GetMyBoat Reviews

GetMyBoat Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-28

Incredible on-the-water travel experiences start with GetMyBoat. Find boat
rentals, charters, tours, lessons and adventures in any worldwide waterway.
Discover the beauty of the marine environment in your next vacation destination,
book yachts for events, paddle your local rivers, or org...

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GetMyBoat Reviews

  • Does not offer good support

    My family rented a boat from Getmyboat and our whole day was ruined. We rented a boat that in the middle of the ocean the boat ran out of battery. We had to rent a jet ski to tow the boat back, where the owner gave us some jumper cables and we jumped the boat and once again we were stranded. The owner of the boat was very nice and work through the issues. However we were given 50% back of our total rental. It took a few days to get a response and a few more days to get a resolution. I feel that this was not fair that we rented a boat and our time and vacation was completely ruined and refunded 50%. This app does not protect its renters. Very dissatisfied with this company on how they handle customer service.

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    Dishonest and poor customer service

    They are not upfront about the refunds when you book through the app. When checking out, there is nothing that says the service fees are nonrefundable. In fact, with my particular booking, it read “100% refund” multiple times, including directly below the service fee. After inquiring about the only partial refund, I was told that “ The app is not intended for people to read our policies,” and that I should’ve logged onto the website before booking, and read the terms of use. This company lacks transparency and makes money by tricking customers.

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    Best app for boat charter

    I am a charterer and a boat captain. This is the best app out their hands down when you were looking to rent or charter a boat very easy to use very convenient!! it is the best. I have been using this app for nearly 3 years never have I had a problem.

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    Don't bother using this app

    The app gives you almost no options or opportunity to control your listings data. For instance, they auto place a 5 day grace/cancellation period that you cannot change. The app must be designed by bots as you have almost no control to do anything with it. Then come to find out my first customer who appeared to be real was one of their bots faking an interest in my boat. Is bs. Dont bother reading all the positive reviews. They're fake !!!

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    Great Service!

    Really like that there are options to enjoying the water with a boat and not having to deal with large tourist crowds. Let’s you set your own schedule to tour.

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    It would be better if the calendar updated when a charter is booked and be able to manage calendar view via mobile

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    Good but app needs to improve...

    The option of putting the price range in the app is not working. This is a basic feature that should be fixed asap!!!

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    Great way to plan a trip

    If you’re traveling and looking to have a day on a boat, this app is great for finding boat owners, yachts, kayaks, tours and so much more. Easy to book right from the palm of your hand

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    Middleman fees and slow.

    This app charges a lot of fees to connect you with boat owners. Thy charge the customer as well as the boat owner such a large fee that it isn't even worth it. Communication can only be done through the app and is very slow... won't allow you to contact the customer until they rent. I lost a lot of business due to the fees and response time of the app.

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    You need this app in your life

    A brilliant way to rent your boat to people, had a great trip recently teaching people to sail. Easy to use, simple to book

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    Missing an option to search for specific listing

    This app just let's me browse all availabilities at a location but doesn't allow me to search for something specific. That feature is really needed!

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    Beware of Cheap Boat

    The calibre of boats are very bad. Rented a boat which looked good in pictures but was terrible in condition. We were two families with kids and everyone was disappointed. We wrote the app people to get a refund but to no avail. The sad part was they only gave half our money back. Will not use them again.

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    Easy to use

    Get my boat is easy to use and connects charterers with boats in a simple interface.

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    Profile photo upload not working

    Can’t add a profile photo it just keeps producing an error.

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    Poor customer service

    The app is a good idea in theory, however I am highly dissatisfied with their poor customer service skills. The owner of the boat I rented from owes me money, getmyboat was no help. Getmyboat does little to protect its customers from owners trying to take advantage of the renter. Buyer beware.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact GetMyBoat customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact GetMyBoat directly

Is GetMyBoat Safe?

Yes. GetMyBoat is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,880 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GetMyBoat Is 36.1/100.

Is GetMyBoat Legit?

Yes. GetMyBoat is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,880 GetMyBoat User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GetMyBoat Is 36.1/100.

Is GetMyBoat not working?

GetMyBoat works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Michael Kelly
Jul 17 2021

This "Get my Boat" bare-boat rental service is no bueno!!!
I rented a boat for the 4th of July from Tariq "Tee" Amassyali in San Diego. I made the reservation in APRIL!! Got a call from him the prior night, July 3rd, asking if we could switch times. I told him that all the invitations have been sent out and we are ago for the time that I rented it for 3 months prior. The next morning, I get a call 2 prior 2 hours prior to the charter saying that I could not have the boat. He said the fuel cap was left off. Which if that is the case comment hes not a very good boat owner. Everyone knows with a rental boat, that the renters are not to touch the gas caps. If this is indeed the case, his equipment should not be on the water. However, his call the previous night was telling. He found someone to take it for longer, at a higher price. 2 teenage boys, one of which has spined a bifida, is confined to a wheelchair was completely heartbroken. I was almost inconsolable, calmed by my friends, who rallied around to cheer me up.
When it comes to "person to person boat rentals" or bareboat rentals, it is the wild West out there. You don't know what you're gonna get....or if your going to get it!!!
Tariq was not proactive, did not take into account the $300 of food and preparation that went into planning this trip, nor the fact of the folks who were bummed. If renting in San Diego, rent from a legit company. Avoid "Get my Boat" and Tariq "Tee" Ammasyali like the plague!!! A little digging and his mugshot popped up!!
When I called to express my dissatisfaction, they were very rude AND decided that my phone call warranted them continuously spamming my phone number!! Really?
I have written a snail-mail letter and e-mailed the owner, Sascha Mornell, to no Avail. This is a relatively new company and it and it is the "Wild West" for them. You are not allowed to rate them on Facebook, or anywhere for that matter. If you make a complaint, they will wipe you from the face of all their social media platforms! To avoid any headaches or frustration, I would avoid this company all together. They are trouble!

By Gary Monroe
May 10 2021

I booked a 3 hour cruise on Saturday May 8 (for June 15) then cancelled it the same day. I understand it's in your terms that the service fee isn't refundable, but that doesn't make it right. I will no longer do business with a company that takes my $44 dollars and delivers nothing to their customer in return. And I will warn everyone to avoid doing business with you because of it. No successful online business operates like this. No hotel, no car rental, not Amazon, not Uber, not VRBO, not AirBNB - literally no one. I will pay your fees if I do business with you. But you chose to keep my $44 even when I cancel within policy? No way, no how. You claim a 100% refund if canceled within policy but only it wasn't. It was a 94% refund. Total BS and a very customer unfriendly business. No thanks. I'll go elsewhere and recommend anyone I talk to to do the same.

By Steve Courter
Apr 30 2021

Owner canceled boat 4 minutes before pick up time
Said it “was in an accident “
Yeah 4 min before pick
Customer Service was worthless and basically said
“Tough luck”

Think he got a last minute better offer as I think I saw it out on the lake

By Guido J Gollner
Apr 22 2021

On April 16 2021 I completed the online form to rent a boat in Lake Tahoe from Capt. Don. Two days later I received a reply and paid the $537. I then needed to reschedule for one day later so I talked to customer service, they suggested I send Capt. Don an email, that night it came back undeliverable. At this point, I'm starting to get a bad feeling. Customer service tells me that Capt. Don has rented out his boat over 100 times. So then I then left a message on the number provided. As of this writing, not a single response of any kind from Capt. Don.
I believe Capt. Don didn't respond because he and his boat don't exist, It was all created by for reasons I don't know. I reported this to my credit card company.

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