Booksy for Customers Reviews

Booksy for Customers Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-19

Booksy makes it easy to book your appointments anytime, anywhere so that you can
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Reviews (33)


App UI is great but core features don’t work

You book this really important cut the day before a very important day. That works pretty well. Booksy’s flow was well tuned. Days go by and you receive a push notification that your appointment has been changed - tap to confirm this change. Except the notification doesn’t bring you to the appointment in Booksy to confirm, ok poor development but I can find it from here right? Yeah, sure, but there is no option to confirm a change. Looks no different than a booked appointment. Let’s try using the email that you receive to confirm the change, yeah that too doesn’t take you where you need to be. So where to now? No way to confirm a change like it wants you to 🤷‍♂️ I know what I made it for and can see the time was pushed back. No big deal. A week later I show up for my appointment at the new time but wouldn’t you know I no longer have one. I couldn’t confirm a change so my appointment was dropped. Thanks team!


Barber's great - not sure about the app

This is my third time to attempt a review of Dom's Barbershop in Poland, Ohio. The first two times it said I chose a nickname that has already been used. If that was the case, I could live with that - but then it threw out everything that I had typed when I clicked OK! Hopefully, the third time will be a charm. First of all - John Monroe at Dom's is first class and an excellent barber. I had to schedule with John upon the recommendation of my nephew because across the line in Pennsylvania, where I live, barbershops have still been shut down because of the pandemic. My wife and daughter suggest that I make John my new regular barber! My pandemic hair had me looking like the "heat miser". John got me all cleaned up and looking as good as this mug could look. I rate John and Dom's Barbershop 5 stars but gave this review a 4 star rating because of my frustration with Booksy .


This app lied to me and forgot something

I live in a state that has started the process of closing back up for Coronavirus. I have been trying to get a haircut in before it’s too late and all the barbershops in my area are appointment only. The one I usually go too was booking through Booksy I had attempted to book a haircut for yesterday. However, Booksy neglected to be updated to the fact that the barber I had booked from said shop was out of town and could potentially come back with Covid. Booksy lets you book appointments without having any idea if not only will you get your appointment but also if the place you’re booking your appointment at is taking proper Coronavirus measures other then following appointment only. I had to reschedule with someone else and now I have to worry about their Coronavirus precautions. Find some other way to book or find a different place rather then use Booksy.


Service/Help with App issues is Nonexistent

I’ve made contact to get help with them via Booksy and via email, yet, I get the same robotic response asking for more details. Not sure how much more detail is needed when I’ve given exact details of the issue. Srsly! Booksy has potential, but the lack of consideration when help is needed makes Booksy not worth my time. I have other apps that work perfectly so I’ll stick w/them or I’ll call to make/cancel any appointments. Something as simple as getting my phone to receive a text confirmation shouldn’t be so difficult. Especially, when I always got texts from this app then all of a sudden it stopped. Yet, CS keeps telling me that it must be because my number is connected w/another account. Srsly? How so? Anyway, thanks for reading my rant! Hope your experience is a better one 😁


Nice for appointments but....

I originally really liked Booksy because they had live chat. At least, That was until I tried to add the ability to charge cancellation fees. You have to manually go into each individual appointment and set up a cancellation fee and policy for each appointment booked. Clients don’t have to add a credit card so you can’t charge a cancellation fee unless they add their card after the fact. There is no across the board policy that is applied. Booksy is supposed to make it more convenient, but if I have to go into each appointment to change/apply the settings, what’s the point? They also charge 3% + 0.20 for each payment processed versus 2.5% with other apps, and payout takes 3 days to reach your account versus next day with other apps. If they could get the payment issues in order and add a description box for services, then it’d be a much better app.


It could’ve been better🙁

I went to this Salon for the first time yesterday with a friend. Got there at 330pm. They only had 2 nail techs(the owners of the salon). I can honestly say the best part of the visit was the pedicure! The girls who did our pedicures were fantastic! I sat with Tiffany and she glued fake nails on me without even asking, I thought this was the process of gel powder since I’ve never done it in the past. Then she wasn’t able to do the 3 tones on my nails. She had to attempt 2xs, failing both attempts. The other nail tech Tommy ended up fixing my nails but it looked nothing like the pic of the nails I wanted. I was extremely unhappy with the outcome of my nails especially paying $45 for them. They don’t do an actual manicure, no cuticle cutting...NOTHING! We were there from 330pm-645pm at that due to them being short staffed. I wouldn’t come here again or recommend the place to anyone.


