7shifts: Employee Scheduling Reviews

7shifts: Employee Scheduling Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-15

The 7shifts restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to manage schedules and
communicate with staff on the go. With 7shifts, your managers can edit work
schedules, communicate with and engage staff, track real-time sales and labor
data, and stay labor compliant. The employee app empower...

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7shifts: Employee Scheduling Reviews

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    New update is the pits.

    This new update is the worst. Hate the weekly summary. The developer response to the last message is a joke. The wages aren’t set correctly? What restaurant calculates servers and bartenders wages like that? If they want to give us a way to see our earnings, allow us to record our own tips within the app. Give us the option to HIDE it at least. Also my hours are wrong, just because I’m scheduled until 3, doesn’t mean I’m not there until 5. This happens at every restaurant I’ve ever worked in. There is nothing the employer can do to know for certain what time there staff is going to be able to leave. This update really shows that the developers don’t truly understand what it means to work in a restaurant. Give us the option to record it ourselves and hide it if we don’t want to, or remove the summary all together.

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    Best online Scheduling software I’ve used

    I would like to say, both from a management perspective and also, on the flip side-being a general employee- this software is worth it. I used Shiftnote for many years- from a general management perspective, it was full of flaws and made more work on my end. It was confusing and although the concept was great- there was a lot that just didn’t work properly before they rolled out new updates each time. I highly recommend you give the sales rep the time to present this software to you- I wish we would have long ago. It is worth every penny!

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    Could Be More User-Friendly

    I love being able to schedule my hours on my phone, because I can go back and forth from my calendar to the 7shifts app. However, it’s really annoying that I can’t request for the hours of just one day to be different. Instead I have to select what week I want to be different, based off of what days the week ends and starts on, figure out what day of that week my request is on and then edit the times I will/won’t be able to work. I love this concept, but I feel the availability request feature might be better executed with a traditional calander layout, as opposed to the current weekly list layout. Again, I love the app and this concept, I just wish it was a little more user friendly.

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    Way better than other shift apps

    The thing I like most is how it is connected to Toast and updates you on your hours worked and money earned. I was able to see before payday roughly what my check would look like, and able to see when my time hadn’t been fixed (I forgot to clock in/out one day). The interface to see who is working a shift is way easier, so is bidding in shifts, and communicating with not only our location but others as well.

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    Great App and Amazing Customer Service

    I love this app for checking my schedule. It makes it so easy and I love beings able to see who I am working with. This past week I was having trouble accessing my account my account through the app, but the support team was more than helpful. Jayme and her team were amazing on getting the problem fixed as fast as the could using all possible solutions. If you are having issues with ANYTHING, definitely contact them!!

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    It’s okay.

    I’ve used several of these apps for different jobs, so I know what’s helpful and what’s not. I wish I could track my scheduled hours week-to-week, but all I get to see is what I’m scheduled for in the current week. Regardless of how the employer divides the work week (sun-sat, thurs-wed), the calendar should be organized like a normal week, like ANY other calendar in the world, starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. MAYBE Monday to Sunday. My notifications tab has not been working for a week, that’s a crucial element that the developers should have fixed by now.

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    Definitely A Good little addition

    This app is definitely a good little extra bonus to life! Instead of having to remember your schedule or taking a picture of it, it’s right in the palm of your hands 24/7. It’s also really helpful because it has other features including messaging, offering your shift and even better picking up that extra shift! Haven’t had any tech problems yet! Keep it up! Thanks!

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    Horrible. Please change back.

    This new update is absolutely horrific. I can’t see my future shifts without searching through the schedule. I also can’t see how many hours I’m scheduled or anything. Why would you ruin something that was already so good?? Please change it back. I have automatic updates turned off and it still updated without my permission. I honestly don’t see how anyone would WANT the app to be like this. Used to it would show you your scheduled shifts and what you worked that specific day. That’s not even an option anymore. I am 5 seconds from deleting this app due to the horrible updates. Please change it back. It was JUST FINE how it was.

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    Devs keep breaking app

    Developers keep implementing new, useless features and neglecting the core of the product. My sales data hasn’t been correct for weeks, with just the usual “we’ll update you “ email responses. Labor data doesnt even display anymore. My employees always complain that their wages and hours are inaccurate since the app just goes by the schedule and doesnt allow a user to input hour adjustments or tips. Considering just using google calendar and printing sheets out instead. The price just isn’t worth it. From what i see the only useful difference between the standard 40 dollar subscription and the 76 dollar one is a manager log and weather data ><

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    Makes managing your hours easy

    How could you NOT know what your hours are with 7 Shifts? Leave it to some people to remain confused when they are scheduled, etc, but this app eliminates the possibility of confusion (but not the choice to remain confused by those you probably don't want on your workforce anyway). Another feature is the ability to put up your shift publicly so that others can fill in for you. How great is that?!

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    Not a bot you broke boys

    This is my first job and I am 16. I have to say 7 shifts has been súper useful. You can see who your working with a prepare yourself accordingly. Most importantly you get reminded the days you have to work and from what time you work those days. Honestly I would use it if I had to pay for it. Get your bread up you broke boys.

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    I wish some things were added!

    I love this app, and use it for scheduling my employees every month. A couple things I would absolutely love to see: •The ability to “like” announcements or to reply to comments in the announcements, like the commenting system on Facebook! Being able to tag people (@ so and so) would be awesome as well. •It glitches a lot. I wish that 7Shifts would stay up to date on fixing these. Example: in announcements at the very end, it glitches and repeats words. It also won’t let me refresh my home screen to see who’s clocked in still unless I close out the entire app and open it again. •Better notifications. Sometimes none of my employees see things I post in the announcements because they don’t even receive a notification for it. It’s super tedious.

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    Why does it keep logging me out?

    So i thought it was my old job that kept deactivating my account. But i guess it’s just something with the app itself? I change my profile picture & suddenly my account is invalid? Not sure why, customer service is awesome! Just wish this could stop happening & i could stop annoying them.. pretty sure they’re tired of me lol Please please look into this! Other than that, fun & cool app!! Just please look into that!!

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    Absolutely awful as a scheduling app

    My work place recent switched over to 7shifts as our primary scheduling app and it’s done nothing but consistently screw up everyone it schedules. The app has no concept of what a decent schedule is and put people on 2+ doubles in a row while only giving others 2 shifts in a week. To me the worst problem with the app is that it has made me miss 3 shifts total so far by just not telling me when I work on my end but being updated for the management this app is completely inconsistent and riddled with bugs do not use it for your company

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    Iphone dark conflicts with App

    Now with the new iPhone dark update, i have to turn dark off to read names certain words on the app. Like the background and words both be black so I don’t know what the word are until i turn dark off. Please work to fix that so the word colors invert when in dark mode. Thanks

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Is 7shifts: Employee Scheduling Safe?

Yes. 7shifts: Employee Scheduling is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,719 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 7shifts: Employee Scheduling Is 21.5/100.

Is 7shifts: Employee Scheduling Legit?

Yes. 7shifts: Employee Scheduling is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,719 7shifts: Employee Scheduling User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 7shifts: Employee Scheduling Is 21.5/100.

Is 7shifts: Employee Scheduling not working?

7shifts: Employee Scheduling works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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