Invoice Maker PRO. Reviews

Invoice Maker PRO. Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-09

About: Invoice Maker Pro is the easiest way to make professional invoices. Create
invoices & estimates wherever you are - with a customer, between jobs, or at

About Invoice Maker PRO

What is Invoice Maker PRO?

Invoice Maker Pro is an app designed for small business owners, contractors, freelancers, and tradespeople to create professional invoices, estimates, quotes, purchase orders, receipts, and timesheets on their iPhone and iPad. The app also helps in keeping track of work expenses and bills, and provides business cash flow reporting. The app offers a free version with limited features and a subscription version with cloud sync and backup features.



- Manually edit titles and currency codes

- Payment terms

- Turn quotes, estimates into invoices with a single tap

- Check paid, overdue, unpaid invoices

- Professionally designed templates

- CSV spreadsheet export for accounting software

- Send PDF stub via Email or Text

- Save all PDF files in Apple Files app

- Attach photos

- Add company info in the footer note

- Use payment methods field to enter payment details

- Tax, GST, VAT set up

- Add discount to go

- Add payment terms

- Add signatures on the spot

- Up to 5 free documents such as invoice, estimate, quote, PO, timesheet, receipt

- Keep track of work expenses and bills

- Business cash flow reporting

- Receipt and expense and inventory tracker

- Upgrade to subscription version for cloud sync and backup features.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

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Key Benefits of Invoice Maker PRO

- Makes life easier in business on the go

- Easy to send invoices by mail or print out

- Keeps getting better and better

- Makes everything easier in organics

20 Invoice Maker PRO Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Easy to work with

I’ve been using InvoiceMakerPRO the last three years and I know it’s getting better and better but what I like from InvoiceMakerPRO makes everything easier in organics I definitely recommended


Best invoice app made

I have use InvoiceMakerPRO for the past five years and they just keep making it better and better. I couldn’t live without InvoiceMakerPRO in my business couldn’t be run without it as well. Keep up the good work


Perfect for mobile invoices…all invoices honestly.

InvoiceMakerPRO has made my life easier by being able to just type in who I bill and how I bill my customer.

It’s easy to send invoice by mail or to print out on the go or at the office.


Great app

Been using for 4-5 years now. Great platform, great functionality. Gets the job it suppose to do, done. It could had be made more flexible with other apps. No functionality updates for a while now but works greats.


User friendly!

I’m not a computer person or to handy with my smart phone but this is the most well organized app for invoicing. InvoiceMakerPRO is easy to use i give it 5 stars! I’ve used plenty of invoicing apps InvoiceMakerPRO is by far the best!!


Great product for phone

Been using InvoiceMakerPRO for the past four years hands-down super easy and great way of billing would highly recommend it and have recommended to other contractors


I love this app

Being a small business owner and new to a lot of things. InvoiceMakerPRO has been great. And to think I don’t have to pay for the basic use of it. I will be paying for it soon to get more features.


Great App

This invoice app has really helped my company grow. Simple to use and it has many options to choose from. I would definitely recommend it.


Great for any business

I use InvoiceMakerPRO daily and it definitely makes life easy in my business on the go. I do wish it were more visible as a whole when updating sections however I still appreciate the ease of InvoiceMakerPRO.


Great app for a small business

I’ve used InvoiceMakerPRO for a while now for my estimates, invoices etc in my tree removal business looks professional and is worth the price.


Very good app

I have been using InvoiceMakerPRO for all my invoices for a couple of years and I am very pleased. It functions very well and has all the features that I need.


Have used this simple elegant program for years

I have been very happy and it gets the jobs done quick!


Speedy’s Auto Detailing

I love InvoiceMakerPRO, works easy and make my company looks very professional, works for me very good , I’m so satisfied with it. I really recommend to some one it has a company


Thanks for this Professional program

Really Thanks for this professional and easy use program



Pretty good mobile app for sending out invoices and estimates. Cuts down on time when I can send customers estimates almost immediately.