Can’t Reach Customer Service

I scheduled an appointment for barber shop business that Id been to before when I saw it here and received a text from the barber saying sorry for the inconvenience they’d changed locations but the new location was a house! This is not true btw the barber shop I was trying to book is still in the same place the barber on the this app account just doesn’t work there. And I was not able to cancel after booking the same day appointment without them charging me the full price. So I was charged $45 for not wanting to go to some Guys house for my son’s haircut. The barber blocked me after I told him I didn’t feel comfortable coming there and wanted a refund and I’ve been trying to reach out to this app ever since with no luck. I filled out the contact form and I call on a daily bases and am prompted to use in app chat which is not in Booksy .


App crashed before my appointment!

This is not the first time this has happened either so I am extremely upset. I booked a haircut appointment with my barber expecting for Booksy to be functioning before my appointment. Literally an hour before my appointment I go to the this app app to make sure my appointment hasn’t changed or to double check the address and Booksy is not working. Booksy says cannot connect to the server please try again in a few minutes, which is actually hours. And the fact that it only did it right before my appointment started twice makes me even more mad. If I hadn’t texted the barbers phone number outside of Booksy days before, I wouldn’t even have the address to the place to know where I’m going because your app is unreliable. There was even a update available so I updated Booksy and still couldn’t get on Booksy .


Easy for people to get scammed

There needs to be a better system or a better way to communicate with the shop owners when booking an appointment you receive a confirmation email however I’ve already pay for my deposit but the person who them self is unaware of my appointment. I had no way to communicate with the person I called the number multiple times I text multiple times I even search for the Instagram to get to communication with this person and when I called this app’s customer service all they did was give me the same phone number and didn’t offer any help on how to communicate with the person more. I was adviced to contact my bank to get the money back. Maybe they shouldn’t require a deposit or mandatory deposit maybe they should only have you put a card on file and allow a full refund.


Disappointed in the no contact

I booked an appointment with one of the stylists on Booksy . this app too my money, and when the hairstylist cancelled with out any notification and didn’t show up this app tried to charge my card a cancellation fee. That’s not right because I didn’t cancel the appointment. I held my end of the commitment. Boosky should have a way where they hold the money and if both parties don’t uphold the commitment either cancel the transaction or charge the cancellation. I had no one to contact to report the person that did this. They only allow you to rate if the person did the service, and it shouldn’t be that way. I should be able to leave a review rather the service was rendered or not. There is no telling how many people that she has done this to, and she still end up with a cancellation fee. I wish I could give Booksy no stars.


Typing Field

I am not sure how to describe what I wonder could be a glitch. As I tried to type and leave a review on Booksy , I spend more time trying to put the cursor where I needed it to be as I was taken bounced uncontrollably back to the bottom or top of the field. It was so crazy at times I tried to just type everything without having the ability to see what I was typing; it was trying to type but not seeing if autocorrect had done something or if I typed too fast and spelled something wrong. I see that as I leave a review I am able to type without any of the above.


Hair Stylist/ How the app can improve

Their are a lot of stylist on Booksy that take advantage of clients. I started using Booksy in 2020. I have had no, good experiences so, far. I think stylist don’t want to be detailed about not taking credit cards/ Debit cards because they don’t want new customers not want to book with them and know that their income they bring in can effect wether or not them/ their family qualify for certain pandemic assistance. With that being said this app needs to closely monitor the kind of professionals that they allow acess their app. The beauty world is always about reputation. Styles come and go and can always be learned but, if you don’t know how to make a client happy or take advantage of a client by overcharging them or taking extra money then you will NOT last in the beauty world.


Best Ever!

J Lucero Lashes Jessica completely changed the look of my eyes with amazing lash extensions! I cannot imagine going a single day without them....they are a must!! She took the time to exam and study what look would suit me best. I have thyroid disease and have lost a number of lashes over time. The outcome was amazing❤️ After my first appointment, she continued to follow up with me to make sure I didn’t have any questions and to see how the lashes were holding up. I would absolutely recommend Jessica to anyone. She also provides other services besides eyelashes!!! Check out her services!!! Thank you Jessica!!!❤️🥰🙏🏼


Raw studio

I scheduled an appointment with raw studio after booking I received a text message asking if I can come in a different date. I said that I couldn’t but I can come in a different date if she was not able to do the service on the original date that I had scheduled. It showed on my end she read the message but didn’t respond so a few hours went by I messaged her again asking a confirmation for a time and date on the appointment I had originally booked…, again she read the message and didn’t respond at this point I went ahead and cancelled my appointment the same day that I had scheduled it and this app still tried to charge me a $10 cancellation fee. this app should be aware of people that are in business using this platform rendering services in an unprofessional way and still try to take money from clients.


