Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Reviews

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-11

What's that bird? Answer 5 questions or upload a photo and Merlin Bird ID will
help you solve the mystery. Merlin is more than just a field assistant to help
you identify birds, Merlin is a customizable field guide for birds around the
world. Get identification help and discover what b...

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Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Reviews

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    Amazing App for easy Bird ID

    This app is wonderful! I knew next to nothing about birds until a Eastern Goldfinch landed in my bird bath one day spurring interest into exactly what the name of this beautiful bird was. I searched inline but characteristics I described didn’t help me find what I was looking for so I checked in the App Store for a bird identification app finding many games but only a couple of identification apps I downloaded 3 but found this to be the best for me. Since then I have become an avid bird watcher! The app is easy to use even for me. I was disabled by a drunk driver in 05’ & fed up with tv so great to find a hobby I can enjoy outdoors. Even my parents joined in & my daddy after suffering a head injury himself in 2011 took up the hobby along with wood working. Together we would make feeders & houses to help attract more birds. He would build & I would paint different types of houses I researched on the website to help attract birds of all types. Unfortunately We lost him to cancer in February of this year (2018) but the time we spent birding together these past 7 years is something I’ll always hold near & dear to my heart. Thanks so much to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Birds in the Hand, & the developers of the Merlin Bird ID for providing us with this wonderful app that has given me some very sweet memories & a wonderful hobby.

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    Best free birding app

    This app got me started with birding. Last spring, I downloaded it to start identifying the common birds around me like American Robins, European Starlings, Common Grackles, and Northern Mockingbirds. Soon, I moved from merely identifying birds to counting them also, and soon after, I started recording full checklists with the EBird app (I think also a product of the Cornell School of Ornithology?), which is the best solution for those who wish this app would record their sightings. Now, less than a year later, I have 150 species on my list and have found a new lifelong hobby that I expect to bring me joy for decades to come. It’s all thanks to Merlin! Though I eventually found that a high quality illustrated field guide (I use Sibleys in the US and Collins in Europe) is more useful than any app, I still reference Merlin for sounds or any time I don’t have my guide on me. I was very excited when Merlin came out with bird packs for Europe right before I traveled to Greece this past fall, and I look forward to seeing more bird packs coming out for other parts of the world as time goes on. It’s fun to scroll through the foreign packs and dream about traveling to new places and seeing those birds. I’d glad that when I do go, I’ll have Merlin with me to help identify them!

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    Best resource for the novice birder.

    I’ve had this app for a few years now and just wanted to test it out. It’s probably not very helpful that I’m just now getting around to it. I was initially pretty disappointed at first because the number of species specific to Alaska was fairly limited. It took a little time, but they rolled out regional specific bird packs. It just blew up from there and became my go-to app for identifying birds. The photo ID feature is pretty great, but limited only by the quality of my phone camera. It’s usually pretty accurate though. I’ve just gotten way more interested in birds I really didn’t pay attention to before! The app is great and if you enjoy birds of all sizes in your area, chances are this app will be instrumental in identifying them. I think I use it more than any other app I have. Oh yeah, I also really love the bird sounds feature. This is also very useful when you can’t necessarily see the bird, but you might have a close idea of what it could be. Do check it out, this is well put together app overall. I wonder if they’ll have a feature where you could identify simply by recording a song or a call? I’m excited for any new developments in the future!

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    Highly Recommend

    This is probably one of the highest quality apps I have ever come across. It is very clear well-made and easy to use. And aside from looking good and being user-friendly it also has great information within it. It includes photos calls pictures and all sorts of other cool things that are really useful. They also have a list of all the birds in your area as well as out of your area but aside from that they also have a feature where you can fill out a quick five question survey or form (whatever you want to call it) that will immediately give you a list of birds that match your inputs to the form. And finally one of their other cool features is the photo identification. Well it is hard to get a good photo of birds if you can get even a decent one you can enter the photo and it will pull up a list of possible birds. So it is definitely a five star were the app are use it it’s great to identify birds and it’s very user-friendly. Frankly they could charge money for this app but they don’t and that’s great.

