Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator Reviews

Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-14

About: Watercolor Logo Maker is the only premium quality logo maker app that lets you
create professional watercolor logo designs to promote your small
business. Featuring our new world class team of professional watercolor
artists! Our artists have decades of experience and each art piece is
hand-painted using real watercolors and paper scanned.

About Watercolor Logo Maker

What is Watercolor Logo Maker?

Watercolor Logo Maker is a premium quality logo maker app that allows users to create professional watercolor logo designs to promote their small businesses. The app features a team of professional watercolor artists who have decades of experience in creating hand-painted art pieces using real watercolors and paper scanned. The app is perfect for creative business owners who make beautiful products and services for their customers.



- Allows users to create professional watercolor logo designs and business cards without any graphic design or art skills.

- Features a team of professional watercolor artists who create hand-painted art pieces using real watercolors and paper scanned.

- Ideal for artists, designers, photographers, event planners, specialty foods, hand-crafted goods, small business owners, and creative products & services.

- Can be used to promote small businesses that users own or for personal use.

- Not for businesses that sell designs.

- Offers updated Terms of Use & FAQs in the app.

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Key Benefits of Watercolor Logo Maker

- Easy to use tools for designing professional-looking logos

- Saves money by not having to hire a graphic designer

- Offers a variety of color options and art choices

- Can be used for creating business cards and other designs

- Simple and user-friendly interface

20 Watercolor Logo Maker Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Okay App

WatercolorLogoMaker is simple and easy to use. Surprisingly it offers a lot of variation with not a whole lot of font and color options. There are even shapes and such that can be used for headers on blogs and what not. I did pay for the full version, though. However, I have a few complaints. The first one is that WatercolorLogoMaker is very slow for some reason. My next complaint is under the basic shapes option, everything is black on a black background so you can’t see the shapes unless you select them and add them to the logo you’re working on. Another complaint is that every time I select the “paper” tab to view those options, WatercolorLogoMaker crashes. I would like to see what these options are since it is one of the reasons I paid for WatercolorLogoMaker . My last complaint is that when you want to give developers feedback about WatercolorLogoMaker , the website directs you to contact them through WatercolorLogoMaker . When I try to do this, though, I get a message saying it can’t use email or something like that so leaving this review is the only way you can let them know about problems you are having. I’m hoping these issues are fixed in the next update.


So much potential

I would love to leave 4 or 5 stars, but I just can't do it with all the problems WatercolorLogoMaker has. It's got a really beautiful look to it and potential to be excellent. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who had great luck with it. It happened to have the perfect image for her logo and she never once had WatercolorLogoMaker crash. I happily paid the $10 to unlock everything, even though I wasn't sure I would need all the features. I would have paid even more if there were more art images to choose from. (I specifically needed a Zinnia flower, but their flower selection is pretty limited.) My biggest problem with WatercolorLogoMaker though, is that it crashes constantly, causing me to lose everything and start again. Even when it doesn't crash, sometimes I simply try to go back a step to change one thing and find I have lost everything. I tried contacting the developer to report the bug and to leave the feedback they request, but to no avail. In the end, I had to abandon WatercolorLogoMaker and get a refund through Apple. Very disappointing since I was excited to have found a beautiful and simple tool to create my logo. I hope they figure out how to solve these problems and do better with customer concerns.


Not the Best Logo App

I think WatercolorLogoMaker is pretty good overal. But the only background you can use is a circle without having to pay $10 for other backgrounds. You can still use your creativity for a circle one but I think you should be able to use any background of your choice. Of course their are options for different colors but I still think there should be more than one option as a background. It would be better if you had to pay to save it or print it but I don’t think you should have to pay for just the background. The only reason I rate WatercolorLogoMaker 3 stars is because there is only one option as the background which is the circle and it’s not even the best one. When I got WatercolorLogoMaker I was super excited to create a cute watercolor logo but the only option was a circle. I ended up just going ahead and using another app to create a logo, but if this one haves more options as a background I would’ve loved to use it!


