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This is an exciting puzzle game where the player needs to solve different challenges by rotating the rings to find the gap. FEATURES: - The simple and addictive gameplay is suitable for players of all ages. - Multiple difficulty levels and level designs ensure the game's challenge and entertainment. - Each level has unique goals and rules, keeping players engaged with a sense of novelty. - Beautiful graphics and immersive sound effects provide an engaging gaming experience. - A lot of mechanics to master: D ring, S ring, or even exploding obstacles. HOW TO PLAY: - Players need to rotate the ring by touching the screen to align it perfectly with the gap. - The circle will display various colors or patterns that need to be aligned with the center target within a given time. - Each successful match increases the score and unlocks the next, more challenging level. - Pay attention to the time limit, try to complete the matches within the designated time, and avoid incorrect moves. This game offers fun and challenges while enhancing spatial cognition and reaction speed. Whether during leisure time or while traveling, you can enjoy this addictive game.

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