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    Fails on me frequently, otherwise would be great

    I’m shocked this app still has 5 stars overall. I’ve used Merlin Bird ID for years and it really simplified the identification process. When I first started using it there was only a limited database and it was still being expanded so I was very forgiving when I bumped into its limitations. At this point though, I just get annoyed and mad that I can’t ID the birds I’m spotting. The app doesn’t let you ID birds it doesn’t believe are in your area, and it also doesn’t let you manually ID birds by name in the event the search doesn’t bring up your bird. For example, in Southern California I had a Red Shouldered Hawk in my neighborhood for several weeks. I thought it was very strange because they’re not normally in the area and I double, triple and quadruple checked the bird with various apps and field references listening to his call and markings to make sure it wasn’t the standard Red-Tailed Hawk. I wanted to ID the bird in Merlin to help the database and other birders but the app wouldn’t let me. Once again, this time in Maine, I’m staring at an Indigo Bunting (rare) eating at a feeder. Even with the regional packs downloaded Merlin won’t let me ID the bird. Very disappointing.

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    Love it!!!🦅🕊🦉🐦

    This app is really cool, and I think it will be helpful! I haven’t really gotten a chance to try it out much but I live in Iowa and I am going on a camping trip near the Canadian border in Minnesota soon and can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been browsing through the stuff and testing the app out, like trying to get the app to think of European starling, And a while ago I think I saw a great egret but I wasn’t exactly sure, I tried to look on here but it wasn’t able to show me it might have been how I was trying to identify it and where I put the marker I don’t exactly know where saw it. Something I would like to see added to the app is skipping a category, like the location or the date because sometimes you don’t exactly know when you saw the bird, or where it was, just an option to skip would be nice. otherwise I absolutely love this app! I like how you can listen to the birds sounds, and just browse through bird categories! Another fun option to the app would be to interact with other burgers and share what you have seen!🦆! I will definitely be recommending it to my bird friends! thanks!!!😁

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    Great app! Highly recommended!

    This app has got me into bird watching more then ever! Not only is great to ID birds with, but to call them in as well. It is so cool to be listening to a cardinal call on the app then all of the sudden have that bird fly into your yard and talk back to you! Such a great experience. I’ve even had Grey Cat Birds fly and land right next to me, 2 feet away, and talk to me. I’ve listen to the calls so many times now that I can ID a bird without even pulling up the app just by the sound they make! This app has also taught me many things about many different kinds of birds. This has helped me improve my feeder station to attract those kinds of birds. Before I would get maybe 20 birds a day. Now I get over 100! I highly recommend this app for someone looking to learn and ID birds more easily. I’ve been loving so far, and I don’t plan on deleting anytime soon!

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    Magical app, but still needs one CRITICAL feature

    This app is extremely easy to use and accurate for identifying birds based on both sighting characteristics and photos. The photo identification feature nearly aligns with Arthur C Clarke’s third law, that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and hence the app name of Merlin is extremely appropriate. HOWEVER, it does not allow you save your bird history, DESPITE the app explicitly stating that your sighting “response has been recorded to improve Merlin’s accuracy.” Such an oversight is nearly inexcusable, as it requires you to save your own screenshots or enter the info in a separate document or in eBird (for which both the interface and ease-of-use are greatly inferior to and clumsier than those of Merlin). I am practically begging the developers to add a bird history/tracking function to this app ASAP (as they have claimed to have been working on for at least the last six months), as I would be more than willing to pay for such functionality and the app would no doubt merit the full five out five stars.

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    Great app for the novice

    I am strictly a backyard birder looking out the large window from the “breakfast room.” I have binoculars handy to help distinguish characteristics for ID’ing birds and a book of local birds to help as backup. For the most part this is a great free app and I should not complain. The only annoyance I have is at times I KNOW what the bird is but it does not appear in my list of possibilities even after adjusting the criteria. Recently an “uncommon” bird appeared and was actually in my listing as “uncommon” and when it showed up again and I went to ID it, it was not in the listing. I had to go to e-bird to report it. It would help if you could browse the bird list and have the ability to choose “My Bird” from the larger browsing list. This happened last year 2018 with Stellar Jays and this year 2019 with Curve billed Thrasher. But other than that, it is a very good tool; the pictures are great and show the female, male and juvenile, as well as regional differences. Written descriptions are concise and very well written.

