Spike - Your inbox, reinvented Reviews

Spike - Your inbox, reinvented Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

Spike is more than email, it's a better way to work. By turning email into
chat and grouping your messages by contacts rather than subject lines, email
finally feels natural and simple to use. THIS is how email should have been
created. Spike brings email, team chat, note apps, to-do...

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Spike - Your inbox, reinvented Reviews

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    A great people focused email app

    Love the priority vs other granularity for notifications. I have been opposed to using email as chat; preferring tools like slack/messages to fill those gaps. This is the first tool to make me reconsider - it makes email feel like texting by removing the extraneous bits and making quick replies. I have many apps for communications based on the person of the context - and now for people who use email to quickly communicate I have an app for that too. This isn’t a replacement for my email app anymore than slack is a replacement for texting. Normally I turn off all email notifications and process my inbox on an alter schedule - but by using Spike I can now quickly reply to those people who see email more as chat.. in the same way I use wechat, line, Facebook messenger, etc. for those who prefer chat on this platforms. Given the chat like features such as read stays, grouping attachment in the same bubble - is really is just one more chat app for the people who prefer email.

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    Finally perfect

    I was searching for something after Outlook quit playing nice with my main email (Verizon, which is technically AOL Mail now) and repeatedly signing out of it and requiring me to log in at any given time. The final straw came when I checked my email on a Monday and I hadn't received an email since Friday. I found this app in a top ten list online, and now I wonder where it's been my whole iPhone life. I love the text conversation layout that makes it very easy to keep track of who you're replying to, especially in a group email where replies can be many. The "other" inbox, like Outlook, keeps the clutter separate and lets you focus on the important emails first. When I first downloaded and reviewed the app, the setting for calendars would not work for me no matter how many times I tapped that option in Settings, so I couldn't change them. I also wished there was a way to customize the swipe action like you can in Outlook. "Archive" is not important enough for me to swipe ALL the way left before I see the Trash option. However, both issues were resolved pretty quickly after the support team took a look. Therefore, I can't really find fault with this app. It's well worth trying out if you're looking for a solid third-party email solution on iOS. (There was a later issue with my account being wrongly flagged for having a custom domain and being pestered to subscribe to Spike Pro, but that was quickly resolved. Great customer service!)

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    This app is pretty great

    I am an email app junkie. I have spent a lot of time with a lot of apps (Newton, Spark, Outlook, Trove, Astro, Boomerang...I am sure I am forgetting some here). Newton was my all time favorite for awhile but lately has become a bit buggy and slow. Hop is fantastic. It is LIGHTNING fast. Like the UI is just soup to nuts blazing fast and responsive. The SMS like approach to email seemed gimmicky at first but this is a really great implementation of the idea. Some really interesting ideas around common recipient groups. Search is incredibly quick. Calendar integration works. Love the ability to easily send so many different types of media (GIFs, drawings...). Integrated voice calls (!!). It's packed with good ideas that are uniformly executed perfectly. Only shortcoming is it uses IMAP for Gmail instead of the Gmail API and my employer (a very large software company) blocks IMAP access so I can only use this for personal email. Ordinarily that'd be a deal breaker for me - I love having one app for all my accounts - but Hop is so good otherwise that I'm using a second app for work email. If there's any way to support the Gmail API in future I would seriously pay for this app. It's good enough to be worth money (like Newton).

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    This app changed the way I deal with and interact with email!!!!! I am a college student and have a few part time jobs which communicate primarily over email... Since most of my projects involve multiple managers I am constantly bombarded by strings of inter-relating emails when they back reference content that has since been lost in my inbox of hell. I also (I guess as a millennial?) dislike using emails as a primary form of communication due to the lack of visibility most of them have. Hop changed all of that!! Not only giving me the ability to follow the string of a conversation as if it was a text message, but also giving me a window into when my content is actually received by providing read receipts! On top of that it filters out all the junk I receive on a daily basis that while I would still like to occasionally read, don’t need in the same area as my work communication.

