership at my library and me not paying a cent BUT I might as well share some of the titles that I wish were in Hoopla’s library(in audio versions I might add): Tony Robbins’ books, 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and a surplus of Modern American Literature(Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Williams etc) I would be so grateful for!! However, I am currently listening to a book on my bucket list- Adventures for your Soul by Shannon Kaiser- so thank you for all you do Hoopla!

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    Amazing, but one thing

    I love this app. I can read all my favorite books wherever I go, and hoopla has a lot of reading choices. But the one thing that downgrades the whole experience by a ton. The borrowing limit. It usually doesn’t bother me when I use apps like overdrive, since I can just finish and return a book, then I can get another one because I have a open space now. But in hoopla, when you return a book, you don’t get an open space to borrow another book. This is a problem for me, since I am a fast and vivid reader. It makes it so that I can see all the books I really want to read in the search engine once I finish the ones I already borrowed but have to wait a month to read them. I mean, if you can somehow avoid copyright lawsuits from book publishers, making the book you want available to you at the second you tap borrow giving you a giant advantage over competitors, how can you not have a return and get another book feature like very other public library ebook borrower! Please remove the limit.

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Is hoopla Digital Safe?

Yes. hoopla Digital is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 523,885 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for hoopla Digital Is 44.0/100.

Is hoopla Digital Legit?

Yes. hoopla Digital is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 523,885 hoopla Digital User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for hoopla Digital Is 44.0/100.

Is hoopla Digital not working?

hoopla Digital works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Anita Oglesby
Jun 08 2021

I read that Hoopla no longer works on laptops only cell phones and tablets. Apparently the computer's browser no longer supports the Hoopla app. If so, what be done?

By Lynne Tilley
Apr 05 2021

Got a new ipod and downloaded the new Hoopla app. After listening to a borrowed audiobook for a few hours (I listen at night in bed), the book will stop. I go to the home page and it has lost all my borrowed audiobooks. I have to shut down the ipod and restart in order to get my audiobooks back.

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