Logo Maker - Design Creator Reviews

Logo Maker - Design Creator Reviews

Published by on 2023-08-01

About: Logo Maker allows you to create the logo of your dreams, without any design
skills or technical knowledge, right from your iPhone or iPad in minutes. Use
this app and creating a clean, professional-looking, and marketable brand icon
that is no longer something that's left exclusively to experts.

About Logo Maker

What is Logo Maker? Logo Maker is an app that allows users to create professional-looking logos without any design skills or technical knowledge. The app offers over 2000 logo templates, 5000+ icons, 100+ backgrounds, 100+ overlays, and 100 typography fonts to choose from. The app is fully editable and customizable, and users can add customized text like their company name and slogan. The app is neatly categorized according to industry, and users can save their designs in their device's gallery after designing.



- Over 2000 logo templates

- 5000+ icons in 30+ categories

- 100+ backgrounds and overlays

- 100 typography fonts

- Fully editable and customizable templates

- Neatly categorized designs according to industry

- Add customized text like your company name and slogan

- Professional editing features like Flip, Rotate, Resize, and more

- Create amazing business brand identity in seconds

- Ability to save in your device's gallery after designing

- Free to use for commercial and personal purposes

- Automatic renewals for subscriptions can be managed in Account Settings on the App Store

- Privacy policy and terms of use available for more information.

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Key Benefits of Logo Maker

- Large set of basic images that are easy to work with and edit

- Beginner friendly and easy to use

- Beautiful and attractive fonts available to make logos more striking

- Can import images and work through graphics on the app

- Can generate a logo in a few minutes due to easy to use features

20 Logo Maker Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Best bang for your buck, but glitchy and bugs o plenty

Compared to other similar logo-making apps, LogoMaker has the best price for unlocking all/unlimited features. You only have to pay $7.99 once - unlike other apps who want to charge you that price or more on a monthly basis, or want to charge you a yearly or one time price of $80 or more. However, despite having a comparable number of logos/fonts/designs/other features to the more expensive logo making apps - the phrase "you get what you pay for" still applies in this situation. Why? One word - bugs. LogoMaker unfortunately has quite a few. From minor glitches like not being able to scroll down the side menu to see all the options/menus available, to major faults like LogoMaker occasionally crashing when trying to change certain logo features' colors and temporarily freezing up when attempting to change the style of font. I've honestly gotten so frustrated that I've started to save my logos at the very beginning stages of editing, then exiting out of LogoMaker and using other apps like PicsArt & Photoshop to finish editing my logos.


Great Attempt but unreliable, do not buy

LogoMaker is great to use, its easy, fast, intuitive, and has lots of designs. The biggest problem is that it is unreliable. After making several logo designs and using some I can no longer access my completed logos to edit them or re-save them. I can see them as thumbnails in my complicated folder but they are blank when you click on them. As you can imagine this is very frustrating because once you use a logo a design you want to continue using the same one for brand consistency. I’ve tried making the logo over again but I ran into another problem/flaw. For some reason the available fonts change at random. So for some text there are a large number of fonts available but then in the same project with a different text box there are only a fraction of the fonts available. It makes it impossible to have consistency within the same project. So as much as I love there attempt I can’t recommend anyone purchase until these issues have been fixed. Again LogoMaker itself works great when creating a new project it’s after you save something that you lose your work and you won’t be able to recreate it.


This app is a must have !! Beginner to Expert 👌🏽

This was my first choice when it came to choosing a logo , I would recommend that you invest $5 and pay to unlock the better logos trust me it’s totally worth it!!! It started off with a glitch I contacted the company and they eagerly fixed the problem and anticipated my needs in a timely fashion!! I highly recommend LogoMaker it’s very BEGINNER FRIENDLY !! Anyone can use this , the possibilities are limitless , absolutely if you have a business this is LogoMaker for you !!


Would be 5 stars but…

LogoMaker is very well put together and love the platform but the only reason I’m giving it four stars is because it takes so long for your projects to load up and even when it’s saving and when you’re switching between categories from your draft to your completed work. The loading time is just so extremely slow so I actually have been using LogoMaker a little less but if they can fix the local time basically LogoMaker is pretty perfect.


Really awesome 1800 Logo Templates app

Earlier this afternoon, I needed to make quick logos for my frat’s website and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Most logo creator apps have a small collection of images to work off of and little to no editing options. This logo maker app however has a large set of basic images that are easy to work with and even simpler to edit. I highly recommend this logo maker app if you need a good logo and but can’t make one yourself without a template.