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    Spike email is 🔥💯🙌❣️

    Before downloading Spike, I used the standard email app installed with iOS on iPhone. After using it for years, I was fed up when it wouldn’t recognize my ICLOUD email. I went searching for a new email app in the App Store. I found this one after seeing numerous excellent reviews & ratings for it. At first, I thought it was only for a business-type user base. But oooooh man. I was 100% wrong, because this app is perfect for anyone who uses email. I have 4 email addresses that I use for various things. A couple personal, a couple for online accounts. This app is easy to personalize, makes viewing conversations and email threads pleasant and gives you the option to use a “classic” style inbox format, or use Spike’s format, which I love. All said, I really enjoy Spike email app. It does everything I need it to do, and does it well! Download Spike! Yeah!

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    You fixed what wasn't broken and I'm sad.

    Honestly why'd you guys fix something that wasn't broken? This was my goto personal email app specifically because it showed emails like they were text conversations. Unless im missing something it seems like you guys tried to pack 10 pounds of features into a 5 pound bag. You split the text UI of the email off into actual texting with "groups" WHY are all of you email apps trying to get business people and ITDM's to consider your email app as a solution for a business. I'd be stunned if you were to tell me even a 1/3 of the people using this were using the group chat besides for texting themselves random notes to self... Because I use(d) this for my personal email. I liked the way it interacted. Having a whole new part of your app devoted to "groups" and chats with funny stickers and gifs.. Isn't something I'll use. If anything that just reminds me that I hardly have a social group because I work 60 hour weeks and during that time I will, like it or not, forever be on Outlook. Stop trying to cram enterprise group coordinating with Slack-like funtionality and a calendar all in such a simple app. When did we suddenly decide every personal email app also needed Slack and Basecamp and Skype crammed in? Ugh I hate falling for apps like this. Too young / insecure to know what you're doing right so you do it all wrong instead. Back to Airmail.

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    1. Add a ‘Task/Reminders’ element to this app. 2. When putting in a calendar appointment, if you’re adding a contact name...it would be nice if it auto filled the contact with their information, i. e. Name, phone#, address (location)...but of course all this info should be in contact first. When using Apple Calendar, if you had an appointment with the same contact earlier, that appointment pops up automatically and it is easier to edit...than re-entering all that info again....or better yet...when you pull up a contact, one of the action items should include an appointment on your calendar. 3. We should be able to choose which ‘map app’ we want to use as default, instead of Google Maps.

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    One major flaw. But Almost there.

    Really love this app. Newton was my go to app until they closed their doors so when i was on the look out for another great email app for my photography business (Jeff Thatcher Photography) I gave ‘Hop’ (now Spike) a chance. I was really impressed with the features it has, primarily the conversation view of the emails. They make following along email chains super easy. Overall it’s a fantastic email client with one pretty major flaw (for me) that prevents me from using it has my main email client which is is Drafts. Or the lack of synced drafts. I often will start an email on my computer and would like to finalize it on my iPad or iPhone but the drafts aren’t synced. That’s a giant bummer. Especially if im on the go like at the air port and want to send finalize emails before i take off. I can’t. Granted, Spike’s support mentioned they are currently working on that feature. But in all honesty, that’s a feature every other email client has and was surprised it wasn’t on here. Not even within the Spike app (ie i start an email on my iPhone using Spike and want to finish on my iPad). In conclusion, this is an awesome email client. And i look forward to them adding drafts sync for me to use it as my main email client in the future

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    They're On To Something!

    I really like this app and I want them to succeed! What's great about it: * It's what Slack thinks it is (but isn't) * Removing all of the extraneous quotes of quotes of quotes for each reply is genius! You just see the messages, like a conversation, in order. Filter by people and you only see the conversation with that one person. It's great! * Starting from a person, and seeing one view of all your interactions with that person, is fantastic! Indexed email is better than email search. * It's a small thing but I love that the icon in calendar view for the "go to today" button rotates to the left when you go back in time, and rotates to the right when you go forward in time. Nice attention to detail! * (If you are one of that small group of users that was sorry to see Google Wave go away, I think you'll like Spike.) What's still needed: * The ability to share the text of any email or conversation to the iOS share sheet, so I can create to do items, or send them to Bear to start writing a proposal, or anything that I need to do with them. * Ability to respond to calendar requests inline. Add one of these and it gets 4 stars. Add both of these and it's 5 stars.

