AirEuropa for mobile Reviews

AirEuropa for mobile Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: We cover all stages of your trip from the moment you decide to travel until you
arrive at your destination, with a much more modern and cutting-edge design. At
the same time with changes in structure so that the response time offered by the
App is much faster.

About AirEuropa

• Buy a seat and extra baggage at the same time of purchase or later, even for reservations made through other channels.

We cover all stages of your trip from the moment you decide to travel until you arrive at your destination, with a much more modern and cutting-edge design.

• Store your profile information and preferences in "My Account", to make searching and booking even easier and faster.

At the same time with changes in structure so that the response time offered by the App is much faster.

• Store your reservations and boarding passes in "My Trips".

And we continue working to offer you many more new features and services.


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Key Benefits of AirEuropa

- Found it easy to check in and add my flight to my passbook (something that’s very difficult with most airlines).

- App does not link credit card to user.

20 AirEuropa Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Quite bad

App does not retain your flight information when adding a fight to My Trips, you must reenter the flight information every time to view it. Could not add boarding pass to wallet, only resulted with a constant error. Download pdf option for the boarding pass never downloaded a usable file. Had to go to the website to add boarding pass to wallet. Recommend programmers look to the KLM to see how a truly good app should work. But really no surprise. For as long as I can remember Air Europe has never truly gotten their app act together.


Worst digital experience among airlines

App does not link credit card to user and half the time cannot finish check in it processing. Lots of glitches and error messages. Same at webpage. Only thing app really should work for is online check in and it fails miserably at that. When the Gods align and it checks you in (10% of time) it won’t add nor download the boarding pass. Thank God for screenshots. I just moved to Madrid and I’m using this app almost once a week and it’s just consistently bad.


Does not work

AirEuropa booking does not work. Enter the information but screen goes blank when trying to search for a flight to purchase.


App does not work

Terrible, will not show reservation purchases, not user friendly, etc... Desktop website has similar issues....


It freezes often

It freezes often, it has to improve


Doesnt work

Cant check in for flights or book new flights. No error information



Crashed every time, useless app


App doesn’t work

App doesn’t work



AirEuropa is the worst. My god fix it



The site and app is horrific ... for weeks I have been trying to log on to book a my sears and every time I logged on there would be an error on the sit and continually loop me back to logging in. Finally I have been able to log on according to the image all the xl seats were still available, but I was unable to click on them. I contacted the airline and after several days of attempting to have a conversation with them I received pictures of the available seats, which was completely different from what I could see on the application and website. At this time the picture they sent me stated that I would not be able to purchase XL SEATS together with my partner anymore for the returning flight. I called to see if they can do anything for me due to the long duration of technical difficulties on AirEuropa and site which he agreed to knowing about and he stated there was nothing he could do. On Twitter the representatives take over 24 hours respond. My simple request to the representative in the phone was to waive the fee of the standard seat in front of the one xl seat available where my partner would have to sit since we could not sit together due to the horrific performance of the application and website.

I travel a lot and this is by far the worst experience I have had with any airline. I have not even gone on the flight yet and am already extremely disappointed with this airline. CFC


It works...barely

I use it on a regular basis. Now that I am used to it, I am able to use it but have to be real careful to remember how each step works. There are many places in the application where there is no button to proceed to the next step. The keyboard is up and the button is not visible and neither can you scroll to it. Only through trial and error did I learned that you press the return key on the keyboard to force the keyboard to go away and then you're able to find a button.
The checkin process should be very straight forward but AirEuropa fails miserably in this area. It's definitely the worst airline application I've used thus far.
Works with the iPhone wallet which is a plus. Otherwise I would have rated one star.
The design is not straightforward like many other airline applications. It is confusing to know the next step because buttons and lists do not conform to standard object guidelines from apple. Sometimes there are buttons and drop downs and sometimes they are simply words on the screen that are in fact controls. Through trial and error you learn which words to tap on.


Incompetence at its best

It is really hard to tell whether this is simply how bad this airline is or how awful AirEuropa is.. all in all, I recommend that you avoid flying with this app at any cost. Skyteam should be ashamed to include this airline in their team. I wish I can take photos to show how bad every single step in this process is: their app is the worst app I have ever encountered... it crashes 9 out of 10 times, checking in is only possible if your stars are well aligned & your mom has been praying for you, goodluck using your digital boarding pass at the TSA counter (They sent me back to the check in kiosk to print one as they know this airline specifically has issues with their app)... worst of all is the way boarding happens.. I am sitting at my gate watching a one kilometer + line of passengers waiting to board... zero organization... Almost impossible to believe this is happening in 2019!



Found it easy to check in and add my flight to my passbook (something that’s very difficult with most airlines)


App Does not Link with Delta app

Unfortunately AirEuropa has many flaws and one of them is AirEuropa DOES NOT link or syncs up with the Delta app. You must create a separate account with Air Europa in order to properly check-in for a flight. In addition, the field for passports are screwed up-you MUST add a ZERO before your number or the field remains red-it will not process: even though the passport itself DOES NOT have a preceding zero. It took almost an hour to figure all this out and continue with boarding passes etc. In addition, the Delta Skymiles number was not found in their systems. Scratching my head!!!


