Inoreader - News App & RSS Reviews

Inoreader - News App & RSS Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-07

Used globally by techies, business professionals, digital marketers, research
institutions, content publishers, and more - Inoreader is a news app that offers
not only a beautiful and light reading experience, but also powerful news
aggregation and curation features that let you build a...

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Inoreader - News App & RSS Reviews

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    Game Changer

    I tried out every reader app I could find, and Inoreader showed them all up. It's sensibility, readability, and simplicity have changed the way I receive info from the web. The latest update added some very welcome interface polish to make the app even better! Feature request: Definitely not critical to the functionality of this great app, but it would be very enjoyable to have multiple app icon options (maybe different colors or textures) to select. 😛

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    The new “add feed” screen makes no sense

    I can’t seem to find anywhere to add a new feed via url, and lots of the feeds in the old categories are no longer there. I’m not really sure how this new update is supposed to make the app better. Update: the developer response definitely clarified the process for adding a new feed via url. However, I still think the process is a massive step down from how it used to work. It seems really unintuitive to have to paste the url into a search bar where there’s no indication to the user that it can do anything other than search through Inoreader’s curated list of feeds. The old way of having a dedicated “add by url” button with a clearly labeled text field that specifically asked for rss urls was much more usable. The new design LOOKS nice, but if it hides one of the few main features that an RSS reader needs then it’s a bad design for an RSS reader.

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    Update destroys best viewing option

    I enjoy this app because of its basic appearance and ease of use that allowed me to quickly go through articles that interested me and skip those that don’t. Often I could read everything I wanted in the preview. I tried lots of apps, and this one used to be perfect. The current view options (I tried them all) load too much content and still require us to open to actually read. I understand this view is what your competitors use, but like I said, yours was preferable because it didn’t have them. I recognize some users might like this. Two recommendations - add a “classic” view, and even for those who want to keep the new look - pin the subscription bar so that it stays all the time.

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    Definitely feels like a “free” app now instead of a polished app.

    Update basically turned this perfect app into something I would never have used. They also took away one of the most useful features for me (the ability to quickly press one button to mark posts as read or not) They remove the individual buttons from each post and then put in one button that does them all at once. Which isn’t useful when you want to mark only some and the site sends out so many notifications. Also the text type is horribly blocky because it is bold type and the font is something I don’t particularly like either. It also fells much darker (or maybe because it is bold) to read. I would not recommend this app at all to anyone as it is now. New interface needs a ton of work.

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    Revitalizing RSS

    After realizing that I was using Facebook as a crappy RSS feed, I deleted the app and went hunting for an RSS reader. I've been using Inoreader for three weeks and I love it. It is full of features I haven't even touched yet, but it's already made my news and blog consumption so much more complete and streamlined. With tagging and rules, you can make your feed manageable and feel in control. I had given up on RSS, but Inoreader is clearly the renaissance the tech deserves.

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    New interface not great

    The new look and feel really hurts the usability of this app. Innoreader WAS great, and in my top 3 most used apps. It has great features, but the new interface has managed to make it feel like more stuff is crammed on the screen, but at the same time make it harder to find the content. The exception is the list of feeds, which is about half as dense, so you have to scroll MORE to find a feed. Additionally it is harder to read a post AND look at the list of posts simultaneously. I have used innoreader since Google Reader went away, but am now shopping for a new RSS reader. I would give it 2.5 stars, prior to the update It was a 5 star app.

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    My favorite reader.

    This reader has been my favorite since I started using it a couple years ago. The new big update has made it even better! It’s a little more immersive now but still easy to use. It is a breath of fresh air to have an app get a major update that I love. So often new updates take things away but this one is all about some nice improvements. Get it!!!

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    the best

    I love Inoreader. it is highly customizable. You can set it up to follow the news that i I'm interested in, as opposed to one that allows me to state interests... and then chooses the information sources... If you want a reader to acquire and curate information from blogs or rss feeds that are from non mainstream major media sources.. (regardless of your own specific demographic point of view) this is it...

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    Good Feedly replacement

    Feedly’s recent update has me looking for other RSS apps. Inoreader looks like a good replacement, but the iPad app is lacking a few settings that would make this my go to. First, it would be great if we had the option to fix the subs panel in portrait orientation (like it does in landscape). The article snippets aren’t so long that the panel needs to show and hide. Second, please allow us to change the article title font. I dislike the title and UI font. Third, it would be cool if other paid tiers were available in the app. I’d like to support development but Pro is overkill. Plus is preferable but I’d like to pay via Apple because it’s easier to manage. Other than the wish list above, the app is working great so far.

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    Fantastic service

    I have been using Inoreader for several months, and it kept getting better with every release. All that, without intruding into the users’ privacy, which I genuinely appreciate. Thank you for the excellent service!

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    New design

    Pretty good. Love the swipe gestures and the new controls on the bottom of the screen. This really helps in 1 handed control. Please allow font option to change title text, not just body text. Still no ability to view/comment on friends posts. Please add this, you guys have been around way too long to not have integrated this feature set into the mobile app.

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    Great, needs improvements

    This app is wonderful! However, it lacks the option to view articles from websites that use Jason for their RSS feed. Also the night theme would be great if was enabling upon the phones night mode turns on.

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    Does not have 1Password integration

    I’m currently a subscriber and do not want to use Google / Facebook oauth token authentication. I want to use 1Password and for some reason, this program does not seem to have that integration that I see in other iOS apps like Discord. For me, this is important enough feature for me to consider a different app. Just sharing feedback cause I’d like that as a developer.

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    Fix the lag on the new version

    I have lost track of the number of times I've inadvertently marked all as read due to the lag in moving from category to category. And then for some reason you aren't allowed to mark the articles unread in the app. Previous version may not have been as pretty but it was much faster

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    Worth the money

    Has most things that I need and whatever it doesn’t have, ask customer support for it. Please fix the issue with sharing to Telegram resulting in additional, empty messages, whenever possible.

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Is Inoreader - News App & RSS Safe?

Yes. Inoreader - News App & RSS is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,187 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Inoreader - News App & RSS Is 60.8/100.

Is Inoreader - News App & RSS Legit?

Yes. Inoreader - News App & RSS is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,187 Inoreader - News App & RSS User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Inoreader - News App & RSS Is 60.8/100.

Is Inoreader - News App & RSS not working?

Inoreader - News App & RSS works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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