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    Amazing Idea, Some Issues

    The concept of the app is great and when it works it is the most amazing email app ever. There are a few issues and features missing that would make it perfect. Maybe if you’re a light email user with 1 account it would be perfect, but I’m a very heavy email user for multiple businesses I own and I would actually pay for the app if it had the following features / issues fixed: 1) There is no way to change the auto signature of the email, even when opening the full view. In spark the signature in email is there and able to be edited before sending. 2) When I soft reset the phone it deleted all my accounts and I wanted me to add them all back. This caused me to stop using the app is a major issue and for this reason I cannot use this app anymore. 3) The app uses its own “pinned” emails and does not get my already pinned/flagged emails from the server. 4) Does not work with my Microsoft Exchange account. Good luck with the app and hopefully you guys can fix the above issues.

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    My new favorite email app

    I've always had trouble keeping track of messages, especially my emails. Threads were confusing, attachments hard to find & overall I just dreaded having to go through and respond to them. That all changed with this app though! Responding to emails is a breeze and the UI is just about the cleanest I've seen in any messaging app. The little features like seeing when your email's been read and compiling all my "other" emails into a separate area to keep everything all tidy. This app is just what I was looking for and one of the most useful I've downloaded in a long time- thanks for making it!

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    So far, amazing

    I’ve been trying to switch my boss’s communication ecosystem from email to a more collaborative friendly medium like Slack for example - but his aversion to anything new combined with his diehard dedication to email puts a wrench in getting him to adapt it. I completely understand where he’s coming from however, and so I was excited to find this nifty app after a night of frantic searching for “email centric collaboration apps.” I’ve been using Unibox for Mac to organize the frenetic influx of emails-as-office-communication that exists in this company into a more conversational style - but Spike takes this to another level with the “chat but with email” style threading, plus I really like how it separates anything that’s newsletter, automatic emails, etc into a “Other” category and keeps the main screen for conversations only. It appears after a few days of use that I can finally give up the preach on converting my boss to an office chat app - he can keep using email and I can make it work for me. Keep up the good work!

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    I'm an obsessive email superuser. I have several business accounts and clients and I am constantly looking for the best Email client I can get. To date that was Airmail, followed by Spark and then Outlook and Mac. Here's the thing, while all those solutions are great for business managemnet and emailing and have all the bells and whistles HOP focuses on the simple taks of comnicating fast and following conversations without hassle. 85% of my emails are reponses or follow ups on prior threads...for that there is nothing better than HOP. When I am composing a new email to a client or adding icloud files (hope does not integrate documents from Icloud yet) Iuse Airmail. It's also out of habit and getting the assurance the format is right for that first email. But follow ups are much faster on conversation (message) format, withotu the distraction of distriution lists or email signatures or different formats from different participants. Text in a bubble, respond in a bubble...Hop takes care of fomratting and follow through. It works!!

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    My favorite day-to-day email app

    I don't think there is one perfect email app, and ultimately it comes down to how you personally use email. I use this 90% of the time, and Spark the other 10% on my phone, and reversed on my iPad. Anyway, I generally love Hop, but it has had a persistent buy the last several months. The app quits when trying to attach a photo from my admittedly large photo collection. The view of my photos will never appear. With each update I hope it has been fixed, but alas it persists. No other app crashes like that. When that gets fixed Hop will go back to being a 5-star app.

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    A lot to like but . . .

    There is a lot to like about this app. I really like the decluttered conversation view. It is different from conventional email apps and that will take some getting used to, but I will persist and give it a real go. The jury is still out on whether I can use Spike exclusively to manage my email. I use folders to keep my emails organized and moving email into folders is painful using this app. The folders are in some sort of random order and the move function requires a few taps to get there.

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Yes. Spike - Your inbox, reinvented is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,001 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Spike - Your inbox, reinvented Is 64.3/100.

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Yes. Spike - Your inbox, reinvented is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,001 Spike - Your inbox, reinvented User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Spike - Your inbox, reinvented Is 64.3/100.

Is Spike - Your inbox, reinvented not working?

Spike - Your inbox, reinvented works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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