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About: Spinny is a used car buying platform enabling trustworthy and hassle-free transactions.
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1. Pocket Geek Mobile is like having your own technical genius running device checkups and providing technical support for your mobile device.

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Pocket Geek® Mobile is your personal tech genius that works behind the scenes to help keep your device secure and running smoothly. It also protects your personal data and content, lets you access your protection plan benefits from one convenient place, and even provides one-tap access to get live support though call or chat. You’ll feel more empowered to manage your own device with self-service troubleshooting, helpful tips, and built-in protection features. Not to mention the ability to safely back up and restore your valuable information and content. Pocket Geek Mobile offers a broad suite of tools* to optimize your device’s overall health and performance, and protects you and your information. The Pocket Geek Mobile app provides the tools you need to make the most of your mobile device. And smart solutions to help you thrive in a connected world. • Avast’s Award-Winning Cybersecurity — Block malware-infected links and fake websites commonly used in phishing attacks. • Coverage Center — View program features and benefits, check your service fees and deductibles, review your coverage documents and full program details, and file and track a claim. All in one place. • Live U.S.- Based Tech Support — Enjoy firsthand support from tech pros via chat, call, screen share, or camera share. Access fast solutions to tech challenges. Learn how to set up, connect, and sync your smart home devices. • Device Diagnostics — Get low battery alerts, and test Wi-Fi and network connection speeds. • Self-Help Center — Access thousands of device-specific tips, tricks, and step-by-step quick fixes. • Secure Backup — Securely back up and restore your content with your allotted amount of storage. *Features not included with your plan will be disabled. Why Pocket Geek Mobile? Navigating the ins and outs of a device can be stressful. Constant security threats Harmful viruses can infiltrate your device and malware can jeopardize your online safety. You can protect your device and the information it contains against viruses or malware with Pocket Geek Mobile. Clueless about coverage If something happens to your device, it’s frustrating when you don’t remember what protection you have, what it covers, and what you need to do next to address the issue and file a claim. With Pocket Geek Mobile, all your important plan details — features and benefits, service fees and deductibles, and policy info — are in one spot. Complex configurations Learning about a new device and its inner workings can be daunting. Figuring out how that device can connect and interact with your other devices is just as puzzling. Pocket Geek Mobile lets you talk or chat with a live tech pro. They’ll answer questions about your phone, help you connect and use your phone with other smart devices, and much more. Keep your device secure and running smoothly with Pocket Geek Mobile.

Top Pocket Geek Mobile Reviews

  • By Robb282625373

    Very helpful

    Love this app - I especially like the reports that tell me what I can do to improve performance.

  • By Wheatm

    Geek Worthy

    Great app

  • By Laceyjw


    i bought a new phone and it came with a little card that told me to download this app. i assume they sponsor the seller i bought the phone from, but it seemed like an interesting app and i decided to download it and give it a try. it gives nice tips that might be helpful to someone who is new to iphone about how to extend your battery life (dim your screen, turn off wifi, turn off location services, etc) or other common troubleshooting issues that one might have with their phone and really walks you through how to fix it or follow the instructions it gives you. it's helpful and informative and simple to understand. i also like the way it scans for issues on your phone, but i'm not entirely sure how reliable that might be. just because of the tips about getting the most out of your phone and troubleshooting issues, i recommend this app. especially for people new to the iphone world.

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