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    Hands down the best

    If all the bird identification app I’ve tried this one is hands down the best. It has the largest library of bird songs, calls and flight sounds associated with birds. You can load different packs for regional birds or the complete pack for all birds for a much larger region. If you load the eBird app you can start sighting lists and submit your sightings and counts of birds. It uses GPS to keep a track of where you have gone during your outing and you can keep track of your sightings and compare with other sightings in your area or around the world. The only thing I wish they had is a bird song identifier where you could load a recording of bird songs and then identify them kinda like a Shazam or SoundHound type app. I recommend you download both apps and set up and account and start logging your sightings. It’s great fun and addictive.

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    Colorado birder

    Great bird ID tool! I didn't have a bird book with me on a recent trip to a Florida state park and do not know wintering shorebirds. I took a photo with my phone and then downloaded the app at the hotel that night. Figured out quickly what I saw that day including several new species for me like a black-bellied plover. I use this app frequently. It not only makes bird identification really easy, but I like being able to contribute to Cornell's data base on what birds are where. Update to my review: I have been using Merlin now for several years and love it. There are times though when I observe a bird that will not come up in the search results. It is not a case where Merlin does not have the species in its data base because I see it elsewhere in the app functions. It would be great if the app allowed you to name the bird yourself if it doesn’t come up in the search. That way, your siting could be recorded.

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    Simple, intuitive bird identification tool

    I recently put up a bird feeder and was surprised by the number of different birds that visited my feeder... and also by how little I knew about the birds in my area. After trying other apps and online sites to ID the birds, I’ve found this app to be the simplest, most intuitive and highest quality source for bird identification. I especially like the feature that shows me the birds I’m likely to see based on location and date, and I enjoy being able to contribute to the accuracy of the database through bird sighting submissions. I only wish that I could have access to the record of my bird sightings, since my limited knowledge of these birds means it’s likely that I’ll forget over time which birds I’ve sighted. Overall, though, I give this well-designed app two thumbs up and five stars!

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    Updates ruin the app

    I love this bird identifying app. I use it for its purpose always. I am very disappointed about the updates, however. I use the Russian Language. When I use Family/Most Likely in the Explore Birds section, it used the families. I used to be able to view families. Now, the list I see is identical to Most Likely, in which the birds are not very organized. And when I try to view by family, I just see a blank screen with blank spaces for birds that are intended to be there. Please return this. The developers should also add full language support for the app. Now that I use Russian in Merlin, and the new update only allows Most Likely in other languages, the birds become a jumbled mess! I am also really disappointed that the description of the birds are English in every case, even if you change the language. Maps are frustrating: most birds do not have a map, or have a map that is extremely difficult to read (see European Goldfinch maps). The map legend does not show meanings for all colors and patterns (see Sandhill Crane maps). Please add Russia bird packs. Russia is a vast country, and there are many birds in it, too. Some birds in Russia are also not available in any bird pack! Finally, please return old and advanced eBird-like settings. It might be complex, but just add an Advanced Settings button below it. This would be much better compared to just Language settings.

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    Excellent app for amateur bird watchers!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this app and learned so much about birds. Using it is very easy, just a few simple steps will bring up a list of possibilities from which to choose. The app offers a brief summary of the bird including pictures of males, females and juveniles, along with a map showing the areas the bird is usually found. Additionally, you can listen to the bird sounds - which my (strictly indoor) cat loves! Of course, it helps that our bird-feeding station is right outside a large window in our house so I can usually get a really good look at the birds. We buy a good selection of food to attract different birds and I make our own suet which they love. Thank you Merlin for this wonderful app! This has greatly increased our enjoyment of bird-watching!

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    Great App w/One Major Flaw

    This is a great app! I’ve been able to identify every bird I’ve seen. And the calls and songs for the birds are amazing! We attract lots of birds just by playing them. But here’s the major flaw...when you confirm a bird ID it sends that data to Cornell labs so they can use it for collecting their data, but it doesn’t save it for your own use. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a bird that I’ve previously identified but can’t remember the name of and have to go through the ID process again. Or it would be nice just to know how many birds I’ve ID’d. If tracking/saving the ID’s for Cornell Labs is important to them, why wouldn’t they think it’s important to the person using the app? I know I can probably download another app for tracking my bird ID’s, but why should I have to? Please, please, please add this feature to this app!!!!

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Is Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Safe?

Yes. Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,640 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Is 64.5/100.

Is Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Legit?

Yes. Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,640 Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Is 64.5/100.

Is Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab not working?

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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