Love the using invoice maker. Have been using InvoiceMakerPRO for past 3yrs make my small business functionality seamless



InvoiceMakerPRO is amazing very easy to used and keeps everything organized highly recommended


Very helpful

I’ve been using InvoiceMakerPRO for about 3 years. We own a remodeling company in Chicago and this is all what we use for estimates and invoices.



Very easy to use when invoicing customers. Thee is a lot of choices for choices for a business look.



Been using the Invoice Maker for A few years now and it has been a awesome tool to have. Very user friendly



I originally purchased InvoiceMakerPRO to assist me when I was on a pinch to get an invoice or estimate out. I quickly changed my thinking and made this my primary way of invoicing, estimating...
As I got more in depth with using this daily and then multiple times in a day I found some minor changes that I thought could help so I contacted the developer with my suggestions and received correspondence back very quickly. The developer was more than happy to see my suggestions implemented in their next update and actually contacted me again the following day to clarify one of the suggestions.
The update was released today and everything that we discussed in our emails between each other is in place and fully functional. Thank you for developing InvoiceMakerPRO and for the great support!
I strongly recommend this purchase.


Lost everything!!! Horrible customer service!!!

I have been using InvoiceMakerPRO for a while now. It was great. I made a purchase and had all of my important business files on it. I always back my phone up as well. I lost my phone, and had to get a new one. I tried to restore my purchase and files and it didn’t work. I have contacted them on 4 different occasions telling them the urgency to retrieve my purchase, but especially my files. They answer once to try hitting the restore option, and have been ignoring me since. This is so ridiculous!!! I can’t believe the way they are treating me, my business relies on this information, this is the absolute worse service I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!!!! DONT USE InvoiceMakerPRO!!!!


Good app

Currently using InvoiceMakerPRO and it is great in many areas however, needs a few tweaks. Need to be able to turn to landscape view. Need broader choices on some of the drop down menus or, be able to create your own. Need to be able to change the amount on a standard product within a quote, without having to go out of the quote and edit the product then go back into the quote to add it. For instance, I have several different prices I charge for a lawn service but I don't want my product selection page clogged with a separate product for a hundred different prices. If I could just alter the amount as I am adding the product, that would be SUPER great! Also, would like the option to not specify a due date or be able to put in a calendar date. Thanks!


Good but can be great

I recently started a small business and was looking for a simple and quick way to invoice my clients; Invoice Maker does just that.
However, there are a few things which I find frustrating. For example there doesn't seem to be spell check in InvoiceMakerPRO, which potentially can make someone look very unprofessional. Also, when creating a document or a client list, some fields have a drop-down menu with predetermined selections which cannot be changed or left blank. I feel there should be an option to customize or leave the selection blank; instead you're stuck with making a selection even if it does not apply.
I wanted to give a rating of 3.5 stars, but it's not an option, and I feel InvoiceMakerPRO is not 4 star yet; but has potential.



Nice simple App. I'm just doing side jobs after work and on weekends. But this would help any business that is getting started. It really helps me keep track of time and materials. Easy to use. Professional looking invoices.
Can't wait for improvements, defeating contacts or updating when address changes. But I love it gladly paid for full version. Although the free version does everything I need. I'm looking forward to realizing it to to its full potential. Thanks to the developers. Great app



Love InvoiceMakerPRO .. but wanted to make a suggestion to be able to move the items around again? I think a long time ago you used to be able to, but not anymore. Sometimes when I forget to add an item and I want it to be in a certain order I have to delete all of them to put it in a place that I want it, it would be great if you could just add it at the bottom and move it up where u need it ...please make an update w this feature? 🙏🏼 it would be perfect that way


Well done and easy

Easy to use, intuitive, and best of all it works without needing to create an account or log in requirement. This is replacing "invoice to go" for a few years and liked it until the maker recently change the UI and required a login and password. Since that software went from being excellent to bad very quickly, I had to go looking for a invoice app to take care of a couple of customers. This works great


It could be better with some bug fixes

Adding contacts or even trying to select a contact to ad to a invoice takes for ever and at first seems non-responsive. Not sure why this is because adding a product is fast. This bug just about makes this application unusable. Also there is another bug and it seems random as to when it happens but every so often a product will disappear from the product list and then another different product will duplicate over and over again.