Crashes every time!!!

I’ve spent hours working on a detailed logo, tweaking the layers, colors, and fonts... only for WatercolorLogoMaker to crash and lose all my progress. So I start over (mind you, this isn’t the first time or even the 2nd or 3rd time... this is the 10th time AT LEAST) AGAIN, more time working on the little details, I go to save my beautiful masterpiece of a logo and guess what! THIS PIECE OF CRAP APP CRASHED ON ME WITHOUT SAVING! I thought I was finally done with this nightmare of an app and I was going to save my logo and at least get my money’s worth since I had invested the $9.99 to unlock all features, but nope. It’s worthless. I can’t get WatercolorLogoMaker to do anything for me. I give up. I tried reinstalling and updating my phone but that didn’t help. I want my money back and in a perfect world- I would be compensated for all the time I have wasted on WatercolorLogoMaker. Don’t download this crap! It’s not worth the headache. I want to throw my phone out the window, if I had went thru with throwing it- they should have to cover replacing it too since my frustration is a direct result of this apps shortcomings.


The downfall is....................

Only downfall is……………
Most of the logo pieces ( you know The ones to make your logo pretty), are locked! This made me very frustrated because I just want to make a cute logo with endless choices! You have to pay to unlock everything, and I do not like apps that you have to pay to use them for! I feel like apps should be free no matter what!
Yes, I do understand that some apps are so amazing that it’s worth to pay for, but this one I would not pay $10 (or even more) to make a few logos just for fun!
It may be worth it if you have your own business and you’re making a logo, but I just want to have fun on WatercolorLogoMaker it’s very irritating to have to pay!

Only a few of the logo pieces are unlocked, and none of them are that great! This is the whole reason I only gave WatercolorLogoMaker four stars!
I’m sure not many people read the reviews on apps, but If you do, make sure to read this one! Don’t scan through this review, make sure to read the whole thing READ THE WHOLE REVIEW!!!!!! I just wanted to warn you!

To the developer: WatercolorLogoMaker was fun at first, now it’s not! Once I discovered he had to pay I got mad! For the sake of your own app, and other peoples feelings about WatercolorLogoMaker, fix this!
Thank you


Great Concept!

This is a great app to use to create a logo! Absolutely wonderful idea, concept, and execution. However, I’ve given it 4 stars because you can do minimal without paying the $10 for all access. I totally understand in-app purchases and all but I wish you could select any background and color and then have designs be the extra purchases instead, right now for a background all you can use is the basic circle in a few different colors. There are some great designs and details to add, and if you don’t purchase the other items you can still use your creativity to create a beautiful logo, it would just be using the limited items offered. Other than that, I think WatercolorLogoMaker could be useful and is definitely worth checking out!


I love it!

I just made my logo in under 20 minutes! I love all the color options and art. I had to pay $10 for it but beats spending hours turning my wheels (which I did already a fair amount of the past few days). Other sites tried to charge me $20 for mediocre/ subpar results for just the photo. I think paying for the whole thing is worth it. I’ll also be using it to help decorate my business cards, etc. my only grudge is that there are limited topics in each category. Although ironically in the end, it helped me choose what I wanted instead of what I thought I wanted. Totally get this but look at all the colors, art, and backgrounds to see if it fits your taste


Designed a beautiful logo

I designed a beautiful, professional looking logo within just a few minutes and saved so much not having to pay a graphic designer. The tools are fun and easy to use. I just wish there were more images to select from in the art section. Also I wish there was a way to save a project and then change it and save the revised version as a new design while still having access to the original. Very happy I found WatercolorLogoMaker.


Great but one problem

First of all I have had WatercolorLogoMaker for a bit and it is awesome but my main problem is that you have to buy to get the good stuff I think we should get all of the watercolor fonts and shape at the beginning and we can get a little of everything not all but a little like for food animals and fun can we have the first four or something and more color options for your extra shape you get we ONLY GET BLUE can we get at least two types of each color like seriously and if you can extend how many like badges or a circle things or whatever is behind the fun food and the animals by like 1,2,or 3 that would be amazing otherwise WatercolorLogoMaker is awesome hopefully you read this and if you do thank you for taking the time to


NO😡😡😡will lose money! Hate hate hate!