It’s great, but…

Time for reviews is limited. I would love to be able to write a specific review for a nail tech who I contacted the same day about a problem that happened with my nails after the appointment. She made am excuse that she had to go to a hospital and ghosted me. A week later I asked if I could have my money back and she said no. That she could give me a DISCOUNT for the next appointment. Of course, I couldn’t write a review then bc it gives you a limited time to write one.. So please, change that, this app. Not fair she gets to go about with her business like she wasn’t completely unprofessional. And I really hope they can’t change “Finished” to “No show”..


Vlad is on point

I’m recently new to the area from NYC and have been looking for someone that can cut hair like back home and after getting told about Vlad I booked the appointment. I was there early since I don’t know the are too well and h minute I walked in he sat me down and went to work. Not only did he cut my hair the way I wanted it but gave me one of the best shaved I have ever had. He was nice, friendly and accommodating so not only will be going back but I would recommend him and his shop to anyone that is in need of coming out looking like a million bucks when getting a cut.


Exceptionally Amazing!

This was truly a great, therapeutic, long-overdue experience. Danielle has exceptional customer service. The atmosphere was very inviting and pleasant. She was very patient with me and I wholeheartedly appreciate that. I did not feel rushed, at all. She truly has a heart for healthy hair and she takes pride in everything that she does, as well as, how she does it. She is very knowledgeable about hair care! She is a beast with the color, too! Go ahead and book your appointment today, for you will not regret it!! See you again, very soon! Keep making hair experiences greater!!!


Love the app— hate how you can’t easily copy and paste the stylist’s address

I’m usually rushing out the door to make my appointment on time. When I open the iPhone app to grab the address of the stylist locations for some reason I have to type the whole thing in manually in my directions app. When you click on the address in Booksy it just takes you to the stylist’s homepage which is super annoying. I’ve definitely typed it in incorrectly a few times and had to reroute so it would be nice if tapping the address could send you to Apple Maps/Waze/google maps or at least let you copy it with one tap



I was a Genbook client for the last couple years and have just merged to this app by default. I have had to reach out multiple times as the appointments I booked for the remainder of the year are not showing on my profile. The invite from the business I work with never comes through. The messages sent to clients are sent in different times than selected and don’t have the message input. There are many hoops to jump through as a client of a business and a business owner that are creating issues that impact your business financially. This merger was not thought out well and is negatively impacting small businesses. Also, each time I try to access support in the new app I am directed to writing a review on here or Facebook. There are no support contacts on Booksy .


Don’t like

I scheduled appointments at a local barbershop that got confirmed and then cancelled within hours of the appointment .I thought maybe the appointment was just not available for a logical reason. The cancellation text instructed me to book a new appointment, so I did but it had the same appointment time and date available and so I scheduled it again. It kept getting cancelled so I gave up on that shop and tried another . The same thing happened another few times and the last cancellation text happened as k arrived to the appointment ! I went into the barbershop in person and the barber himself showed me that he had blocked off the appointment times that the application insisted were available. Very frustrated after trying to book through Booksy!


New design is great but...

I’ve been using this app for a while now and had some gripes with it. Those have mainly all been alleviated with the new redesign but one Manipur ANNOYING flaw. Ever time I open Booksy it always ask wants to connect to my contact list to see if I might “know” any business. I do not want Booksy going through my contact list. So everytime I open Booksy I get the same message and everytime I always have to hit the “not now” button. Nowhere in the settings can I disable the feature and it just really annoying considering the older versions didn’t have this, and it takes Booksy longer to load because of it. Anyway to disable this feature?


You broke it. - Update: Fixed!

It appears this was fixed, great. Once again the easiest way to book appointments with my barber. Original review: Why? It prepopulates a time on the next day then if you pick a different day it keeps the same time and if the business isn’t open then you get an error message that confuses customers since they never picked the first time, Booksy did. Roll back a month or lose customers fast.


Stop texting me!!!

