Illinois Lottery Official App Reviews

Illinois Lottery Official App Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

Download the Illinois Lottery App and play Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto,
Lucky Day Lotto®, Pick 3 plus FIREBALL®, and Pick 4 plus FIREBALL®. App
features: · Scan your Draw & Instant tickets · Check the results for the draw
games · Check the latest jackpot amounts · Transfer your w...

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Illinois Lottery Official App Reviews

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    Horrible Update That Still Doesn’t Function

    The new version of this app is absolutely terrible; a perfect example of form over function. First, for months the app has not worked for purchasing unless logged into WiFi and it STILL DOESN’T WORK in the new version. You can no longer purchase tickets directly from your bank account, now you first have to put money into the lottery app before being able to make a purchase, which is a huge PITA. After buying tickets you now have to back out through multiple steps to get back to main page to buy tickets for a different game. The prior app was far more efficient and user friendly. I could put tickets for three different games into the cart and check out all at once, which took 30-45 seconds. Now you have to complete purchases for each game before paying back to buy for a different game. It would be faster to go to a physical location and buy the tickets than to use this worthless app. which can’t EVER verify your physical location. Instructions? Nope. Someone somewhere decided pretty pictographs and icons would be better than actually having an app that was functional and user-friendly. This app is a complete fail with no redeeming qualities.

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    Why contracting-out government services doesn’t work

    This app couldn’t be worse. There was NOTHING wrong with the old app, but they hyped the “new, improved app” for more than 6 months. And it is a flat-out failure. It is built upside down. Upon opening, all you really can do is choose numbers or make quick picks. You’re not signed-in yet, that option is not available. The next step is to pay. But you aren’t signed-in. So you sign-in, and your chosen numbers are lost. You must choose again. Now you need to pay. But it won’t just accept a payment, you have to put funds on deposit, a wasted step. But you go ahead and add funds to your account. Of course, your chosen numbers are lost again. So you choose your numbers for a third time, and you’re done. But wait. You wanted to play two different games. You just bought your Mega Millions ticket. To get a Powerball ticket, you have to start over. First-off, whoever approved going live with this new app should not only be fired, but should be sued. This couldn’t be any worse than it is. A disaster.

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    Not at all like purchasing from retail even though that’s what they advertise

    I added funds to my account to play the mid-day “pick 4” daily draw at 11:26AM before the drawing. The app withdrew from my account at 11:30AM but it was only for the evening drawing and not for the mid-day drawing, even though the mid-drawing is at 12:40PM. I had the winning numbers in the exact order but since the app only withdrew from my account for the evening drawing, I did not get to win. I intentionally made a deposit over an hour before the mid-day drawing so I could play it. Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy your tickets in store if you want to make sure you’re in the game you’re paying for. I called the support center and they basically told me I’m SOL and should’ve bought a ticket in store instead. Using this app costed me $5,000. They also don’t state any rules regarding the use of apps on the Illinois Lottery website meaning they can screw you over whenever and however they choose. Useless app.

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    New update needs kinks worked out

    The new app is not yet 100% functional. You need take an extra step and deposit funds into your “app account.” Although it was funded immediately, it’s still an extra step I have to take and is therefore another time killer. Apps are supposed to be convenient, not a burden on the user. I’ve never had issues with location services (like some people mention) on the last app version, but am experiencing location service problems with the new version. Consider deleting the app and reinstalling before going through the purchase process only to be denied and leaving you frustrated. All functions are still a crapshoot. Adding an Extra Shot may cause the app to freeze crash. Then you have to start over. Rinse>repeat. After four failed attempts to use the app, I finally just logged in from Chrome and used the desktop page.

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    Old app was better (and that’s saying a lot)

    It pains me to say this, but the old app was better. It was easier to get funds in and out, I could purchase multiple drawings of different games (I.e. buy one mega millions, one power ball and one lottery ticket at the same time in a single checkout). Now I have to buy each ticket individually and so far I’ve only been able to purchase one mega millions ticket. Every time I try to buy a powerball ticket it just says “something went wrong”. I’ve had the app for 30 minutes now and I’m already so frustrated it makes me wonder if this was even properly beta tested before it was rolled out. There was an easy selection process that was user friendly in the old version with a “check out” feature. That isn’t on this version, or if it is, it’s certainly not easily accessible. All in all, I had higher hopes for this new version but alas it is a big disappointment.

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    Ways to deter people from winning because Illinois doesnt want to pay out $

    Illinois recently switched to Camelot to handle these services. If you need to change your address or update your card info, you have to wait SEVERAL months for this to take effect. Another way MONEY HUNGRY Illinois doesnt want to pay up and cut corners by hiring this lame company Camelot. The phone number to call is useless because repa say its up to Camelot. Its nothing we can do. However, the same error messages are shown when you attempt to change online. The ap has NOTHING to do with online access. Illinois blames it on Camelot when they control their website itself. So which is lying? Typical of Illinois and their poor choices managing money once again! If this is not fixed soon, I will take it to a news anchor! They will be glad to BLAST the story on an already strained Illinois! Shame on you Illinois!

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    Give us the old app back

    The new app is extremely frustrating. The old app was much more user and time friendly. I dislike how complicated purchasing tickets is now. The hassle of having to first deposit funds is frustrating, because it takes additional time to add funds then go back and purchase tickets. Also I do not like that the minimum deposit is set at $10. I don’t always want to deposit $10 in the account, some days I only want to buy $2 or $4 worth of tickets and not commit to a $10 deposit. The new app has caused me to purchase less lotto tickets and has annoyed me to the point that I don’t find playing the lottery games fun or enjoyable anymore, and now just choose not to play. Whoever approved the new app features, please rethink how functional and customer friendly the old app was. This is a disappointment.