Looks nice, performs very poorly

I downloaded AirEuropa prior to our trip, hoping that I would be able to access my flight info, change seats, etc. I tried for 45 minutes to access "my bookings”, but could not find any trace of my flight nor add the flight. I went to the this app website on my MacBook (horrible mobile version) and was able to find the flight and print my boarding passes. Over 2 hours later, I was still unable to pull up my record, my boarding passes, anything other than basic info on the flight itself. Really bad job of putting this together, and too bad, AirEuropa actually looks pretty nice.


Not a good app

The biggest problem is that every time I exit AirEuropa , even for only a couple of seconds, I have to restart the flight booking process from the beginning even if I am almost done. AirEuropa should save more data for your booking at the very least, or have some sort of session timeout that is maybe like 10 minutes. On top of that, AirEuropa is slow. I am using a good WiFi connection but still AirEuropa is slow loading pages and pop-ups like the calendar. Honestly I almost bought my flight from a different more expensive company because AirEuropa was so hard to use for booking my flight.


Terrible experiencia

AirEuropa si terrible, I don't remember such a stupid experience just TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT! I still don't believe it, terrible is a nice word to describe it. If your design team doesn't know how to build an app, please copy one that be on the market and that works. And if you guys really want to improve your terrible work, let me know I'll give you some free advice (I'm a product designer with more that 10 years of experience) just to atop people be facing this terrible experience. Please as a big airline company pure effort on your products.

And also you should stop adding fake reviews to improve the rating face the truth and do your work fixing this.


Good but could be better

As in the title I said, AirEuropa works really good, and seems part of a new Air Europa corporate ID, but for me as graphic designer it has two big problems.

1. Always when you starts AirEuropa , it place the same destination as suggested, for a better marketing it should change the destination of the front between 3 or 4, only to put somewhere different to the customer that open AirEuropa each time.

2. After the first opening delete the 'Welcome to the new app of Air Europa' because the first time I open it I would like to see that message, but all the times that I navigate over AirEuropa , see the same message makes me to start hating AirEuropa .

For the rest! A really nice design, a really good working, and it really simplify the way people buy the travel tickets.


Not user friendly

The check in feature on AirEuropa is clunky and slow to load (if it loads at all). I couldn’t change the emergency contact info for myself because the fields were locked. The different buttons were mislabeled (print ticket button took me to the download ticket). When I tried to download my tickets, there was an error that said try later. 6 hours later, I got the same error. I hope I can check in at the airport more successfully.


Very slick, but buggy

The design, lay out and speed of AirEuropa were all very nice. Above average for airline apps. Unfortunately, when I went to add frequent flyer details (something I'm sure I affixed when I bought the ticket online) it wasn't clear whether I was adding for me or the other passenger and it wouldn't accept it. It allows for the selection of different programs and to enter the number but once you push "ok" then the program disappears.


Fair at best; cumbersome and not international friendly

Stalls several times to make simple transactions. The billing process does not take into account that non- residents might not have the documents listed when trying to purchase seat upgrades or baggage fees. Constantly repeats previous questions, forcing consumer to enter same information multiple times. What takes 10 minutes on competitor websites//apps took two hours to simply check-in. Two stars is more than generous ....


Terrible app, constantly crashes

AirEuropa may be the worst one I’ve ever experienced for travel. It constantly hangs or crashes, reports unknown errors or random “not connected to the internet” errors. The level of frustration packed into this is quite remarkable. I am unable to log in to my profile, check in to my flight, or find airport information...basically the minimum that an airline app would be expected to do. This is my first time flying air Europa, and based on AirEuropa and check-in experience it will be my last.


Worst app ever

Useless, waste of time. It will never work even after reinstall it. Will not be able to give you your passbook boarding pass, and it won't search for flights since everyday "there is not flights available for this dates" even though you can go ahead online and buy them through their website.

To the developers, please take a look and start re-coding AirEuropa from scratch and this time earn fairly your salary.


Seat Assignment

One of the most important features of an airline's mobile app is seat assignment. Very frustrating experience with AirEuropa. None of my cards were successfully accepted and the expiration date keeps changing automatically by themselve. My money was taken from one of the cards but the seat couldn't be assigned and afterward the seat looked occupied. AirEuropa needs consistency and improvement. For me is 5 stars if works or 1 if it doesn't entirely.

Is AirEuropa Safe?

Yes. AirEuropa for mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,478 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AirEuropa Is 67.3/100.

Is AirEuropa Legit?

Yes. AirEuropa for mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,478 AirEuropa for mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AirEuropa Is 100/100..

Is AirEuropa for mobile not working?

AirEuropa for mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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