Great App!

I have had LogoMaker for a long time and recently upgraded to the more premium version to get more stuff. I have had to contact support for guidance 3 or 4 times and each and every time I get a response and the help I need. I would recommend LogoMaker to those wanting to create their own logo. Thank you.



first, you are pretty limited in designs for your “logo” in general, but even so, for most of them you need to pay for. If you DID pay though , the designs are not worth it. Although i still managed to make something, since i just needed to write a small text in a font and a border. I downloaded it barely since, a lot of the download options need payment. The colours were different than how i made the text. Basically my finished project downloaded different than how i made it.
Also in the new years design section, the year said 2019 and its 2022 so.. maybe that explains. No one took care of LogoMaker since 3 years ago.


Support is NO help

I bought LogoMaker on my MacBook in 2019 and it works flawlessly! I tried do download it on my iPad signed in with the exact same log in information and it will not restore my purchase and show my work. I reached out of support and showed them that the log in in LogoMaker Store is the same and the error in addition where I paid and they said it’s not there error.

Well let me update everyone as they responded via email and said I have to purchase a SEPARATE subscription!!! Per Apple policy which is bull$hit because I had it on my iPad and MacBook previously but when I got a NEW ipad I could no longer access it in my new ipad.


Very glitchy, but like concept

So I'm opening up a bakery, but first I needed to make a logo, so I got this game on my iPad, but when I opened it there wasn't that much for free for bakery logos and I wanted my logo to look French like the bakery I'm opening, there was more water color. But I did VERY much like the concept of LogoMaker, I just don't know why it glitches out all the time, it might be just my iPad because it came out in 2018 so maybe it's that, but if you fix the bugs and add baking logos I'd be all over LogoMaker!
And I'm going to get on phone and see if glitches anymore, if it doesn't, I will love this game



App has potential but many flaws. Can’t place the logo of your choice on the photo of your choice. When I choose a photo from my photo gallery, I end up with only Christmas logos to choose. No option to scroll through other logos while your own photo is up. No font choices. No save to phone option. Ads every time you go back. It’s frustrating. I’m assuming that the ones reviewing who said this is the best ever are people associated with LogoMaker to make it look good. Sorry guys but way too many issues, not user friendly. No matter what else you read, these are the facts.


A Great Initiative!

Applications like Logo Maker are a great initiative that allows amateurs to design logos, brand icons and different types of cards like professionals. With the help of such apps nearly anyone can design logos despite their sheer lack of knowledge in graphic designing. I love LogoMaker and I am not going to hire any professional in the future for logo designing. With the help of LogoMaker, I can pretty much do things on my own


   Highly Trending

Logo Maker is highly trending nowadays. Nearly everyone around me dealing with logos and brand icons take help from LogoMaker at least once. I was suggested LogoMaker by my friend and it didn’t disappoint me a bit. It simplifies logo designing but at the same time, the quality is not compromised. I like the fact that I can design logos like an expert but without any fatigue.


Play Around With Attractive Fonts

Logo Maker has beautiful and attractive fonts that you can add to Logos to make them more striking and incredible. The cute fonts available on LogoMaker are a total game-changer. They transform the look of your logo completely. You can also add them in different styles and shapes to make the overall look more appealing.


Easy and simple 😌😊

I for sure feel like I will be purchasing the pro because the basic was so fun and straight forward, there are a few pro background I want to use as well, definitely would recommend for any business


Great for beginners

I actually really like Logo Maker ! I have LogoMaker on my phone as well as on my laptop and it’s pretty beginner friendly for people who are practicing with logos with pre created photos! I think it’s worth the purchase and also you can import images and work through the graphics on LogoMaker as well!



I love LogoMaker , but I had an issue when LogoMaker was deleted and when I downloaded it back from LogoMaker store ALL MY DESIGNS WERE GONE. To make matters worse app is asking me to pay again to upgrade. I lost a lot of designs I spent hours creating. I’m very disappointed. No one has even responded to my issue at all.


Designing is done in no time

The logo can be generated in a few minutes due to the easy to use features of this logo maker. With the design software, I was able to complete a single logo design in two to three hours. But this logo maker doesn’t require more than 20 minutes to design a perfect logo.