If you want a fun care free app to create a super nice logo, go get another app for FREE! I wanted something free and easy and all I got was dollar signs. The options were locked, all of them unless you pay ten dollars and then what!?!I found some thing to save WatercolorLogoMaker from being deleted. There is a few items like a circle and a few designs that you can use for free. But all the options that are really awesome are all locked. Another thing that saved WatercolorLogoMaker was that I was really worried when reading the reviews that my work would be deleted.I found out that all you have to do is save it and it will automatically save. If you’re too dumb to do that you can save it as a photo.


Dysfunctional Logo Designer

WatercolorLogoMaker is riddled with bugs and I have the paid version, after you choose your logo style let’s say Zen Circle, after you add whatever text you like, you decide you want to change the color of the logo, or perhaps add some of the artwork, you choose any option and it just loads forever, it never changes or adds anything different, this company or dev team prefers you email them through the application itself, which doesn’t work, you go to their website and all you find is an email, and that email doesn’t function so theirs no way to contact the dev team or app developers at all... WatercolorLogoMaker is broken, which is a shame because it has beautiful unique logo designs... that you just can’t use😞 don’t waste your money


It’s good.. but it isn’t. ☹️

Usually- I would write a good review about a lot- but not this one. I love all the designs- but when you need layers.. Your gonna need it. Usually the ribbon or art should come first before the text so you don’t have to redo the entire thing. Soon enough- you would want to pay because more than half of the stuff are locked. If you want it to be free- then make it free. No subscription. Then the designs and fonts are awesome- but the only ones WE would like are locked. And I’ll be honest- that IS how you get people to pay you. But if it says ‘Download’ or ‘Get’.. make it free. Again- it’s perfect- but it’s just not for me.


Could be better

I understand why you would add in app-purchases to your app. But I was very disappointed to find out I could only use a circle template. But instead of having to make purchases for the templates It would be better if it was from certain designs instead. I knew that some things were going to cost money but I was not expecting to have to pay for the simplest of backgrounds. If you are looking to find a logo with a cool background for free this is not WatercolorLogoMaker . If you want to download WatercolorLogoMaker to make cool logo for free you can search up ‘ blue paint circle’ on the internet and put some words on top and there is the free version of WatercolorLogoMaker. Do not recommend for small businesses.


This is so bad!

This is one of the worst and saddest app I’ve ever downloaded. At first, I was bored and wanted to download an app that would be interesting. Then, I found WatercolorLogoMaker, at first, I was excited. But when I tried to ‘do the activity’ there was literally nothing like nothing. WatercolorLogoMaker is a waste of time and money. You have to buy the whole pack and you call that cheap. Literally everything is locked and until you buy the pack it won’t unlock. WatercolorLogoMaker is completely trash and you can’t even call it a app anymore. If you want to make a successful app then maybe don’t make everything so expensive, don’t chase the money, think about the others and their thoughts. Hope you guy/s get this fixed because this is a real pity and disappointment. I’m disappointed.


Glitches , freezing, does not save, worst app ever

I purchased WatercolorLogoMaker and had so much trouble just creating one log because it keeps freezing and having glitches. It has been at least 5 months and they have not fixed a thing. They just don’t care what you think because you already paid. Also, what you can do on WatercolorLogoMaker is extremely limited. You cannot even save the same logo in two different colors. You will have to start from scratch. Oh, sometimes they save your project not like how you created it. Absolutely worst app ever. I don’t see any effort from the creators to improve. Don’t wast your money. You will only be paying for frustration and headache. I will give it negative stars if I could.



