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Published by on 2020-12-11

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Common Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Issues

  • By Caldorix

    Greatly Sadden

    Honestly when this app first came out I loved everything about it. I would spend hours on end on it reading. Back then most of the chapters were free expect the last 10 releases. Which you pay maybe 5 or 1 spirit stones “ sorry coins”to unlock. However as time went by they started locking chapters that use to be free already and making stones last limited time. Soon they added a subscription which I don’t mind paying for one to read and unlock all if not a good amount of novels. However, they got rid of it shortly after and it became what it is today. So why the low review? 80% of the chapters that use to be free are locked, you pay 10$ to get 500 coins which would only unlock around (33 to 71) if your lucky and LN can easily have up to 500+ chapters mind you, daily coins last limited time so if you don’t use it quickly well to bad, and honestly the voting system does great injustice for authors since it pretty much set up for us to vote just to get a little bit more coins without reading their LN. I am down with supporting authors and translators for their work but this? Ima have to say no thank you. I may not understand all on how the back end of this works but as it is now I hope to prepare any future readers before they got on this app. If you do, whip out your credit card because trust me you won’t get far without it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

  • By bri.jul

    Why had it gotten worse?

    It was fine when I started. I went on the app so often, multiple times a day or just hours straight. As time went on there were added requirements, like the time limit on all the spirt stones, if they expire they disappear from your account total. And annoyingly enough it signs me out on its own sometimes and just ruins the “bookmark” I had in any novel, all of them turning to “unread”. So many times I had to search for the chapter I left off. But the biggest problem I have faced with this app so far is today it had kicked me out once more and as I attempted to sign in I was told my account was suspended. It had kicked me out the day before and wouldn’t let me sign in so I waited till today to try again. And guess what? It wouldn’t let me and even told me my account was suspended. Why? I hadn’t done anything!! I even went on the website on safari and it worked at first but when I refreshed the page it kicked me out. I tried signing in but it said my account was suspended. Why? What had I even done? I’m so sure I have done nothing for such treatment. Some books I love to read but this app had finally touched upon my last bit of patience!!

  • By king church

    They had a great thing going for the readers.

    For about 2-3 months they had a subscription service that I used. I read stories from multiple websites and this one used to be a lesser used one. Then they had the subscription service that I used and I would read almost completely one this app because I no longer had to deal with those spirit stones. Instead I used them to give gifts to the stories. Now that the subscription is gone I can only get about 20 spirit stones a day witch could be at most 4 short chapters. So either I wait for more stones or I could start a new book only to end up at a pay wall again. They said it was for the writers and translators to get paid more but who really knows. I doubt they were making more than extra spending money. Edit: they don’t stop there money grubbing ways. Now they are making you pay like $40 to read a extra 50 chapters ahead and who knows what’s next. For now on I’m just going to look for these books for free. I don’t care if they’re stolen from here. I have always been one to support authors and translators but not those from Webnovel.

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Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Jessica Fleischmann
May 08 2021

I was being charged $9.99 2 or 3 times a month for something I wasn't using and did not sign up for since November 2020. I want ever transaction refunded NOW!

By PlebLord
Jan 19 2021

Excuse me, One of my story called 'OP Girl with Touhou System' got restricted because of using a Japanese word. I already remove it. Please lift up the restriction. Thank you!

By Shelby Gibbs
Dec 09 2020

I have been on This site for
Awhile i have a total of three books. One book i finished
Called: Trail.Marriage Husband need to work... i spent about 300 dollars to read they.cheated me out of chapters and more money had to be spent in order to read through the next few chapters now i am reading DANGEROUS HEIRESS AND THE BEAUTIFUL WIFE OF THE WHRILWND MARRIAGE SO FAR IT HAS COST ME OVER $1600.00 US DOLLARS And i havent even finish reading them they tell you to up grade to get more chapters and you dont get those so called chapters this site should be investigated and make them return the money they rip off of people.. 1600.00 is alot of money for 2 books whrn you van buy books here for 30.00 and its yours here to reread the book you statt all over again some one please look into these cheaters who rob people!!!! And yes i have proof from my bank but also the site itself...

By Kelley L Burwell
Dec 08 2020

I was charged for $9.99 for this webnovel that I didn't want. Please contact me at the above email to resolve this issue. I would like my money back.

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