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Published by on 2023-12-18

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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Erin

2 years ago

I bought 100 coins two times almost a month ago. Both $9.99 each. The coins showed up immediately after purchase but the $20 have yet to be deducted from my checking that my debit card info. In webtoon is linked to. This happened a while ago as well when I didn’t realize the money wasn’t deducted from my bank account yet, so when it did two weeks later my account went into the negatives since it threw off my calculations. I got charged a $30 fee from my bank for going into the negatives because of this, so needless to say i’m stressed about this $20 that still hasn’t been deducted in almost a month. Please help. Thank you.

By kayla

2 years ago

my coin package that i bought just randomly dissapeared and i have been emailing with them since october asking for a refund, or for them to give me the coins back and they refuse. they have just been giving me the run around, sometimes they will just ignore my emails.

By Athena S Ross

2 years ago

I keep getting charged for Webtoon but i have no account not sure why. Can someone please help me!!

By Hannah

2 years ago

Hello! I'm having issues uploading a episode of my new series on Webtoon. A system error sign keeps popping up every time I try to publish a episode. I have tried different browsers, deleted and recreated the series, and I switched from my ipad to my laptop but still nothing changed. I really want to publish my series before the week is over. Please help!!

By Ash

2 years ago

Hello, I am connected to my Wi-Fi and connections is fine but when I open webtoon app it says not connected to internet or just won't load anything. But interent works fine on other apps. Please help if you know how to fix this.

By breanna

3 years ago

Hello The episodes I already bought with coins disappeared and I checked the app and it says I need to repurchase the whole series..

By Lemon Clay

3 years ago

Hello, Every time I go to fast pass on a episode it says a new device is registered, when I went to check what was registered, is said the exact same device I am currently using, my only phone. I don’t want to reregister and loose my coins. I tried waiting a few weeks, I tried reinstalling.

By Michael Jackson

3 years ago

Hello, All my coins and subscriptions have disappeared. I was logged in to my account and there is no explanation for what happened. I spent a lot of money and had 5 coins left over. I contacted customer service three weeks ago but am still receiving the run around.

By Noëlla

3 years ago

Hello, I recently had a problem with my account. Overnight, all my coins and subscriptions as well as the unlocked chapters disappeared. I was logged in to my account and there is no explanation for what happened. My biggest worry was that I spent a lot of money and I had a lot of coins left over. If anyone can help me, I would really like to get them back. Thank you very much in advance.

By Amy

3 years ago

Im having trouble remembering what the email I used for the username “EVOLADY”. Please help me

By Akellia Francis

3 years ago

This is probably my 18th email to webtoon. I uploaded a series on webtoon called "Tamen De Gushi", but when I tap on it, it says "this series is unavailable". I'd like to know why. Please reply. I've been sending emails for the past 2 weeks.

By Jummy

3 years ago

WEBTOON just sent out a new update and it shut down my account I signed back in and in the process lost everything 100+ comics

By 08Lonso

You’re making people hate your app

I just found out about this today when I was going to go read Girls of the Wild. I also keep reading comments on Reddit about “supporting the artists” on multiple platforms and forums which are very irritating. No one is saying they don’t want to support the artists or feel like they shouldn’t have to. Literally no one is saying that at all when bringing up the real issue of these daily passes. What we are saying is that this feature and its functions are completely unreasonable. Girls of the Wild has 260 episodes and only 14 for free without daily passes. Which means you have to buy coins for 246 episodes. You would need over 1,000 coins and would be spending over $100 for a story you would once again have to purchase if you wanted to reread again after 14 days. Thats blatant robbery. You can support the artist and also not get scammed at the same time. A one time ,fixed price would make more sense if this is the road they want to go down. We typically only make one time purchases for any other content we consume unless we are talking monthly subscriptions (my point is again proven with one time yearly subscriptions). What they are doing makes no sense and is obviously driven by greed. Anyone can see that and we aren’t wrong for not being ok with it or speaking out on it. You can find a way to support the artists and not rip off your readers at the same time.

By happyyyyy girllllll

I love Webtoon but I hate daily pass

I’ve been reading webtoons for a couple years now and I’ve loved it. There are a variety of webtoons, amazing creators, beautiful art, and it has an amazing fandom! Since I’ve been on webtoon for a while now I have read many webtoons and many of them are now completed. I’m the type to re-read and before the daily pass I used to spend my time re-reading my old favorites like, Where Tangents meet, Girls of the Wilds, Days of Hana, Super Secret, etc. while I waited for new webtoons that I read to update. I wish to do this again but I am beyond annoyed by the daily pass. I want to binge read my old favorites so bad but I keep forgetting and it becomes a nuisance to check in everyday in the completed section just so that I can read one episode again. I see no use of this, especially if you are re-reading because you don’t feel the urge to see what’s going to happen next because you already know, it’s more like you read it to go down memory lane. Even with completed webtoons that were advertised to read with daily pass, lots of them were very interesting and I wish I could continue reading them but I keep forgetting and since I see all the chapters there it makes me annoyed. Please take off the daily pass Webtoon! I love the app, I really do, the daily pass is the reason I’m giving it a low rating at the moment. I’ll gladly change it once something is done about this problem.

By Ɩıŋɖʂɛყ

Had this app for years, now disappointed

I have been using this app since about 2015, which seems pretty crazy to me. It’s always been the best web comic app out there. I have tried many others, and deleted them after they had changed things on the app that made them not-so-fun to use anymore. This is the app that didn’t make me upset and I could count on. Now things have changed. As you can see from other reviews, it is the daily pass system. Though I’m not a fan, I can understand why they would add it onto old completed comics. Annoying? Yes. Understandable? Also yes. HOWEVER, the whole “daily pass for comics that aren’t even complete yet” is making me incredibly upset. And it’s not just me. In comment sections on the comics that have this feature, many other users state the same thing. If the comic isn’t even complete yet, I don’t understand why they would make us use the daily pass. Because then it isn’t even a daily pass, sometimes you will have to wait much longer than that for the next episode. And if you want to go back and read old episodes to refresh what you may have forgotten in the story? Too bad, you can’t see that episode after 14 days unless you use the pass again. I am very sad and disappointed that my long time favorite app is going to slowly turn into the ones that I have deleted over the years. I truly hope that the development team fix this. I’m sure doing this makes them more money, but it also makes a LOT of their users upset. Please, please fix this.

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