ok this game would be better if everything was free it’s not a scam but there going onto to much money for everything it should all be like free but it’s like 50$ A MONTH for HALF of the stuff I can’t even use my favorite color it’s not my fault I don’t have that much money. I can basically do nothing and the front is not like it is in the game I get tired I seeing the LOCK ON IT there like WeRe GoiNg tO MaKe aLot Of MoNeY but I’m not buying that, its a waste of my time and money. There is no way I import you to be buying this game because of that if you have a lot of money OK but you don’t wanna buy this wasting your own time and money time is precious use it wisely


Great app but we aren’t all rich

Ok so overall this is a great app. The different patterns and fonts are beautiful. It is really easy to use and navigate but... there are hardly any resources! First of all you hardly have anything. You need to add more colors patterns art and more and second YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING. You can only have one pattern with a limited selection of colors and with the art you can only have one per category. This is a good app but needs serious work. It’s not worth it to pay because even if you do there’s hardly anything and it’s SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!! I’m broke and so are tons of people! So here are your goals to make fives stars:

1. Lower your prices
2. Create more free resources
3. Create more resources if you pay


Amazing app but...

PLEASE READ THIS TEXT THANKS 😊Water color logo is amazing no adds you can make anything and be creative something you could add is were you take paint and splash it every wear an make your own splatter something I find frustrating is that over half the stuff is locked but WatercolorLogoMaker is awesome and I love using it to. Another thing is I wish you could make text boxes that would be nice WatercolorLogoMaker is amazing incredible 100% would recommend this has helped me in so many ways


Logo Maker

Attention everyone,
Logo Maker is amazing, it’s helped my family so much with starting our own business! The logo options are divine and though some of them are locked the free selection is great. If you really want a locked option it’s only 6 dollars or so. I would recommend Logo Maker to anyone who needs to create a logo or just be creative. I am very picky with my apps and Logo Maker is definitely one of my favs. Props to the creators of Logo Maker for a job very well done!!



WatercolorLogoMaker is so amazing i love it so so so much!! I am going to make so much stuff on here love WatercolorLogoMaker love the watercolor and everything you guys did such an amazing job creating WatercolorLogoMaker and all the hard work you put into it was most definitely worth it this is an amazing app and it will be on my iphone 12 pro max for a while!! An amazing app and more people should definitely download WatercolorLogoMaker bc i think that they will absolutely love it like i do!!


Great but disappointing

WatercolorLogoMaker has a lot of potential. Easy to use, great colors, can make it look really professional, can save 2 different ways (with a transparent background or white). My problems with WatercolorLogoMaker is that the artwork is limited. There really isn’t a whole lot of pictures to choose from. And it doesn’t save your work if you need to go back and tweak it. I made a design and loved it, however later realized I wanted to just save the art logo without the name it in and I had to try and recreate it. I would have given WatercolorLogoMaker 5 stars if they had more images and a spot for previous work.



I’m 12, and I make silly videos with my cousins, I saw this and I was like: I CAN MAKE A LOGO FOR OUR STUDIO! I was over joyed, but when I opened WatercolorLogoMaker I saw that all the beautiful designs and colors were not free, after that, the logo I made trying to work with what I had looked absolutely BORING, knowing all the other cool designs were not free made me anoid, my parents weren’t going to pay for that, just for my creativity, so I had to delete it, but other than all of that, if you are looking into making a professional logo for your website business card, or any thing else a 12 year old would not know about, I do want to say that this is a wonderful app if you are willing to pay, the art is stunning and I’m sure you will be satisfied.


Unless you pay, it’s not worth it

WatercolorLogoMaker offers a beautiful range of tools and options, or so it seems. It does say that some affects need to be purchased, but the full extent of that isn’t really shown. If you aren’t willing to pay for the full version, you get very few options. WatercolorLogoMaker is also sort of problematic with the way you created the logo. I personally experienced a lot of glitching and lagging. I would say that WatercolorLogoMaker has potential and that if you are planning on paying for the full version, WatercolorLogoMaker is great! If you’re looking for a free app however, there are much better options out there.