It would be a great app if these bugs were fixed.


Back up

Says you can back up to drop box. Click green button and nothing happens. Also, if you have more than one client it won't refresh the name of the client bill to and ship to. Have to go in and re type the name.
And now if I mark an invoice paid, it should close out of overdue; But it's been popping up as unpaid and overdue! it won't go away.
Otherwise, I find it to be easy to use. Stores your data base. You can save and Mail a pdf.


Would not recommend

InvoiceMakerPRO itself is easy enough to use. Unfortunately, I paid for InvoiceMakerPRO and it is still asking for subscription fees to access certain services. The reason I purchased InvoiceMakerPRO was to make it easier to keep my consulting hours noted and available at a glance. If I was aware I would have to pay for additional services I could have made my own templates in excel. Also, I do a lot of work late into the night starting late one evening and finishing early in the morning on the next. InvoiceMakerPRO does not allow for me to enter hours this way.


Good app, need to rotate with the screen and sync properly.

I like InvoiceMakerPRO very useful in my line of work (I’m a general contractor), InvoiceMakerPRO saves me time and money, i can make very professional estimates and invoices, and keep track of income and payroll expenses. The reason that I’m giving it 3 stars is because InvoiceMakerPRO only syncs when you sign out and them back in, also why haven’t the developers made it possible for InvoiceMakerPRO to rotate with the screen, i have a keyboard for my iPad and i cant use it because the screen will not rotate



Good app. I like the way the invoices look. Much more convenient than going to my laptop or desktop. App still needs a little work. For instance, screen needs to be able to rotate. Would be nice to be able to backup to something like Google Drive. More invoice design options would be a bonus. Overall, I like InvoiceMakerPRO better than the others I've tried. And, you can't beat the price!


Good App- But...

Excellent app, but when an estimate is created I prefer to keep the date on that estimate of when it was 'actually created'. Every time I view an existing estimate, the date will default to the day I'm viewing it. I have no way of knowing when my estimates are aging in case I want to delete some of the 'older' ones. In other words, they ALL show the same date.

Max Hall


Not good!!!!

It's OK I guess but the iCloud syncing on the pro doesn't work
I have this invoice program on three phones three iPads and I don't them talk to each other at all even though all of them are pro and all of them have iCloud syncing on every single one of them turned on
Update: downgraded from a 4 to a 2.
One day most of my invoices just went missing.
And now they won't save at all.
Tried to contact InvoiceMakerPRO developers but they never will return my emails.
So hell with them I'm going with somebody else that actually takes their app seriously.
Nothing I hate worse than unprofessionalism.
Do not buy InvoiceMakerPRO!!!!!



I needed something I could use to whip up invoices that look professional but didn't want to invest in anything heavy-duty; my needs are pretty simple. InvoiceMakerPRO produces professionally formatted PDFs, and the interface is smooth and predictable. Great for startup small businesses who don't need a lot of bells and whistles.

Is Invoice Maker PRO Safe?

Yes. Invoice Maker PRO. is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 841 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Invoice Maker PRO Is 59.6/100.

Is Invoice Maker PRO Legit?

Yes. Invoice Maker PRO. is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 841 Invoice Maker PRO. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Invoice Maker PRO Is 100/100..

Is Invoice Maker PRO. not working?

Invoice Maker PRO. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Invoicing Plus - $9.99/month or $59.99/year

- Includes all features of the free version

- Keep track of work expenses and bills

- Dashboard views in Reports page for income and expenses

- Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting

- Receipt and bill tracking organizer

- Cloud sync and backup feature for multiple iOS devices

Note: The app offers a free version with up to 5 stub documents, and the subscription version offers additional features and unlimited stub documents.

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