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    Awful. Wow.

    The old app was outdated, but at least it was an app that worked. This is a web page so the app is just a glorified browser (it’s only a 10MB app)... there is almost no difference between the app UI and mobile browsing UI so even if it is the right resolution it still feels more dated when I have a loading bar going across the top to change content. It is slower, and less intuitive than the last one. Super annoying how it takes about 5x as long to quick pick multiple lines for a purchase. It’s a major step backwards. Doesn’t even seem to support Face ID. Not sure what the huge update was really about but it’s way worse. You have to load money into a wallet like your iPass or CTA card with deposits instead of making actual ticket purchases. Hopefully the desktop version works better.

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    The new Release

    So far I am hating the new app release. Sorry team, I’m sure you all worked hard to release this upgrade. The UX/UI is terrible. Some functionality is lost also. There is no cart? So I can’t save my selected numbers, go to another part of site and still have my selection saved. I have to buy each lottery type and check out separately, then go back and play the next one? I liked being able to place Powerball, mega, and lotto in my cart and THEN check out. Seems like a lot more work now. When playing powerball, the first numbers all show, but to see the actual power ball selection I have to scroll down. Unnecessary step in my opinion. It’s only the first day but I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to a big improvement in this release.

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    This was an upgrade?

    This app is awful. First of all, what’s the deal with requiring money to be deposited before I select numbers? No one goes into a store and gives the cashier a bunch of money and then selects items off the shelves. But ok fine! I deposit the money and then I go back to powerball and find that all of the numbers I picked are all gone. I have to start over. I go back, once again, pick sets of numbers. Ready to go with my money that’s already been paid for something I haven’t purchased yet. I try to finalize and I’m told that I can’t purchase because I’m not in the state of Illinois. I’m in Bloomington in the heart of Illinois! And yes, before you ask, I allowed the app to detect my location and all other apps and devices show me living in Bloomington. And one more thing, why did the app wait until after it took my money before it decided to determine that I’m in another state? After I wrote up this review (and before I hit submit) I tried to buy again and it apparently got my state right and it worked. But still not very customer friendly. But it’s state government, so why should that be a surprise?

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    Can’t view past purchase history - app falls flat

    The app is intuitive enough - note to developers: enhancements that would show how many draws are left when I log in in my profile or better yet the last date when my draws run out. I would rather the app remember how many draws I have then to try to remember myself. I would purchase more just adding this feature. Would also like a push notification to remind me when my draws purchased are running out. Would like to be able to track my purchase purchase history as well and what games and numbers I played. It would also be nice if the app remembered my picked numbers.

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    Mobile app is not mobile friendly

    What good is a mobile app when all it tells you when you try to purchase tickets is “can not verify that you are in the state boundaries “. Call the number given and they tell you that the cell service doesn’t have strong enough signal to work. At the time of trying to purchase the signal was 3 bars LTE. So while in town I try to purchase tickets. Just to see what it would do and the same screen shows stating can not verify in state boundaries. Really I have 5 bars and LTE service in the middle of Marion, Illinois. Poor mobile app and support is pretty poor too. I have had this app a while now and it worked great but in the past 3 months it is horrible.

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    No Face ID for iPhone X and other annoyances

    What a PITA to login every time. (Do they want people to use this app or not??) They support Touch ID but not Face ID, which is on every new iPhone. Please fix this. The best thing I can say about this app is that you can use it to scan tickets that you physically purchased in a store. Update: After using it for a couple weeks I find the “Results” button to be horrible. It feels like the app is dead, that’s how long it takes for the results to display. You wind up tapping it several times because it does nothing. Why not preload in background so when you press the button it responds instantly? This is not an app, it’s a web browser with a cartoon interface.

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    Total fail on new app

    I cannot believe that you get get so much wrong with an “upgrade”. The old app was a bit dated but I could do everything I wanted with it. Below is just a sample of my complaints: - You have to make a deposit to you account before you can purchase a ticket instead of just purchasing what you want with the credit card on file. - A minimum of $10 can be deposited in account. So, if I have some money in the account from winnings but not enough for the next drawing, it doesn’t just charge me the difference like in the old app but instead I have to deposit at least $10 in my account. - Doesn’t have a shopping cart where you can purchase all of your tickets in 1 transaction. - Requesting quick picks takes more steps than before. - I used to get emails with my numbers sent to me immediately. Unless it’s on a 3+ hour delay, it doesn’t appear that emails are sent anymore. All in all, this is awful app. Bring the old one back!! The only reason I selected 1 star is because it won’t let me select 0.

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    Since we now are required to deposit funds on on the app in order to purchase lottery tickets, Illinois is no doubt hoping people will maintain a balance greater than what they need for immediate purchase. This , in effect, provides Illinois with an interest-free loan from the balance of any unused funds. I also wouldn’t put it past them to expire balances that have sat unused too long, thereby forfeiting those funds until you go through some painfully convoluted process to recover those funds. If enough people don’t bother with that process because they would only be sacrificing a few dollars the state stands to profit greatly. So, only deposit what you need for your current purchase.

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Is Illinois Lottery Official App Safe?

No. Illinois Lottery Official App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,796 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Illinois Lottery Official App Is 13.8/100.

Is Illinois Lottery Official App Legit?

No. Illinois Lottery Official App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,796 Illinois Lottery Official App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Illinois Lottery Official App Is 13.8/100.

Is Illinois Lottery Official App not working?

Illinois Lottery Official App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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