Very simple and intuitive to use

Nice app. Easy to use. I do wish that there were more simple designs like dots as well as an erase tool to have the ability to remove unwanted template parts. Also the names of the fonts would be great.


Best thing since sliced sourdough bread!

This logo maker app has saved my professional career on so many occasions, love the features and the options and layout. It’s intuitive and allows for your expression to come together fully. I don’t have the business edition- And can imagine how much better it is!


Very usefull and perfect to create logos

After working with indesign and photoshop for various school projects, LogoMaker was extremely easy to use and has a professional feel to it. From what I've seen so far, it definitely deserves the five stars


Quite easy to understand it

LogoMaker is user friendly, I found it quite easy compared to the other apps because everything is just so easy to understand. Plus the variety of images that I can use is large so I have alot of options. Though the reason I like it is mostly because of the image quality since it's good unlike other apps that do provide options but the end image is of poor resolution. So it works out well for me


Great app,Better than Canva!

Earlier this afternoon, I needed to make quick logos for my frat’s website and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Most logo creator apps have a small collection of images to work off of and little to no editing options. This logo maker app however has a large set of basic images that are easy to work with and even simpler to edit. I highly recommend this logo maker app if you need a good logo and but can’t make one yourself without a template.


logo maker apps

I enjoyed making logo with LogoMaker without any technical knowledge of designs. Thousands of designs are available to be chosen from which made this process a lot more easier. The graphics and font styles are available in high quality so the final look was perfect which completed my requirement for a finest design. Pro designs and graphics were also helpful in making business cards in a single click.


Awesome!! Fourth app And best!!!

Awesome job! Love it! Btw other apps I tried first were the top rated! My personal opinion this one is best to work with has great options still yet your own design!! Still wish I could of figured out how to add my previous sticker to one on here and see what it would look like! I believe can! I just did not watch the tutorials so it is my own fault! So again awesome logo maker app! Sry soling so excited!!


I usually get my logos from design companies

I work as a brand manager and have to come up with new logos for my clients' products. I used to use design companies to make the logos and there used to be a lot of interaction before we got the design right. On a whim I thought I would give LogoMaker a shot. I have not regretted my decision now I can make logos as I perceive them. Result; happy clients and my business is booming.


   Really easy to make a logo and give your business a new face

I am in the plumbing business and thought I needed to change my company logo. I was not ready to hire a professional logo maker and so I looked around and found LogoMaker. Gave it a shot and now my business looks professional with a new logo. Now I'm helping friends design new logos for their businesses as well!


easy to use it

Due to vast collection of logo templates on LogoMaker, I no longer need to book a professional designer. The interface of LogoMaker is so easy that I can do everything on my own. You know it’s hard sometimes to get absolute results from graphic designers. Logo Maker allows me to design things just the way I like with 100% perfect results!


Love this Gaming Logo Maker !

I’ve been using this Gaming Logo Maker for almost two years now and love it! I was struggling to create a logo for my husbands business and found LogoMaker. I pay a small fee to use it and it saves all my work. I can tweak my logo when needed and save the image to my phone or email. I’ve used the logos for business cards, word documents, t-shirts, etc. Great Gaming Logo Maker app!!


Better than designer

When I asked a designer to design my small business logo, he was so expensive. And even then, he wasn’t able to understand what I wanted as a logo. So I backed off and later came across this logo maker app. It has so many brilliant ideas and it is very easy to use that assisted me in creating what I had been looking. Great work!


Design whenever you want

The best thing about this logo maker is that we can save the work as a draft and continue doing it later. I have used many logo makers but the design is to be completed at a single time otherwise the changes are lost. It’s not the case with this logo maker, so I’m happy to use it.

Is Logo Maker Safe?

Yes. Logo Maker - Design Creator is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,210 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Logo Maker Is 44.2/100.

Is Logo Maker Legit?

Yes. Logo Maker - Design Creator is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,210 Logo Maker - Design Creator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Logo Maker Is 61.4/100..

Is Logo Maker - Design Creator not working?

Logo Maker - Design Creator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Logo Maker offers a subscription service that provides access to premium features and content. The subscription is available in two tiers:

1. Monthly This subscription costs $9.99 per month and provides access to all premium features and content.

2. Yearly This subscription costs $49.99 per year and provides access to all premium features and content.

Both subscriptions offer the same features and content, but the yearly subscription provides a significant discount compared to the monthly subscription. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.

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