Some guy harassed me until I finally gave him my phone number so he would go away. Now I keep getting multiple texts every month about his hair services that I am not, nor will ever be, interested in. The spam messages have no “Text STOP to stop messages” option. I was never asked permission to receive all these texts. Even if someone is manually sending out these messages, I never agreed to receiving multiple texts a month. A regular store or business can’t text you their ads or coupons without you signing up for it and you can stop it at any time. Why is this different? this app lets anybody use your phone number however they want. Good luck!


Great Professionalism!

I took my son here for a haircut because I was unhappy with a previous shop. This will be my 3rd visit. The staff at Solidified are awesome, friendly and professional. They interact with customers in their chair, including customers waiting. The shop has a nice fun sports style atmosphere and a very clean bathroom! When you arrive they are very attentive even if you do not have an appointment. I was also satisfied with my son’s haircut and have remained a customer ever since.


Yeah I’ll be home soon

Yeah I’ll be home soon I wanna was the way that was going on up with a open house Wuppertal was the a open house for the night I was just going home and then going back to work lol I just wanted y’all to know that I’m sorry that you have didn’t want to get it to work and you I don’t know why I’m not going home right now lol I gotta wake you know what you mean lol lol I gotta wake you I gotta was a good night I gotta wake you


Lavish: A Jenee Chanel Salon

I have been struggling for the past 3 or 4 years trying to find a new hairstylist to go to. Someone who is not only creative,and talented but someone who is knowledgeable about hair. I finally found the place the ladies at this salon are all of those I mentioned above and more. I love the fact that they not only do an amazing job at hair,but also consult with me about tips of getting and managing my hair! I love you ladies, your a God send ❤️


Silva Barbershop

I love the guys at Silva! Both my boys get there hair cut there and I always have a great time talking to the guys and my kids hair cuts always turn out great. Mike has a lot of cool stuff in the shop and my youngest always loves looking at all the guitars, drums, stop lights and paintings. Every time we go he always finds something he didn’t see last time we were there. Great bunch of guys and I am so glad I found them!


So far so good

Great app that serves its purpose well. Far too long beauty salons have given the ability to schedule appointments. Now with Booksy, it allows us to do the same, which tremendously cuts down the waiting time or trying to decide who walked in the barbershop first or who’s waiting for which barber. Already scheduled my next appointment, as Booksy allows you to project weeks out.


Really great and simple app

I've been using this app for about 3 months now and it has proven to be an efficient and simple app. Nothing too complicated and I can make, change, or cancel my appointments with ease. It keeps my barber organized and easily shows me his availability. One thing I'd love to do is add my appointments to my iPhone's calendar. There might be a way to do that already and I just haven't discovered it yet. Overall, great app and great new design and look of Booksy !!!


Update gone wrong

This review was for the current update 2.0.4. Booksy it’s self once you get in is great! I love my barber/stylist who I met through Booksy I love everything about with the services are provided. However, there is a major flaw in the fact that even though I’m logged into Booksy EVERY SINGLE TIME I open it I’m required to state whether I am looking for male or female services. Yes, this may just be an inconvenience however… It makes your app appear on intelligent as if you need to reestablish yourself every time. Please update this and allow established users to be recognized.



I have enjoyed: the experiences of my first two cuts; the nostalgia of the shop environment ; the conversations engaged in even with a few other customers -- Zach and his brother make you feel welcome; navigation through the on-line scheduling system -- user friendly! I will certainly pass this barber shop on to others, and of course return for another "cutting edge" experience!


Easy Booking

So far Booksy has made reaching out to our barber super easy. We select a time and the Barber confirms it. We haven’t had any issues yet with booking, however I’ve only used it twice. I look forward to booking more appointments in the future with ease. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some nice salons and other reputable locations using Booksy!


Quality control.

Booksy is designed quiet nicely but when “professionals” don’t update their availability... it makes me customer aka money spender look to Yelp instead. Folks don’t follow through with appointments. That needs to be a feature. A button where you can push when folks have canceled on you or don’t even return phone calls. Having a customer response rating would be helpful. Waiting to see if your going to do the service is really tacky. My second time trying to book through Booksy. It’s not going well.

Is Booksy Safe?

No. Booksy for Customers does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 411,577 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Booksy for Customers Is 17.0/100.

Is Booksy Legit?

No. Booksy for Customers does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 411,577 Booksy for Customers User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Booksy for Customers Is 17.0/100.

Is Booksy for Customers not working?

Booksy for Customers works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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