Okay 🙃😐

I really want to give WatercolorLogoMaker 4 or 5 stars but it has some problems. Number one, so many things are locked like almost all of the styles are locked and it’s the same with the colors and all of the pictures are locked so you just have to use the same stuff over and over! And number 2 I think you should be able to draw things with your finger or an Apple Pencil so you can put your own art into the logo. But don’t get me wrong other then that it’s a great app and all the designs and art are really beautiful!


Want a refund

It’s just not worth it, this should be a free app for how it’s put together. Within a few minutes of trying to design my logo I decided it was not for me and emailed them asking for a refund (no response yet, sent message yesterday). They really should allow people to at least test WatercolorLogoMaker before buying to some degree. Not enough font options, the only font I was semi fond of was cut off past an invisible point (the tail of the Y and top of the H were cut off). It doesn’t center or assist with lining up Correctly which could be a huge deal later if it looks great tiny but awful blown up. The color pallets was limited. Just not impressed and want my money back.


When I paid the images were black

I want an explanation as to why I was offered a 50% discount to order WatercolorLogoMaker , which I happily paid for. But when I purchased WatercolorLogoMaker , I have a problem saving my logos and my advertising pictures.

When You save the image onto the iPhone You can see the image perfectly, but when You click into it, its all black. I cannot use the images my online store and it’s So frustrating! I even tried texting the saved picture to see if it was just me, but they got it black too. I’ll be requesting a refund from WatercolorLogoMaker Store. Whats the use of offering high resolution png files If they don’t even work? Upsetting....


Just don’t buy this

I got this thinking I could make cool stuff for collages and a social media banners, like most people. However, all I literally does is take up space on your phone. You have to pay for basically everything and the free things you can use are limited to about 6 customizable things. You can only use one watercolor base that is just a dot, no splatter, of watercolor. You only have 4-5 colors you can even make this watercolor. The text you can put on it only has a few colors to choose from and no other fonts than a blocky cursive. You can’t choose any watercolor stickers to put on it either. Very disappointed.


Good App, Bad Update

In the newest update they edited every style and made only the regular circle style available for free. They completely got rid of the style I was using for my BUSINESS, with absolutely no warning. So now, all of my stuff is going to be offset from having to use a new app that also won’t have the same style, but has closer to what I was using. WatercolorLogoMaker is good if you’re an amateur or just doing it for fun. If you’re using it to make a business logo or anything else for a business, DO NOT RELY ON IT. Very disappointed as I loved WatercolorLogoMaker before the new update of “hand-painted” styles.


So much fun!!!

I am a 11 year old girl who happens to have a slime shop and needed a logo to hopefully make it big and even though a lot of it costs money to do some of the good stuff I still found a way around it and was able to print it for free!!! Not to mention the logo I got was the cutest the watercolor parts are so cute and in the end it was really cool and WatercolorLogoMaker never crashed on me once you should get WatercolorLogoMaker it rocks


Room for potential!

I see others have had the same issue with crashing so I won’t beat a dead horse. My hope would be that the developers truly have faith enough in their wonderful product that they’ll continue working on this glitch. It is quite frustrating..
My HOPE is that you will add more wonderful ART! So far everything is wonderful that you have here and I’d love to continue using this product as I’ve now invested in it. I hope to see it continue to evolve! So much potential here. More ART PLEASE! 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Love This!

I use WatercolorLogoMaker for all sorts of titles, captions, and dividers for my web work. It takes a bit of work to tweak everything you like but it’s quite satisfying. Worth the expansion pack by far, considering how much milage I get out of it. The new update has a TON of new stuff, especially the expanded fonts & the art. (The only thing I miss is some of the more simplistic legacy art!) Looking forward to any new updates. Thanks!!

Is Watercolor Logo Maker Safe?

Yes. Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,889 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Watercolor Logo Maker Is 46.9/100.

Is Watercolor Logo Maker Legit?

Yes. Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,889 Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Watercolor Logo Maker Is 86.2/100..

Is Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator not working?

Watercolor Logo Maker: Creator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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